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Warning: Slash rape!

"Later Steve," Soda said in his regular cheery tone, as they were locking up the DX.

"Later buddy." Steve said.

He nodded to Pony.


"Bye Steve." Pony growled.

Soda put an arm around Pony.

"Come on baby, let's go home."

As they were walking down the street, a black mustang stopped and five Socs got out.

Soda got in front of Pony protectingly, glaring at the Socs surrounding them in such hate.

"What do ya want?! Leave us alone ya no good Socs!"

One of the Socs with blonde hair came up to Soda and said,

"Aw grease, we just wanna play with you and your boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend! He's my baby brother!" Soda spat in disgust. "And you're not gonna touch him, cuz if ya do I'll kill ya!"

"Aw we got a protective older brother on are hands boys." Another Soc said.

The blonde haired Soc smiled wickedly and whispered something to the redheaded Soc beside him, who smiled in return.

"Get him!"

The blonde Soc yelled to the other three Socs.

Those three Socs attacked Soda, while the blonde and redheaded Socs attacked Pony.

After beating the shit outta Pony, the redheaded Soc held Pony's wrists down and the blonde Soc went on top of Pony.

"You know what, Blondie?" The blonde Soc referred to Soda, who fought his hardest, but was outnumbered three to one and gotten beaten up pretty bad.

"You have a sexy baby brother." He said, trailing his hand in between Pony's legs and squeezed.

Pony's cheeks flushed and he let out a loud squeak. He started to squirm around, but with one Soc pinning his arms down and another one on top of him, it wasn't helping one bit.

"GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY BROTHER!" Soda growled out dangerously.

He went crazy violent, punching each Soc hard, until he was free and was moving over to save his baby brother.

"Nick!" The blonde Soc yelled to a black haired Soc.

The Soc identified as 'Nick' grabbed Soda tightly by the waist, before he made it over to Pony.

Soda was trying his hardest to get out of his tight grasp.

"Lemme' go you fuckin' son of a bitch!"

"Kevin!" The blonde Soc on top of Pony yelled to another black haired Soc.

That Soc went over beside Nick and pulled a blade to Soda's neck.

"Now if you know what's good for you, you'll butt out of my fun." The blonde Soc on Pony said.

He looked down at scared to death Pony with lust filled eyes. He pressed his lips to Pony's forehead, making Pony shake his head back and forth.

He smiled against Pony's moving forehead.

"He's better looking then girls. I didn't think greasers could be so pretty, but he sure is a pretty little sweet thing."

Soda's eyes were murderous.

"Get your dirty mouth off of him, ya sicko!"

Soda wishes he could move, kill that Soc on top of Pony, and carry him out of harms way, but there was a blade to his neck and he wouldn't be any help to Pony dead.

The blonde Soc looked up to the redheaded Soc.


Zach looked at him for a second, before putting both Pony's arms in one hand and pulling a blade out and pressing it to Pony's neck with his free hand.

Pony froze, stopped shaking his head.

"That's it baby." The blonde Soc whispered, kissing his forehead again.

He kissed Pony's cheek, then his lips, forcing his tongue in Pony's mouth.

Pony didn't kiss back, but he let him kiss him, because he was afraid that he would slit his neck if he didn't.

His hands went to the waistband of Pony's jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them and pulled them down along with his boxers.

Pony's eyes widened and filled with tears. He looked over at Soda, who was staring at the scene in horror; his eyes were wide with tears.

"S-S-S....Soda." Pony cried out to his brother.

He felt so dirty and vulnerable right now. The most important person to him was watching him get raped.

Soda met his gaze.


Soda felt so helpless. His brother was getting raped and he couldn't do nothing but watch. He felt sick to his stomach. Pony was his baby brother, the most important person to him, the person he loved more then anyone or anything, the one person he couldn't live without, his whole world....The one person he swore to protect was getting raped right in front of him and he couldn't do nothing about it.

He failed his job at protecting Pony. He failed at his job as a big brother.

He failed Pony.

Pony went through too much already for a kid his age. He didn't need this. This would definitely break him.

This was already breaking Soda.

"I'll kill ya, ya hear?! He's just a kid, ya sick pervert! He's fourteen! He's my baby brother!" His voice cracked on the last part, tears running down his face. "Stop...P-Please stop."

The blonde Soc smiled sickly at Soda.

"I can't stop. Your sexy baby brother turned me on too much."

He took off his own pants and boxers.

Soda glared at him through his tears.

"I swear to god, I'll kill ya!"

Soda jerked forward, forgetting about the blade pressed to his neck and attempting to attack the sick perverted Soc on his baby brother. The blade pressed hard into his skin, making him halt and cry out in pain.

The Soc slammed into Pony.

Pony cried out in pain, clamping his eyes shut and tears squeezing out.

The blonde Soc moaned long and loud.

"So tight,"

"Ya sick pervert! I'll kill ya!" Soda cried out.

The blonde Soc moaned and grunted as he pounded into Pony, not caring that he was causing Pony severe pain.

When he came inside Pony, he kissed him one last time, before he whispered,

"You were the best I ever had sweet thing. I hope to do it again soon."

He got up and put his boxers and pants back on.

"Come on boys." He said, leaving to the car.

Nick didn't let Soda go, before kneeing him in the stomach.

Soda fell to his knees, coughing.

All the Socs left to the mustang and drove away.

"S-Soda," Pony whimpered.

Soda crawled over to Pony. He picked him up in his arms and held him tight.

They cried together, while Soda rocked Pony back and forth.

"I'm sorry....I'm so sorry baby." Soda said in between sobs, stroking Pony's hair.

"It hurts." Pony choked out.

"I know baby, I know." Soda sobbed.

Soda felt something warm and wet soak his lap. He looked down to see it was blood.

Pony's bleeding badly by being pounded into.

"Oh god Pony."

Soda pulled on Pony's pants and boxers. He stood up with Pony protectingly in his arms.

"Come on Pony.....L-lets go home."

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