This is the second half of the story dealing more with Noah after Lucemon left. Yes, I know what happens in the anime, but I added......something. I own NOTHING except Windy and this plotline. If I DID own Yu-Gi-Oh!, Tea wouldn't have gotten nearly as much time alone with him as she did.

Part II: New Beginnings

Digital World, 2004

It had been a long and harrowing battle. Lucemon had moved from his Rookie form to Chaos Mode, to his Shadow Lord and Larval Modes. He'd even tried to escape into the human world. Yes, to subjugate it, but also to free Noah by combining the planes. If that had happened, then Noah could walk out of the prison Gozaburo had locked Noah in. He had failed, though, and had been beaten by the Legendary Warriors reborn, their final form, Susanoomon, and the In-Training Digimon Nyaromon who was avenging her mother.

As Lucemon's data fell into the Dark Area, his life with his friend flashed before his eyes. Noah had created him to be a friend. They'd become family to each other.

'Noah…I'm sorry…I just wish…we could have explored ruins together……one…last…time………" he thought as he fell. The other Demon Lords soon found his dark data and began rebuilding him. But the memories, while now faint, still remained. Lucemon just wished he could apologize for leaving Noah.

A few days later (human time), Noah's virtual world

"It's okay, Father. You don't have to hurt anymore," Noah told Gozaburo while restraining him from stopping Kaiba and Yugi from escaping. The virtual space was about to self destruct, and Noah was going to stop his father from harming his stepbrothers and semi-friends. Noah had hated Seto and Mokuba at first, miserable that his father had given Seto control of KaibaCorp. Then he'd come to understand that the lives the two had led with the man were horrid. And so, Noah was atoning for his crimes by giving his own life to save the others.

Just as the deletion would spread to claim Noah, someone grabbed him and pulled the young genius into a portal. Noah thought he was dead, but when he looked at himself, he saw he wasn't in his glowing form, but in his normal clothes. And he was flying over a world with beautiful creatures that laughed and talked like Lucemon did.

He was also on the back of a winged sphinx. But the other Digimon around the others (which reminded him of his time with Lucemon, especially how Windy and Salamon interacted) had all gone back…

Except one.

"Gatomon?" Noah asked. He'd remembered seeing the cat Digimon that was mother to Salamon and Nyaromon, only now she was different. Larger, with angel's wings.

"Nefertimon now, actually," she said. "I decided that you deserved a second chance. So I brought you here. Normally, humans can't survive forever in the DigiWorld, but you're not entirely human."

"I don't deserve it," Noah said. When he'd had Mokuba, Rini, and Shadowstar captive, the latter two had filled Noah in on Lucemon when they'd learned that Noah had created him. The boy had been horrified to learn that his friend had committed all those atrocities."I…I created Lucemon…"

"I know," Nefertimon said as they landed at the Light Kingdom palace where she and her younger sister, the great angel Ophanimon lived. "I could tell from your personality. I also knew him before he turned. It wasn't your fault, he was corrupted."

"From…before?" Noah asked as he followed the cat. "How…"

"I was the partner of the Chosen of the Crest of Light," Nefertimon said. "Her name was Kari."

"Wow…" Noah said. When they entered the castle, Ophanimon was there waiting with Cherubimon and Seraphimon.

"So," Seraphimon said. "You're the one who created Lucemon."

Noah gulped and nodded as he saw Ophanimon's grip on her javelin tighten and Cherubimon's eyes narrow.

"Seraphimon," Nefertimon said. "You forget I used to work for Myotismon, Cherubimon was corrupted twice, and our old friend Ken was the Digimon Emperor. Not only that, but Koichi was controlled by Duskmon, and we know how evil he was."

"That reminds me," Cherubimon said. "Why didn't you take the position as the Angel of Human types? No offence, Ophanimon, it's just…Nefertimon is like Seraphimon, Magnadramon, and I – we all have human partners."

"I didn't want the headaches, Cherubimon," Nefertimon said.

Noah cleared his throat, then realized how bad a decision that was. He'd just drawn attention to himself.

"Oh, yes," Ophanimon said. "Noah, you'll be working for my older sister in keeping the castle. Nefertimon's got a lot on her now, since she's regent for her oldest daughter."

"Salamon?" Noah asked.

"Or, as she's known to the many, Lady Magnadramon," Seraphimon said. "But yes."

"Do I get help?" Noah asked. The room he was in was huge, and it was stacked floor to ceiling with books. No doubt the other rooms were as such.

"Yes," Nefertimon said. "Labramon!" she called. A white dog with a magenta tail, ears, and facial markings, with gold claws and lavender eyes trotted out of the other room.

"You called, Mistress Nefertimon?" he asked.

"This is Noah," Nefertimon said. "You're going to help him take care of the library while I'm off being regent for my daughter."

"Wait, Kuzuhamon's supposed to do that," Labramon said, looking at the quiet young fox woman in the corner. She had silver hair, purple armor and kitsune face mask, and a monk's staff.

"You're helping," Nefertimon said. "Kuzuhamon's going to have a lot on her plate when reports start filtering in."

"Yes, Mistress Nefertimon," Labramon said. He trotted over to Noah. "I'm Labramon, and now I'm your…hey, he has no Digivice!"

"He's data like us. He has no need of one," Nefertimon said. The angels began to leave, Nefertimon with them. "Kuzuhamon, please teach Noah our language."

"Yes, Mistress," she said. "I'm Kuzuhamon."


She smiled at the boy. "Come on, I'll get you started."

Smiling, Noah followed her.

Digital World, 2009 (human time)

Noah woke up from a dream. He'd remembered the time he'd had with Lucemon, and all the fun they'd shared. Noah felt a little like he was betraying his oldest friend by technically partnering another Digimon (Salamon had developed temporary-use DigiCore for Noah and Labramon to use for Digivolution, since Noah didn't have a Digivice), and wished he could tell Lucemon he was sorry.

Since returning he'd learned of the Seven Demon Lords, the seven ruling demon Digimon that Lucemon was a part of. He'd also learned that one of the members, Beelzemon, was an old friend of Salamon/Magnadramon, and acted as double-agent for the Angels. He stayed on their side also because he was dating Kuzuhamon, but for obvious reasons, had to keep their relationship secret. The angels knew, of course, and Alphamon of the Royal Knights – the latter of whom had trained Noah in combat and given him the Beta Inforce Sword, a 'younger sibling' of Alphamon's Alpha Inforce, when the Knight had learned Noah could use Digitalize of Soul (a very rare feat for anyone not Alphamon, and Noah was human), and an attack Noah called 'Seiken Grade Beta', stylized after Alphamon's 'Seiken Grade Alpha'.

Flopping back down on his bed, Noah looked at Labramon's sleeping form next to the bed. Noah smiled at his friend, wishing Lucemon were there to have fun with them.

But one never moves forward by looking back. Alphamon had taught him that. Noah pulled his blankets up and decided for more sleep.

And he was happy.

Also, I know it sounds more likely that, the way things are, Kari's Gatomon would be Ophanimon, BUT -
I have never seen Gatomon from seasons 1 and 2 turn into Ophanimon, but she can Digivolve into Nefertimon, so that's what I stuck with.