Zoicite's Savior

Summary: A one shot of the time when Zoicite save Usagi in PGSM and it cost him his life. What if she saved him.

"Zoicite!" Sailor Moon cried, watching as the claws of the youma went into the Shittenou's stomach. Tears filled her eyes as Zoicite crumpled to the ground. The youma vanished and the blonde haired senshi ran to Zoicite's side as he leaned against the tree. He reached a hand out to her.

"I am sorry, Princess" He whispered, choking on his words. "Tell, Master, I am sorry" Sailor Moon grabbed Zoicite's arm.

"I won't let you die" She said in a shaky voice. "I won't let you die"

"Princess" Sailor Venus said, watching from a distance. Sailor Moon looked up at her idol.

"Don't stop me" She whispered. She closed her eyes and became Princess Sailor Moon. The Princess stood up, her voice softer than ever before.

"Zoicite, of the four shittenou, you saved Usagi and myself, and you have helped Endymione. For that, and for Usagi I will let you live" She took out her harp and began playing the sweet music. Zoicite gasped as his pain faded and his wound closed up, leaving no trace of blood on his clothing. Princess Sailor Moon smiled at him before shimmering and turning back into Usagi. The dark haired girl nearly fainted and Sailor Venus ran to catch her.

"Why did you save him?" She asked, Once Usagi was sitting up. Usagi turned to face her.

"He saved my life" She said simply. "And he is trying to save Mamoru. Look inside your heart Minako, Zoicite is not the enemy anymore" She turned to the white haired man and smiled. "Nor does Beryl have any control over him any more" She stood up and jogged away. Venus detransformed and stared at Zoicite for a moment. She knew that Usagi was right and smiled at him. He had helped her before as well.

"Would you like to go see a movie?" She asked. Zoicite smiled.

"I would love to" He replied.

It would be the beggining of a new friendship.