I have gone with the idea for a while to rewrite the original Sekirei manga a little bit. After reading Platiniumsabr's rewrite of the Rosario+Vampire manga, I got inspired to do the same for Sekirei. My plan is this: I want Minato to be a more dominant and cool character (Different from the wuss he is in the manga.) I also want to change the personalities of his Sekirei a little, but not much, and maybe redesign their look a little. I will keep to the original storyline to a certain degree, but I will also rewrite the story line to fit better with my is my first attempt at a fanfic, so I hope I will be able to improve my writing over the course of this story.

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Minatos Chance Encounter


How is that possible?

Minato reread the rejection letter from Tokyo University once again. His stomach felt like it had been filled with ice cold lead. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, he thought with disbelief. I'm not meant to be a ronin. For a moment he was overwhelmed by the foreboding that his future lay in ruins

He had always had a sharp mind, but he never had good control of his tension buildup during the examination period. Nevertheless he had been certain he would be accepted into Tokyu U, so certain indeed that he hadn't made any contingency plans.

Damn, he cursed under his breath. Well, no time crying over what should have been. It's time to make the best out of the situation. Maybe there is a higher meaning behind it after all. Maybe it was just meant to be. With these clarifying thoughts, he faced his future face on, and never looked back. Never would he have imagined what plans fate had in store for him.

At the same time, unbeknownst to Minato, a man dressed in pure white stood at the top of the highest building in Tokyo, regarding the city with barely concealed anticipation. "Well now", he declared. "It time for the game to start. The pieces are all set, and the game master is ready. What will the future bring, I wonder?" With these words, he started the incident which would be known as the Sekirei Plan; a deadly game of love, risks and determination. Who will emerge victorious?

I need to find a place to live, Minato thought. He had called his mom to give her the bad news, but she had seemed absentminded, like she always did when she was immersed in her work. She had promised to help him out financially to a certain extent, but he realized that he needed to find a cheap place to live, if he should be able to survive in the city.

He was so deeply immersed in his thoughts, that he barely noticed the voice calling for him to watch out, before it was too late. The next thing he knew, he lay on his back with a person over him.

"I'm, I'm so s-sorry, sir. I didn't notice you in time, and ran you over. I'm so sorry." Minato looked up curiously at the girl who was stuttering her apologies. With just a quick glance, he took in her unreal beauty. "That's okay, I'm not hurt," he replied with a calm tone. "There's nothing to worry about."

The girl flushed a little by his kind response, but was jolted back to reality when she heard the voice of one of her pursuers: "There's no use running, come and fight us!"

Oh no, she thought. I can't fight them yet, I have to find my Ashikabi-sama first. "Leave me alone! I don't want to fight you yet," she yelled to the two women who had been following her for a while. What should I do? She thought with dread. They have followed me for quite a while now, and it doesn't seem like they're going to give up soon either.

"That is not an option; we take out the weak ones who haven't been winged yet, that is our strategy. So just die quietly!"

She could feel the power they were gathering to strike at her with, and she knew she would have to escape, but for a moment she stood there paralyzed.

This is bad, she thought with panic. Move, god damn it.

"That is enough! I don't know what your business is with this girl, but it is obvious that it's distressing her, so I'm advising you to leave her alone." A powerful voice boomed out from the man standing in front of her, shielding her from the glare of her pursuers.

What, isn't he a normal human? He doesn't have the power to fight a Sekirei, let alone two winged ones like those two. I have to get him out of here, the girl thought.

"I don't like the look of these two. If you run now, I will try to hold them off as long as possible. Get as far away from here as you can!"

Again he says everything with such a calm voice, it seems like he doesn't understand the situation at all, but then again, how could he? The girl asked herself. But he is brave though.

She could feel the attack coming, and before she got time to think it through, she had grabbed a hold of young man with the calm voice, and ran away with him as fast as she could.

After a wild sprint at a pace which seemed impossible to Minato, it seemed like they had lost those two women.

If that was really what they were, Minato thought with a gloom. When he had stood up to them, he had suddenly felt like those two women hid powers way beyond that of a normal human being. Almost like something supernatural.

When he thought about it, the woman in front of him felt strangely the same…

"I'm so sorry for getting you involved in this." He barely heard her murmur before she collapsed in his arms.

He looked down at the beautiful girl who lay unconscious in his arms. She had small burns on her arms and legs, but it didn't seem like they could have her to lose consciousness. Just when he was about to call an ambulance he heard her stomach grumble noisily.

He carried the starving girl home and prepared a big lunch. At the smell of the food she woke up with eyes that clearly were hungry.

"Is this really for me?" she asked timidly. When he nodded she hogged in, eating like she hadn't done so for days

While she was eating he couldn't take his eyes off her. He had noticed that she was a beauty at first sight, but now he realized that beauty was an understatement. She had a body with gorgeous sun-tanned skin and with curves that could make a grown man weep. Her face was so stunning that she practically lit up the room. But what really drew him in were her eyes. The irises had a rich and deep hazel-color and he felt like he was drowning in them.

"Who are you?" He whispered, not realizing that he had let his thoughts out aloud

"I'm Sekirei nr.88: Musubi," she answered with a bright smile. "And you are?"

"Ah, I'm Minato Sahashi. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Sekirei hmm, he wondered. What could that possibly mean?

"Minato," she tasted the name, feeling a slight warmth spreading through her chest. Maybe this person is my Ashikabi-sama? She looked up at him, seeing his gentle eyes regarding her with interest. The warmth grew stronger and she could feel her heart fluttering. She crawled slowly closer to him, feeling the heat intensify as she drew nearer and nearer.

"Musubi, is there something wrong? You look a little flushed"

When she heard his voice calling her name, her cheeks turned even redder than before, but she didn't dare say anything until she was so close that she could feel the warmth from his breath, in fear that her resolve would break.

"I t-think I've found you, Ashikabi-sama," she said in a low voice before she drew his lips until hers with utmost care.

Immediately she felt the heat that had been building in her chest erupt, and spread through her entire body. The tingling in the place where his lips had met hers, spread throughout her body on waves of pleasure greater than she had ever imagined.

I've found him, she rejoiced. I found my one and only Ashikabi-sama.

Minato had been curious when the girl crawled towards him driven by an instinct of some sort, but he had not expected her to kiss him as tenderly as she had, nor had he anticipated the reaction the kiss would cause.

After a quick kiss that seemed to last a lifetime, the girl had drawn back, letting a small gasp escape her soft lips. He opened his eyes just in time to see wings of light spring out of her back.

"Are you an angel?" he asked her with wonder in his voice.

The girl laid her hands over her heart, and looked up at him with the most beautiful eyes Minato had ever seen; "I am a Sekirei, and I pledge my love to you now and forever."

Minato could only stare with amazement at the girl he had only just met this morning, who now pledged her eternal love to him. Even though a small part of his brain told him that this situation would most likely lead to many tough trials for him in the future, all of his worries disappeared when he looked into the smiling face of the Sekirei called Musubi.

The shrill of his phone calling jolted him back into reality. On reflex he snapped it open and answered.

"Congratulations Minato. You were magnificently chosen to the partner of a Sekirei."

A man dressed in a white robe had appeared on the tiny screen of the telephone. Minato was sure he had seen the man before, but he couldn't really recall where he had seen this strange man before.

"Oh, hi professor," Musubi greeted happily over his shoulder.

"You're director Minaka of MBI aren't you? How did you know my name?" Minato enquired with disbelief.

"There's nothing I don't know," the director answered with a small laughter. "But more importantly. The Sekirei Plan. That is the name of the game you are now participating in, Minato-kun. The rules are simple. 108 Sekirei will fight and fight each other, and the Ashikabi of the remaining Sekirei will be allowed to Ascend with his Sekirei. The Ashikabi who overcomes these odds will hold the fate of the world in his hands. Good luck in gaining the world, Minato Sahashi." With those words he was gone.

Minatos mind went into overdrive analyzing and considering the directors words.

"Minato-sama, are you okay?" He snapped back to reality, and found himself staring into the worried eyes of his Sekirei.

"Yes, I was pondering the implications of this game, and I think I've gotten down the basics. The only thing I wonder about what he meant about Ascending with your Sekirei."

"Only the winner of the Sekirei Plan will be able to grant his wish and stay with his Sekirei forever. Therefore I will become stronger so that I am able to stay with you, my Ashikabi-sama."

Even though he had his doubts regarding this 'Sekirei Plan', his worries was erased like snow before the sun when he looked into the loving eyes of the girl, who had just vowed to stake her life and fight for him at whatever the cost.

I love her, Minato realized. I've just met her, but I already love her to this extent. For her, I too will put my life on the line. Some things are worth fighting for.

Yes, but are some things worth killing for, a sly voice in the back of his head whispered…

To be continued…