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Soda made an animalistic shout as he attacked the blonde Soc that had brutally raped his baby brother.

Steve went for another Soc, but that wasn't really necessary, because in his adrenaline induced rage Soda was like a wild animal on the Socs, attacking the last three of the Socs at the same time after he was finished with their leader, until they were all out cold.

He stood up, breathing heavily, dark eyes murderous, pushing the hair that fell in his face during his ass kicking back into place with a clenched fist.

"What's goin' on out 'ere," A loud voice boomed, making both greasers jump.

They turned toward the voice to see their boss coming out of his office to see what all the racket was about.

He looked around and saw his two best workers with unconscious bodies lying all around them.

"What happened 'ere? I know ya guys better than to think ya guys would do this for no reason."

Soda opened his mouth to answer, but Steve beat him to it.

"These fuckers here are the ones who had attacked Soda and his kid brother a week ago, and I guess they had decided they didn't 'cause enough trouble, so came back to taunt Soda, so we gave them the ass kicking they deserved!"

The boss glared down at the passed out bodies on the ground. They are the reason he's on the verge of firing one of his best workers. He then sighed and shook his head.

"Ya two go on and get outta ere'. I'll take care of everything 'ere."

"Are ya sure, boss?" Steve questioned, unlike Soda who had already started on his way home.

"Ya go on, kid. Take care of that friend of yours." The boss assured.

Steve nodded an ok, before running to catch up to his buddy.

When he caught up to him, he walked beside him, wanting to just stop him now and question him, but they had to get a good enough distance between them and those good for nothing Socs.

When Steve thought they were far enough away, he finally stopped Soda in his tracks.

"What the fuck was that back there? What the fuck really happened with those Socs? And why the fuckin' hell did ya lie?!"

Soda just blinked blankly at his best friend. Steve sighed in frustration.

"I already know Pony was raped, so what would be the difference if ya told me?"

Soda just looked tired and old.

"Ya already know, so what's the point of tellin' ya?"

Steve finally snapped.

"What do ya mean?! What the fuck is wrong with ya, man?! Those fuckin' dirty, good for nothin', cock suckin' Socs raped your kid brother! Ya owe me, Two-bit, and especially Darry an explanation! We need to murder them!"

Soda jerked away from him, eyes glaring at him with guarded eyes.

"No, ya can't tell anybody! I promised Pony I wouldn't say a word!"

Realization dawned on Steve. He let out a sigh and rubbed at his temple.

"So, that's why ya lied." He breathed out, before he looked back up at his best friend with a glimpse of sympathy in his eyes.

"Sodapop, that's how all rape victims act, but ya can't just listen to them. Pony needs help, but we can't help him if we don't know what happened to him. And, you heard what those Socs said, they'll go after the kid again and I know that's the very last thing ya want."

Soda's eyes softened and he looked away, before he looked back at him with determined eyes.

"No, I'll protect him. He doesn't need anybody else. I don't need any help protecting my baby brother."

Steve lost control of his anger and said something without thinking.

"Yeah, 'cause ya really did a great job protecting him by yourself so far, huh?"

Right as those words passed through his lips, he regretted it.

He wanted to rip himself a new one, when he saw the look on Soda's face. He looked so full of hurt and it looked like he could kill himself with all the guilt he had inside.

"Look, man, I didn't –"Steve started to apologize, but Soda interrupted him with a broken voice.

"I know I failed Pony, when I let those sick bastards violate him, but I promised him I wouldn't fail him again and I'm not planning on breaking that anytime soon."

Steve eyes filled with sadness and pity. He wrapped a comforting arm around him.

"Come on, buddy, don't say that. I know ya did all ya could. I know ya and ya would never let anybody hurt that kid if ya could have done anything to stop it. That kid means the world to ya. I'm really sorry about what I said, I crossed the line with that … I just want you to know how important it is that we tell someone about what really happened. Soda, ya can't help Pony all by yourself. He needs as much help as he can get."

Soda looked at him sadly with a tinge of regret.

"Steve, I can't. I know ya are just tryin' to be a good friend, but please just stop and leave it alone. I love ya, man, like a brother, but Pony … I-I just can't. I already failed him, I won't break his trust, I won't." Soda paused, sucking in a breath, before continuing in a strained voice.

"I hate to say this, but if you tell anyone, we can't be friends anymore."

Steve was hurt. After all they had been through together, he would throw it all away just because he wanted to help?

How dare he?!


Anger replaced the hurt in Steve. If Soda wanted to make it all worse by keeping the truth from the rest of the group, then so be it! Soda didn't want his help, so he was going to butt out! That ungrateful FOOL!

"Whatever, Soda, ya are makin' a big mistake." Steve scowled darkly, before switching directions, so he was walking in the direction of his house instead of the Curtis'.

Soda stared after him sadly, wondering if he was right.

When Soda arrived at his house, he immediately went into his and Pony's room, ignoring the worried Two-bit that was sitting on the couch.

He saw Pony sprawled across their bed, cocooned in their blankets.

"Hey, Pony." He greeted him softly, climbing into the bed and pulled Pony into his arms.

Pony turned around in his arms, so he could face him and gave him a very tiny, just the curl of his lips, broken smile.

"I missed you. How was work?"

Soda didn't want Pony to know about his run in with those Socs. That would just make the poor boy's already out of whack emotions worse, so he just held him tighter and said,

"It was … ok, but I would've rather stayed here to protect ya."

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