Child's Toy

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Chapter 6: Indiscretion

Winona woke up feeling refreshed. Yesterday had been a hectic day, first her son had disappeared, which had caused her much distress and then it was revealed that her lost son had somehow ended up bonded with an alien! It wasn't just hectic; it was actually too shocking for words! She was still confused as to how it had happened.

She sighed as she changed into her nurse's uniform after taking a shower. I hope I will get the chance to ask Amanda more question on that bond…

Leaving her bedroom, she went over to her son's room. She had to make sure he was in there. She didn't want to relive the experience she had yesterday. The frantic panic. She was afraid even though she had put him to bed. Still, she needed to make sure.

She opened the door slightly. The lights were at zero percent but she could still see the outline of his body in the bed. Sighing in relief she closed the door and left quickly in hopes of being able to get a quick breakfast before she started her shift.


Spock had held his breath in an illogical manner when he had heard the door opening. It was a good thing he was hidden from view by Jim. He was relieved when she did not come closer. She would surely have seen him in her son's bed and if she had, she would probably have sent him back.

He looked down at his bonded as he sat up. Jim was sleeping curled on his side. His golden hair was tousled on the pillow. He is truly a vision to behold. He thought as a feeling of pride surged through him.

He reached out and ran a hand through the golden hair. It was silky and longer in length than the customary Vulcan haircut. He felt the boy push his head into his hand much like the household feline he had seen in a holovid once. Fascinating...

He continued to pet the soft hair before pulling away. What am I doing? He tried to regain control of the overwhelming feelings of affection he felt for the boy. I have to leave before Mother and Father realize I am gone.

He was about to get out of the bed when he felt something grab his sleeping shirt. He looked down at the hand before quickly looking back at its owner. He found that his eyes were slightly open.

"Spoock..." he said his voice pitching into a whine. "Where are goin'?"

The boy then pressed himself into Spock's arms and proceeded to nuzzle his chest. Truly fascinating.

"I have to leave before my parents notice that I have left their quarters."

"You comin' back?" the boy replied looking up his blue eyes showing signs that he was still half asleep.

"I will come back to see you when you have received the proper amount of rest."

He did not want his bonded to collapse from exhaustion.


He placed the boy back into the bed after allowing him a soft nuzzle to his right cheek.

After one final look back, he left the room.


Amanda had woken up disgustingly early. She blamed it on her husband. He and her son were early risers as most Vulcans were. She usually just went back to sleep but for some reason sleep continued to elude her until she decided to just get dressed.

"Amanda, you are awake." Was all she received from her puzzled husband. The glare she gave him stopped him from making any other comments. He at least knew her well enough not to talk to her before she got some coffee in her system.

After getting dressed, they were going to leave for breakfast when she noticed that Spock was not waiting for them in the living room.

"I'll wait for him. You go on ahead, Sarek."

Without arguing, her husband left. He obviously did not want to confront his son after the brash display of violence yesterday.

She knocked at the door. When she got no answer, she opened the door to find the room empty. The bed was not slept in. There was a pad on the ground as well as some disks. Strange. Spock is usually so tidy.

She knew where he gone off to though. He had gone to Jimmy. That was the only thing that made sense.

As she placed the objects on her son's desk, her son came in. His eyes widened in a comical deer-in-headlights expression.

"M-Mother, I... uhm." It was obvious he was trying to come up with an excuse. He calmed down very quickly though as his face became a brick wall. "I have nothing to say on the matter-"

"Spock..." she said gently "It's okay. I know where you were. Don't worry. I won't tell your father."

He scrutinized her for a moment before nodding.

"Mother will you wait outside? I wish to get dressed for the day."

"You know I am your mother. There is no need to be embarrassed. Why, when you were two, I used to give you bubble baths..."

"Mother!" he interrupted her, his face positively green.

She laughed before leaving her son to his embarrassment.


Sarek went to one of the ship's cafeterias. It was the one his family had been frequenting since their arrival in the ship many months ago. After getting some soup and a bowl of fruits from the replicator, he proceeded to sit at their usual spot.

His wife and son should arrive soon.

He started eating his soup when a familiar female voice interrupted him.

"Ambassador Sarek"

He turned to the perpetrator to find that it was the mother of Spock's 'bonded'. He sighed inwardly before answering.

"Yes Mrs Kirk. Is there anything you require?"

"I'm sorry to bother you but do you have time to answer some questions."

"I am currently in the process of consuming my meal and would prefer to do so in silence. If your question is in regards of the bond, you may ask my wife at a later time."

He promptly turned away and went back to his meal. He heard her footsteps rapidly walking away from him and proceeded to leave the cafeteria altogether.


Winona couldn't believe the nerve of the man. If he wasn't so important, she would have punched him. She had lost her appetite completely after the unpleasant encounter. She headed to sickbay in a brisk walk.

She didn't know what had possessed her to thinking the man would actually answer any of her questions. I knew I should just have tried asking Amanda when I saw her. She hadn't trusted her instincts and look where that got her.

She entered sickbay greeting the other nurse on shift and went to work. I am never asking that insufferable man anything ever again!


Jimmy had finally snuck away from his current teacher. He had been waiting almost all day for his friend to come and see him.

I'm done waiting like a good boy. I'm going to find him and give him a piece of my mind for lying to me.

"Vulcans don't lie my ass!" he grumbled out loud as he walked down the corridor.

He had no idea where to find him though. All he had to do was good old fashioned detective work, hacking into a computer to find out where Spock lived.

Grinning Jimmy skipped off down the corridor in search of a deserted room.


Spock was concentrating on the studies he had missed during his 'blank' period. In fact, he had a lot to catch up to and thus he ended up studying all day.

He looked up in surprise when the front door to their quarters opened. His parents were not due to come back until much later. Has something happened? Nobody else knows the access code.

Puzzled he got up from his desk and crept to his door listening more carefully. It could not be his father the heartbeat was too fast nor could it be his mother's it was too strong. Who is it?

When he realized the person was heading to his room, he turned off the lights quickly. He hid in the shadows and waited. When the intruder came in he grabbed him and forced him onto the wall.

Spock let go instantly when he found himself staring into blazing blue eyes.

"Jim! What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?! What do you think I'm doin' here?"

Spock stared at Jim blankly before slowly answering:

"Seeing as I cannot read minds, there is no way for me to know the motive behind your actions."

"Do I gotta explain everything to you? Correct me if I'm wrong, you said 'I will come back' before you left but you never came back. So I came to you instead." Jimmy glared at him. "Big fat liar."

"What you say is illogical. First, I did not specify the time of my coming therefore I did not lie. Second, I may be bigger than you are but I am certainly not what could be categorized as 'fat' seeing as I have no extra fat on my flesh."

"Whatever..." Jimmy said before looking around. "Could you turn on the lights? I can barely see you."

"Certainly." Spock nodded. "Lights to 75 percent."

He turned back to his pouting mate. He felt himself soften briefly.

"I would have come to you but I have to catch up to the schoolwork I had missed during my illness."

"What? You ditched me for schoolwork? It's not even important!"

"To me it is." Spock felt annoyance creep up on him.

"Damnit! Why did I have to befriend a nerd!? What are you studying anyway?"

Spock gave Jim the pad.

"Warp drive mechanics theory! I wish they would teach us something as cool as that at school. No wonder you ditched me."

"I did not 'ditch' you."

"Whatever... Explain it to me."

Spock looked at his bright eyed friend. Smiled slightly, he launched into a long monologue.


Captain Alaric was having the most hectic month since he had first gone on this voyage. First the Vulcan child became ill then they had found those unfortunate souls whose ship had been raided by those infernal pirates. But now, things were finally calming done and he had finally finished all the paperwork that had piled on his desk.

Sighing he stretched contently. Now I can relax! He thought as he grinned to his reflection.

Relaxing time…Taking out some whiskey, he sips from the vintage bottle. Enjoying the quiet moment he stares off into space until he heard a chime at his door. Sighing in irritation, what is it now? Is there never a moment when the Captain of a Starship can actually relax...


"Captain..." the man looked hesitant at the sight of his Captain's face.

"Well, man, get on with it! I haven't all day!"

"Sir…hum… a technician discovered that one of the chemical labs has been used unsupervised."

"What!?" he looked up sitting straight. "But those labs are restricted! Nobody can get in without an access code and voice recognition!"

"I know that, sir. The only reason we found out that it was used is because whoever did so left a mess behind. Thus, this led to our team investigating the matter more thoroughly, which led to the discovery that our security has been breached."

"With what was left over can you deduce what the intruder was making?"

"According to the Chief Science Officer, the mixture of chemicals used would make an explosive of some sort."

The Captain turned red with anger and the officer knew then and there that someone would pay hell for this…

"What the hell happened?" He thundered. "Why wasn't the area secure, Officer! Are you not in charge of this ships' security details? We will discuss your punishment after this matter has been dealt with, Officer"

There goes my free and relaxing time. Do I never get a break? How on earth were they going to find out who did this? It could be anyone.

"Wait! There are cameras in those labs are there not?" Asked the Captain.

"Yes, but they were turned off."

And there goes that thought...

"Could you show me the feed of the camera before it was cut off?"

"Oh yes! Of course." The man said as he nervously looked through half a dozen of disks.

"Now which one was it" he mumbled under his breath. "AH! Here it is Captain."

He put it into his computer and watched the feed. He then got the shock of his life as he realised who the perpetrator was… Not again!!

End of Chapter 6

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