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That was a beautiful day, a perfect day for having a picnic or just spending your time outside, as for me this kind of day is the perfect day for playing soccer, oh yeah, and also the perfect day for spending time with my lovely boyfriend. Boyfriend, eheh, I never thought that I will be able to address him like that. I was even 99% sure that he wouldn't be friend again with me after I confessed to him. But looked like the 1% is strong enough to break the 99% possibility.

But it's such a waste that I have to spend this day in the mini version of hell that you called school. I was in my first class, math, hearing (we called him Mr. Maru, because he is, errr, circle?) lecturing about how to fit an elephant into a box with a space that would only fit a mouse. Well, with me being Taichi Yagami, of course I didn't pay any attention to it, I got the info when my friend asked me 'can we really be able to fit an elephant in that box?'. When I looked into the clock I realized that the lesson has just started for 15 minutes, ah this would be a long day.

When the last bell rang I let out a long sigh "Ahhhh… finally" "Why Tai? Couldn't wait to see your boyfriend?" I hear Dean from beside me. I had told him about me being together with Mato and he told me that he was happy that finally I could be together with Mato. But he didn't look happy, he looked a little, eh how should I put it, disappointed. I don't know what's wrong with him but I just let it drop because I was so happy at the time. "Psssst, Dean. Don't talk about that in school, you know if he caught me talking about it, I'll be so dead" his expression changed from cheerful into confused and a little hint of, anger? "I don't understand what's with him, Tai. Just think, you're his boyfriend but he acted like you're nobody at school. Did he really want to be your boyfriend? Or was he just playing with your feelings?" wow, I haven't thought of that before "Nah Dean, you're just thinking too much, don't worry about it, okay? And you know he's on his way to be a rock star, if words get out that he's dating another guy, that would be a big rock blocking the way to his dream. And I don't want to be that big rock, as long as he's still on his way, I will be on my way." I flashed reassured grin, he didn't look so convinced but he let it drop by the way. "Wow, I didn't know something like that is within you, Tai." He said with a veeery annoying smirk on his face. "You better hide that smirk before I have to force it out of your face" "Hahaha, please forgive me oh the high and mighty Taichi-sama"

The day went by and I was on my way to Mato's place, we usually hang out at his apartment and that place is the only place for us to act like a real couple (of course without his dad around) then my cell rang.

"Moshi moshi, Tai's speaking and you better hung up if you don't have anything important" I prefer sending texts than calling anyway.

"Yeah, hello to you too Tai" came the sarcastic reply

"Hehehe, you know I don't like talking in the phone right. So what's up? I'm on my way to your house now"

"Ummm, about that, sorry Tai, I forgot that there's practice today. So, I guess you can't come today."

"It's okay, I can just come to your practice, where will it be today?"

"NO!! umm I mean, errr there's this special meeting today. So, I'm really sorry that you couldn't come Tai" Wow.. I didn't expect such a reply. Not the reply really, but the tone of it, looks like he's hiding something from me.

"Uhh, okay. Then I just have to wait until tomorrow then" Great, after waiting for all the day for this time, I got the prize, another day of waiting! Yay….

"So, see you tomorrow"

"See ya"

Because there's nothing to do, I texted Dean .

'Hey Dean, can I come over?'

'Why? I thought you're going to go to Matt's'

'He has a practice, so can I?'


My plan on that day changed, from going to my boyfriend's house and spending time together with him, nothing big by the way, you just have to replace the boyfriend's part with best friend's. Nah, it's still better than spending the whole time alone in my apartment.

I leaved on 7 and spending the long way to my apartment thinking about tomorrow and of course my boyfriend, mind you, we just together for less than 168 hours. Hehehe, I was so lost in my thought until I saw a couple in a far distance from me. They were holding hands. Ahh, if only I and Mato can be like that, I would be more than happy. But then I inspected it more, the guy have a blond hair and the girl have an almost orange hair. And when the guy turned to look at the girl, I swear I saw the face that I don't want to see there. Grrr Yamato Ishida, you won't get away from this . . .


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