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Ok, I'm only doing this for two reasons. One: I was requested by both AKAHINA97 and Inner Bri. Two: I was bored. Three: I am not an Itachi fangirl, so I have no shame in humiliating him. ^^

How to bother Itachi Uchiha =P

1. Sing "Pop goes the Weasel" whenever he enters a room.

2. Cut off his ponytail and say "What? We could only see the bangs anyway."

3. Give him a pair of blind glasses then shout "Kisame! Why didn't you tell me Ozzy Osborne was visiting?!"

4. Tell him the Sasuke is here, then laugh when he accidentally does Amaterasu on some random person.

5. Call him "Weasel-kun!"

6. Point at his nose ridge-things and ask when was the last time he had a good night's sleep.

7. Put on a Sasuke outfit, poke him in the head and say "Foolish older brother."

8. Stand next to him with a blank look on your face for an hour, then look at him and say "Being emo is hard, how do you do it?"

9. Sing the Barney theme song, until he finally starts showing emotions. (Or until he strangles you.)

10. Sing the Barney theme song, with the Bri-made verse. (Ask me the lyrics later! XP)

11. Ask him when's the next family reunion.


13. Show him all the stupid videos he has on Youtube. Umm Itachi-san?, Itachi's moment, The real reason why Itachi killed the clan, etc.

14. Lock him in a room full of Itachi fangirls.

15. Lock him in a room full of Sasuke, Kakashi, and Deidara fangirls.

16. Show him the concept of KisaIta

17. Hold up a mirror in front of his face every time he tries to do Tsukiyomi.

18. Buy a pair of Sharingan-contacts, look him in the eye and say "These are uncomfortable, no wonder you're blind."

19. Try to tickle him.


21. Do all of the above!

Brought to you by Bri Nara. ^-^