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The year the world changed, Day 13: by Renato Tamer

It was early morning and Rika sat at the Kamiya family table eating breakfast with Renamon, Kari and Gatomon. An odd beeping and whirring interrupted the silence immediately catching their attention.

"What the heck is that"?" Kari asked looking about the room.

Renamon and Rika just stared at her D-power.


Rika leapt to her feet as old habits urged her to take on the digimon as they always did. There was a stinging sensation in her gut and she found herself falling back into her seat.

"Rika?" Kari was beside her looking a little confused "Are you alright, what's a bioemergance?"

Rika bit back a curse and said "I`m fine, but there's a wild digimon to stop!"

"Wild digimon…? If a digimon came through by accident we can just send it home through a computer with our Digivice`s"

Rika looked at her oddly for a moment before she remembered the world tour episode.

"Oh that's right, I forgot you do that here…"


Rika bit her lip, she had been trying to avoid the TV show explanation. It was too much of a headache.

"Nothing, it's just… what if this digimon is different? What if it's coming for us?" that seemed to shake her a little.

"I guess we`d have to fight it…"

"We might have to destroy it too if it comes to that" Rika attempted to stand again but was forced down again not by her treacherous body but by the oddly forceful.

"You`re not going anywhere, if there`s fighting to be done the digidestined will handle it. Besides we`re supposed to be protecting you" she smiled and whipped out her D-Terminal to email the others.

"Now can you tell me where it will be?"

Of course Rika didn't plan to leave it at that

Gallantmon stood atop this world's version of the Tokyo metropolitan building. As best he could tell this world had no Hypnos, no one to help him find the girls, no way to change back.

Gallantmon tried once more to separate himself into the two beings at his core. It felt like being speared by a Megadramon`s tail, and it failed.

"Damn that hurt" Gallantmon thought. The two beings reeled in shock as they realised they had though simultaneously as Gallantmon…! Not Takato… Not Guilmon… Gallantmon

The royal knight grasped his head and stumbled, plummeting from the rooftop. He dropped his shield and lance halfway down the lance impaled a hotdog stand sending its vendor flying.

"My SAUSAGES!" The vendor cried in emotional and spiritual agony…. Moving on.

The shield impacted the concrete and sank like a penny through jelly, sending rubble in all directions. Gallantmon himself impacted a tour bus, demolishing the mostly empty vehicle. The only occupant was the driver who was fortunately saved by the air bag.

The fall knocked a little sense into Gallantmon and he soon found his feet and rushed to reclaim his weapon and shield. He realised with a start that people were screaming and running. It was a scene he had seen many times as a digimon and digimon tamer, but now he was on the wrong end of the scenario.

"I won't hurt you" he said, reaching an arm out to a group of cowering teens, despite his words the frightened humans ran for the hills squealing.

"Damn, what am I gonna do now" he grumbled dejectedly

"You can give up!"

Gallantmon turned slowly, wondering who it could be and how much of a threat they were.

Davis stood several feet away with Veemon at his side. Aquilamon flew above him with Yolie, Kari, and Gatomon on his back, most of his passengers were already disembarking leaving only Yolie. Further away Stingmon put Ken down next to Tk and Angemon.

A rumble behind him made Gallantmon turn. The bulky form of Ankylomon towered above him with Cody on his back.

Davis grinned and jerked his thumb toward the weeping hotdog vendor "You can also apologise to that guy"

"Is this some kind of joke" Gallantmon asked, looking the TV show character up and down "There's no way you're for real" Davis of course took this quite the wrong way

"This coming from the guy in the cape!"

Gallantmon huffed "At least I exist, now I'm not falling for this if you want me you`re gonna have to fight me!"

"If that is what you want then so be it… Blast Rings!"

Ring like rays burst from Aquilamon`s beak and hit the ground where Gallantmon had been. Gallantmon landed from his jump several feet away and fired a warning shot over Aquilamon's wing startling Yolie.

"What is this? Why is he sending cartoon characters to attack me…? This has gotta be some kinda TRICK!"

"What if they have Renamon!?" Takato`s mind cried out.

"What if they have Rika!?" Guilmon`s mind growled.

"Veemon Digivolve to… EXVeemon!"


Lightning burst from his lance decimating the remains of the bus and almost hitting Davis. EXVeemon pulled him away in time.

"I guess that answers that" Kari frowned "He is after them, we`re going to have to fight him"

"The digimon analyser doesn't know anything but his level" Cody informed the group having checked his D-Terminal for the information. "He`s a mega, from the lack of information I can only guess he`s an unknown digimon from the southern quadrant" Davis smiled grimly.

"Then I suppose we get to cut lose… Let`s Go!"




Through the distorted haze Takato`s mind emerged to watch the scene with fanboyish glee.

"DNA… Digivolve!"

"That's right buckethead!" Paildramon mocked, charging forward to tackle the night. "Sting Strike!" Coming back to reality Gallantmon sidestepped the attack and swept the dragons legs out from under him with his lance and pulled back his shield to strike with it

"Justice Beam!"

Gallantmon was forced to move his shield to block the attack and counter with his lightning joust, striking Shakkoumon in the chest.

Tk and Cody flinched as the shock ran also through their bodies. Shakkoumon managed to stay on his feet and dodge a follow up attack from the knight.

"Desperado Blaster!"

Paildramon`s hip mounted machine guns fired continuously at the enemy who, while blocking the attack with his shield, charged the dragon with his lance drawn back ready.

"Lightning Joust!"

Gallantmon pulled away his shield taking several shots point blank but delivering a terrible blow to Paildramon's exposed stomach. The lance tip cut the flesh freeing blood to flow while volt after volt of electricity disabled the dragons muscles and warped the edges of his armour.

Silphymon tacked the knight to the ground and pinned him, trying to rip off his helmet with her clawed hands.

"Back off him you bastard!" she yelled with Gatomon's voice.

Shakkoumon appeared above her, eyes glowing red.

"Out of the way Silphymon! Justice Beam!"

Silphymon rolled off the knight allowing the powered beam to obliterate him… or so she had hoped.

Gallantmon CrimsonMode took to the air wielding his lance and sword.

"He Digivolved!?" Yolie gaped at the impressive new form.

"No" Cody shook his head "He`s still a mega level, it must be a mode change"

"Well whatever it is we can still kick his butt! We`ve fought worse!" Paildramon finally got back to his feet and spread his wings

"The only attack he`s used so far came from his lance!" ken called to the now flying Paildramon "Try to disarm him!"

Paildramon rushed the knight, hoping to startle him. Instead Gallantmon sidestepped and tried to stab his opponent in the back. Only a timely static force attack from Silphymon prevented him from skewering the dragon.

Seeing Gallantmon distracted by his teammate Paildramon made another grab for his weapons, having learned from the last time he used his cable catcher, extending his claws to ensnare the enemy at the same.

Gallantmon was taken by surprise at the tendrils pinning his arms but by the time Paildramon's free claw had clutched his sword he was ready to counter.

"Royal Sabre!"

Lightning sparked in the sword and flowed into Paildramon's body through his claws and back into Gallantmon and the sword in a powerful feedback loop that hurt Gallantmon as much as Paildramon.

Gallantmon cut off the attack and Paildramon tore himself away from the still crackling armour of the knight. Gallantmon lashed out with his lance clubbing the dragons scull and sending him crashing to the ground for the second time.

Davis and Ken flinched as their digimon bit the dirt once again.

"I'm starting to really hate this buckethead and his damn electricity!" Davis ground out. Watching as Gallantmon landed and tore into Shakkoumon with his seemingly red hot sword. Shakkoumon was just managing to fend him off with help from Silphymon who struck him in the face with her static force before attempting to get him in a headlock despite Paildramon's lack of success in binding the knight.

"We`re not going to win like this" Ken agreed "We need to fight on equal footing"

Paildramon staggered to his feet and looked ken in the eye

"Your right, I need to digivolve again"

Davis agreed and both digidestined clutched their Digivice's tightly.

"Paildramon Mega Digivolve to… Imperialdramon! Imperialdramon mode change to… Fighter Mode!"

The brawlers stopped to stare at the new arrival. Shakkoumon and Silphymon had seen it before and moved back to give him some space, the fanboy inside Gallantmon was wowed away by the appearance of IMPERIALDRAMON FIGHTER MODE! In his time as digimon and tamer Gallantmon had seen many things he never thought he would and eaten wondrous foods. But this was truly meeting a hero.

But then he remembered that these digimon were his enemies, playing the part of these characters to distract him from regaining his girls.

"Not gonna… let you keep them!" his breathing was heavy, having defeated a mega and fought three ultimate's just while being in this world, never mind the hordes he had defeated before… he was exhausted.

"You`re not taking them Buckethead" Imperialdramon declared, levelling his positron laser at the knights head.

"My name… Is GALLANTMON!" The knight rushed forward brandishing the sword Blutang which was once again burning hot.

"Positron Laser!"

Gallantmon had only a split second to bring Blutang and Gungnir up to block the attack, planting his feet firmly. The attack struck, Gallantmon's weapons took the brunt of the attack and while the knight stood strong he could feet his body cooking inside the armour as the force of the attack pushed him away, his feet tearing up the concrete.

Imperialdramon ceased the attack expecting to see a defeated opponent, instead…

"Crimson Light!"

A storm of red energy burst from the knights lance and struck Imperialdramon in the chest. He disappeared for a moment behind the curtain of fire kicked up by the attack but emerged quite quickly looking a little banged up but performing admirably considering.

"Splendour Blade!"

A sword of white light sprung up around the dragons hand and was thrust toward Gallantmon's gut. The sword was met by Blutang and knocked away. Imperialdramon struck again but was blocked. The two digimon put their weight behind the swords each hoping to pass the others and cut their opponent. But soon though that little standoff ended as they pushed away from each other and struck again. Slicing and parrying, thrusting and blocking.

The other digimon and digidestined watched fascinated as the scene like something from a demented king Arthur movie played out, but the digimon knew it was time to region the battle and help their friend.

"Justice Beam!"

"Static Force!"

Gallantmon managed to dodge Shakkoumon's attack at the expense of taking the static force to his shoulder causing him to drop his sword, Silphymon grabbed it with her enlarged avian foot and flung it far away keeping her hands ready to attack again and keep him from the weapon.

Shakkoumon moved behind him, ready to strike at any moment. And Imperialdramon, more or less recovered from his brief duel with the knight, brought up his positron laser already charged and ready to fire.

Backed into a corner with no way to go, Gallantmon decided to finish this with an all or nothing attack, Bringing Gungnir up above his head Gallantmon pumped all the energy available to him in Crimson mode into the weapon, the resulting burst of light blinding his foes.

"Crimson Light!"

Kyuubimon pulled to a halt as the two girls saw the attack light the sky.

"Is that what I think it is…?" Rika asked, half expecting to be told no. Kyuubimon said nothing but took off once more at twice the speed.

The Digimon had managed to shield their partners from the attack. But as a result Shakkoumon and Silphymon had returned to their in-training states.

Imperialdramon and Gallantmon were on their knees, each looking as haggard as the other. Gallantmon had lost crimson mode and his weapons, the shield and lance had rolled as he collapsed from the attack.

Both digimon were stubborn to the last and had more in common than it seemed. Both digimon staggered to the feet, feeling to tired or unable to fight with anything but their fists.

Fuelled by pure determination both took to their feet and charged each other once more. Gallantmon gave Imperialdramon an uppercut to the chin. The dragon responded with a suckerpunch to the gut.

It went on, the two high level respected digimon fighting like teenage boys over a petty insult.

Having had enough, Imperialdramon kneed Gallantmon in the gut before pulling himself back and, as Gallantmon began to keel forward clutching his winded gut, gave him one hell of a headbut.

Gallantmon rolled back, coming to a stop near his lance, and lay trying to regain his breath. Imperialdramon took a deep breath and steadied his own gut. There was no way they could just sent this one back through the digigate. Like Myotismon or ladyDevimon, this one needed to go down.

Gallantmon saw the dragon bringing his gun up to fire and struggled to reach his lance, cursing that it was just out of reach!

"Positron… Las…!"

"Dragon Wheel!"

A dragon of blue flame hit Imperialdramon in the side, knocking him off balance and stopping his attack in its tracks.

"Don't you DARE!" Kyubimon yelled, uncharacteristically losing her cool.

"Or you`ll have US to answer to!" Rika finished, standing away a little and holding Renamon's egg.

Confused Imperialdramon tried to get to his feet and explain but fell on his feet but fell back on his ass when Kyubimon began to snarl.

"Rika what are you doing here!" Kari ran to the girl who looked both tired and angry, a bad combination in a girl like her.

"What am I doing here!?" Rika rounded on the girl "Stopping this ponced up DigiDummy from killing Guilmon and Takato that's what!"

"Guilmon and Takato?" Davis asked, remembering the names from Renamon's explanation "What do you mean?"

Kyubimon glared at him

"This IS them, it's how we reach mega in our world, like a DNA Digivolution between human and digimon. It's called Biomerging"

"So I just smacked down your boyfriend`s!" Imperialdramon exclaimed. Kyubimon snapped her teeth at him and growled.

"I`M SORRY, I`M SORRY" Imperialdramon panicked scooting back on his ass, an amusing sight considering the size and level difference.

The girls ignored him having already turned their attention to Gallantmon. He stared at them, seeming almost confused, as if trying to make them out through frosted glass.

"Takato?" Kyubimon asked gently while brushing her tails against him, a perhaps futile gesture considering his armour.

"You`re looking pretty banged up there pineapple head" Rika teased affectionately, remembering Impmon`s name for him "Why don't you Dedigivolve?"

Inside Gallantmon was a storm. He had almost gotten used to thinking as Gallantmon and not two beings, but now he was being asked to feel as one, to love both women talking to him. His affections for them switched and flipped and bobbled before finally coming to a agreement.

"… Renamon… Rika…" His tone was tired and still and little confused but also devoid of the two tone quality usually present, sounding like an older more mature Takato, but with the growling undertone of Growlmon.

The voice surprised both girls, Rika would have believed they had made a mistake, that this was another Gallantmon, but the way he said their names…

"… I missed you guys…" and with that sleep took him, his eyes closed and his body stilled, so still he could have been mistaken for dead but for the lack of an explosion and the scattering of data partials.

But though it was clear he wasn't dead that didn't make Kyubimon or Rika any less freaked out by the fact that Gallantmon was quite clearly beaten senseless and was even unconscious… but had remained as Gallantmon.

They waited for him to change back. The digidestined had gathered around them and the minuets passed but the form of Gallantmon held on firm.

"What are we waiting for?" Yolie whispered, loth to break the deep silence that had fallen. The sound surprised Rika and she lost her words, thankfully Kyubimon kept her cool.

"We`re waiting for them to return to their normal states" she barely spoke louder than Yolie. She appeared outwardly calm but really was close to panic. She knew from experience that the biomerged form was hard to maintain when hurt… and as badly damaged as they were the form should have fractured long before he lost consciousness…! What was going on?

"It doesn't look like that's going to happen" Cody observed "We can't leave him here, so I guess we have to take them with us"

"Take him where?" Davis questioned "He can't come to my house!"

"There's no way we can split them up" Yolie spoke firmly, thinking of the two couples "So It`ll have to be Kari`s house"

"We can`t just put him on the couch though, his armours filthy mom would freak!" Kari knew Yolie was right, but they were talking about a six foot man in grubby heavy armour.

"We can remove the armour when we get there" Renamon got to her feet having Dedigivolved while they were talking "The question is how do we move him?"

"We can carry him" Imperialdramon volunteered "Least we can do considering, but we don't have enough arms to get his lance and shield too"

"I can carry the lance" Renamon was confident in that much, but had already realised they would have to leave the shield for now.

"Could we maybe get Ankylomon to carry the shield?" Rika spoke for the first time. Cody shook his head.

"Upamon hasn't fully recovered yet"

"Then I guess we`ll have to come back for it" Davis decided, putting his hands behind his head "I mean it's not like anyone can just take it home with them"

The others agreed and as planned Imperialdramon hefted Gallantmon onto his shoulder and Renamon took the lance. A silent message to Rika and the egg was once again clutched safely in her tail.

While they took the faster less conspicuous routs the humans and their now pint sized partners took the train home.

Soon after they left the emergency services arrived. Business as usual for them especially after digimon attacks. There were ambulances, clean-up crews, firemen… and several very conspicuous slightly clichéd black vans.

The digidestined plus Rika arrived at Kari`s home to find Gallantmon propped up by the door, Renamon was crouched by the knight examining the seams of his armour. DemiVeemon and Minomon sat beside them waiting.

"Sorry guys" DemiVeemon called out as they approached "We woulda taken him inside but we dedigivolved just as we got here"

"Don't sweat it Veemon" Davis gave the little dragon a thumbs up "We`ll take it from here!" Renamon ignored the humans bravado and motioned for Rika to come closer.

"I`ve managed to find the catches for his armour, We`re fortunate it is removable" Rika looked to where her partner was gesturing and saw the catches carefully hidden just under the armour, to get to them would require rather small fingers meaning this was a job for her and Kari.

"Kari, I`m going to need your help with this"

Renamon stood back and watched as the two girls fiddled with the catches around the knights neck and silently wished she could be of more help, but alas her fingers were much too large. With a slight grunt from Kari the two girls lifted Gallantmon`s helmet from his head and placed it on the ground beside him before working on the shoulder pads.

Renamon smiled wistfully as Gallantmon`s face was revealed to her for the first time. It was so much like Takato`s in shape only more mature and with a stronger chin, the only real differences with those features which were so reminiscent of Guilmon. His skin, ears and teeth all perfectly matched the dino`s, not to mention the black markings on his forehead and cheekbones.

Rika also appreciated the familiarity of Gallantmon's face as she removed the shoulder plates and slipped off a gauntlet. His hands, despite the human bone structure, looked so much like Guilmon`s and made her pause to run her fingers over their scales.

A polite cough from an uncomfortable Kari snapped her out of her stupor, a light flush decorated her cheeks as she continued, trying her best to act as if nothing had happened.

Having no interest in watching the knight being undressed the boys and their Digimon began carting the removed pieces of armour into the apartment as they were removed. it was decided they should be placed on the lino floor of the kitchen for now where any dust or grime would be easy to remove. this of course meant nothing to the guys and was in fact at the direction of Gatomon who had directed the girls to help also after noticing a few too many eyes straying [her own included]

Finally the armour had been fully removed and placed with the lance in the kitchen. Gallantmon had proven very human in appearance despite wearing Guilmon's skin, to everyone's great relief the mega did in fact have clothing under his armour if only a pair of brown shorts.

This proved to be the difficult part, carrying the mega indoors. Renamon hooked her arms under his to support his upper body weight while Davis and TK took a leg each, Gallantmon barely fit through the door but with a little effort the three did eventually make it to the couch whereupon they placed the mega`s unconscious form.

"Phew!" Davis collapsed into another chair and whipped a bead of sweat from his brow "That guy might wanna cut down on the snacks"

Spare blankets were placed over Gallantmon's chest and legs to give him a little more modesty before the group were all finally able to sit and relax.

"So..." Yolie began, looking between Gallantmon and the two females watching over him "They`re... Both in there?"

"Yes..." Renamon replied "As I said earlier Biomerging is the process in which a human and a rookie level Digimon fuse together in order to reach the mega level. Rika and I are capable of doing this as well, when we are one we become the fox shaman Sakuyamon, our friends Henry and his partner Terriermon become a walking fortress named MegaGargomon"

She stopped to take her Digi-egg from her tail and carefully held it up for them to see "It is only because of the biomerge process that we became compatible enough to have children together... none of us expected it to happen, but I am glad that it did"

"Wow..." Gatomon stared at the egg "I wish we could biomerge Kari..."

"Yeah!" Davis interrupted excitedly "Imagine how awesome and beautiful you and Kari would be!" Everyone but Davis could see how Kari began edging away from the boy after that comment.

Gatomon smiled awkwardly.

"Yeah, how awesome we`d look... that`s what I meant" after that Gatomon became oddly quiet.

"But then why haven't they changed back, has this happened before?" TK

Rika shook her head "No, Normally we have trouble remaining in our mega form when injured, they`ve been beaten up and worn down and even now they're still Gallantmon, but that isn't the really weird part... Usually when we`re biomerged our bodies become one but our minds are separate, and because of that when we talk it sounds like the two of us are talking in perfect time and if we want we can even talk separately... But when Gallantmon spoke to us before... his voice was so like theirs, but there wasn't any... any" she trailed of in absence of the right word.

"Duality" Renamon finished for her "There was none of the usual duality... it was a new voice entirely, if it weren't for the way he said our names I might have though he were another Gallantmon..."

"So what your saying is you think their minds have merged too" Cody clarified, their nods were all the confirmation he needed.

"It sounds to me like a software error"

Around the room the assembled digidestined, Digimon and Tamer looked at the boy in confusion.

"Well if you think of a computer set up to use one operating system and another set up with a completely different one, you can't just expect to email certain programs from one to another without problems. If the natural rules of the southern quadrant say a human and Digimon can biomerge then great, but the eastern quadrant doesn't work that way, so when they arrived there in their biomerged state the eastern quadrant would have tried to fit them in with the rest of its `Programming` and made them conform to its rules by fusing them more completely than Biomerging normally allows. The result, Gallantmon is unable to separate into two individuals in this world"

Cody leveled a serious look at the two off-worlders "I would highly recommend the two of you refrain from Biomerging"

The girls didn't respond, the idea of being completely unable to separate after a biomerge was both frightening and intriguing. But their pride would not allow them to rely solely on the other digidestined for protection, and with Gallantmon in no fit state to battle it may be that sooner or later they would be forced to biomerge.

The question then would not just be what would happen to their minds... but what would happen to the baby.

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