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Rangiku was worried.

She wasn't planning on kissing her Taicho ( really she wasn't!) it just... happened.

She had been entertaining the idea of being something more with him but they had been idle thoughts – nothing she would have actually acted upon.

But then he talked about Momo less and less and being with him became less of an idea and more of an urge.

And then she realized what she was doing and panicked. Reducing herself to talk about Momo more, commenting on relationships- just to see if it would have any affect on the prodigy.

It only furthered her suspicions that her Taicho was a single man, just ready for the taking.

So all that had transpired in the office was based on instinct and urges.

Which led them to her spacious apartment building, rather tidy, - the living room at least, her bedroom was another story – her Taicho staring at her emotionlessly, a blankly stare that gave away nothing of what he truly felt about the whole situation.

"You are aware that I'm your boss- are you not?" Toushiro started slowly. Matsumoto gave him a dubious look before rolling her eyes and nodding. She returned his blankly stare- or at least tried to, there was still that mischief in there- her Taicho was too much fun to mess with- regardless of how much it actually affected her.

"So... you were inquiring my relationship with Momo to... 'pull the moves on me' ?" Toushiro questioned, his tone robotic as if solving an incredibly hard problem.

Matsumoto snorted at his wording but nodded once more, and watched as the gears started to turn. Maybe he would understand what she was trying to convey.

Not that even I know what I'm trying to say with kissing him.


He didn't say anything else and Rangiku watched confused as Hitsugaya remained silent and she wondered if she – just might, possibly – had gone too far.

Wait- a flash of emotion passed through his teal eyes, as if the gears finally clicked and then-

Her Taicho attacked her mouth.

Rangiku wasn't surprised often – she had to stay on her toes, considering the people she worked with – but this... from her boss, Toushiro Hitsugaya was- it was... quiet unexpected indeed.

So she did the only natural thing in response.

She kissed him back.

It was fierce and full of passion- not at all what she was expecting from her Taicho. One hand cupped her face while the other had a fist full of hair, pushing their faces even closer together. They fought over dominance but Rangiku was (gasp) losing.

She backed him up and his feet hit her conveniently placed couch and he lost his balance, falling into it and taking her with him. It gave her an advantage: She was straddling his lap.

She smirked against his lips and without warning, rocked her hips against his pelvis. His answer was to hiss and bite her lip.

I want to hear that again.

His hands were on her hips, her skirt hunched up, giving her leg room, and swiveled her hips.

The bulge that she felt was oddly gratifying.

Despite his obvious enthusiasm – and hers – Rangiku didn't try to go further and neither did Hitsugaya.

Eventually, their hot make out session – which beat any other thus far – dimmed and turned into slow tender kisses.

And through time, their positions changed, Hitsugaya lay on her couch, his legs too long for the furniture, hanging almost comically, while she lay on top of him. They lay in various stages of undress- still considered indecent but not particularly horrible.

His pants were still on, as was his white buttoned undershirt, – mostly unbuttoned if you wanted to get technical – her own modest skirt – as in, it wasn't really short but still showed of her legs – was unzipped and clung to her buttocks from the way she had moved her legs; currently had them as well: her knee bended, beside Toushiro's waist, his hand occasionally brushing it. Her other leg extended, parallel to his, but horribly lacking in length but making up for it by caressing his calf for no other reason but because she wanted to.

All in all, Rangiku was very comfortable.

But as time rolled on, they said nothing nor did they share anymore kisses.

It wasn't awkward or anything, she just... didn't know what to do next and Hitsugaya seemed to share her sentiments. But she... had to know.

"What... now?" Rangiku asked, breaking the silence and almost shyly, peeked up at him.

"I..." Toushiro's eyebrows furrowed together in bafflement. "-don't know."

Rangiku gasped dramatically before smirking from the glare he sent her.

"I think I have successfully corrupted you." she said, sending kisses along his jaw.

While he didn't like the statement, he did not deny it, partly because he knew it was slightly true and partly because her kisses did things to his speech.

Matsumoto smiled and they shared one quick kiss that would have turned into something else but as fate would have it... Toushiro's cell phone rang.

"Don't answer that." Rangiku muttered against his lips. Hitsugaya sighed and muttered something unintelligible before blindly reaching for his phone.


"Hey Shiro! What are you doing tonight?"


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