One hour later, the police K-9s came by, along with Jaxon. Jaxon shook his head as they took Gideon and Felix away in handcuffs… and the chandelier.

"So, it was Gideon and Felix who have been taking my treasures," sighed Jaxon, "After so long of trust and hard work…"

"Yeah, although, we haven't found where they hid the stuff... Yet" said Jolteon.

"Oh, my treasures. Generations of collecting and all gone in a few nights".

"It must be close," said Ninetales, looking around the room.

"How can you tell?" asked Charlie, "Oh, let me guess. Is it from being dazed from that feather?"

"Feather?" Jaxon looked at the German Sheppard puzzled.

"Yeah, that really colorful Rainbow Wing," answered Itchy.

"Oh, you like it? I'm happy someone has good tastes".

"Good tastes?" asked Jolteon. "I never knew it could be eaten".

Charlie sighed as he looked at Jolteon, "What Jaxon was trying to say is that Ninetales likes it as much as he does".

"Indeed," said Jaxon, sighing, "It sometimes feels like it's wrong to keep it".

"Wrong? Why? That's a very valuable item, right?"

"They say that the Rainbow Wing gives off a radiating aura, but it didn't to me, yet it did to you".

"Um, maybe it only works on Pokemon?"

"Then why did only Ninetales feel it when Jolteon and Vaporeon didn't?" asked Itchy.

"Itchy, this is Jolteon and Vaporeon you're talking about," said Ninetales.

"You know, once we find my treasures, I'll give you a generous reward," said Jaxon.

"An Xbox 360 Elite?" asked Jolteon.

"A trip to Tokyo, Japan?" asked Vaporeon.

"Just find my treasures, and you'll see," sighed Jaxon.

2nd Floor: Hallway

Ninetales began to see flashes of Suicune again as they followed a narrow hall leading to a dead end. As they approached the wall, the visions became stronger to Ninetales.

"Somewhere around here," said Ninetales, looking around, "It's got to be! The visions are strong here!"

"But this is a dead end," said Jolteon.

"Do you have to say 'dead'?" asked Vaporeon.

Ninetales, ignoring the two, was examining the walls. He knew that the Rainbow Wing was close, but how to reveal it. As he knocked on the walls, he hit a switch on the corner of the two. The wall gave way, revealing a hidden room, where all the antiquities from the foyer were seen, along with many they've never seen before. Right in the middle, glowing in the dim light, was the Rainbow Wing

"All my treasures!" said Jaxon with glee.

"Way to go, Ninetales!" said Itchy.

"Who needs a bloodhound when a fox would do the trick, huh?" said Charlie.

"Even that ugly painting is here," said Jolteon, pointing to something. Vaporeon looked at it, then to Jolteon.

"That's a mirror, idiot".

Ninetales approached and retrieved the feather, "There it is, Mr Jaxon. Your Rainbow Wing and other Johto items".

"Ah, yes. The Rainbow Wing. So much have I've been through for this little treasure," said Jaxon as he received it from Ninetales, but put it back in his paws. "Like I said, this Wing was a great Treasure, but it was too much trouble. I believe it to be better in your paws than mine, so here. Take it as a reward for helping me, in more ways than one".

Ninetales was speechless. "I can't. I mean, its yours".

"Now, now. I feel it better off in yours, my Kitsune friend, believe me. You'll make me more happier if you took it".

"Thank you," said Ninetales, unable to speak more for receiving such a beautiful gift. "So, I'm holding a feather belonging to the Legendary Ho-Oh".

"Hey, what about our rewards?" asked Charlie.

"Oh, Charlie," said Itchy.

Fleabite (next morning)

Charlie and Itchy were in the café, having mugs of soda as they discussed about yesterday's mission.

"Now that's what I call a crazy mission, eh Itch?" said Charlie.

"I know," said Itchy, "I had enough of armors and ghosts".

"Actually, I was talking about Ninetales's zone outs"

'That too".

"At least its over". Charlie drank more from his mug.

"Not yet. Ninetales has that Rainbow Wing".

"I was talking about being security guards for a freakier looking mansion than Ninetales's own, but you're right about the Rainbow Wing part".

"I wonder why Ninetales' connection with that feather?"

"Who knows. Maybe its a past life or something. I think he's just nuts"

Itchy was worried. "Charlie.... Maybe this is part of the secrets he has hidden that he doesn't know about. Remember that huge burst of power he had when he fought Nox?"

"Oh yeah, when he went all red and flaming, huh". Charlie thought back to that day. "That only lasted a minute and I think it could've been that one move, what was it called... oh yeah, Rage!"

"I don't think it was Rage, Charlie. It was stronger than Rage".

"How do you know that?"

"Because he uses Rage all the time on you, Charleon and the Stooges".

"That's Rage? I thought he was just mad. So, if it wasn't Rage, then what was it that caused him to go like that?"

"I dunno. Still, at least it's over with something from a Scooby Doo show".

Charlie chuckled. "Heh. Still wished I brought a video recorder. Youtube would've loved it".

"And nothing weird came out of it... Although, it's going to be weird to hear Annabelle praise you for a job well done".

Charlie brought his glass of soda closer to him. "I'm going to enjoy that".

"Charles!" rang a familiar voice.

Charlie looked around, then to his glass to see Annabelle's reflection on it. "Annabelle? We were just talking about you".

"And I just found out what you did," said Annabelle.

Charlie smiled. "That's great! So, are we getting rewards too?"

"Maybe... However…"


"However, why didn't you all turn up for the mission last night?"

"What?!" Charlie almost lost his balance on his seat. "But Annabelle, we were there! We went to the house and everything!"

"Not that I recall. From what I know is that the Senior Center was left guard less for a whole night with no one looking out for them. Luckily it was a quiet night, so no harm done".

"But we…" Charlie paused. "Wait! Senior Center?!"

"Of course. That's where I sent you. didn't you read my directions carefully?"

"But, it lead us to that mansion at the end of Ashford St."

"Where they were also expecting five of us as security guards!" said Itchy.

Annabelle looked at them both, confused. "Ashford St? Mansion? I never sent you there. Why, if I recall, no one's lived in that place for decades".

Charlie became rigid. "What?!? But, Annabelle... who did you give the directions to?! Not me... who?!"

"I gave them to Vaporeon and told him to give it to you," replied Annabelle.

"So, why did he end up with Ashford?" asked Charlie.

"Well, before I left, Jolteon did... call him his nickname again and…"

Charlie froze. "Let me guess, he chased after him?" Annabelle nodded. "So, we had to go PAST Ashford?"

"Yes. When the note said the building on the left, can't miss it, it was the senior center. So, what did you do in that old abandoned mansion anyways, a séance?"

Charlie didn't know what to say, so he told Annabelle what happened last night: Strufur, Ninetales's Suicune Visions, the Rainbow Wing, and the two crooks.

"That's impossible!" said Annabelle, grabbing a book. "Jaxon Strufur III was known to have passed away about 52 years ago".

Charlie froze again. "Pink boss whippet say what?"

"It was known to us that his soul was in purgatory, though".

"His soul became a Glameow and evolved?" asked Itchy.

"Purgatory, not Purugly, Itchy! Purgatory is the state when a spirit becomes trapped on earth on a reason other than ones own".

"His spirit was trapped?!" Itchy paused. "He… was a ghost?! Ugghh…." Itchy faints, leaving Charlie and Annabelle alone.

Annabelle continued on, a piece of paper in her paw. "Actually, he just came through the gate not too long ago. Whatever it was that kept his spirit at bay seemed to have released him at last. Charles, what did you guys do?"

"Uh... solved a mystery... Scooby Doo style," he replied.

"Mystery? What mystery?"

Charlie explained to her about how Jaxon's two helpers were thieves stealing his valuables and antiques.

Annabelle looked at Charlie. "Odd, though, that those two, Gideon and Felix, would work without knowing that their master was nothing more but a ghost".

"Great," muttered Charlie, "Ninetales gets a reward while we don't get anything because of a wrong address and such!"


"Yeah, a colorful feather called the Rainbow Wing".

"The feather of the Legendary Phoenix of Johto? Ho-Oh's own Rainbow Wing? How did Ninetales obtain that?"

"Jaxon gave to him as a reward. He had it during his travels in Johto and found it".

"I see. Did Jaxon say anything else about it?"

"No, he didn't. He gave it to Ninetales because of his odd reactions to it, like seeing visions of Suicune".

"Hm, this is strange," said Annabelle. "Charles, from what you've told me, and I'm not entirely sure, but perhaps it may be part of Ninetales's past life"

"I'm a serious doubter on reincarnation, Annabelle," said Charlie. "Like there is no way Ninetales' soul is recycled".

"I'm not saying it is, but I need to see more about Ninetales's past".

"You know he's not the type to go into his past much, Annabelle... not after what that poacher did. We could get a downed Ninetales again, sobbing".

"I know," Annabelle sighed. "Perhaps I'll ask Edward and Colleen about anything. But either way, seeing that the Seniors didn't mind being security guard less... and you freed a soul from Purgatory... I guess its a job well done Charles".

"What?" said Charlie, disappointed. "No reward?"

"Oh? Like what?"

"Like a day off so I could attend Bess's Halloween Party".

"Very well then. You, and Itchy when he awakes, can take Halloween off. I won't bother you with missions until the day after".

"All right!" said Charlie, happy to know one day would be Annabelle-less.

"Well, I must be off. Be sure to tell Ninetales, Jolteon, and Vaporeon I said good job". With that, Annabelle's reflection disappears. Charlie sighed in relief.

"Boy, that was a close one".

"I'll drink to that".

Charlie smiled. "Whatever you say…" He looks down and still sees Itchy lying unconscious on the floor. "Itch?" Charlie turns and comes face to face with a skeleton.

"Pardon me, but do you know the way to San Francisco Memorial Cemetery?"

"Uh…" Charlie faints. The skeleton rubs his skull.

"Was it something I said?"

END (?)