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Chapter Three

Kurogane walked back into the hotel barely a half hour later. It took longer than expected to explain to the kids why they had to remain in separated for the time being. The owner smiled at him and waved him over. "Give this to your friend when he wakes up. It'll sooth the pain." Kurogane glanced down at the ash brown liquid.

"Tea?" The man nodded. Now Kurogane understood where the chemicals were coming from. The older man must have been a doctor or his family was. "Thank you," Kurogane answered as he took it upstairs. He knew with how quickly Fay was healing he wouldn't need it, but just incase the mage was in any sort of pain. He made his way upstairs and down the hallway towards their room. He stopped midway, sensing something a bit off. The air was heavier. Something a normal person wouldn't notice, but to someone with a strong sense of the environment.

Quickly fishing for the keys, he pulled the door open. "Fay?" he called, noticing the man on the bed. He looked exactly like the day they first met. The magical air around him returned, and he could see the wind swirling through his hair. He walked over to the blond and placed his hand near him but recoiled from the intense heat. "Fay!" he shouted again, but the trance he was in was too deep. He picked up his sword and used it to push on Fay until the wind broke, and he opened his eyes.

"Kurogane?" Fay stared up at the warrior. He couldn't figure out how the man got through his barrier. Glancing down his noticed Kurogane's sword was smoking.

"You idiot. How can you for months say you'll never use your magical powers even to save your own life, but today I came in to you doing that?" Kurogane growled.

"You don't understand."

"You're damn right I don't understand. You've been hurt only slightly less than this and haven't activated them. What's different this time?"

"I'm not going to be put in this situation ever again."

"Why have you changed from your self-destructive personality? Whatever happened to you not caring?"

"So maybe I do care now! I just don't want to be all alone unable to defend myself," Fay shouted without even thinking.

Kurogane instantly calmed. His red eyes softened as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Fay turned away, refusing to look at the warrior, but Kurogane pulled his face up to meet his eyes. "You're not alone."

Fay pulled away. "Don't say that. Once you arrive back in your world, you'll leave me. Sakura and Syaoran will go back to their world once all the feathers are collected, and Mokona will return to the Dimensional Witch. I'll be left in whatever world I land in by myself."

"Who says I'm going to leave you once I've returned to my world? Why says you can't stay with me?"

Fay stared at Kurogane and pushed him away. "Why are saying all these things to me?"

Kurogane grabbed Fay's shoulders and kissed him. Fay's eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe Kurogane of all people was kissing him. He relaxed in his arms and closed hi eyes, enjoying the sensation. "Need I say more," he whispered after the kiss, leaving their foreheads pressed together.


"Don't ask me. You're the one that always has the answers. You tell me why I find you attractive when I had no desire for anyone in my world. You tell me why I want you so badly right now."

Fay blushed and pulled away. "How am I suppose to know that?" He paused and smirked. "What's stopping you?"

"Common sense and pride telling me that you ask first."

Fay laughed and lied down on the bed. "Again I ask, what's stopping you?"

Kurogane smiled softly as he lowered himself down to kiss the mage again. "I don't know the exact reason why you sealed your own powers, but you obviously didn't want to activate them without that tattoo. Promise me that you'll never make this mistake again."

Fay sighed and wrapped his arms around his neck. "I can't promise you that so you better remain close to me to stop me any time I try."

Kurogane quietly laughed. "Deal." He moved his legs so he lied flat beside Fay and ran his fingers along his arm. "You know. We still have one night left and the kids are safe in the other hotel."

"Oh. And what is Kuro-po thinking?"

Kurogane moved in between Fay's legs and hovered over him. He kissed the blond gently as he slid his shirt up slightly enjoying the felt of Fay's soft skin. "You're too thin."

"Oh be quiet." Fay wrapped his legs around Kurogane's waist. He flipped him over and slammed him against the bed. "Are we going to play or talk?"

Kurogane laughed and pulled Fay's shirt off. "Let's play then." The two quickly discarded their clothes and latched onto each other. They kissed and licked various parts of their body as if they were sampling each other. Fay moaned when Kurogane flicked his tongue along his nipple. He arched his back when the warrior ran his finger along his member.

"Kurogane, please don't tease," Fay whimpered as he flipped them back over so he was back on top. The warrior slid down and wrapped his lips around his member. Fay jerked up. "Kurogane!" he shouted, breathing heavier and quicker.

"Easy," Kurogane whispered as he pushed him back down on the mattress. "Relax." He circled his finger around Fay's entrance, watching all the expressions revealing themselves. He sucked on his fingers and pushed one finger in, loving the tight sensation around it. "Oh, Fay, you have no idea how much I want you right now."

Fay's real smile crossed his face. "I want you too. Please. Hurry."

Going a bit faster, Kurogane stretched Fay until he was sure that he wouldn't hurt the mage. He moved so that he was in the right position and looked up at his new lover. "Ready?"

"Since you started." Easing into Fay, Kurogane took things slow. Fay tilted his head back and moaned, allowing him better access. Kurogane thrust in and out at a nice slow and even pace until Fay's moans and pleads to go faster took over his will. The two fell into a beautiful harmony each enjoying the other. Kurogane felt his end reaching as he slid his hand between them and stroked Fay in the same rhythm as his thrusts. Fay screamed his name as he released, spraying his essence on their stomachs. The walls clamped down around Kurogane, and he followed his newfound lover over the edge.

The two remained staring at each other for a few minutes after before Kurogane pulled out of Fay and lied down next to him. Fay sighed softly and snuggled next to the raven haired man. They didn't speak for the first half hour, only enjoying the sweet comfort between them. "Thank you," Fay finally spoke, "for being here for me."

Kurogane ran his fingers through Fay's hair and kissed him. "Anything for you." The two snuggled close to each other, not caring how long they spent in silence. They knew that they would eventually have to return to their other companions but as for that night, they'd stay with each other for as long as they could. For the time being everything felt right.


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