A/N Heh heh, this is an OC, where I am the OC. Don't post mad reviews about the description, I just wanted to have some confidence for once! *Runs away crying* JK. It's about a girl, (HARPER!!!) comes to Ferryport Landing to make the Grimms 'Happy.' So anyway, Here it is.

Sabrina's POV

It was a normal day when the door bell rang. Good-bye, normalness.

Ding-Dong "I'll get it!" I call, trying to get away from Puck, who was eating with his feet.

When I answered the door, I saw a girl, about my age, twelve, wearing denim blue skinny jeans, a yellow shirt with a dinosaur on it, yellow flip-flops, and a whale necklace was standing there. She had short, brown hair that went no further than her chin, perfect eyebrows, blue eyes, freckles, and full lips. She was holding a clipboard.

"Hey! I'm Harper. You're Granny, Relda? She told me to come." She seemed cheerful, but not overly-cheerful. I called Granny over. "Oh! Harper, you're here! Good, good." She yelled out for everyone to gather at the dining room table.

Puck sneered. "Has the old lady asked you to move in to? So, which one are you?" He spat at Harper. He obviously thought she was an everafter.

"Um, no, I'm not moving in, and, what do you mean, 'which one are you?'" She had a confused but happy expression.

"You know, everafter?" Harper shook her head. "So you're not a fairytale creature?" He seemed shocked. Could this boy get any more stupid?

"No…I am a human. Are you a fairytale creature?" Now she looked more like she was mocking him.

"Of course! I'm Puck!"

"Oh, from A Midsummer Night's Dream?"

"Duh? What'd you think? A hockey puck?"

She leaned over to me. "Is he in a play or something…"She started to giggle a bit but stopped and jumped a bit when she saw Puck turn into a raccoon and steal my bacon. He turned back into his true form and swallowed it whole.

"Okay, that happened." She said, hardly moving her face. I cut in. "Uh, Granny? I think we have some explaining to do." So after about thirty minutes of explaining, we found out why she was here.

"So, Relda called the place I work for and hired me to make you happy. And, I'm not some overly peppy daycare freak, or a guidance counselor, I'm your friend. I'm going to stay here until you're happy. And, I'm pretty much just gonna act like a friend." We eventually got it.

"Well, right now is the only time I actually will act like a counselor, I have to take each of you to a different room and ask you some questions. Who wants to go first?" Puck raised his hand.

Puck's POV

Ok, this Harper girl is weird. But, I followed her up to the room,(Sabrina's bed room) and answered the questions.

"Ok, Puck. First question. Are you happy?" She asked. What kind of question is that?

"Uh, yeah."

"You hesitated." What? I hesitated?


"You say, Uhhh….." She made a face.

"God, Yes! I'm happy! Next question!"

"Fine fine fine. Now, I'm going to say each member of the family's names and your going to say say if you've had any strong emotions toward them. Anger, humiliation, resentment, love…"


"Granny." "Nope." "Daphne" "Nope" "Red" "Nope" "Canis" "Nope" "Sabrina" I must have made a face because she looked at me and said, "Love?" I exploded. "RESENTMENT!" "Dude, chill."

I made another face.

"Ok, one last thing." She smiled. "Attack me." What? Well, ok. But she was asking for it! I charged at her, grabbing my sword, but she grabbed my arm before I could punch her. I tried kicking her but she moved her foot at the last minute and kicked the back of my knees made me fall backwards. She had pinned me down.

"Ok, your free to go. Send Daphne in."