*this is the alternate ending to my fanfic "Facing Death"

Nika sat in tears on the floor, her best friend was dying. "Why 47? Why?" Nika sobbed. "Alright I'm here no one panic." "House! Oh thank heavens its you!" Nika exclaimed. "Can you cure him?" Nika asked hopefully. "I'll see what I can do." House assured her. Nika smiled "Oh thank you House."

While House inspected his patient, who should come strolling in through the open door? Why, Gir of course! "GIR GET OUT OF HERE!" Nika yelled. She then proceeded to kick Gir off of the balcony. "I LOVE TACOS AND I REGRET NOTHIIIIIIIIING!" Gir yelled on his way down to the concrete sidewalk below. CRASH! Gir landed on the concrete painfully. "I'm ok." He muttered weakly.

House then placed a needle in 47's arm. The syringe was full of bright purple liquid. 47 opened his eyes and sat up. He tried to stand, but fell back on the bed, groggy from the drug. "Yea!" Nika yelled, jumping up in the air. "Thank you House! Oh, and make sure you peel Gir off of the sidewalk on your way out." Nika said. She then ran to 47 and glomped him, wrapping her arms around his neck, giggling with happiness. House then left the hotel.

Nika was so happy. 47 was ok, and she loved him. She didn't hesitate, she placed her lips against his, to show how much she had missed him. 47 didn't pull away either, he figured he would let her kiss him this time.

That's the end, well, alls well that ends well. Thanks for reading!