Welcome everyone to my very first Tsubasa fic. This is a second challenge to myself in attempt of writing a oneshot. I have never gotten a story down so far that it became a simple oneshot. So this is going to be a small story only consisting of three chapters. I managed to get the last story I wrote down from 20,000 words to less than 10,000. Now I'm going to attempt to get this as close to 5,000 as possible. If I succeed I'll be extremely happy with myself. So tell me how I do for a short story if you don't mind.

Down to the basics. I do not own any of the characters in Tsubasa even though I love them so much.

Warnings: Violence in this chapter but that should be the only warning in this entire story.


Chapter One

A bloody body was thrown into a dark barred cell. The young blond haired man moaned from the sudden impact of the frigid floor. His entire body felt like he was run over by a bus then hit by a train twice. Slowly he leaned on his right side and pushed himself up. Every muscle screamed in protest. He hissed and opened his swollen eyes as best as he could to see where they dropped him this time. The room was dark except for the small light beaming from the door who knows how far away. He ran his non-broken fingers across his split lips to wipe the blood away. He placed his hand on his chest and felt the bruises. "Couple of bruised and broken ribs," he thought, assessing the damages. "Five broken fingers, broken and sprained ankles. It'll be difficult to walk." He coughed violently and spat the blood out on the floor. "Not good." He attempted to whistle, but his split lips and sore lungs couldn't get enough sound to trigger his magic. He frowned and decided to go against his self proclamation and use his powers.

Just as he summoned a light around him a loud commotion stopped him. "Bring me the mage," a deep male voice bellowed.

Realizing that he didn't have much time, Fay spared his energy and prepared for another round of whatever they had planned. Two scruffy men pulled the door open and unlocked the cell. They grabbed Fay and dragged his beaten body up three flights of stairs. The beige carpeting didn't comfort his ankles. Hissing as they dropped him on the floor, he didn't bother to look up at anyone. His head was spinning, and the voices sounded like hollowed echoes. "Last chance, mage. Where did you take that feather."

Fay didn't answer. He found no benefit in revealing that the feather was back in the rightful hands of its owner. He refused to bring danger to his companions. He was the foolish one for standing in the middle of a field right after they stole the feather back from this group of criminals. He didn't remember why he was out on that field miles away from the hotel that they lodged in. He felt something magical in that direction and was curious. What he found was something he wished he didn't.

A slap to the face awoke him from his thoughts. "I told you this was your last chance," the middle age brunet commented as he forced Fay to look at him. "Hold him down."

Fay instantly began to struggle, knowing full well that he wasn't going to like what was happening, but it was futile with the two strong men behind him. The man pulled away from Fay and grabbed a syringe on his desk. He stabbed it into Fay's arm and inserted the clear liquid inside of him. Fay instantly felt the world spin and fog around him. What was left of his consciousness started to slip. Everything felt so hollow and numb. "Now let me ask you again. Where's the feather?"

Fay fought the urge to tell him. He couldn't understand why his mind suddenly wanted to scream every secret he buried deep inside. "Don't fight the drug. Relax and let everything flow." The voice was becoming deep and seemed to change pitch with every word.

"I will never tell you," Fay proclaimed, finally pulling a few of his senses together. He used what little strength he had in attempt to purify his body of the drug, but it felt useless. His mind was slipping. "I gave it away," Fay truthfully admitted, but cursed himself afterwards.

"Who did you give it to?"

Fay bit on his lip until the scabs were broken again. Never before had he felt a drug that strong. It was breaking his will too quickly. Whoever these people were, they knew how to make a strong truth serum. "To a friend." He pinched his leg to stop himself from saying more. Everything inside of him was burning.

"What is your friend's name?"

"I don't know," Fay's voice whined. He had to think of a lie quickly before the drug made him tell his life story and where the feather really was. The man slapped him across the face again. "Truthfully, I don't know."

"Then where can I find him?"

Fay's mind argued with itself. "Tell them Sakura. No must protect her. Tell them they are at a hotel in town. No! I mustn't." Finally none of the pain mattered anymore. "A merchant in town. He works for the underground trade. I don't know where his business is because he changes all the time. Usually you can get lucky if you ask the man at the grocery store on second avenue," Fay finally answered. He knew that has half the truth. The man in the underground trade was how they found the feather to begin with.

The man stood there for a few minutes either processing the information or trying to find truth behind those words. He looked up at the two men standing behind Fay. "Go find this merchant. As for him. Drop him off somewhere. I believe I know who he speaks off. Make sure no one finds him alive."

Two arms wrapped around Fay and pulled him up. The mage cried out in pain as he ankles were pulled along the carpet. Thankfully he managed to get his lie out in time. At least his friends will remain safe. The drug took completely over, and his mind shut down. All reason eluded him, and he was ready to answer any other question, but the men didn't say anything. He sighed and accepted the death he knew was coming.

They shoved him into the back of a black van and took off out of the huge three story white house. Fay rolled painfully in the back as they turned rapidly around the corners. He screamed again when his body collided with the left side of the van. He couldn't take much more. The ride seemed like an eternity leaving Fay unable to distinguish what part of the city he could be in or where they were taking him.

The van came to a sudden stop and Fay crashed again into the side as his body was propelled slightly foreword. The haze in his mind was finally clearing. The drug was either leaving his system, or his defenses were finally taking over. Either one didn't matter because he was grateful. Maybe he had a chance to fight back after all. The black haired man opened the van and stared at Fay for a few seconds. "It's such a shame to throw away such a beautiful piece of trash."

His partner glared at him. "Don't even think about it. The boss will be furious if we're not back in a few hours with that feather. Just kill him and get back in the car."

"Come pick me up when you got it."

The man looked at his partner and then back at Fay. "How could you think about something like that when he's full of blood and high on that drug."

"He won't fight back."

The driver sighed. "Half hour. I'll be back for you in a half hour."

"You got it." The man pulled Fai out and slammed his body down into the wet grass as the van pulled away. "Listen, bitch. You're going to do exactly what I say." He grabbed Fay's blood stained shirt and pulled his face up to him. He was about to kiss him when the mage snapped to his senses and smashed his fist into his attacker's face.

Fay instantly fell to the ground and grabbed a branch near him from who knows where. He swung it at the man, but missed. He cursed his accuracy and swung again. This time he hit the man in the arm, breaking the branch. Fay growled in frustration and looked around for something else that he could defend himself with. The man leaned down to grabbed him. "Bitch, you're going to pay for that. I'll take you hard and fast. No gentle things for you."

Suddenly the man stopped and fell over the mage. Confused, Fay glanced at the man, finding a large slash mark in his back, and his blood was pouring out of him. He looked up and saw the fiery red eyes of one of his companions.

"Kurogane," he breathed before falling deep into the unconscious world, knowing that he was safe now. Kurogane pulled the man off Fay and gently picked him up.

"I finally found you." He frowned as he glanced at all the wounds marring Fay's soft features. He felt guilty that he didn't find him early enough, but was grateful that he managed to kill his attack before anything got worse. His concern now was how severe Fay's injuries were.


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