Digimuff: Hi, this first chapter is partially based on another story on called… I cant remember the name… it had something to do with Renamon not liking being fluffy… anyway, I don't feel that the author did enough with that so, here`s my version. anyway, as you read in the profile, this will be a proper story [Drama/Romance/Humour/ECT] though it will contain Lemon`s, each LEMON chapter will contain a warning.

Note: 10 june 2010: mistake/unfinished paragraph fixed [paragraph {5}] i`m also thinking of extending the first two chapters over a longer period, advice would be really helpful if possible

The year the world changed, Day 1: by digimuff [LEMON]

Renamon was soaked, no, this was an understatement, she was drenched, sopping, drowned, a wet towel, nothing seemed to adequately describe how wet she was. It had been her decision to leave the house for a few nights, she did not regret it, but she regretted now finding a good shelter in time.

"I wonder if a digimon can catch cold?" she thought, and right on queue, she sneezed. The tree she stood on was tall and old, it was charred in places from the aftermath`s of a hundred digimon battles throughout the years. She stood on one of the lower branches only a few feet from the ground.

The tree offered some protection but not enough. It was around seven in the evening she did not know for sure, even if Renamon had owned a watch it would have ceased working hours ago. An old friend of rika`s grandmother had decided to invite her self over for a few days whilst she was in Japan.

Because of the many attacks by rouges, many humans had an active hatred for digimon, their terrorist activities toward digimon had forced the police to set up an entire branch dedicated to protecting the allied digimon, they had been nicknamed the "Digital Entity Protection Agency" Seiko`s friend was one of the digimon haters, she had lost a child during the D-reaper incident.

{5}She had arrived the previous night, and immidietly began insulting rika`s life style, her cloths, her attitude [she was also one who belived young girls should like dresses and tea ceramonies, not boys cloths and card games] but when she had found that she was a tamer, she had become enraged enough to begin throwing the heavyest things she could find at the girl and her partner.

So now, the temporarily homeless Renamon, stood in a tree in the middle of the park, soaked to the bone, and with a cold coming on. She sighed; her breath blew droplets of water from around her lips in a misty spray before her face.

Takato had grown to like the rain, for some reason it reminded him of Jeri, the kind, friendly girl who had died during the D-reaper. It had taken him two years to get over that, but his habit of walking in the rain remained. He had a happy smile on his face as the droplets pounded his head, up ahead, a flicker of yellow danced across a field of grey and green; he peered through the haze in a defiant effort to see what the rain was hiding.

A swaying, white tipped, yellow became clear to his eye, which was all he needed, an idea popped into his mind. Renamon sneezed then and the idea of pulling her tail faded to the back of his mind.

"Are you all right!" Takato shouted to make himself heard over the rain. Renamon started in surprise and, for the first time in her life, she lost her balance and fell backwards from the branch. The ground moved below her and she realised she had fallen on the boy.

He, all the other tamers, had grown over time, and stood over her now with a full six inches more height than her [not counting the hair and ever present goggles] Takato wasn't hurt, Renamon had always been light, a heavy creature like his own partner could never master martial arts. In fact, he would have chosen to have Renamon on top of him any day.

As this last, unbidden, thought crossed through his mind, Takato found himself blushing and realised, with a great deal of shock, that he was getting hard. Renamon flipped over his head and helped him to his feet, apologising for knocking him down. Takato, in his turn, also apologised for surprising her saying so with the classic nervousness that always reared it`s head in such circumstances. He hoped that his erection did not show.

Renamon gazed upwards at the weeping sky with a light frown on her face, as if daring nature to continue and, in that annoyingly defiant way she has, Mother Nature responded with a roll of thunder and another wave of sky-water.

"Hey, Renamon?" Takato asked apprehensively "Why are you out in the rain? Shouldn't you go back to rika`s house?" the vulpine digimon shook her head "Seiko has an old friend staying over for a few days… she doesn't like digimon"

Takato growled quietly in his throat, Renamon winced, although it had barely been audible, all of the tamers and there digimon had very bad memories of Takato`s anger which, although hard to raise, was explosive, powerful, and dangerous. Takato noticed her reaction and smiled apologetically "Sorry, it`s just… people like that get to me" Renamon understood, and made a mental note to keep her tongue in check when discussing anti-digimon supporters.

"But…" she thought, surprising herself with the notion "I think I like it, that he gets angry with them" she shook herself mentally, what kind of talk was that? Saying such things was like encouraging fate, or, more accurately, Megidramon. Why would she like him being angry anyway? Even if Megidramon was out of the picture, that just made no sense.

Takato looked thoughtful, then, after a few moments he said "Would you like to stay at my place, mom still makes guilmon stay in the park but you're a lot smaller, and more importantly you wouldn't eat all the bread"

Renamon was surprised, she hadn't considered staying with another tamer, now she thought about it, it made sense, more sense than standing in the rain anyway, so she agreed to go with him, he grinned in his goggle-headed manner "Great!" he said and struck a dramatic pose, pointing a finger in the direction of his home "To the bakery!"

Rika`s feet splashed through a puddle as she ran through the park in the middle of a storm, she had been miles away from home when it started and had had no chance to get home before it had hit her. She looked around, wondering how far she had to go, and realised she had just passed guilmons hut.

As she ran along she became of another presence following her, and cautiously, knowing the kind of jerks in the world, she picked up her pace. The sound of heavy feet hitting the ground at a fast pace echoed behind her and she became worried.

Then, something heavy, and fast, crashed into her, knocking her to the ground. It crouched above her like something from an alien or predator movie, it was growling… no… chuckling "Tag, your it" she gaped "Guilmon!" rika yelled in surprise "I should have known" she thought

A thick musk filled the air as Guilmon stared down into her eyes, a childish gleam in his eyes. His weight crushed her against the ground, she felt her nipples harden and her snatch become wet [and not just from the rain] there was something else in his eyes too, something that he felt very strongly… desire!

She felt uncomfortable then "Guilmon i… uh, have to go… home" she added the last in a whisper, something about the reptilian beast was different tonight, and she did not think he had even noticed, or if he had he did not understand it.

He whimpered "… But Guilmon wants to play" she shivered in anticipation, her body was betraying her, while he mind wondered what kind of play he wanted

The bakery had closed due to the weather, Takato took Renamon in through the side door and handed her a towel from a cupboard. She dried herself of as best she could so as not to drip on the carpets [though despite her efforts she left a largish puddle by the door mat which Takato quickly cleaned up.

He had removed his shoes, socks, jacket and shirt, leaving his pants for the sake of modesty, and took her through to the sitting room, a simply furnished area with two small but comfortable sofas, and a TV. His parents looked up in surprise when he brought the vixen into the room, especially his mother.

"Renamon!" then she smiled "Renamon, It`s nice to see you again, how are you doing?" Takato quickly explained her situation and asked if she could stay for a few days. She agreed immediately, sharing her son`s anger at people such as the woman who had caused Renamon to leave her home.

Renamon was surprised when all three members of the matsuki family insisted that she have a long, hot bath upstairs, but did not object. Takato provided her with a fresh towel and explained the purposes of certain soaps for her use [or at the least, he tried, his knowledge on such things was not large]

She realised, as she sank into the hot, steamy water that she had never before washed in this way.

"Wha, What do you mean… play?" Guilmon looked at her quizzically "Play tag" she sighed, finding that it half relief, half disappointment. She shook her head; this was not like her, what was causing it. The answer when it came to her, seemed blindingly obvious, Pheromones, his childish knowledge made it impossible for him to understand, but he was in heat, and it was causing her to be also.

For a few moments she panicked, she wondered what she would do if he lost control and came for her, but the more she thought about it, the less she seemed to care.

Renamon emerged from the water with sleek and shiny fur from the shampoo and conditioner that Takato`s mother used, she was, as she had been outside, soaking wet, but now it was a warm and comfortable wet. She wrapped the towel around her, it was soft fluffy and… pink, she, like rika, had no liking for the colour whatsoever.

She drained the water from the tub and opened the bathroom door. She had been given directions for Takato`s room before her bath and headed there now, the towel was not very large and covered her only from her chest to an inch below her hips. But she had little care for modesty; her fur provided all the covering she needed.

Takato looked up from the screen of his laptop computer when she entered the room, and his mouth dropped, her legs were gorgeous, her arms looked deceivingly delicate. He felt the excitement begin to well up inside of him again, but he managed to brush it off. He closed the laptop and got to his feet, intending to find a hairdryer for her… and she dropped the towel.

He stared, he had had no idea that her breasts were so large, her hips so well curved, her waist so… perfect. The wet fur clung to her body emphasising every detail, Takato could even make out the pink of her nipples and pussy. His member leapt to attention in his pants, he winced in pain, finding that there was not enough space for his full length.

Renamon noticed the wince, but thankfully not the impressive bulge in his pants "What?" she asked, confused "Are you alright?"

"Ye, yeh, f-fine… I, um, I-I`ll get a hairdryer"

Guilmon grabbed at her jacket and tore it off. he held her down at the chest with a heavy claw as Rika tried desperately to force off of her cloth`s. With teeth and claw he then ripped off her pants, leaving only her shirt intact. After he did so he scanned her body, pausing to observe her goods. Then with all his swiftness, Guilmon repositioned himself, used another claw to raise her thighs and inserted himself inside her.

Her insides were on fire. Guilmon was massive and penetrated deep inside her. Rika felt it stretch out her insides. It seemed to touch the top of her uterus as it stretched and widened her vagina farther then Rika thought possible. It was so tight that Rika could feel his heartbeat inside her. The pain was unbearable. Rika felt as if she was going to burst.

He held her down with one claw to keep her from moving as he humped her, her breasts rocking back and forth with the hard motion, his coarse scales rubbing against her soft skin. Rika felt Guilmon tighten and orgasm. The warm jet of semen filled her insides. And as suddenly as he coupled with her, he relented, and backed-off. Rika felt tired, her sex felt stretched.

A small trickle of blood followed him out. She collapsed on the sodden ground becoming caked in the thick, earthen mixture. She felt a tongue lap at her ear and turned her head to face the reptilian digimon who had made her his, her hair had fallen from the spiked ponytail and covered one side of her face in a wet, seductive way.

"Are you ok…?" guilmon asked childishly "Did guilmon hurt you…?" Rika nodded lightly "A little… but it`s ok, your just big" Guilmon whimpered pathetically and nuzzled the side of her head in an apologetic manner "Guilmon is sorry…" he sniffled "I didn't mean it…" she smiled, and kissed him on the tip of his flat nose "Really, it`s ok" she pulled him into a wet embrace on the muddy ground, they were both caked in the stuff from head to toe [or claw, in guilmons case]

Rika wondered why she had accepted the intercourse between them, surely it would have been more logical to suggest Renamon, she could have asked the vixen herself, but instead the act of sex between such a well endowed beast and herself had appealed to her, it was not as if he had forced her… not really… unless you counted the pheromones but that had not been his fault. She had had to explain the act of sex to him before he had understood; the very idea of it had driven him wild.

Either way, no harm had been done, unless she became pregnant, her mind tried to picture such a fusion, and chuckled, it was probably impossible for such a thing to occur… they were incompatible… weren't they. Worry clutched at her stomach for a moment, they had been able to have sex after all… why couldn't she become pregnant?

She shook the worry off for fear of scaring her lover… `lover` that sounded right to her and she tested the word on her tongue "Lover…" Guilmon blinked at her "Are you talking to me…?" she laughed again, and drew closer to his warm body, and gradually, hidden behind a clump of bushes and camouflaged by the coating of dirt, the human girl and the digimon male fell asleep in each others embrace.

Takato stared at Renamon and laughed, after drying her fur with his mother`s hairdryer [which now lay overheated on the bed] Renamon had puffed up like a baby owl. He did not stop laughing until his mother knocked on the door to find out what was happening.

She opened the door and giggled when she saw Renamon, but kindly spared the digimon further humiliation by closing the door and denying her curios husband entry. When Takato had gotten over his fit, he apologised to Renamon, who only snarled a little and looked away, ashamed.

In an attempt to consol her he said "Look, I`m really sorry, I`ll fix that" He then grabbed a brush and proceeded to run it through the fur on her back, however, he failed to consider certain embarrassing eventualities.

For example, when he brushed over areas such as her chest and groin, not only did he have an uncomfortably good view of them [resulting in another burst of pain from between his legs] but Renamon could not help letting out a small, attractive sound of appreciation, which embarrassed them both in equal quantities.

It was quickly decided that Renamon would sleep in the bed, she claimed that she would prefer to sleep standing upright as she normally did, but a light tickle followed by a large sneeze sealed her fate, for the first time in years, she would be sleeping on her side.

Takato took a sleeping bag on the floor beside the bed and said goodnight, soon was fast asleep and snoring loudly. After a while Renamon was able to tune out the noise, and get some sleep.

Digimuff: well, there you go, yes I know it wasn't Takato and Renamon, that will be in the next chapter.