Pairing: Elfman x Natsu

Summary: AU Elfman watched Natsu grow up as his little sister's favorite playmate, crush, and eventually just a friend. He felt like a pervert, lusting after the 17 year old who was taking his dear little sister Lisana to the prom. Elfman is 18 (canon). For kyuubiluver- see, I'm not that mean! Only a little sadistic and bitchy, but not completely evil.

This one isn't as long as my last one, but that's because this is purely PWP (Plot-what-plot or porn-without-plot) but I hope everyone still enjoys! Thank you to everyone who has reviewed or put this on your favorites or alerts!

Contains: Yaoi, sex, cursing…the usual.

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See Me

Elfman swallowed as he caught sight of Natsu's pink hair out the window. He quickly turned his head and gave his full attention to the only thing that would distract him from Natsu: pumping iron. Bicep curls, squats, leg lifts, bench press. Any exercise that would send endorphins rushing into his brain and make him think about something else he would do.

Natsu was addiction. Something that Elfman had thought even when they were younger and he would play with Lisana. Elfman thought it was cute how they nurtured a kitten back to health while pretending it was an egg they were hatching.

But now Natsu was older and the way Elfman was thinking about the pink haired imp was definitely not something one child thought of another. He longed to caress his strong body and show Natsu exactly what being a man was about.

At the moment his beloved was taking his sweet sister Lisana to their senior prom. Lisana assured both him as Mirajane that it was just as friends, but it didn't stop his heart from breaking a little. Lisana looked absolutely stunning in her silver gown and Natsu looked uncomfortable, but handsome in his tux.

Elfman wished he were the one taking Natsu to the prom. He would have shown him a very manly time. But instead he stayed at home and lifted weights as he anxiously waited for them to return. It wasn't like Natsu and Lisana would do anything together right? They were just friends…right!?

The more he thought about it, the more panicked he became until he began to furiously lift the weights in extreme reps and speed. He worked himself into a frenzy doing so and his shirt became completely soaked with sweat. He took a short break to peel it off and get some water to drink when the front door banged open.

Elfman stared as Natsu carried a snoring Lisana inside and gave a feeble smile to him.

"Someone spiked the punch and we didn't figure it out until it was too late." He walked down the hall and set Lisana down onto her bed and frowned. "Er, should we leave her like that?"

"Mirajane will undress her and tuck her in when she gets home." Elfman muttered and couldn't stop staring at the sheen of sweat that appeared on Natsu's brow.

"Sorry about this, I would have stopped her if I had known…" Natsu grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. The beast growled within Elfman. They stepped out of Lisana's room and closed the door. As they walked down the hallway Elfman could smell Natsu's musky scent. He was suddenly very aware of how he was half naked, seeing how he was in the middle of working out when Natsu came in.

He wasn't in the least bit cold.

"Natsu, you shouldn't be here." Elfman finally managed to say and had to make himself manly not look away from Natsu's confused glance.

"What are you talking about? I had to take Lisana home."

Elfman swallowed and was fearful that his nervous heart beat could be heard clear across the room. "You…shouldn't be near me right now." His mouth felt dry and he swallowed reflexively. Natsu was still looking at him.

"Are you okay?" Natsu asked and moved closer to look at him when Elfman's control snapped. Natsu gave a muffled cry of surprise as Elfman lunged forward and grabbed his arms before jerking their bodies together for a needy kiss. Several different reactions went through Natsu's mind all from kicking Elfman's ass to running far, far away.

In the end however, his hormones and his own latent crush won over. He groaned and buried his hands in Elfman's spiky white hair while pressing his body against him. Elfman growled and didn't question Natsu's response, instead lifting him up so Natsu could wrap his legs around his waist.

Elfman easily carried him up the stairs and opened the door to his room while Natsu made growling noises and nipped at his lips. He dropped the pink haired teen onto his bed and instantly got to work at removing the tux that seemed intent to obstruct his path of 'getting some.'

"Don't rip it!" Natsu grumbled when Elfman got a little frustrated with the buttons and began to yank at the clothing. "I rented this damn thing!"

Elfman grumbled his acquiescence and managed to remove the tux without damaging it. He greedily took his prize of Natsu's creamy skin and latched his mouth onto the hollow of Natsu's throat. Natsu moaned and tilted his head back as Elfman undid his trousers and began to pull them off.

Natsu lifted his hips to accommodate him and sighed with relief when he was finally completely naked. Elfman ran his eyes over Natsu's body and felt his manhood twitch at the delectable sight.

"You are very…manly." Elfman murmured and chewed on his tongue in order to calm down. Natsu laughed in response and grinned broadly before sitting up to rid Elfman of his pants.

"You're pretty manly yourself." He said and rubbed his face against Elfman's bare, muscular chest as he pushed Elfman's pants down. His eye flicked down at the large member that was revealed and raised an eyebrow. "Very manly…" He drawled, making Elfman gulp and hastily take his pants off completely.

Natsu wrapped his fingers around Elfman's large cock and pumped it a few times, making pre cum leak from the slit. Elfman was trembling with the effort it took to hold back from pouncing on Natsu and his will was already leaving him.

"Do you have a condom?" Natsu asked a little breathlessly as they exchanged sloppy kisses. Elfman nodded and pulled away to dig around in the drawer of his bedside table for his wallet. To be honest he had never needed to use one before, but he always kept one on him for those 'just in case' instances.

Now he was very glad he had it as he fumbled to tear open the package and finally removed the condom. With the precision of a surgeon he was extra careful to make sure that he put it on the right way and rolled it down. It was a surprisingly difficult feat to accomplish with Natsu biting at his chest and sucking at all the flesh he could reach.

He should get some sort of manly metal for being able to do it regardless of his…distractions. He leaned back, taking Natsu with him as the man straddled his waist and kissed him enthusiastically. Elfman managed to escape Natsu's addictive mouth long enough to get his fingers wet and moved them to Natsu's entrance.

Natsu frowned into the kiss at the first touch of Elfman's fingers to his hole and bit down on his shoulder when he pushed two of them in. Elfman didn't flinch at the pain when the surprisingly sharp teeth dug into his skin and instead concentrated on working his fingers in and out of Natsu.

Natsu shifted, whined, and lifted his hips away from the fingers in discomfort until Elfman brushed his fingers along a bump inside of him that made Natsu cry out in pleasure. He felt more confident in stretching Natsu out and preparing him when Natsu writhed like that and begged for more. Confident enough that he removed them entirely and lifted Natsu up to situate him better.

It was times like these that Elfman's manly strength came in handy. When he was able to steadily hold Natsu and line his large manhood up with Natsu's entrance. Natsu braced his hands on Elfman's shoulders and arched his neck with a cry when Elfman pressed in. The head of his cock popped past the first tight ring and Natsu clawed at his chest.

Elfman muffled the noises Natsu made with his mouth, conscious of his sister downstairs and neighbors around them. He didn't stop until he was completely buried inside of Natsu's tight heat. Natsu wiggled around like he had before when Elfman prepared him in an attempt to get comfortable. Elfman gripped Natsu's hips forcefully in order to stop him from moving. If Natsu continued like that then Elfman really would lose control.

Natsu tore his mouth away from Elfman's and huffed a little in agitation before narrowing his eyes at the large man holding him still. "Let me move already!"

Elfman blinked and stared down at him, considering the options. "…No." He pushed Natsu so he was on his back and twisted him onto his side while hooking Natsu's long leg over his shoulder. Natsu groaned at the shift in position and bit hard on his lower lip to keep from crying out. Elfman ground his hips into Natsu and made him inhale sharply.

Finally Elfman snapped. He couldn't contain himself any longer with Natsu willing and underneath him. He pulled completely out of Natsu and slammed back inside forcefully. Natsu yelped at the sudden change but Elfman's next thrust brushed against his prostate and made him melt in pleasure.

The sex quickly became rough and needy as Natsu clawed and cursed at Elfman while Elfman held him firmly and pistoned into him with deep, powerful thrusts. It didn't take much for either of them to come, Natsu first with Elfman following quickly after as Natsu's tight entrance convulsed around him.

For a moment they laid their panting with Natsu's leg still over Elfman's shoulder in a probably very uncomfortable position. Elfman reluctantly eased out of Natsu and let his leg down, making Natsu sigh in relief. Elfman tied his condom and threw it in the general direction of the trash before spooning Natsu's back and snuggling close.

"You're cuddly," Natsu muttered and Elfman frowned before Natsu continued, "in a very manly way, of course."

"Hm…" Elfman nuzzled Natsu's neck and inhaled his masculine scent that was very…manly. "You won't leave me now, right?"

"Tch, of course not…" Natsu's voice was sleepy and he yawned before he wiggled around to get more comfortable.

"See only me," Elfman said to himself quietly before drifting off to sleep.


I really like Lisana because she looks EXACTLY like my friend's daughter. Like in a freaky sort of uncanny coincidence that gives me the shivers. Next up is the second part of the POW that's a GazillexNatsu with maybe some Stockholm syndrome on Natsu's side =D I'm thinking about actually NOT making it non-consensual since my bad mood has lifted =D

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