Holiday Meltdown

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A/N -New story going on here. I've decided to have a little fun with this story, and making it as interesting as I can. Couples will be made, but I'm not telling you what couples yet, because then that would be no good would it. Read through tell me what you think, my lack in grammar should be better then it was a couple of months ago. And reviews would be nice. Oh and in this there all in the same year, including Jenny, so that would make Dan and her twins. And no one goes out at the beginning either. And its a different set to how Gossip Girl's happened, because I hate there way. Thankyou. Oh Btw, is it just me or am you pissed off with how there making Chuck kiss a guy on the show, it's like pssh. This will be a short chapter because Its a prologue.

A holiday to Fegees was supposed to be fun. I guess crash landing onto an island unknown is not what the gang planned. What will happen? Will anyone save them? Drama and Lie's unfold, when your lost in paradise.

D/C - I don't own the characters nor do I own Gossip Girl, I do wish though, other then that though the plot is mine.

All of a sudden, BAM, you're in high school.
Everyone's praying, drinking, fighting, gossiping,
experimenting, and God knows what else.
It makes you wonder where the little kids you knew went. - Unkown Quote.

''Last day of term, and then it's Fegees baby!'' Blair screamed. Drinking all the gin that was left at the Van der- Humphrey house. Deciding to celebrate Halloween with a bang, Lily said it was okay for Serena to host a Halloween party.

''I know, I can't wait, just imagine us on the hot beaches, sunbathing,'' Jenny began to say, thinking about the great tan covering her pale skin.

''Forget about the beaches, think about the boys, and the booze and.. the boys,'' Serena giggled, repeating her words over and over again.

''Oh who cares about the boys? or booze? or sun bathing? if they have shops, then shopping's going to be the only thing on my mind,'' Blair said. All the girls began to protest until Dan had put a stop to all of there ranting.

''Come on ladies, it's just a holiday, who cares about any of that stuff?''

''We care!'' all three girls echoed.

''Hey, hey whats going on over here?'' Chuck asked.

''Nothing that concerns you Chuck, since your not invited to our little getaway,'' Blair grinned.

''Actually, Nate asked me to come, said it wouldn't be a holiday without me,'' he smirked, his fake vampire teeth, making his costume look a lot more real.

''Oh Nate asked you to come, that's just great,'' Blair frowned,''First he asks Vanessa, now you! this holiday was only supposed to be the three of us girls, now there's to many to count.''

''Come on B! you know we will have way more fun, with the guys and Vanessa around,'' Serena reassured her.

''No we won't, they will just ruin it, espcially him and his sexual brain, he's a horny bastard,'' Blair moaned, her devil horns falling off in the process.

''Actually it's horny Bass, get it right Waldorf. I would of thought that after all the years we have known each other you would of known my last name by now,'' Chuck laughed.

''Oh shut up, you know what? I'm not staying here, with him around, he infects my ego, I'm going to look for Nate,'' with that Blair strutted off, leaving just the 4 of them.

''Actually speaking of Nate, where is he?'' Serena asked. Just before she could get an answer though, Nate walked through the doors of the palace accompanied by 2 girls. it was the same every day, he had a new girl hanging off his arm. Since the summer, Nate had changed. He was no longer the innocent golden boy everyone loved. He had changed into Chuck, some people even said he was worse then Chuck himself. They didn't really want Nate to even go on holiday with them, but since they had planned to go such a long time ago, they couldn't say no to him now.

''Whats up guys?'' Nate greeted them along with the two females on his sides.

''Nothing, every things good, but you could at least introduce us to your lady friends,'' Chuck smirked.

''Oh this is Candy and this is Candice,'' Nate introduce them.

''Nice to meet you girls,'' Chuck bowed, in return the girls just blushed, and went on there ways to get Nate a drink.

''Nate, why are you wearing a tuxedo? it's a Halloween party, not a ball,'' Jenny said.

''Maybe because I want to, it's like me asking you, Why are you wearing black wings?''

''Because it's an dark angel costume, you know? for Halloween,'' she frowned at him. Since the summer, Jenny and Nate had been at each others throats, there friendship turned to hate and now the two couldn't stand each other. For unknown reasons. Just before the two of them could start arguing, Serena decided to pull Jenny away.

''Well us two better get packing, the party should be finishing soon anyway, don't want to be late to the airport tomorrow do we now? we'll see you boys tomorrow, and if you see Blair in the next 10 minutes, tell her to get her ass to my room, will you?'' with that said, Serena grabbed Jenny and the two of them headed of to Serenas bedroom.