In this and other chapters, I am posting in some omakes to balance out the somber tale I'm telling here. Thanks for reading so far, and starting this chapter, things will start to get some explanation. Hope you enjoy it.

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A Death in the Life of Sasuke Uchiha
Chapter 3

"Here I am, again…" Sasuke muttered as he sat outside of the Shushuya restaurant. His face was still pinkish and puffy, eyes bloodshot.

He could see Sakura coming up, noticing the way her walk turned into a bit of a sashay upon seeing him – and likely not Naruto nearby. He resisted the urge to sigh.

Just why the hell was he here again? Did he really have nothing better to do other than get killed or bitten? Did he?

He shook his head. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

He barely acknowledged Sakura's more energetic greeting. In the last times time reset, or whatever it did, Sakura was normally waiting for him, who would shortly be followed up by Naruto. He didn't actually know how much more time it would be before Naruto came up, and he really didn't—

"Hey, Sasuke-kun, you… you don't look so well."

He directed one eyeball at her from the corner of his eye, noticing how she seemed to recoil a little before moving in closer.

"Is something the matter?" she asked, her green eyes wide with worry.

Sasuke turned his head more fully towards her, expression surly. "Yes, something is the matter."

"Wh-what's wrong, Sasuke-kun?"

He pursed his lips, looking down at her feet. Her toes pointed inwardly a little.

"Sasuke-kun…" Sakura's voice came in closer. "If there's something wrong, you can tell me." Closer. "Really." Closer. "You don't have to keep it in to yourself…" He could almost feel her breath, smell her shampoo. His face lifted level with her own.

Sakura was leaned in, inches away from him, her lips moist, cheeks deepening a blush.

"Let me help you," she spoke quietly, her lips almost upon his.

"You're useless."

The girl recoiled so sharply, she fell off the bench they were seated upon. "Wh-what?"

He rubbed his face irritably. "God damn, I'm the one who's stuck with time probably broken, and here you are trying to kiss me. What the hell is your problem anyway? Can't you think of something other than yourself and stupid fantasies involving me? Can you, for one second, not go gaga over me, and be of some use for once in your life? Can you? Or is this the best you're capable of, dead weight?"

With each verbal jab, Sakura wilted, wilted, and wilted. Tears absently streamed from her eyes as she just mutely sat there, staring at him in absolute disbelief.

"B… B… but, I—"

He looked down his nose at her. "Get lost. You disgust me." He turned on his heel and walked off.

Sakura's breath caught in her throat as the full weight of his words nearly knocked her out. She started to sniffle, which rapidly spiraled downward into putting her face into both hands. Her sobs began in earnest.

"Hey, Sasuke!" The Uchiha didn't look up to see who was calling to him from up ahead.

"Hey, hey," Naruto piped up as he slowed down his running. "Where are you going? Shushuya's the opposite way!"

"I'm not going," he said. "It's just a waste of time."

Naruto blinked. "Not going? Waste of time?"

Sasuke snorted. "You wouldn't understand."

"Understand what?"

"Don't worry about it, dunce. Get lost."


Sasuke pushed past his angry teammate. "Bite me."

Naruto glared at Sasuke's back, his fist clenching. Such a jerk!

He grunted, his good mood slain, and turned away from the brooding lumphead. Whatever stick shoved up Sasuke's ass wasn't going to prevent him from taking the Chunin Exam. Firmly settled, he ran to the Shushuya restaurant.

While he was prepared for the upcoming exam, nothing could prepare Naruto for the sight that greeted him at the restaurant.

Now, what? Sasuke thought to himself, his face stony. Somehow, there had to be a way to… unbreak time or whatever happened to it. There had to be a way out of this mess.

He idly looked at the movie theatre he was walking past, as if the answer would be written on the marquee overhead.


People around him – shinobi and civilian alike – visibly jumped at the bellowing. This time, Sasuke did look up to meet the bearer of that voice.

Naruto was absolutely livid. His eyebrows formed a blond V that tried to touch the tip of his nose. Pupils contracted to pinholes. Fists drawn so tight, his knuckles popped with every slight motion.

Sasuke was unconcerned. Bored, even.

"What do you want, loser?"

"What the hell's wrong with you!" Naruto demanded, flowing rapidly towards Sasuke like a malevolent storm. People got out of his way quickly. "You made Sakura-chan cry!"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "Like I care. She's dead weight, far as I'm concerned. I have no use for her."

Naruto grabbed him by his shirt, shook him rudely once, twice. "What kind of jerk-ass attitude is that, jerk!"

"Let go, loser," Sasuke responded, a hint of danger in his voice.

Naruto's eyes burned with the strength of an inferno. "Not until you apologize to Sakura-chan!"


The fire was snuffed out in one swift motion as Naruto's eyes crossed, watered up. His grip slackened as he stumbled back, hands grasping at his belly as he doubled over in the most debilitating pain ever experienced in the male gender's life. He sank to his knees, retching up partially digested noodles, meat and bile. His forehead kissed his returned lunch messily, bowed forward in a twisted form of worship. Then he fell over onto his side, locked into the fetal position, twitching in agony.

Sasuke shook his head. "Look at you. You're just as pathetic as that dumbass girl, you know? You can't even hope to break me out of this damned time loop or whatever it is. So damn caught up in your own little dramas. Fuck that. Fuck you. Fuck her. Fuck everyone."

He turned his back on the incapacitated blond.

"I don't have time to waste on you losers."

Sasuke noted with disdain how people were gawking at him and the scene that just transpired. He shrugged. Whatever. He started to walk forward as some people moved forward to help Naruto.

He only got about ten feet away when the air began to grow extremely heavy. Dark, violent, killing intention. A chill ran through Sasuke's body, his forehead breaking out in sweat as people in the background began screaming in terror. His mind flashed back to Zabuza the first time Team Seven ran into him. Only, this was a hundred times scarier. Malevolent.


The quiet booming voice grabbed his spine with its icy grip, puppetting him to turn around with slow precision.

Naruto painstakingly rose from his fetal position, calculatingly even and precise. His eyes were no longer blue, pupils no longer pinholes. They were fire, red as blood, pupils drawn into monstrous slits. Vomit dribbled down his nose without notice as he snarled dangerously. Whisker marks darkened, thickened. Canines lengthened into bestial fangs. Nails into talons.

The very air vibrated, chakra bleeding from Naruto's every pore. The crimson energy spiraled upward, twisting, transmuting into a savage fox-like head. Which stared at Sasuke very intently, its maw snapping.


"The fox! It's escaping!"


Screams of terror echoed the area as various people – ninja and civilian alike – fled like rabbits pursued by the hounds of hell. Some fell to their knees and began babbling incoherently. Others nervously stood guard, bravely risking their lives to ensure other people's safety, even while calling for reinforcements.

Sasuke, for his part, could only stare into the chakra construct's eyes, horrified beyond action.

His mouth went on automatic. "What the—"

His next words were forcefully crammed back down his throat. Naruto, moving like a lightning bolt, smashed his fist straight into Sasuke's mouth.

He literally didn't see it coming.

Incisors and canines snapped free. His jaw wrenched itself aloose. He went flying bodily across open air, sailing in weightlessness before smashing into the corner of a building.

Another snapping sound, though it was painlessly familiar. The entire world spun for Sasuke, vaguely aware of his life coming to an end. His last sight being what looked like trees bursting from the ground to grab hold of Naruto.

Probably just his mind going crazy from time being broken.

Hehehehahahaha Hahahahahahaha HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

Sasuke stared at his bedroom ceiling for a long, long time.

Note to self: never, ever piss off Naruto.

He didn't understand how an idiot like Naruto could hold such staggering power. The real kicker, though, was, he didn't even use it! Not until… what, now?

Had he such power, Itachi would have been killed several times over by now.

…he needed that kind of power. How could he get such power?

"Just ask for it."

Sasuke snorted. "Yeah, sure. 'Oh Naruto, how can I have…"

Sasuke blinked.


His face slackened.


The boy slowly sat up, looking around the room. He checked under his bed, in the closet, the rest of the house.

After fruitless searching, he activated his Sharingan.

And found himself staring face-to-face with a giant fox's head.

"GYAH!" Sasuke tripped over his own feet and tumbled backwards.


Sasuke slumped to the floor motionless. Blood dripped from the corner of a table, which bore some of his hair and scalp.

Sasuke rubbed his eyes.

"Oh, God, this whole broken time loop thing is starting to drive me crazy… Giant floating fox heads staring at me…"

"Who says you're… 'crazy?'"

Sasuke yelped, rolling out of bed in a defensive crouch. "Where the hell are you?" he demanded.

The disembodied voice chuckled. "Why, you can say I'm in your head. Though I'm very much real."

Sasuke frowned. "In my head?" He smacked himself several times. "Okay, I've officially gone insane."

"Relax, Sasuke Uchiha. Activate your blood limit. You will understand just fine."

Somewhat dubiously, Sasuke did as requested, letting chakra flow into his eyes. Immediately, a giant fox head materialized before him. He jumped back, but the wall prevented him from going anywhere.

"What the? Aren't you…"

The foxhead grinned. "Yes, I'm that which you saw two deaths ago. Kyuubi, the Ninetails. The Demon Fox that terrorized your village shortly after you were born."




Sasuke grumbled. Same broken time, same starting point. Life sucked, especially since he was denied a chance to continue it.

He went downstairs, going through his daily regimen. Preparing his breakfast, he heard the Fox speak.

"Do you ALWAYS add mushroom to your rice?"

"Yeah," Sasuke grunted, slicing up a green-capped white mushroom. "Why?"


Sasuke shrugged. Whatever... Though now the Fox had mentioned it, he was rather sick of eating the same thing.

Next cycle, he was going to go out for breakfast.


Sasuke's eyes opened to blue sky. So blue, it seemed unreal. Then he blinked.

Wasn't he supposed to be waking up in bed again?

Sasuke sat up quickly, then started to rub his eyes. He must have been dreaming or something. After all, it wasn't normal for people to be sitting on clouds in front of golden gates with angels standing by.


"Idiot," the Fox grumbled with arms folded, even as the death reaper dragged his sulking form into Hell.

Why, oh why did he think not telling Sasuke about the mushroom was a good idea?

(Yes, this is a Super Mario Bros. reference. Gatorade gave me the idea on TFF. Thanks.)