Author's Note: I thought about throwing the description of Byron in here..."mad, bad and dangerous to know" but decided it was overkill :)

Puck is seventeen. He is confident, cocky. He knows he's got the "dangerous" thing going on--it's always underneath, but he also knows he cultivates it to an extent. And why not? He's got girls, women even, tripping over themselves to get a piece of him. And he's got a best friend, Finn. He hasn't seen much of Finn lately, but still. He deliberately chooses not to think about the looks Finn's girlfriend has been shooting him--or the glances he's been sending back. He's got football--sure, pre-season was a disaster, but they're bound to improve. He's got Mom--when she's not a work or on a date with the asshole who came after Stupid. He's got his music, his guitar--but for some reason that only really happens when he is alone.

But whatever. Life is great. Puck strides down the school hallway, slushie in hand. People scatter in his wake. Up ahead, he sees some girl, a sophomore he thinks. Nice body, long, dark curls, weird clothes. She looks familiar and Puck remembers the Cheerios were wittering on about her at lunch yesterday. He prefers to appreciate the Cheerios on mute, so he doesn't really remember what they were saying. Something about singing? He'd spend a moment feeling sorry for anyone the Cheerios have their knife into, but really, he just can't be bothered.

He's closer now, she's at her locker, leaning in and the view is...interesting. As she closes her locker and heads towards him he decides that clearly it is his job to check out the talent at this school and he changes course slightly. She's looking down, organizing her books and Puck feels a flash of irritation. He wants to see her face, just to see if it in any way reaches the standard set by her ass. He moves in a little closer, subtly crowding her into the lockers.

She looks up at him as he approaches and they lock eyes. No recognition. She has no idea who he is. Which makes sense right? Because he has never seen her before in his life. But still, shouldn't she know him, Puck, the god of McKinley High? Without pausing, without conscious decision, he throws the contents of the cup at her, soaking her.

Now she'll know who he is.

Author's Note: O.K. maybe it is a stretch, but hear me out. In this story, Puck's drawn to her, he's had an emotional response whenever he sees her and that's scary, so he pushes her as far to the back of his mind as he can. Still when he sees her, he knows subconsciously that somehow there should be something (for the purposes of this story, this is the first time their eyes have met in high school)...and he's pissed when he doesn't see it from her. Hence the slushie phenomenon...