The promise Chapter 2

14 years later

Kayla West stood in front of the shiny gold-bordered mirror that stood leaning on the white wall of the church. Just 14 years before, her and Jett had made a pact. "If we aren't married by 30 we'll marry each other" she remembered her and jett saying. It was a childish dream but maybe those could happen. As she stood in the mirror, Riley, and Mrs. West came in, Riley wearing the same color as Kayla. As Kayla fixed her light yellow, tight fitting dress she smiled nervously at her mom and friend. "I can't believe Jett is married already!" Kayla said putting on a fake, forceful, grin.

"Already! The boy is 30 years old. I can't believe you two, didn't get married." Mrs. West pointed out.

" Well. You know we are just friends" Kayla said. Then out of know where Tara bursts through the door crying.

" I can't do this," She bawled.

"Can't do what?" Kayla asked worriedly.

"Marry him, marry Jett!" Tara sobbed into Kayla dress. "I don't love him anymore!" Tara screamed.

"Tara, don't say that!" Riley said calming the girl and taking her white, mermaid style, dress from a hanger.

"I'm not putting it on! I'm not going through with this! I'm leaving town now" Tara said wiping her arm from her nose, drying whatever liquid was there.

"Tara NO!" Kayla screamed knowing of the pain her best friend would face if the love of his life were to leave him. "Jett does not deserve this!" Kayla screamed again. After that yell the whole congregation in the church turned around. As Jett panicked JB ran into the bridal party's changing room but was drawn back by all the yelling. 1 minute later a women ran out of the church crying and a gold diamond band flew across the room, hitting the pastor in the fore head.

Jett stood stunned. He knelt down on the ground, staring at the ring. He would not make this mistake again. He would stay true to his promise and marry the only person he truly loved, who loved him back. Who was that? The only people who stayed by him always were his family; of course, and JB and Kayla.