Hey y'all. I just realised that Iggy isn't blind yet – he gets blind around two years before he escapes. So, yeah - PLEASE NOTE THAT IGGY AIN'T BLIND YET.

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September 15


Mood/Status: Too tired to sleep.

Hey, Max again. I'm starting to understand why Fang looked so awful. On the bright side, though, I bit a whitecoat's arm. Huzzah.

Those sadistic murderers actually tried to cut off my wings. I was all, "NO WAY" and bit his arm. Finally, he settled on just shocking me about fifty times, taking some blood, plugging some wires into me that hurt A LOT, etc, etc. I'm sorry, but what's so interesting about my wings? They're just, like, WINGS. Get a bird to experiment on.

On the other hand, don't. Those poor innocent birds don't deserve having wires plugged into them.

So, anyway…Fang spoke again. He asked me how it was to fly. Just once, a new whitecoat, Elle, had let me go out for ten minutes. The new whitecoats are always quite nice. Then, they adopt the typical whitecoat manner of being completely sadistic.

ANYWAY! (Gosh, I keep getting off topic.) I spent half my time outside staring at the sky. For the first time. It was really beautiful – all white and blue and sunny.

Then, suddenly, my wings snapped open, and boy, did I fly.

On the not – so –bright side, those idiots nearly cut my wings off in a fit of excitement. Which didn't work, cos' I figured out how to shut my wings, and they snapped right back in.

They announced me, 'a successful experiment' after that.

I got so mad (Cos' who wants to be called an experiment?) that I whipped my wings out again, and they smacked a few of the whitecoats in the face.

Ha-ha to them.

After that, I stayed in my cage, figuring out how to open and close my wings, and I helped Iggy and Fang as well.

Anyway, I've had enough of storytelling. Good night…or rather, good morning.

Oh, and by the way, in response to Fang's question, I answered, "Free."




Mood: Bored.


Poke pokey-poke.


Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

Okay, I'm getting bored now.


Oh, and by the way, I'm writing this as I'm poking Ig. He's yelling now.

"OW!" Ha.

"I'm bored," I explain.

He's rubbing his side now.

"What's that?" He's asking.

He's pointing at this. Now he's pulling at it. HEY THAT'S NOT FA


It's not a diary! And by the way, it's spelled, 'Diary'.

Yes, it is. It is totally a diary!

Is not!
Is too!

Is not!
Is too!

Is not!
Is not!
Is too! Wait – IGGY!

Gotcha, Maxie darling!

You're unfair, Igster.

Am not!
Are too!
Am not!
Are too!
Am not!
Am not!

Are too! Hey – Max! You evil, evil girl…


Oh, sod off.

I want my notebook back, Iggy.

You mean your DIARY.

NOTEBOOK! Hey, that ain't fair – you used my own trick against me twice!

Haha. You totally fell for it again!

Sod off.

Can't, we're in the same cage.

Oh, you complete – HEY! There's the new girl!


Finally. This nice notebook to myself.

Um. The new girl's really chatty.

"Hi, I'm like, Nudge! At least, that's what the girl in my old cage said – MMPPHH!"

Fang got annoyed and shut her up.

When Fang's annoyed, it's not a pretty scene.

Gotta go hide you.



Yes, I know that this chapter consists of many immature arguments between Igster and Maxie. R&R anyway...and suggestions for the next chapters are always appreciated. -hinthint-