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Everything was going dismally for one Harry Potter. The entire wizarding world thought him an attention starved liar and his mentor had been completely ignoring him. All in all it was shaping up to be a horrible year. With a great sigh young Harry made his way to the great hall to join his friends for breakfast. Harry hated having to eat in the great hall, all the whispers and dirty looks always dampened his already sully mood. Today was no different, as soon as he pushed the doors open and stepped inside it started. With his head held high Harry walked over to his friends and sat down. He took comfort in knowing that no matter what Ron and Hermione always had his back.

"Cheer up there mate, once they all figure out that Fudge is full of it they will all be begging to be your friends again." Ron said as he patted Harry on the back. "Ron's right Harry, their all just a bunch of mindless sheep and will believe whatever the Minister says. Soon you and Dumbledore will be vindicated and they will all bite their tongues." Hermione said as she glared at the students that were listing in. "Thanks you guys." Harry said and gave them both a weak smile. Their words of encouragement did little to improve his mood anymore.

With that they all began to tuck in to their breakfast. As soon as they had eaten there fill and were about to leave the table for their first class of the day when three shadows descended upon them. "Well it looks as if Saint Potter has finally fallen from his cross. It seems the world finally sees you for what you are, a complete fraud." Malfoy said. His two goons began to laugh at their leaders harsh words. Not wanting to get into a fight so early into the year Harry just stood up and began to walk away from his tormentors.

"Merlin Potter, are so pathetic that you can't even stand up for yourself?" Malfoy spat at Harry. Harry knew Malfoy was just trying to goad him and normally it wouldn't have worked but Harry had had enough. With a cold and blank expression no one had ever seen on the young man's face Harry turned and faced Draco, making the young heir flinch.

"I'm pathetic, no Draco it is you that's pathetic. You're the one who takes time out of your busy day to talk to people you deem beneath you. You act like a petulant child all because I turned down your offer of friendship. You think me and my friends are unworthy but you are the one that is unworthy, you are no better than the dirt beneath my shoes. Deep down you know this and it eats at you that a lowly half blood is your better. For all your wealth and arrogance you haven't a single friend, not even those two baboons that follow you around are your friends. So you see it is you not I Draco that is the pathetic one." Once Harry was done speaking the whole Gryffindor table stood and applauded.

Draco's face was as red as Ron's hair he shook with rage. Harry didn't want to stick around to hear more insults from the arrogant blond so he turned and began to walk away. No one had noticed that Draco had pulled his wand and before anyone could stop him he fired off a curse. "Universa quod proprius gender reversal." Draco shouted. A blue light shoot from his wand and hit Harry in the back. The young man fell to the ground and stopped moving. Before any of the teachers could reach the young man a blinding blue light surrounded him and he began to rise in the air. The students and teachers watched in horror as the blue light engulfed Harry completely. Then suddenly as if an explosion went off all the teachers and students were knocked off their feet. Tables were overturned and glass shattered. The body above them let out an ear piercing shriek and fell violently to the ground.

Before anyone had a chance to react Harry stood clutching his bleeding scar. Everyone stood up and looked at the young savior a look of shock and disbelief was on every face in the great hall. What stood before them was no longer Harry Potter the boy who lived. Instead stood a very nude very female Harry Potter and she was beautiful. The once short and messy black hair was now long and straight falling to the young woman's waist. Her once pale skin was now the color of fresh cream, with a hint of a blush on her cheeks. She was still slender but now with a curvaceous and womanly frame. She had full breasts with small pale pink nipples, her lips were the same full and red they were before. Her jaw was now more rounded and her nose was smaller but her cheek bones were just as high as before. In short Harry Potter was absolutely gorgeous.

Soon the great hall was filled with cries of panic and outrage. Harry looked around and noticed the wreaked state the great hall was in. He then noticed how everyone was shouting and pointing at him. He looked down at himself to survey the damaged Malfoy had done to his body. What he saw stopped his heart cold. He was naked and he had breasts upon further inspection he found his penis missing. He began to panic, this couldn't be happening to him. He looked up at his shocked and pale headmaster and promptly fainted.

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