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Tom, Lucius, Severus and Charlie Weasley where standing in the wood about one hundred yards away from a tiny cabin across the lake. They were surveying the surrounding area looking for traps or hidden wards. As far as Tom could see their where heavy wards all around the property, blocking them from a direct approach. He had already dismantled the anti-apparition jinx and a few blood wards the only one left had to be dismantled by a Weasley.

"Charles you need to remove the last ward so that we may enter the house." Tom told him never taking his blood red eyes off the little cabin. Tom knew his mate was inside he could feel it deep in his fractured soul. However he couldn't shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. Tom was pulled from his thoughts when he noticed the last ward was still in place. He looked over at Charlie who had is head down as if he were in prayer. Tom growled in frustration.

"Now boy I don't have time for this!" Tom shouted. Charlie tensed up and raised his head; he looked at Tom and nodded.

"I hope I'm doing the right thing." Charlie said to himself. He raised his wand and a blast of amber light shot from the tip, a moment later the last ward came crashing down. Tom didn't waste a second as soon as the ward was down he apparated to the front door of the cabin. When he heard the others come up behind him he turned around to dole out instructions.

"Alright Lucius and Severus I want you to go around the back of the cabin restrain anyone who tries to get past you. Charles you are with me we will take the front, now go." He told them. Lucius and Severus cast disillusionment charms on themselves and raced around to the back of the cabin. A moment later a tingle went through Tom's wand letting him know that they were in place. Tom nodded to Charlie and they approached the door. A simple alohomora undid the bolt and they hurried inside.

The first thing Tom noticed as he stepped inside the dingy little cabin was the pungent smell of blood it permeated the air, whoever's blood it was had lost a significant amount. Bile rose in Tom's throat as the thought he was too late struck him. He raised his wand and cast a point me charm it directed him to the back of the cabin.

He raced toward the back ignoring Charlie; he came upon a hallway with two doors his wand lit up as he approached the door right in front of him. The smell of blood was even stronger the closer he got. Rage overtook Tom and he blasted the door clean off its hinges. The sight that greeted him on the other side made his heart stop beating in his chest.

There was blood lots and lots of blood. The vibrant red liquid dripped down the side of the bed, and there was Helaine his sweet beautiful Helaine laid on the bed as pale as fresh winter snow. Tom took a quick moment to look at her face he couldn't tell if she were dead or just unconscious. A soft cry got his attention he looked up to see the confused and scared face of the youngest Weasley brother. His face was spattered with specks of Helaine's blood his hands were practically soaked in it. However it was what Ron held in his arms that made Tom lose his last grip on sanity. A tiny infant covered in blood was crying softly in Ron's arms.

Tom couldn't think there was a loud crash inside his mind and he couldn't think. In an unbridled show of strength and power his magic burst forth like an atomic bomb. The glass windows in the room exploded by the sheer force of his magic ripping from his core. The floor boards rattled and came undone flying about the room crashing into walls. Tom was lost in a sea of rage and pain. He didn't register Charlie run to Ron and grab the baby. He didn't see as Lucius and Severus tended to Helaine. He didn't hear as Lucius called to him.

Tom sank deeper and deeper into his anguish the horrifying pain grasping at him pulling at his very soul. Then there was a flash of red hair and the rage had a purpose. He looked around the room and saw Charlie holding his child wrapping the tiny baby in a blanket. He saw Helaine being lifted into Severus' arms as he apparated them away Charlie Weasley following close behind. All that remained were him Lucius and the coward hold up in corner shaking with fear.

With terrifying swiftness Tom was on Ron in a blink of an eye. Grabbing him by the throat he hoisted Ron off the ground until the tips of his toes barely scraped the floor. Tightening his grip he slammed Ron into the unforgiving wooden wall over and over again. He didn't stop until there was hole in the wall form where Ron's head had made repeated impact. He tossed the teen across the room watched as his body hit the opposite wall and then crumple to the ground like a rag doll. With a flick of his hand the blood covered bed was flung out of his way as Tom approached the unmoving form of Ron Weasley. With his wand raised and the killing curse on the tip of his tongue Tom was ready to rid the world of the disgusting ilk in front of him.

Before Tom could end the life of Ron Weasley a tug on his arm turned him around. He turned to see the paler than usual face of Lucius. The man looked at him sadness and fear shining brightly in his sliver eyes.

"My lord please Helaine needs you." He said. Tom froze; those three little words had managed to squelch the raging inferno that grew inside him. Helaine needed him and he had to get to her he had to save her. Tom turned away from Ron and turned fully to look at Lucius.

"Bring him along and make sure he is thoroughly searched then lock him in the dungeon. Send someone to search this place as well anything of Helaine's is to brought back to the castle, after their done I want this place burned to the ground." Tom told him before he apparated away, leaving Lucius to his work.

Tom apparated right in front of the hospital wing he was about to barge inside when the doors opened. Severus came out looking quite grim his lip drawn into a tight line his eyes downcast.

"I'm sorry my Lord but there were some complications…" Severus started. Before he could say anymore Tom sank to his knees his head in his hands and let out the most anguished sound anyone had ever heard from another human being.

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