Title: The Diary of Maximum Ride

Summary: Uh, hi. I'm Max – Maximum Ride. I'm ten, and I live in a place called The School, a horrible place with sadistic whitecoats. How did I get this notebook, you ask? Well, it's a long story...

Well, I was dying to write a Maximum Ride fic. So...here it is. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: JP owns Max. I own the plot. Period.

14 September


Mood: Ecstatic/Confused.

Uh, hi. I'm Max – Maximum Ride, actually. I'm ten, and I live in a horrible place with sadistic whitecoats. It's called the school.

A couple of minutes ago, a blonde whitecoat handed me this notebook, and a few pens. The notebook is really nice – pale blue and white.

I reckon my handwriting's not really good – I do my 's' in a weird, squiggly way, and I can't really write in a straight line. Good thing this notebook has lines, then.

ANYWAY! I stay in a rather large cage. I don't like it much. There are three flat, thin mattresses and three patched pieces of linen, which are meant to be our blankets. I think I'll wrap this in that blanket, and then use it as a pillow.

Of course, we study here. At 3PM on weekdays, a whitecoat comes in and takes us, as well as the rest of the genetic freaks our age, into a room with grey walls, a blackboard, and a bookshelf.

Who are 'we', you ask? Well, I share my cage with a dark-haired, dark-eyed boy about my age, as well as another boy with strawberry-blonde hair and light blue eyes. I tried talking to the dark-haired boy once, and he simply replied with, "...Fang. My name's Fang." He didn't say anything more than that.

The blonde boy, though, is my companion here. He's blind. He talks with me most of the time, and called himself, 'Igneous' for a while, after igneous rocks. Then he realised that 'Igneous' was a stupid name, and renamed himself, 'Ignite'. I refuse to call him either of the names, and simply call him 'Ig' or 'Iggy'.

A new girl's moving in our cage tomorrow. They just slid another mattress and linen sheet in. She's about seven, apparently, and her ex-cagemates apparently couldn't shut her up, and they screamed and yelled till the whitecoats decided to move her here.

Gotta go now. Time for brunch.

Au Revoir.




Mood: Tired/Indignant

Max again.

Well, you know my teacher? Her name's Miss Evans.

She accused me and Fang of talking in class when he clearly did not. Admittedly, I did. But he didn't. SO she was all, "NICHOLAS! BE QUIET!"

Well, I didn't know my voice sounded like a boy's. So I got all offended and started saying, "He didn't say anything."

Then can you believe what she said, in this totally pompous and snobby tone, she went all, 'Oh, don't be so righteous, Maximum'. Which was so totally annoying.

And I may have made a slight mistake in telling her to, "Sod off, Evans."

And then she made me write extra lines.


Time for dinner, then. Until next time.




Mood: Still Hungry...

Hey, there.

Dinner was pathetic. Two slices of bread with jam, and a glass of milk.

HELLO?! You make us run two miles around the building for PE and then tell us to eat BREAD AND JAM?

As I said earlier, I hate the whitecoats.

Fang was taken for experiments just now, right after dinner. Right now, he's all pale and shaking, and shudders at every single noise.

Oh, man. A whitecoat just came in. No doubt, to 'test my potential'.

Wish me luck.