Chapter 2

E pov

The family had been moping around the house for the last one hundred years. Finally, Carlisle decided it was time to take a trip. To Volterra, Italy, home to the royal vampires. It was amazing when I look back, how much good Bella did to the family. Emmett never jokes, Rosalie never checks in the mirror; Alice doesn't shop unless she has to. Carlisle is always at work, and Esme, she never cleans or redecorates anymore.

The ride to Italy was boring, none of us talked. When we got in the thoughts in the castle were SO hostile. I couldn't even think of anything we had done to offend them. "Carlisle, the thoughts I am getting are very violent. Did we do something?"

"Not that I can think of, son. Can you tell what they are mad about at all?" I shook my head. "Well, I guess we will just have to go ask Aro." We walked into the throne room, and instantly, you could feel the tension. WOW. I also noticed that no matter what, I couldn't read any thoughts at all in the throne room. The first thing Aro said was that he wanted to introduce us to his new daughter. I didn't have to read my family's thoughts to know what they were thinking. WHAT!?? When did Aro get a daughter?

He snapped us out of our thoughts announcing that Isabella or Izzy Volturi could come in. In walked a girl with her hood up. She walked straight up to the fourth throne that I hadn't noticed and sat. When she looked up at us, she started shouting. "Daaaaad, why didn't you tell me it was the Cullens? You could have at least warned me!!!"

WHAT!! Did we do something to upset her? Suddenly I heard Jane yell coming. Did she somehow mentally communicate with Jane? Jane and Demitri came in as Izzy pulled down her hood. In her place stood Bella!!

"BELLA!!" we all shouted. As Demitri came up she took his hand. It took all I had to stop from growling. That however didn't stop my jealously. When she introduced him as her fiancé, I couldn't stop my growl.

"You chose THAT over me??!!" She got up off her throne in an instant and was in my face. She told me not to say anything about her fiancé because she loved him more than me. With that she ran out of the room.

Sorry about the delay. I know the wording doesn't match the last chapter, but it is as close as I remember. You know what to do.