When Tina met Vince

Tina walked into Holly's new loft: it was empty and the walls were half-painted. She looked around to see if her best friend Holly was around. As soon as she spotted her, Tina walked over to Holly, anxiously excited. "So, where is Handsome Vince?"

Before Holly could answer the question, Vince walked in shirtless and covered with painting from head to feet, holding a brush. He stretched out his free hand. "Handsome Vince," he held a laugh, a sarcastic look on his face.

As embarrassed as Tina was, she managed to hide it well. She simply smiled, looking into his eyes for a few seconds. She was clearly charmed by him: her eyes were shining as bright as a shooting star. Tina moved her head to the right, her hair falling on her right shoulder, letting him know in a jokingly manner she was into him. She stretched out her hand. "Handsome Tina," she said, a wide smile on her face. Tina focused her eyes on Vince as she forgot anything else existed.

They both laughed as she straightened out her neck, looking straight at him. They held hands in a shaking hands movement. Their hands only remained together for three seconds, but it was enough for Tina to remember the impressions of that moment for the rest of her life. All she has to do is close her eyes and let her heart take her back to that day.

She can still feel the smell of painting in the air, the touch of his skin in the palm of her hand, and his breath in her heart.