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Did you hear that?

By Sabby56

"Oh . . . ah, that feels, ah, mhmm, really good."


She moaned again confirming her statement.

He pressed harder.

She squealed.


She shook her head, "no, that was amazing. Do it again."

He did causing her to squeal again.

"Where'd you learn to do this?"

"No where, just lots and lots of practice."

"Well whatever you do don't, mhm, stop."

"Wasn't planning on it." He said while moving his hands lower, rubbing slow circles in her waist.

- - -

Three sets of ears pressed tightly to the door as they tried their hardest to listen.

"Was that a moan?"

The other two occupants shrugged, not really being able to tell because of the thickness of the door.

"What do you think they're doing in there?"

Once again he was met with shrugs.

"Do you think we should go in and check it out?"

"Ew! Dude no way. What if they are doing something. I refuse to see my little brother gettin' it on with Macy."

At those words a dark blush took over Stella's face completely, remembering the run in she had with the two four days previously.

"Well I want to know."

"Joe you're a perv."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not."


"AM NO-"

Unable to take the banter any more Stella wrapped her hands around Joe's mouth, "Guys would you stop it. Why don't we just leave because if they aredoing something, I'd rather not have them walk out and see us sitting in front of the door like a bunch of horny horndogs!"

"She's got a point." Kevin pointed out.

"Don't I always."

"Fine." Joe grumbled as they all stood up. "I still can't believe my little brother is getting some action before me."

Stella rolled her eyes and pulled him by the ear as they got to the steps, "and if you keep acting like that you never will."

- - -

"Gosh you're stiff."

"I know, it's all the pressure build up."

He pushed harder and Macy couldn't comprehend correctly, that was amazing. She wished for him to do it again.

"You okay?"

A cross between a watery moan and a whimper came from her lips and he took that as a good sign. So he did it again.


And again.


One more time.

"Nick!" she sighed as her body released, "woo." She blew the hair out of her face. "That was-"

"A life changing experience, awesome, amazing, sensational, feel free to stop me when you've found a word you like."

"Is all of the above an option?"

Nick smiled one of his rare crocked smiles and shrugged a shoulder, "if you want."

She smiled playfully at him before sitting up on the bed and reached for her sweater before pulling it on.

"So same time next week?"

Macy nodded as she made her way towards the door, "sure thing." She opened the door, "oh and thanks for the massage."

- - -

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