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Temperance Brennan was always susceptible to odd dreams. She never over analyzed her dreams though; psychology was a weak science after all.

It wasn't, though, until she started dreaming of her partner, that she started analyzing her dreams.

Little did she know that she would slowly drive herself insane, until her world crashed around her in a fury of mascara streaked tears and raw screams.

Temperance Brennan was always susceptible to odd dreams, but she had never dreamed of her partner, and she had never dreamed in black and white.

Her eyes narrowed as she glanced around 1950's Washington D.C., the whole world cast in shades of grey, white, and black.

She leaned back and walked off her balcony into the crummy apartment she lived in, looking down to her sexy, floor length dress that glowed it's normal red color, instead of the colorless world around her.

She strode through her apartment, walking back into the lightened bedroom, a strong male voice floating from the room, the same strong male voice that made her wild.

"Yes Ma'am," Booth said, shutting his phone and sliding it into his pocket, grabbing his coat and keeping it hooked on one finger as he threw it over his shoulder.

"Camille?" Brennan asked, scanning over the black and white form of the sexy man standing in her bedroom.

"Of course. The Boss has a mission for us. Vinnie has been keeping out on Camille, and joined the police force down here. He's still a rookie so he's guarding the bank on Main Street. What Mr. Vinchenzo doesn't know is that karma's gonna come and kick his ass," Booth said sassily, his voice one of a heavily accented Italian.

"We're robbing the bank on Main Street?"

"You got it Babe," Booth said with a smile, adjusting the hat that sat on his head.

"But its broad day light, we're going to get caught," Brennan hissed, throwing her hand towards the lightened city outside of her bedroom window.

"Nah Babe, we won't get caught, trust Pappie ok?" he said with his genuine charm smile, his hand wrapping around her arm as he kissed her forehead gently. "Got slugger?"

"Always," Brennan answered with a smile, parting the two parts of her dress to reveal the large gun strapped to her thigh.

"Alright Babe, then let's go," he said, throwing his arm over her shoulder and leading her from their apartment.


"Vinnie is right there," Brennan protested "How are we getting in."

"You didn't think we would be doing this alone did you?" Booth asked with a sly smile as he drove his 1956 black convertible Thunderbird into an alley, turning the car around in the space he had so that the front of the car pointed to the road.

"Boss B," Wendell said, a toothpick hanging from his teeth as he stepped from the shadows.

"Wendell my man, are you ready?" Booth asked, stepping out of his convertible and walking to his colleague.

"Yes sir," Wendell affirmed, walking to a metal box on the wall of the building and cutting through the wires "You're cleared."

"Let's go Babe," Booth said, taking his hand in hers and pulling her with him.

"Aren't you packing something?" Brennan asked, slipping her hand from his and turning his palms towards him incredulously.

Booth smiled and pulled a large AK-47 from inside his coat "Of course I am, I got Johnny here."

Brennan laughed and nodded "Well, then let's go."


Booth slammed the butt of his gun into the necks of the two guards, cocking the gun and pointing it at the life bustling in the bank "This is a heist!" he screamed "Everyone on the ground!"

Screams echoed through the room as everyone fell to the ground, hands over their heads as Brennan stepped over the other beings and slid herself onto the cold surface, swinging her legs over and dropping behind the counters.

She slid the money into bags and tied them quickly, setting them on the counters as Booth stalked through the people shaking on the floor. He walked to Vinnie, his dark hair covering his eyes messily as he covered his face.

Booth kicked Vinnie hard in the side and kicked him onto his back, his heel pushing into Vinnie's chest as he pointed the gun down between his eyes "Take this as a warning Vinnie. You cross The Boss, you cross us all…"

Vinnie shook under Booth's shoe, and turned his head towards the doors when he heard police sirens nearing the building.

Brennan swung herself over the counters and grabbed the bags of money, heading out the back, as Booth backed after her slowly, his gun sweeping the room over and over again before he turned and rushed after her, jumping into the car as she slammed the trunk of the Thunderbird.

Brennan slid into the car and elevated one heeled foot, the part in her dress falling away from each other to reveal her porcelain thigh.

Booth peeled out of the alley quickly and sped down the road, running through lights and causing chaos in his wakes.

His hand slid up her leg and squeezed her thigh gently "I think we need to find a 'hide-out'."

"I do too," Brennan said with a smile, running her fingers against his arm before she pulled the gun from her thigh holster and pulled back the hammer "But I'm not having the cops interrupt us."

"Ha ha! That's my girl!" Booth yelled, honking his horn in happiness as Brennan turned in her seat and focused on her target in front of her.

Multiple cop cars sped towards them, cops leaning out of the window and demanding they stop.

Brennan smiled and aimed her gun, shooting out the tires of two of the cop cars and watching happily as they screeched against the pavement and collided into other cars, one of which being a semi truck full of gasoline.

Gasoline spilled over the street and Booth laughed, looking down the cigarette smoking between his fingers "Fate isn't it?" he asked, taking one last drag before throwing the butt behind him and speeding away from the mess.

They turned the corner when the ground shook and an ear piercing explosion shattered through the city, fire and ash flying into the air as Booth sped out of the city and into the parking lot of an abandoned ship-loading bay, driving his car into the shelter placed in the middle.

He sped to a stop and stepped out of the car, hitting the green button beside the door and watching as the metal doors came down and crunched to a stop.

Brennan sat in the back of the car, watching as Booth threw his coat in the trunk, along with his gun, and flicked his nail against a corner usually hidden by the closed trunk. He pulled off strips of paint from the car, changing the car from pure black, to black, with white and red stripes down the back, front and sides.

He knelt in front of the car and took off the license plate, changing it out with another before he opened the window and chucked it into the bay.

Booth smiled and walked to the side of the car, leaning towards Brennan and brushing his lips over her neck "You might wanna get rid of Slugger for a while, could end horribly."

Brennan smiled slyly and grabbed Booth's hand, pulling his rough hand up her soft thigh until his fingers teased the string of her thong, resting on the bone of her hip "You don't have anything to worry about," she purred, grabbing his tie and pulling him into the backseat, their giddy laughs echoing in the abandoned building.

His irises where dark black when he looked down at her, his erection stretching against his pin-stripe suit as his fingers played with her hair, fanned out across the back seat seductively.

Her knees curled, pinning him between her legs as her hand reached up and brushed against the short stubble that shadowed his cheeks, her fingers dancing along his skin until they came to rest on the nape of his neck.

He shivered as her fingers danced on the back of his neck, playing with the short hairs that littered the soft skin there. He ran his hands along her arms and down her chest, teasing the v-neck apart slightly, smiling evilly as he kissed below her breasts, and dragged his tongue up the valley of her cleavage.

Her kittenish gasp went straight to his libido, his already prominent erection straining against her core as he increased the pressure of his lips and started suckling her neck, biting the soft flesh gently before soothing the momentary pain with a pass of his tongue.

"Beautiful," he whispered against her neck, before he pulled away from her neck and kissed her properly, the soft skin of their lips moving together passionately, their tongues battling fiercely as Brennan's dress rode up further, most of her legs exposed as she grabbed Booth's chest hugging shirt, tearing it over his head and throwing it in the front seat, before their lips collided together again and her lacquered nails scraped over his chest.

Her hands came to the straps of her dress, planning on slipping the red material off her body, but Booth's hands covered hers, his head shaking gently "I like it, keep it on," he said quietly, running his one hand along the length of her leg and playing with the strap of her panties.

Brennan's breath hitched as his fingers moved below him, touching her glistening folds through the lacey red fabric.

He moved the front of her panties away and trailed his fingers through her folds, his fingers glistening before he thrust them inside her, his hands clenching painfully tight as he tried to keep himself in control while her eyes closed and moans vibrated from her throat.

"You're so wet Temperance," Booth observed, pumping his fingers into her gently while his thumb flicked against her clit "Are you this wet for anyone else?"

"No," Brennan gasped, bucking into his hand "Only you," she panted.

He growled his approval and upped the speed of his hand, pounding his hand into her painfully fast, her walls clenching around his fingers as her fingers clawed at the material of the car, and her moans grew louder.

He recognized the signs of her impending orgasm, the hitching in her moans, the ripple of her stomach, the fluttering of her walls, it all came before the earth shattering moment where two became one, but…he had to admit, he loved torturing her.

His fingers left her body, and came to his lips, licking her juices from his hand while she groaned angrily "Don't fuck with my Seeley," she hissed.

Booth unbuckled and unzipped his pants, pushing them down to his knees before he leaned down and cupped her neck, hissing into her ear "That's exactly what I intend to do. Fuck you."

Brennan lurched, his dirty words pushing her closer to the edge, her nails digging into his shoulders as she arched into him, his large and swollen dick brushing against her stomach.

"Do you want me?" Booth asked, pushing his hips forward and back, trailing his engorged erection across her core and stomach.

"Yes," she whispered almost inaudibly.

"Do you want me?" he hissed again, his lips attacking her neck as he pushed his cock against her harder.

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!" Brennan screamed.

Booth smiled and unexpectedly pushed into her, stretching her around him and delighting in her gasps and moans of pleasure.

"Correct answer Temperance," Booth whispered, kissing and nibbling along her jaw line as he pounded into her.

She held onto him for dear life, her left hand dug into his shoulder as her right hand was curled around his head, pulling on his hair gently, as she pressed him deeper into her neck.

His arms wrapped tightly around her as he pulled himself completely out of her and sank into her to the hilt, each jerk of her body pushing her towards her orgasm.

"Ooh Booth," she moaned "So close."

"Don't hold out on my baby," he whispered gently into her ear, maintaining a quick piston of his hips "I've got you," he whispered "I've got you baby."

His intimacy towards her always surprised her, no matter what the circumstance was. The way he held her body against his, and cradled her to his chest, it was all too much. With his newly added confessions, she was sent flying over the edge, wrapping her arms tighter around him as she shook under him, screaming his name over and over again as she flooded around him.

He whispered something against her neck, but she wasn't able to hear him, an annoying sound penetrating the air around them.

"What?" she whispered.

"I love you," she heard, her eyes flashing open as she sat up straight in her bed, the annoying sound being her alarm clock, warning her that it was time to wake up.

Temperance Brennan was always susceptible to odd dreams. But these dreams were a whole new kind of odd. They were the kind of dreams that you hate to love.