Hahahaha kk so a lot of people didn't like the ending, so I'm gonna write a "happy" () ending. Here we go.

Sabrina's POV

We were crawling through the hole, Harper in front, Puck in back, as we suddenly stopped.

"Oh no!" Harper said dramatically as she thrusted the back of her hand to her forehead. "We've reached a dead end!"

Daphne began sobbing uncontrollably and everyone else started hyperventalating.

Puck turned to me and said, "Sabrina, just in case we don't make it out of this alive, I have always loved you," and planted on smack on my lips.

Suddenly we appeared on a fied or prairie somewhere and were many yards apart. Romantic classical music began playing and we ran towards each other, slowly and with arms outstretched, though we seem to be getting nowhere.

"Eff this," Puck said and he popped out his wings and flew the speed of a train towards me. The prairie scene faded into a waterfall and we confessed our love.

Our cliche moment was interrupted by Daphne's sudden cry: "NOOOO!"

"What is it?" Harper asked, again, dramatically.

"Granny Relda has been," She looked soulfully into the distance and said, "kidnapped."

To be continued...

Haha just kidding I'll finish it now.

"I know who it was." Harper said, in a strange New York accent. "But it'll cost ya."

We began to pool our money but she interrupted us...again.

"I don't take no cash. I need'a be payed in," she added a dramatic pause, "onion rings. Fiddy of 'em."

We pooled our onion rings, but, just our luck, we only had fourty-nine.

In a hushed tone, Daphne suggested that we split one in half. "We can tape the halves together to make them look like small onion rings."

"Yeah, yeah, then it'll seem like we're paying her extra!"

We did it.

After she had gobbled up the last onion ring, she said, "Okays Ukays, the kidnappa is," She looked toward he camera and took of her sunglasses, "No one," Harper started laughing, and used her real voice.

"This whole thing was a set-up. On that show, Gotcha!" She began entering hysterics. "I was never a therapist! I work for the show! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

"And Mirror isn't really the Master, I made that up, too."

"And no one ever got hurt! Hahahahaa, 'cept the interns of course." She winced. "It'll be airing Tuesday, February 33rd, ha ha, 'kay bye." And with that, Harper got up and left.

The End.