Author's note 1: Alright! This is a collection of one shots (or longer) that all include Natsu in some sort of yaoi pairing. I'll still be writing the full length fic, but I'll be writing these as well. Read the warnings for each chapter, because some (if not all) will be very explicit, no underage readers!!!

Author's note 2: I thought the title for this collection was clever, because it could mean falling in love, or the original intention of the manga chapter title, which is also the title of the first one shot.

PS I will be putting the pairing of each chapter as the chapter title so anyone who wants to skip over a chapter can =)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or make any money off of this story.

Pairing: Gazille x Natsu

Summary: What if the Centaur had left after Lucy found out he couldn't 'create' fire, and therefore Natsu lost? What if Makarov hadn't recovered in time to defeat the Phantom Lord's master Jose? Natsu joins Phantom Lord in exchange for sparing the lives of the remaining Fairy Tail members and is forced to sign a magical contract. Gazille is assigned as his partner and they fight all the time and seem to despise each other, but what will happen when Jose tries to sell Natsu?

Contains: Sexual content, violence, cursing and manga spoilers for those who just started watching the anime.

Beta'd by the wonderful Warrior Nun!

When a Fairy Falls

"What will you do now?" Gazille threw back his head and laughed.

Natsu coughed and blood flew from his mouth. He shakily bent a leg and stood. He wobbled for a few seconds before he shifted into his fighting stance and glared at Gazille.

"I will defeat you!!!"

Lucy looked extremely shaken from the sidelines of the fight. The Centaur hadn't been able to create fire and she didn't have any other keys on her. What would she do? She felt so useless without her only strength gone.

"Like hell! Iron Dragon Spear: Demon Firewood!" Gazille's arm shot out, catching Natsu several times in the torso and sending him flying back against the wall. Natsu crumbled to the ground and Lucy cried out.

"That's enough, Gazille." Everyone looked up to see the Phantom Lord's Master, Jose, looking very smug as he walked into the room. He walked over to Natsu and grabbed him by the collar, lifting him off the ground and giving his bloody and broken form a dark smile.

"Another dragon slayer…" His grin widened as a thought came to him. "Phantom would be even greater if it had two dragon slayers, how about it, Salamander?"

"Never." Natsu said hoarsely and contrary to being offended, Jose let out a bark of laughter.

"I see, perhaps I should be it a different way." He dragged Natsu's body to the edge of the Phantom Lord's wrecked guild and gestured to the chaos below. The Fairy Tail's guild was completely destroyed and Jose's shadow creatures were overpowering the remaining members of the guild.

Natsu's eyes widened and he began to struggle in Jose's grasp, but Jose had no trouble holding him still.

"They will all be killed if you do nothing to save them. Join Phantom Lord and they will be allowed to pick up the pieces of what is left and perhaps even be able to rebuild Fairy Tail."

Natsu swallowed as he stared down at his nakama on the brink of being destroyed and winced as Cana threw back her head and let out a scream of agony as she watched her friends fight for their lives.


"What was that?" Jose dragged Natsu up so they were staring into each other's eyes.

Natsu swallowed and glared at him. "Fine!!!"


There were multiple popping sounds and the shadow men disappeared. Fair Tail looked around in confusion and Jose dropped Natsu at Gazille's feet.

"The elemental four have already booted the rest of the intruders out of our Guild. You deal with him as I get everything back in order." Jose paused as he walked by the dumb struck Lucy. "You're pathetic presence is no longer needed." He kicked her hard in the stomach and she skidded across the floor and over the edge where the hole was in the guild.

"Lucy!!!" Natsu cried out and Happy darted after her, just barely managing to catch her before she fell to her death.

"You bastard!" Natsu screamed at Jose who stared down at him with a cold look. Gazille grabbed Natsu by the arm and twisted it behind his back, making Natsu scream again.

"He's your master now, so you'd be wise to treat him as such." Gazille hissed angrily in his ear.

"I'll be drawing up a contract so you can't wiggle your way out of this." Jose said and nodded at Gazille who lifted Natsu up and threw him over his shoulder. "You'll be bound on your magic to comply."

Natsu only groaned as his wounds was jarred and slipped in and out of consciousness, barely hearing what was going on around him.

"Put him in one of the magical holding cells until he signs the contract."

The next time Natsu woke up, the guild was moving and he was too out of it to figure out where he was or what was going on.

"Sign here." A piece of paper was shoved in front of his face, but he couldn't read all of the tiny words on it. Instead he groaned and batted the paper away, but it didn't do any good. A pen was forced into his hand and guided to the paper.

"Sign here and we'll get you out of the building." Natsu signed shakily without reading it, or rather, unable to read it at the moment. Then it was taken away and he was being lifted bodily up. Hard metal poked into his stomach and he figured that it must be Gazille. He hazily stared at the ground as they walked and then nearly threw up as Gazille leaped from the building and landed on the ground.

He was unceremoniously dropped painfully, but his nausea and cloudy thoughts slowly disappeared and he was finally able to think.

"Get up already." Gazille said and stretched his arms over his head. "We still have to walk back to our base and we have to get moving if we want to be there before nightfall."

"Shut up." Natsu growled and stood up. His wounds throbbed and he let out a hiss. They weren't life-threatening, but they weren't mild either.

"Hurry up, trash." Gazille began to walk down the road, leaving Natsu to trail after him slowly.

"If I can just find some fire, then I wouldn't be so weak." Natsu grumbled as he stumbled over a rock.

"You really are helpless, aren't you?" Gazille muttered and took a detour off the road to grab a few tree branches. "You would think that with your powers you would find a way to make fire without magic." He pulled out a piece of flint and steel, and Natsu raised an eyebrow.

"Snack time?"

"No, you idiot." Gazille cracked the flint and steel together a couple of times until a spark jumped off of it and fell onto the small pile of tinder he had collected. It quickly blossomed into a small fire and Gazille threw a few branches onto it.

"Take care of your wounds while I tell you about the contract."

"What contract?" Natsu asked curiously as he hungrily waited for the fire to get bigger so he could eat more. He took off his shirt and ripped it apart to bind the bigger wounds while Gazille eyed him warily.

"The contract you signed with our guild, imbecile."

"Shut up and tell me what it says." Natsu winced as his fingers prodded a tender spot and wiped his bloody hands on his pants.

"The gist of it is that you have to remain a member of our guild for 10 years and be partnered with me. Any betrayal or directly disobeying of Master Jose's orders will be a breach of contract and your magic will destroy you."

"I signed a contract that said that?"


"You tricked me!"

"It doesn't matter, the contract is still valid."

"Fuck you!" Natsu lunged at Gazille who dodged the blow and grabbed his arm. Gazille flipped him onto his stomach and wrenching his arm behind his back so that it made Natsu cringe in pain.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I don't want to be stuck with a weakling like you either. But we have to so just stop fucking complaining because it's giving me a headache." He let Natsu go and Natsu breathed a sigh of relief as his arm stopped shrieking in pain.

Natsu slowly got up and retied the bonds that had loosened in their brief skirmish. The fire was much larger now and Natsu gobbled it up. His entire body sighed in relief at the refueled energy and he felt ready to go again.

"Come one, I want to sleep in a bed tonight."

They began to walk. Natsu turned Gazille's words over in his mind and wondered if there way a way to return to Fairy Tail without his magic rebelling.

"So how did you get your powers?" He asked curiously in the very long block of silence.

"The steel dragon Metalicana taught me." Gazille said after a long pause in which Natsu thought he wasn't going to answer.

"So you did learn it from a dragon!" Natsu's eyes lit up and he beamed at Gazille who looked at him curiously.

"You too?"

"How is he?"

"I dunno." Gazille looked away without saying anything more and Natsu's temper rose.

"HOW…IS…HE!?" Natsu yelled into his face and Gazille yelled right back.

"I SAID I DON'T KNOW!!! TRASH!!!" Their heads inadvertently knocked together and they both recoiled at the pain.

"Ow…" Natsu whined and grabbed his head.

"That hurt." Gazille complained. "If I talk to you, my brain will turn to ash."

"What did you say!?" Natsu spat and rounded on him, but Gazille continued.

"He disappeared."

Natsu stared at him in surprise.

"Metalicana suddenly disappeared one day, without saying anything." Gazille looked almost sad and despondent as he spoke. "He was such a selfish guy."

"Hey, that wasn't July 7th seven years ago, was it?"

Gazille abruptly turned to him and grabbed him by the collar, lifting him up. "Do you know where Metalicana is?"

"Are you stupid?" Natsu growled and tried to unclasp the hand holding him up. "I'm the one looking for Igneel, the fire dragon!"

Gazille slowly lowered him down as he thought out loud. "Seven years ago… Year 777, July 7th… two dragons disappear?"

"Why are there so many sevens in a row?" Natsu asked and Gazille shot him a glare.

"How should I know?" Gazille snorted and turned his eyes back to the road to begin walking again. "It doesn't matter; it has nothing to do with me."

Natsu jogged to catch up with Gazille and fell into step with him. "If you find anything out about Igneel, you'll tell me, right?"

"Are you making fun of me?"

"Well, we're partners now right, and dragon slayers I thought we could make up."

"Hmph, whatever, you're just here because of the contract."

"You're the one who forced me into the contract.

"No I'm not! Jose was the one who did it."

"Yeah, well, we have to work together now, so let's make the best of it." Natsu grinned broadly at Gazille who stared at him before looking away.

It was almost dark by the time they arrived at their destination. The battered moving-guild sat like a giant hunkering down, with obvious outer and inner damage.

"Well, here it is."

"I've seen it already." Natsu snapped, tired and just wanting to sleep.

"Tch, whatever, let's go see the master."

Jose barely gave them a passing glance. "Have him stay at your place."

"What!?" They both yelled in unison. "I can't stay with this guy!"

"He needs to be watched closely, regardless of the contract. So watch him."

Gazille was left fuming and he grabbed Natsu, jerking him around to face him.

"Listen up, trash, just because you have to stay at my house doesn't mean we're buddies. And don't ever talk about what happens there to others!"

"What would happen there?" Natsu asked, tilting his head to the side as Gazille glared.

"It doesn't matter, and it's nobody else's business!"

"Like a secret?"


"Alright, nakama keeps secrets for nakama."

"We're not nakama." Gazille grumbled, but left it at that as he took Natsu to his house. "Remember, not a word."

It was an extremely comfortable looking house with two bedrooms, a very large living room and dining area as well as a simple kitchen and master bathroom. There were also puppies and dogs all over the place.

"Aw!" Natsu crouched down and picked up a small Doberman puppy that licked his face. "There's so many of them!"

"They come and go as they please through there." Gazille gestured at the doggy door in the regular door. "Now I mean what I said, don't tell anyone."

"Huh? Why would I tell anyone?" Natsu was honestly confused about what the big deal was, but Gazille just turned red and looked away.

"Just don't."

"Alright already!"

"You can sleep in the spare room, but I don't have a futon or anything set up so just use the sleeping bag."

"Right, whatever." Natsu grumbled and moved to the next room that Gazille indicated. It as full of a whole bunch of miscellaneous things like books and trinkets, and Natsu had to clear a space to lay the sleeping bag down on. As he dozed off, he couldn't help but wonder if Happy was worried about him, as well as the rest of the guild.

"I demand that Natsu be released!!!"

Makarov had finally healed and was very pissed to find out what had happened in his absence. Lucy and Happy had told the guild of what Natsu had done for them and now they were screaming for his release.

"He signed a magical contract; there is no way he can be released." Jose said in a condescending tone. "We're the stronger guild now, old man, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"If I defeat you-"

"Then I will order Natsu to kill you, and he either has to obey or lose all of his magic. Hm, I wonder which it will be…" Jose pretended to think. "Of course there is that icky little clause that we won't harm Fairy Tail, but we could always hire someone else to destroy you."

Makarov ground his jaw furiously as his mind turned over the predicament. "Let me speak with Natsu."

"I'm sorry; he's busy right now-"

A large crash came from downstairs and Jose let out a sigh. Makarov quickly sprinted downstairs to see Natsu and Gazille fighting ferociously.

"Natsu!" Natsu paused mid punch and let his defenses down as he turned to his old master. Gazille took advantage of it and leaped at him. Natsu let out a cursed as he crashed to the ground with Gazille on top of him.

"As you can see, he fits right in." Jose said smugly as Natsu tried to squirm out from underneath Gazille who grabbed a hold of his arms and pinned him by the throat.

"Natsu!" Makarov yelled again and Natsu turned to look at him despite still being held down.


Jose frowned and nodded to Gazille who tightened his grip on Natsu's throat, making him choke.

"I'm your master now, dragon slayer." Jose said.

Makarov eyes widened in disbelief as Natsu scowled, but didn't say anything to disclaim him.

"Natsu, come back with me, we'll figure out a way around this!"

"I order you to stay right there!" Jose barked and Natsu froze. "What a cruel master you are, forcing Natsu to choose."

"No!" Makarov covered his eyes with his hands as despair gripped him. Without another word he left, with Natsu shouting after him.

"Shut up, trash." Gazille growled and applied more pressure on Natsu's throat.

"That's enough, Gazille."

Gazille didn't stop immediately, but when Jose repeated his command with more bite to it, he reluctantly did so.

"You're nothing here." Gazille said as he stared down at the gasping Natsu. "Remember that, trash."

"Your sulking is irritating me." Gazille growled at Natsu. It had been a week since Natsu had been forced into a contract with the guild, and Gazille was fed up with his moping. He wouldn't even eat ever since Jose forced him to get the tattoo of the Phantom Lord guild on the opposite shoulder of his Fairy Tail one.

"Just go eat some fire or something." Gazille chomped down on his own iron and Natsu just scowled at him.

"I don't wanna."

Gazille glared and grabbed Natsu by the collar to drag him outside. The other members of the guild took a few steps back warily because they were fearful of how yet another dragon slayer fight would end.

"Listen punk-"

Before Gazille could finish his sentence, Natsu aimed a kick at his head. Gazille blocked it and swung his iron fist at Natsu's stomach. Natsu grunted and flew back a few feet before gaining his footing. He called his flames to his hand and they roared to life with fire for a few second before they flickered and died out. Natsu stared at them in disbelief before Gazille smirked and ran forward.

He was careful not to inflict too much damage because they were going on an s-class mission. However, Gazille still made Natsu cringe in pain as the iron dragon slayer threw him hard against the ground and then straddled his waist.

Scaly and metallic claws dug into Natsu's wrists and they were pinned above his head and Gazille looked down at him coldly.

"I don't give a shit if you aren't happy about this arrangement, trash." Gazille spat the last word out. "But I'm not allowed to kill you and I have to drag your pathetic ass along. You're fucking weak enough as it is."

Gazille realized then how closely they were pressed together, with their faces mere inches apart. Gazille could smell Natsu's almost ashy scent. It made him want to bury his nose against Natsu's neck and drag his tongue over the creamy skin-

"Don't stare at me like that." Natsu muttered and jerked his hands free to shove Gazille away.

Gazille watched him walk away and tried to ignore his erection that was now throbbing in his pants. His emotions were compromised when dealing with Natsu, and he wasn't entirely sure if he wanted to ignore them, or act on them.

"We are willing to offer 100 million for the fire dragon slayer." The dark guild leader Aki Hoshi said to Jose whose grin widened with greed. It was advantageous to have two dragon slayers in his guild, but with that money they could become even more powerful. But first he had to find a loophole in the contract that would make it so he could sell him.

"Give me a day to think about it." Jose replied and Hoshi gave him a curt nod.

"Let's hope that it is the right answer."

Outside the door, Gazille narrowed his eyes coldly. He didn't want Natsu in any other guild than the Phantom Lord's guild. He wouldn't allow it. Natsu was his to beat on, argue with, and many other things he wished to do to him. He felt no loyalty to Jose, he simply saw the guild as a way to get money and therefore he had no qualms about betraying him.

Jose was a fool. He made to many assumptions out of arrogance of his power, which made it easy for Gazille to slip inside his office when he was gone. He had seen where Jose had put the contract in one of his magically locked file cabinets. Gazille easily broke into it and pulled out the contract. It shimmered with protective spells to keep it from harm and Gazille knew that normal fire wouldn't destroy it, but luckily Natsu didn't create normal fire.

He stuffed the contract inside his shirt and quickly replaced everything in the office as it had been before. It wouldn't do for Jose to find out about his treachery before he managed to get the contract destroyed.

"What are you doing in here?"

Gazille turned towards Jose's voice and tried not to let anything show on his face. "I was looking for you."

Jose just grunted and took a seat behind his desk. "What about?"

"Natsu. How long do I have to put up with him in my house?"

"Don't complain, it's not like you two don't get along." Jose waved his hand dismissively and Gazille left, fighting not to break into a run. As soon as he got outside, he moved quickly though. He knew Jose would be looking into the contract soon and he wanted it destroyed as soon as possible.

"Natsu!" He burst into his house and looked frantically around for the other dragon slayer, but couldn't find him. He cursed under his breath and was just about to leave when he heard him.

"Why are you yelling so loudly?"

He looked over to see Natsu sitting up sleepily with a pile of dogs and puppies over him.

"Natsu, quick, you need to destroy this!" Gazille brandished the contract at him and Natsu blinked sleepily.

"Wha… is this another trick?"

"No! Use your fire breath now, before he finds out I took it!"

Natsu didn't question him even further. He stood and grabbed the contract while inhaling deeply, filling his lungs with power. Something crashed against the door of the house and burst in. Gazille recognized the shadow men and cursed.

"Do it now!!!"

Fire consumed the paper and the crackling of the magic on it being destroyed was a blessed relief to the both of them. Natsu could feel the power that had bound his magic to the contract lessen and then disappear, making him gasp with relief.

He turned toward Gazille who was slashing through the shadow men easily with his iron dragon blade. Gazille managed to shove them out of his house and both he and Gazille stepped outside to see maybe 20 shadow men coming towards them. Without even thinking about it, but of them began to draw their breath.

"Tetsuryuu no Houkou (Iron Dragon Roar)!!!" Gazille shouted just as Natsu yelled as well.

"Kairyuu no Houkou (Fire Dragon Roar)!!!"

Iron and flames engulfed the shadow men, instantly annihilating all of them

"Let's go already!" Gazille grabbed his hand and jerked Natsu forward, forcing him to run.

"What about your dogs?" Natsu felt bad about leaving them behind but Gazille shrugged it off.

"They'll be fine, Jose isn't after them." Gazille growled and yanked him forward.

So they ran. Natsu didn't even realize that they were still holding hands until they were almost out of town.

"They should be here soon…" Gazille muttered under his breath and Natsu looked at him strangely.


"You don't think your guild would truly abandon you, do you?"

Just as he said it, they ran into Happy who leaped at Natsu and hugged him tightly.

"Natsu!" He cried and buried his head into Natsu's chest before noticing their held hands. "Are you guys a couple?"

"We are not!!!" They jerked their hands away and Happy blinked.


Gazille was getting a little irritated now with how many people were calling Natsu's name and hugging him. Especially that girl Lucy who Natsu had saved from Gazille before. She released Natsu at Gazille's glower and began to slowly back away.

"N-Natsu…" She stuttered, making Gazille even more irritated.

"Huh? Oh, don't worry about Gazille; he's the one who saved me!"

Lucy wasn't in the least bit reassured, but Gazille didn't attack her so she tried not to show how freaked out she was by him.

"The master is confronting Jose now." Lucy said in a small voice. "We should get out of here."

"Aw, but I want to fight too now!" Natsu protested by Gazille grabbed his arm in a tight grip and pulled him against his body.

"Leave it to your master, trust that he will win."

Lucy eyes their close bodies warily why Happy snickered. "You guys are so a couple!"

Before either of them had a chance to respond and refute it, a glow began to overtake them. Gazille flinched at first, but relaxed when it didn't hurt him.

"What is this?"

"It's Fairy Tail law!" Natsu said with a grin, which didn't make Gazille feel any safer, but the light didn't seem to be hurting him so he didn't comment any more.

Master Makarov kicked Jose's ass, as well as weakened most of the remaining members of the Phantom Lord guild. He also allowed Gazille to join their guild once he heard that he was the one to destroy the contract, making it possible for Fairy Tail to act without fear of Natsu's magic revolting against him. Of course Gazille didn't mention that Fairy Tail had decided to attack before they knew, but he suspected that they trusted in Natsu a lot more than anyone let on.

Much to Lucy's dismay, Gazille moved in with Natsu, as well as all of his dogs. Happy was wary of them at first, but they all seemed to get along just fine and if any of them tried to chase him he simply flew away where they couldn't reach him.

Gazille didn't act on his feelings, although he knew that pretty much everybody in the guild except for Natsu himself knew about them. Most of them were rightfully wary and protested to the master that he shouldn't be allowed to live with Natsu, but the master saw through Gazille's attentions and didn't think he would harm Natsu.

Gazille, on the other hand, was fighting an ongoing inner battle. He saw Natsu everyday. He fought with him- both verbally and physically- but they got along well enough. There were sometimes, usually in the evening after a mission, where they were able to sit quietly while they ate, read, and enjoyed each other's presence.

But Gazille still didn't know how Natsu felt, despite what they had been through together, and didn't want to push his luck. However that proved to be impossible when Natsu returned from one of his missions beat up and groaning about his ailments.

He had been hardly conscious enough to notice that Gazille was the one who took care of him. Who had undressed him and given him a bath (with a red tint on his face and averted eyes). Happy watched with curious eyes as Gazille slipped him into bed and then hesitated before leaning down to kiss him. It wasn't chaste, or sweet, or gentle, but rough and probing. But Natsu, who was half asleep and half awake, responded to it anyways.

When Gazille pulled away, Natsu opened his eyes and locked his arms round the back of his neck, yanking him into bed with him. Gazille made an affronted noise, but Natsu was already asleep and snuggling against him.

Gazille was uncertain and growled underneath his breath before trying to pry Natsu's arms off of him, but it was not use. He finally gave up and managed to toe his boots off and slipped under the covers next to Natsu. Happy left the room with a smile on his face.

When Natsu woke up the next morning, he was a little bit confused about what was draped around him. He opened his eyes and after a little wiggling he realized that there were arms locks around him. Not just any arms, but if the bolts and scars were anything to go by, they were Gazille's arms.


"Stop squirming." Gazille muttered into his ear and Natsu was surprised to feel him nuzzle his hair before yawning.

"Why are we sleeping together?" Natsu asked bluntly, but made no move to get away.

"Because you wouldn't let me go." Gazille muttered and then sat up and stretched. Natsu turned so he was facing Gazille and studied his bare chest, his shirt long since discarded in the night.

"You were the one who was holding onto me!"

"Tch, it was an automatic reaction."

Natsu yawned sleepily. "It's too early." He complained and grabbed a hold of Gazille again, dragging him back down against the bed and rested his head on Gazille's chest.

Gazille froze and didn't quite know what to do as Natsu began to snore lightly and press closer to him. Gazille relaxed slightly, but didn't go back to sleep. Last night when he was exhausted it might have been easier, but with Natsu touching him in such an intimate position, it made it difficult to sleep.

Natsu shifted and moved his arm so it was locked behind Gazille's back and his fingers latched onto Gazille's long hair. Gazille decided that Natsu was asking for it, and began to shift his hands underneath his shirt. He stroked the soft skin and ran his fingers over the faint scars he knew were there from his numerous physical battles. Natsu shivered and rubbed his nose against his chest, making Gazille pause for a moment.

"Gazille…" He murmured and Gazille felt his heart thump despite knowing he was asleep. He really couldn't be trusted to be near Natsu and not try something.

He tried to detangle his limbs and Natsu's, but Natsu held on tightly.

"Where are you going, Gazille?"

Oh, so he was awake.

"Don't tempt me, Natsu." Gazille growled and flipped Natsu on his back with him on top of him. Natsu blinked up at him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, pulling him down so their bodies rubbed against each other.

"Don't you want me?"

Natsu's black, endless eyes stared up at him and Gazille stared back shamelessly. Instead of answering Natsu's question with words, he leaned down and kissed him. Neither of them beat around the bush with questions of uncertainty.

Gazille pushed Natsu's shirt up and only broke the kiss to pull it over his head before resuming once more. Natsu curiously explored Gazille's torso, his hands wandering over the firm muscles and metal bolts that stood out. He squirmed as Gazille hooked his fingers over the edge of his pajama pants and tugged them down.

He broke the kiss to take one of Natsu's nipples in his mouth and gently nipped it while laving it with his tongue. Natsu stroked his hair as he did so and wiggled when Gazille palmed his erection, then pulled his pants off the rest of the way. Gazille pulled away to study him and enjoyed the way his cheeks were flushed with lust although his eyes were certain.

Apparently Gazille was taking too long with his inspection because Natsu began to undo his pants and shove them down as well. Gazille pulled away just long enough to take them off himself and then he knelt on the bed again. Natsu frowned slightly when Gazille began to press his legs apart, but allowed him to do so.

"Your skin is soft for having such a rough personality." Gazille commented and pressed a kiss to his inner thigh before sliding his hands up to cup Natsu's ass.

"You're pretty hard." Natsu muttered. "Your muscles, I mean."

Gazille snorted and rolled his hips so their erections slid against each other. "That's not the only thing."

Natsu shivered and clenched his eyes shut as Gazille's cock slipped in between his cheeks and rubbed at his entrance. "Nuhh…" He stifled his groan with his hand and bucked his hips in pleasure.

"You've never done this before, right?" Gazille asked, his voice low and hoarse as he restrained himself.

"Of course not, idiot." Natsu growled, earning him a sharp bite on the shoulder from Gazille.

Gazille slid his fingers into his mouth and got them wet before lifting Natsu's hips to reach around and prod his entrance. Natsu made a face and twitched his hips, but Gazille held him still firmly and slipped a finger inside of him.

"Ah." Natsu made only the slightest noise of discomfort as one moved inside of him, and then shifted even more uncomfortably when a second was added. "Wait a minute, this isn't feeling as good." He muttered with a frown and Gazille glowered at him.

"It will, if you aren't so impatient." He crooked his fingers and smirked when Natsu cried out in pleasure and bucked his hips. "So stop complaining." A third finger joined the others and Natsu actually felt some pain before Gazille soothed it away by stroking his prostate.

Gazille pulled his fingers away and spread Natsu's even farther apart and dragged him closer so there wasn't an inch of space between them. He lined his hard cock up with Natsu's tight hole and pushed forward. Natsu grimaced as the head pushed past the tight ring and clamped his thighs together against Gazille's waist.

Gazille growled and thrust hard into him, making Natsu wince and dig his fingers into Gazille's shoulders.

"Relax a little." Gazille muttered as he eased the rest of the way into his tight heat. "You'll enjoy it more."

Natsu glowered at him and tried to ignore the pain while shifting to find a more comfortable position. Gazille hissed and clamped his hands down on his hips in an effort to keep him still. He was very close to losing control, and Natsu wasn't helping at all with all the movement.

"Hold still." He muttered into Natsu's ear and nibbled on the edge lightly before nuzzling his hair.

Natsu took a few deep, shuddering gasps before shifting again and groaning as it caused Gazille to brush against his prostate.

"Ah!" He squirmed more, but this time it was to move closer to Gazille and get him to press against the spot that gave him pleasure again.

Gazille took that as an invitation to continue since he couldn't hold out any longer anyways. He let his forehead rest against Natsu's shoulder and held him firmly as he pulled out and then thrust back in.

Natsu cried out as the motion awoke more of his soreness and wrapped his legs around Gazille's hips to direct him to where he wanted the attention. Gazille huffed and changed the angle so once again Natsu was squirming and wriggling against him to get more of the pleasure.

Gazille moved harder and faster as Natsu got more and more into, pistoning in and out of him until the bed creaked and groaned with the effort. Natsu seemed to enjoy it more the rougher it got, though, and even lifted his hips into the motion.

Their bodies were slick with sweat as they connected and the sound of their skin slapping together echoed in the room. Natsu's breathing grew more frantic as he neared his climax and he clutched at Gazille's shoulders desperately.

"Gazille!" He drew out the name and pushed back to meet the thrusts.

"Yeah, I know." Gazille said slightly breathlessly and sucked on the spot where Natsu's neck met his shoulder. He wrapped his hand around Natsu's erection and barely even stroked him before he came.

Gazille shuddered as Natsu's pleasure-wracked body tightened around him and made his own pleasure heightened. He only managed a few thrusts into his spasming body before he too came. He sank his teeth down to muffle his roar and Natsu cried out as his sensitive body was brought to the brink.

Their breathing slowed down, but neither of them made any effort to move as Gazille stayed slumped over him. Natsu didn't mind the weight, which was almost comfortable as it pressed down on him. Having Gazille up his ass, however, was completely different.

"Gazille." He whined, making Gazille grunt and push up on his arms to stare down at him.


"Get out of me already."

Gazille rolled his eyes and regretfully pulled out of him before rolling off and lying next to him. Natsu shifted and snuggled close to him with his head buried underneath Gazille's chin.

"Mm, we should do this more often."

Gazille hesitantly put an arm around him and stroked his back. "Yeah."

"Love ya." Natsu murmured before easily slipping back to sleep.

Gazille swallowed harshly and looked down at Natsu uncertainly. "I love you, too."

Unknown to Gazille, Natsu smiled, his eyes still closed.


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