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Chapter Three

"Life as a Q was...interesting to say the least...I stayed with them for six months...I made friends...I saw things I could barely imagine...I tried hard to have a life with them...but it wasn't going to work...There were just some things I could not accept."

"Such as?"

"Standing by, with all my newfound powers, and not helping stop wars, or stop plagues...And the other Q didn't seem at all upset...The vast bulk of them assign no worth to 'lower life forms' she spat, "and a lot of them treated me with utter disdain."

"Still Qenayu was determined to integrate me into Q society, to indoctrinate me in their ways."

"Qenayu?" quieried Harry,

"The female Q, her name's Qenayu...the Q all have names."

"Like Qatala," Harry grinned, "That actually makes sense now!"

"They have some bizarre names," Kathryn smirked, "Qotalopolu, Quingy, Qazzytu...to name a few!"

Harry chuckled at that, "I suppose Qatala's not so bad then?"

"Not really...still don't like it."

There was a moment of silence before Kathryn continued.

"Qenayu began to instruct me in the New Law of the Q, and she tried to be my moral compass...Unfortunately the Qs' moral compass isn't all that compatible with our own...The more she pushed, the more I fought back, the more pissed off and miserable I got.

"After six months I think Qenayu realised her plan her plan was failing...I was never going to conform to their societal standards, so she offered me a 'deal' of sorts.

"The Q have an enemy in this galaxy, and that enemy have banned them from Andromeda...Qenayu had the idea of placing me here, as my original human self to I guess, monitor their enemy as they're certain the Enemy is planning something...something Qenayu thought might end up affecting the Milky Way."

Harry looked at Kathryn, believing her story, "I think she was right...before we were sent here by the Q, two frontier worlds in the PDMZ were destroyed by some unknown weapon that managed to strip away every organic element leaving just rock behind...She seemed angry, and said basically what you just said – they had an enemy that banned the Q from their territory, and that enemy had decided to attack the Milky Way...She claimed their enemy wanted to take over the whole of the Local Group, starting with our home galaxy...But she told us this enemy wouldn't fight the war themselves – they were going to use 'lesser species' to do that instead."

"Well it all ties together," Kathryn sighed, "and if that's what they're capable of, we should be very worried."

"Did Qenayu tell you anything else about the 'Enemy'?"

Kathryn grimaced, shaking her head, "No."

"YOU HAVE MAIL." Phoebe's PADD informed her.

Phoebe groaned, switching away from her virtual kadis-kot to check her inbox. It was a ship-wide memo from Tom.

"Good Morning,

Following this morning's senior staff meeting we have decided to implement replicator rationing permanently. Each crew member will be given new rations on a weekly basis. The amount of rations will be calculated taking into account your species, age, health and special dietary requirements.

There will be further consultation with regards to implementing our food reserves, and we welcome the crew's input. Please contact your shift leader or department head.

The senior staff would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

Commander Thomas E. Paris

First Officer"

"Great," Phoebe moaned to herself returning to her kadis-kot.

"Good morning Miss Janeway."

Phoebe looked up to see the cheery blue face of Chell staring down at her.

"Chell! Good morning! Have a seat."

She waited until the portly Bolian was comfortably seated before starting a conversation.

"What do you make of the rationing?"

"Can't say I'm happy about it, but the system works...I'm just going to need to curb my cravings!" He chuckled, "You know us Bolians!"

Phoebe smiled. Bolians were notorious when it came to food – their species had a cartilagenous lining on their tongue, and until they had encountered other sentient species the taste of their food had never mattered. Their palate so under-developed that the species had never experimented with flavour. Since meeting other species for the first time – around the same time of Earth's first contact with Vulcan – they'd discovered stronger flavours – spices and sugars. As a result Bolian cuisine had morphed into a heady mix of flavours, and Bolians had gained a reputation as a race of Foodies.

"I'm sure you'll cope," Phoebe winked at Chell, "Not so sure about me...I'm a little over-used to my comforts."

"It's got to beat the war, though?" Chell replied quietly.

"Yeah...at least this time I won't go hungry," she conceded, "though I may go stir crazy through worry and boredum first."

"Best thing to do is to find a way to contribute to the morale of the ship in a way that enriches your own ship-board experience...That's what I did first time around...I helped out with every event that Neelix, Tom and Harry planned, and I stepped into Neelix's shoes once he left...Obviously we don't need a morale officer now, with Sekaya and Astall onboard, and I never did like cooking much to be honest, so I'm not going to back to the galley! I'm thinking of becoming the ships unofficial 'events manager' or master of ceremonies this time around!"

"Sounds like a plan," Phoebe smiled.

"Any idea what you're going to do?"

Phoebe sighed, "I wanted to get onto an officer training course, but Chakoray said no...He wants me to contribute to the ship in other ways before he'll even consider it."

"Officer training's tough...all of the original crew underwent limited officer training onboard to help us do our jobs better."

"I know, but I want to do it...Just need to figure out how to contribute to the ship."

"Well...do you know anything about gardening?"

"I'm afraid not," she replied sadly before an idea hit her, "but I can cook."

"Definitely sounds like a plan!" Chell grinned.