Story: Intoxication

Chapter: OneShot

Anime: Sailor Moon

Pairing: Serena/Darien

Rated: Teen+

Author's Notes: Now, I'm sure you're wondering what's with the Teen+ above. You see, I don't believe it's M because let's face it, it's not. But I also think with what it implies, it shouldn't just be plain old T. You get that? You might think otherwise, but I'm putting it just in case. This is as of now a ONESHOT, but if I do happen to get inspired to add on another chapter or two, I will. Either way, enjoy.

His skin was as smooth as silk. His body as muscled as could be. His fingers were nice and long, perfect for the keys of a piano. His hair was like black silk, slipping through my fingers while his eyes, deep as the midnight sky, looked into mine where it passed the doors with ease and stared into the windows of my soul. His kisses were like whispers of praise from the heavens as they honored my lips and skin with their blessings, and all I could care about is if he could take me higher than the heavens themselves that night.

Looking back at that night five years to this day, I could have sworn it was simply a dream. A dream conjured up during my lonely nights that I experience while I swayed on the brink of adulthood. I was just fresh out of high school and on my way to college. My closest friends and I were attending our joined graduation party that night.

The night I met him.

I was doing all right with the slight booze that was snuck in, but everything went down hill when his eyes met mine across the smoky room. The drinks kept coming. His eyes kept melting my defenses like they were once a solid and he had the power to convert them to a liquid. Chemistry. A perfect word. So simple, so complex, so sweet.

The smoke seemed to turn to fog that gathered around his god-like body as he casually made his way towards me, his eyes moving up and down my body a few times before he reached me. That's all I needed; a few simple words to send me over the edge before I was out the door and in his car, making our way towards his flat.

Someone would say with all the alcohol in my system, I wouldn't remember a thing and I would most definitely regret losing my virginity while intoxicated to a strange. But to their horror almost, sitting in my car now this many years later, I smiled at the way his body smelled while it moved over mine.

Roses and spices with a hint of something I couldn't place.

It was so intoxicating. I didn't know what was clogging my senses more: the alcohol or him? Thinking about it now, oh, it was most definitely him. I licked my lips as I remembered the way his lips worked mine in perfect motion. Perfection was a cruel word to use when comparing to him. It would have been a slap to his face—are there any words to describe it?—if I said such a thing out loud.

Shaking my head, I twisted my keys out of the ignition before shoving them in my oversized purse. I needed to focus. Focus was a key and a good one at that. I stepped cautiously out of my silver Volvo—it was so pretty being brand new. Ever so slowly, I made my way to the entrance of the polished apartment complex. I almost made it to the door when my phone started to vibrate. I looked down at the number quickly before flipping it open.

"What?" I asked, venom trying hard not to leak through.

"Well?" a feminine voice asked with thick slyness.

"I'm not even inside yet, Mina." I rolled my eyes at my sister's over enthusiasm to my situation.

"Oh, come on! You've told me the story a thousand times, and five years later, you've finally worked up the courage to go see him. Get yer butt in there and rape the man if you have to!" I heard a giggle coming from the background.

"Mina!" I gasped at her comment. Looking around, I was relived that the parking garage was empty, excluded the cars. That's when my eye caught it. Oh, the beauty! It was black and sleek with shine in all the right places. "Oh, my gosh. Mina."

"What? What? Is he there?"

"No." I sucked in a breath, my legs already going over. "It's his car."

There was a groan on the other end. "His car? Serena, you're there for him!"

I heard a voice from the background. "What does he drive? She's told us so much about him, but I'd like more details than just how his body sweats while he performs nature."

I laughed, my face flushing. "It's an Aston Martin Vanguish V12 and it's black, exterior and interior."

Mina repeated it to the girls. I heard Lita let out a pleasurable sigh. "Wow. Hijack it!"

"No!" I practically yelled into the phone. My voice echoed, making me wince.

Mina giggled. "That is a nice ride, but I'm sure whatever is waiting upstairs will be so much better, Serena. Now, get moving because those are the details I want!"

I shook my head. "I have my orders. Thanks." I slid the phone shut, ending the call. Let's try this again.

My journey to the door started again, but once inside, I didn't dare to look at the people who were obviously above me as I practically bolted for the elevator. I glanced down at the little slip of paper before pressing the intended number, and the elevator gracefully made its way up the levels. Who ever said elevators could be graceful was wrong because this one defied all the laws. Not even joking. The ride was short oddly enough since the floor wasn't exactly close to the ground level. The bell dinged before the silver metallic doors slide open, and I stuck my head out carefully to make sure the halls were clear.

The halls were dark, the roses were suffocating, the door was so close…

I groaned silently at the overwhelming memories. It's been five years and they were still so clear. Straightening my back, I dared to venture into the bright, but clear hallway until I reached the door. My eyes traveled to the number to double—triple—check that I had the right place.

Here it goes.

My hand must have gained a mind of its own because as soon as the thought began, it had already rung the bell. My heart froze in the middle of its beat while we both waited for a sound from within. We didn't wait long.

Heavy, powerful steps started to sound on the inside, getting closer and closer.

The doorknob twisted.

It barely creaked.

My heart started to race.


Don't kill me! You're wondering what's going to happen next, right? Well, like I said above, this is as of now a ONESHOT, but if I do get inspired to add on another chapter or two, I will. And I know you're probably complaining about it being even shorter than usual. I know. I actually sat and stared at the last line, debating about whether or not to go on and add his reaction and all. I decided against. Suspense and wonder can make all the difference in the quality of a story, especially in a ONESHOT. But feel free to complain to me about how you're left wondering. :) Plus, I thought the last few lines really had a sort of "intoxicating" power in them, don't you? Yeah. Well, I'm stoked for your reviews so don't forget!