Toushiro Hitsugaya was concerned.

So concerned that he had forgone his paperwork to contemplate the perplexity of who Rangiku Matsumoto truly was.

She was a drunk.

She was unbelievably lazy... selectively lazy. He knew paperwork would randomly show up, mysteriously complete, knowing full well that Matsumoto had done nothing but sleep the whole day.

She was very loyal to him, though being at his side for merely two years.

She was trustworthy... perhaps not with lighters, sharp objects, or really anything dangerous that could possibly harm a human being or cause permanent damage to his office– at least when she was drunk. But he also didn't want to take a chance even when she was sober – what with her mischievous personality.

She was a whirlwind of chaos, constantly getting drunk, pranking the innocent, and never really doing her job unless she wanted to or he threatened to fire her.

He repeated three of the four he had already listed but those were the ones he incessantly found annoying and got in the way of everything else Hitsugaya knew about the bodacious woman which was merely her quirks, her likes and dislikes.

All in all, a very simplistic woman.

Which brought him back full circle.

His eyes strayed to the woman in question who sat diligently behind her desk, – as in not the couch – sat upright, did not have a sake bottle on or around her desk, and was doing her paperwork! As in her job!

From what he had been thinking about earlier, you could tell why the situation was a little daunting to the young Taicho.

His gaze returned to the file he had on his desk. It sat unopened yet his hand held a pen, poised for writing, as if he had been working and not staring blankly into space one moment and staring questionably at Matsumoto the next.

"Are you doing anything after this?"

Hitsugaya blinked, Matsumoto's voice breaking the silence of his office, and he turned to look at her.

Her hand was frozen in midair as she looked at him, waiting for his answer, not at all perturbed by his penetrating stare.

"No." He finally answered, annoyed as she gave him a knowing smile.

"I really wish you hadn't said that." Matsumoto murmured, setting her head in her palm, as she continued to watch him.

"Why is that?" Hatsugaya replied almost absentmindedly. He knew Matsumoto would tell him what was wrong eventually, – she wasn't the type of person to keep secrets from him unless it was for a prank or worse, a surprise – letting him know what had caused her to suddenly become so engulfed with work instead of idle chatter – it didn't stop him from worrying, testament that Rangiku Matsumoto had done what people deemed impossible: befriend the cold and distant president of Hyounamori Industries.

"Aren't you supposed to be hanging out with Momo?" Matsumoto asked, her stare unwavering. If anything her usually bright gray-blue eyes turned dark.

He blamed it on the lighting.

"Probably, but I'm tired and would much rather sleep than humor her." Hitsugaya answered truthfully.

"But you like her." Matsumoto stated, her brows scrunching together for some unfathomable reason.

"Clearly. Why else would I put up with her nonsense for this long?" Hitsugaya answered, not at all meaning it harshly despite his dry tone.

"No, I mean you like her." Matsumoto repeated, rolling her eyes from her Taicho's obliviousness.

"No I don't." Hitsugaya said annoyed.

"Yes you do." Matsumoto retorted stubbornly.

"No, I do not." Hitsugaya repeated, more softly than he intended. The conviction in his voice, however, did not waver.

He wasn't going to lie. He once thought he had liked her like... well- that, but he long learned that it wasn't the type of feeling he thought it was.

"You have to." Matsumoto muttered as she stood, walking over to the front of his desk and bending over to lean into his face. Hitsugaya did not back up like he usually did – those contraptions she called breasts were a deathtrap for god's sake!- and met her challenging stare head on.

"And why is that?"

"Because if Momo isn't there what reason is there for me to not do anything?" Matsumoto answered far too seriously for his liking.

"What are you-" Hitsugaya was cut off by her lips crushing down on his own.

His eyes widened and he stood frozen, not at all responsive, far too shocked to even think about what it meant simply feeling his fukotaicho's lips against his own.

And after what only seemed like a second, she pulled back and straightened, giving him a full view of her assets.

"I think I'll head home early. Come over if you need anything." Matsumoto called as she walked out of his office, flashing him an innocent smile – which was obviously fake – before closing the door.

Hitsugaya blinked owlishly, trying to regain coherent thought.

He looked down at the still untouched file, his hand still somehow holding onto his unused pen before looking back up at the office door that Matsumoto had just gone through.

He thought about actually getting some work done seeing as it was still early in the afternoon for about three seconds.

Three seconds in which his gaze once again befell unto his crowded desk, then to the desk his fukotaicho had occupied, and back to the door she had walked out of.

Rangiku Matsumoto suddenly became a lot more complicated.

As he walked out, he absentmindedly informed his desk clerk that he would be leaving home early due to feeling ill.

And inwardly he told himself that he was only going to Matsumoto's house because he needed to confront her.

Thats why when he caught up to her before she could escape, Hitsugaya towed her into his car instead because he was confronting her about personal matters that could not be discussed at his workplace.

He ignored the knowing smirk Rangiku had as he drove them to her place.

Yes, Rangiku was far more complicated indeed.

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