Izzy Volturi


"You don't want me?"


end flashback

I sat in my room in the Volturi castle, thinking. I was bitten my Victoria not long after he left. After three days I hopped on a plane to Volterra, Italy. I was waiting for Dad to call me down to meet our guests. I guess i should explain. I am so powerful, that Aro adopted me into the family. I am now next in line for the throne.

He hasn't told me who is visiting just that it is an old friend. I really hope that it isn't the Cullens. I absolutlly hate them now. They left when i needed them most.

You see, when they left, Victoria was looking for revenge for killing James, her mate. Her logic was Mate for a Mate. She was after me for E-Edward killing her. It still hurts to think about him.

I snapped out of my thought when I heard Dad say, "And now I want you to meet my daughter, Isabella Volturi, also known as Izzy Volturi." That was my que.

"Dad," I said as i walked into the throne room. I didn't bother to look at the guest through my drawn hood. I took my place at the throne next to him. I took that as my chance to look at the guests and gasped. "Daaaad, you didn't say who it was. You could have at least warned me! Jane!! I yelled through my mind. "I need you, it's the Cullens. Dad didn't tell me who it was!"

"Coming," she yelled.

In came Jane and Demitri, my fiance. Facing the Cullens i said, "This is Demitri, my fiance."

Edward took one look at my face and said, "Bella?!"

"It is Izzy or Princess to you, only friends and family can call me Bella." Edward got a hurt look on his face. "But don't you love me more than THAT?"

I got up off my throne and into his face, "Don't you dare say anything about my fiance, I love him more than I could ever love anyone." With that I grabbed Demitri's hand and with Jane behind us I fled the room.

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