Child's Toy

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Chapter 1: Broken

When his father had announced that he was needed on a diplomatic mission, Spock had thought nothing of it since he often went on these voyages and came back home after a week or two. It was a couple of days after his bonding ceremony with T'Pring that Sarek gathered his son and wife in the living room.

"It seems that the mission will take longer than expected. I have decided to bring you both along with me since Spock is now old enough" his father said.

This would be his first time off Vulcan. Spock felt excitement bubble up inside him but he pushed it down. I am Vulcan. I am Vulcan. The mantra repeated in his mind. It was something he could never allow himself to forget. After successfully purging the emotion, Spock asked:

"When are we leaving, Father?"

"In two days. Pack your belongings tonight. " He replied turning to Mother. "I know this is short of notice, my wife however I just received the message regarding the change in plans."

"It's alright, Sarek. I understand." His mother said smiling tenderly. "But what about the bond? Will it not hurt the children to be parted at such a distance for so long?"

"No, the bond should not be affected. Remember, Amanda, it is only a fledgling bond."

His mother sighs softly. "I don't like it. He is so young."

"We agreed that he would be raised Vulcan. It is tradition to bond children at this age." His father said coldly.

Spock looked back and forth between his parents inwardly sighing. There they go again. He tuned them out since this wasn't the first time this subject came up. He didn't understand why his mother couldn't accept the bond even if it was with a girl.

She was the first girl he had seen up close apart from family. They had even had to touch he remembered with a shudder. At school, the females had to learn in a separate compound since they develop psychologically differently the males.

He looked up to find that his parents had ended the argument with his mother finally agreeing with his father's logic.

"May I be excused?" he asked getting their attention. "I wish to start packing."

"Oh of course Spock." His mother replied obviously she had forgotten he was in the room. It often happened when she was intently arguing with his father over something especially when it regarded him, which was a curious habit.

He nodded to his father and left for his room but not before receiving a kiss on the forehead from his mother. He grimaced inwardly but indulged her. He was no longer a child but she still liked to coddle him.

He entered his room and sat on his bed for a moment. His room was not very big of course but it was not too small either. However, it was quite plain, which was the norm. One special detail that had been added recently was ancient weapons, which adorned his walls. He had received them on his seventh birthday.

He had bookshelves with some English books his mother had given as well as many Vulcan texts and even some in assortments of other languages. Although most knowledge was now kept as data, hardcopies of them were still available since there were some such as his mother who preferred books to pads.

Taking out his brief case, Spock started to gather the items he would bring with him. He was almost done packing when he heard his mother's approaching footsteps. He turned to the door before she knocked and called out:


"I hate when you and your father do that" his mother said as she came. "What is the point of ever learning manners if you're never allowed to employ them?"

"Mother, that is illogical-"

"Of course, it is, honey" she interrupted. "It was meant as joke."

Spock stared at his mother blankly.

His mother was often making such jokes and had even tried to explain them but neither he nor his father ever completely understood them. He tried understanding this one. He opened his mouth to ask a question but was once again cut off.

She sighed. "Nevermind, dear."

"Do you need something, Mother?"

"I came to see if you needed help."

"That will not be necessary" he said. "I am almost done."

She went over and sat on his bed before saying:

"Spock, if you do not want to come on this trip with us we can arrange something."

"No!" he cried out before he could stop himself. "I mean, no that is not necessary."

He realised his mother had tricked him when he saw her eyes were twinkling with amusement. His mother always knew what to do or say to make him react emotionally. He schooled his face quickly to one devoid of emotion.

"I guess now I know for sure that you are looking forward to this trip."

"Of course, mother" he said carefully. "As this is my first trip to space, it is only logical that I look forward to it. This will also give me the opportunity to study the starship and the people working on it. I will also have the opportunity of studying human behaviours and interactions.

"Or course my little scientist." His mother said fondly pulling him into a gentle hug.

"Mother, I'm no longer a child. It is not necessary for you to continue with such gestures."

"You will always be my little boy" she said with tears in her eyes. "Well, I should let you get back to your packing."

She stood and went to the door and paused:

"Spock, don't stay up too late."

"Yes, Mother."

He listened to sound of her steps as she walked away and when they it finally faded he turned back to his packing.

It was a habit of his to do this since he could remember whenever his mother exited a room he was always aware of her movement. It had been a way of making sure she was still there. He always had had an illogical fear his mother would suddenly vanish. He stopped cold as the fear gripped him.

He pushed these thoughts away and concentrated on finishing his task so that he can go over today's lesson at school before he went to sleep. I cannot let this fear rule me again...

They arrived at the space port right on time. They had almost been late due to his mother having forgotten something. His father had then made sure she did not forget anything else in case she would not make them turn back.

They were boarding the vessel, the USS Farragut, by shuttle craft instead of beaming a board. He was glad since this way he would be able to view and observe through the glass their exit from the planet's atmosphere.

His mother tried to get him to sit between them but he convinced her to let him sit by the window. How else would he be able observe their passage to the ship.

By the time they reached the ship, Spock had his face almost plastered to the window. They filled out of the shuttlecraft to be greeted by a man dressed in gold uniform he recognized as standard Starfleet design he had seen in holographs and a few other officers standing behind him.

"Ambassador Sarek, I am Captain John S. Alaric and this is my first officer Commander Ileana P. Maverick. It is a pleasure having you on board this vessel."

His father nodded his head and proceeded to introducing his mother and himself.

"I'm sure you would like to settle in your quarters before being shown around the ship."

Spock looked around with interest as they walked through the hall to guest quarters. People were bustling back in forth in an array of colors. When they reached their destination, their guide announced:

"I will come back at lunch time and will give the big tour after you eat. Is that to your liking?"

"It will do." His father replied and he ushered them in gently.

Their quarters were quite large. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom and a sitting room. They were adequate. Their luggage was soon brought in.

"Spock why don't go start unpacking?" his mother said smiling gently.

"Yes mother"

He went into the smaller bedroom the door closing behind him and proceeded to neatly putting away his belongings. As he did so there was a niggling feeling in the back of his mind that soon his life would change forever...

He had been on the starship for two weeks now and it had been the most exhilarating experience in his life. Added to his studies, Spock had taken to avidly studying human behaviour and mannerisms. He had not spoken to many of them but every day he had a new observation and he added it to his log.

He spent quite some time in his mother's company. As he ate most of his meals with her (not breakfast which he ate with his father since she never woke early enough) and spent the evening in their quarters studying in the sitting room while his mother read a book. It was a pleasant silent companionship.

Today, his mother had woken up quite early and joined them for breakfast. Unlike most of the humans in the dining hall his mother ate a purely vegetarian meal. He had seen many over the few weeks on the ship eating meat. The smell still made him nauseous.

They were eating an assortment of fruits when he felt it. The pain was so unbearable that he started screaming. He could barely hear his mother asking him what was wrong or feel her touch as he felt the bond tear slowly.

He tried to hold on to the bond but the harder he tried the more painful it became. No! NO!! NOOOOOO!! He mentally yelled as the bond snapped then he knew nothing.

Several hours later, Amanda Grayson wife of Sarek stared down at her only child who currently lay in a coma with tears streaming down her face. Trying to subside her tremors, she held her son's hand in her own as Sarek spoke with the doctor in hushed tones. Why did this happen? She thought as she pondered over the events of this morning.

They had been eating their breakfast in their customary silence. It had been so sudden that even Sarek had been shocked. She knew that even though her husband was greatly concerned he would never show it.

By the time the medics came, Spock had stopped screaming and he had gone completely limp. He had been rushed to the sickbay. They had performed so many scans trying to figure out what was wrong but nothing as of yet. Please let him be ok.

She looked up as the doctor and Sarek approached.

"Is he alright?" she asked in desperation.

"Well..." the doctor hesitated. "There seems to be no physical damage that our instruments can find. We are at a loss as to why he collapsed."

"There has to be something you can do."

Before the doctor could answer, a beeping sound was heard.

"Bridge to sickbay. I repeat Bridge to sickbay"

"Sickbay here what seems to be the problem" the doctor replied.

"There is a private call for Ambassador Sarek."

"Have the call transferred to my quarters." Sarek said.

"Done, sir"

When the link was cut off, Sarek turned to her and said:

"Come, Amanda."

"No, I'm staying here with our son"

"My wife, there is nothing that can be done at this moment. We will be called when they have something. You need sustenance and rest. Our son would not want you to collapse."

It was the last bit that convinced her to go with him.

She followed him to their quarters without really paying attention to her surroundings. She was so tired. She looked up when she felt a hand on her arm to find that Sarek had grabbed her to give her support.

When they got there he guided her to a chair first and got her food.

"I will be fine Sarek" she said smiling sadly. "Answer the call. It would be rude to make them wait any longer."

He nodded and went over to the panel as she ate an apple.

"Sarek" she recognized the voice to be T'Pau's.

"T'Pau" he acknowledged.

"I call to give some grievous news. I am sure that your son has already collapsed."

Amanda shot up and demanded with newfound energy:

"How do you know that? We have sent no message relaying this news."

Sarek nodded with agreement but still gave her a look of reprimand for interrupting. T'Pau gave her a blank look before continuing:

"As I was saying, T'Pring was involved in an accident which had temporarily incapacitated her. This event caused the bond between the children to break."

Amanda gasped. No wonder their son had been in such pain. Fresh tears went down her eyes.

"May I ask the status of your child?" T'Pau continued.

"He is currently in a comatose state." Sarek responded. "If what you say is true then, he needs a mind healer quickly."

That was a problem there were no mind healers on the ship and Vulcan was months away even at maximum warp capacity.

"He will have to be kept sedated and be monitored carefully until you reach Vulcan if you wish to keep him from losing his mind." T'Pau informed them.

"It will be done" Sarek said quietly.

"I will see you then. Keep me informed" T'Pau replied before disconnecting.

There was a silence between them before Amanda walked up to him.

"I knew something like this would happen. Why didn't you listen to me?!! They should never have been bonded in the first place!" She said tears streaming down her face.

"Amanda..." he said as she pounded on his chest. She did not have the strength to harm him but her sobs were enough to pain him.

He gathered her close soothing her as she cried herself to exhaustion. He laid her down on their bed before leaving to see the doctors.

End of Chapter 1 

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