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Here is another Inuyasha fic, a Humor/Romance once again featuring Miroku and Sango.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha doesn't belong to me.

Sum: When Miroku is turned into an infant by a demon, Sango has now been given the position of "mama." But, will Sango learn something about the lecherous monk through Mushin as he helps her to care for the baby monk?


"Baby Miroku"

Chapter 1: A Demon's Spell

Inuyasha's gang was busy fighting a giant lizard demon, and they were having a difficult time defeating it. Then, the demon pulled out a sack from behind its back, smirking as it reached inside and pulled out a handful of powder. He took careful aim before throwing it at Sango. Miroku rushed over to her, pushing her out of the way.

"Miroku!" Sango shouted, trying to see through the mass of smoke the powder had created.

"Sango! I'll be fine! Just finish the job!" Miroku yelled, choking on the smoke as he breathed it in.

Sango, taking Miroku's advice, turned her attention to the demon and drew her weapon. She took aim, and threw her *hiraikotsu, slicing the demon in two. The demon screamed in agony as it disintegrated. As soon as the last of the demon's screams faded away, Sango ran over to see if Miroku was all right.

"Miroku! Miroku answer me if you're okay!" She yelled as she swiped a hand at the smoke.

As the smoke cleared, they discovered only his clothes were left. Sango felt tears stinging at the corners of her eyes as she fell to her knees.

"Miroku, why? Why did you have to die?" She started to whisper before she noticed movement in his robes.

"What is it? Is it a demon?" Shippo asked as he stared at the moving robes as Sango grabbed a corner, pulling it away.

"Oh my…"


"I can't believe this…"

What was underneath surprised everyone as Sango dropped the robes in her hand. A baby was hidden underneath, black locks covering his head. Sango carefully picked up the infant, cradling him in her arms. The baby babbled as she picked him up, a tiny bit of dribble seeping through a corner of his mouth. As she gazed at the babe, she noticed the prayer beads he was holding as she pulled him closer.

"Um guys…I think it's Miroku." Kagome stated as she looked at the baby over Sango's shoulder.

"I think you're right, he definitely smells like Miroku." Inuyasha stated as he sniffed the baby's head, causing the infant to laugh.

"Yeah, and he has Miroku's eyes and hair." Shippo added as he jumped onto Sango's shoulder for a closer look.

Sango was staring at the babe as he sucked on his little fist. Something inside her was making her feel protective of this small human being.

"Sango…can I hold Miroku?" Shippo asked as he hopped down from her shoulder and onto the ground.

"Sure Shippo, just be sure to support his head and hold him tight, but not too tight." She instructed as she carefully passed over the baby.

Miroku started getting fussy as he left Sango's arms, waving his little arms and making sounds of protest.

"Uh…I don't think he likes me Sango, here." Shippo stated nervously as he placed Miroku back in Sango's arms.

"Thanks Shippo, there we go, calm down Miroku, it's all right, I'm here." She cooed lovingly to the babe, rocking him gently.

"Wow Sango, how'd ya manage that?" Inuyasha said as he looked down at the smiling baby in Sango's arms.

"I don't know, something just told me."

"Maybe it's her maternal instinct kicking in." Kagome suggested as she smiled at the scene.

"Maternal what?"

"Maternal instinct, it's supposed to be the instinct that helps a woman take care of babies." Kagome stated as she watched as Sango gave Miroku tummy kisses. (You know, when someone blows raspberries on a baby's tummy.)

"Who's such a cute baby, you are, yes." Sango cooed as she tickled the infant.

"What should we do now? We can't travel around with a baby." Inuyasha said as he watched Sango cradle the baby lovingly to her bosom.

"Maybe…we should go to Mushin? At least until this hopefully wears off." Kagome suggested as she watched the baby cuddle into Sango, yawning.

"That's probably a good idea Kagome. Does that sound okay to you?" Sango cooed to the infant, smiling as Miroku went to sleep, sucking his little fist.

As they prepared to go to the old monk's temple, Sango held onto Kilala's neck with one hand, and kept the other on Miroku as they flew through the air. As the group reached the temple, Sango cooed to Miroku as he started getting upset. Old Mushin was just coming back from the main temple when he saw them.

"Greetings, so nice to see you. Where's Miroku? Off flirting with girls again?"

"No Mushin. He's right here." Sango said as she cradled the babe.

Miroku babbled happily as Mushin came closer to inspect the baby.

"Oh my…this is certainly odd." Mushin said, tickling Miroku's nose.

Miroku started getting to get upset, crying softly. Sango rocked him gently, but his cries soon increased in volume.

"Sango! Shut him up!"

"I'm trying Inuyasha. Please stop crying Miroku. What's the matter?"

The infant monk tried to get closer to Sango's chest, his cries becoming more insistent. She flushed violently as she realized the problem.

"I think he's hungry." She said as she tried to calm down the babe.

Kagome gazed at her friend as she tried to soothe the baby.

"I have something back home that can help, I'll need to borrow Kilala for a bit."

"Go ahead, but please hurry." Sango said, blocking Miroku's mouth.

Some time later, Sango was feeding Miroku from a baby bottle, relieved that she hadn't had to feed Miroku "naturally."

"Thank you Kagome, I was worried for a bit."

"No problem Sango." Kagome said as she watched Miroku.

The tiny baby then pulled away, obviously full. Sango brought Miroku gently to her shoulder and patted his back. He gave a small burp before cuddling into her shoulder and falling asleep. She smiled as she cuddled the sleeping baby, her mothering nature coming into the open. As Miroku slept in her arms, she turned to Mushin as he came over to her and gazed at the slumbering babe.

"I never thought I'd see Miroku a babe again."

"What do you think this means?"

"That demon's powder must have reversed the aging process. It may take some time for this to wear off."

"I just hope this doesn't last forever."

"But Sango, you have to be honest, he is pretty adorable." Kagome stated as Miroku gave a little snore.

Sango looked down at the baby slumbering in her arms, a small smile coming to her face at his innocence.

'Perhaps it's best to enjoy this while it lasts.' She thought, bringing Miroku closer.

As Miroku cooed in his sleep, Sango wrapped a blanket securely around his tiny body before she took him inside the temple. As she placed him on a futon and laid down beside him, only one thought crossed her mind.

'This is the beginning of motherhood for me.'

She went to sleep, listening to Miroku snore softly.


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