"Hey Jett" Kayla whispered.

"Yea Kay" Jett whispered back, both of them dripping wet from the rain that was barely sheltered out by Kayla's small 10 year old tree house.

"If I never find my keys out here, and some way, I dunno, we end up trapped out her for 14 years, for some odd reason, will you promise if we are not married by 30. We'll you know" Kayla said shivering.

"Marry each other" Jett asked finishing Kay's sentence.

"Yea" Kayla said a little embarrassed.

"Sure" Jett smiled a little uneasy.

"Hey Jett, Kayla, we're home" Kayla's parents called from the front door.

"We're saved" Jett said as he smiled and climbed down the small ladder.

Kayla ran her hand through her now, tangled, curly hair. "Yea, So much for that idea."

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