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Harry Potter and the Chance at a New Life

He stared at the young couple as they waved at him from the photo album resting in his lap. They were so young, peaceful, and happy. Little did they know that they would be dead within a matter of years.

Sighing Harry James Potter sat aside the album and leaned against the head board of his bed. If only he wasn't born they would still be alive, with more kids, a happy life, and a loving family.

Damn Trelawney and that wretched prophecy, it had ruined his life. Now at the age of twenty-five he was alone in the world, just as from the beginning. All his friends had died in the war; every one he loved became a target, every one who was close to him perished. Now it was all over, Voldemort was dead.

Harry had never felt as much pleasure in ending something, until he looked down upon Voldemort's broken body and said the words to end all the pain and suffering the monster had caused him. But it wasn't enough; Harry was still alone in the world. Sure he was famous and once again hailed as the hero of the wizarding world, but that would never bring him the comfort of his friends and loved ones.

Harry glanced at his desk to where pictures of Hermonie and Ron were. With out taking his eyes from the picture he removed his wand from its holster and put it to his temple. There was only one way he would be able to see his friends again, only two words separated him and those he loves. Closing his eyes he concentrated on those he lost, and in a voice void of emotion said, "Advada Kedavra."

As the unseen green light rushed from his wand he faintly heard the song of a phoenix, soothing and peaceful. As the green light made contact, the spirit of Harry James Potter departed from the world to which he was born.

Light, bright and blinding was the first thing Harry noticed when he attempted to open his eyes. With a wire chuckle he figured he was either a) in a hospital, or b) the afterlife, which he seriously doubted was hell. Scrunching up his eyes he peered about him. He seemed to be in an expansion of pure white space that went on forever.

Hesitantly Harry called out, "Hello? Um, anybody there?"

He was seriously going to be pissed if he had to spend his afterlife alone in this annoying white space, which reminded him way to much of his time in Madam Pomprey's care.

"Well, hello there young one what brings you here today?" Said a voice that was clam yet held a mystic air about it.

Harry spun around and saw a man whom seemed ancient. He was immediately reminded of Dumbledore by his age and the fact that he was wearing purple robes with shooting stars on them. Seriously who else would be odd enough to wear such a thing?

Harry figuring he should reply said the only thing he could think of. "I am looking for my family and friends, but I seem to have been side tracked. This is the afterlife correct?"

The odd man gave a knowing smile. "It is not yet your time to join the afterlife. Harry Potter you must first live, and appreciate your life and all it has to offer, before you meet those who have gone before you. For you have been granted a second chance at the life you never had. Fate has decided to send you to another world to be with your family, but there are some things which you must know before you disembark."

Harry was gob smacked. Sure he believed in alternate universes, but Fate was offering him a second chance. To live with his parents, be normal for once, to see everyone again in the flesh. Wait? What was he suppose to know? Harry fervently prayed there wasn't another foolish prophecy he must fulfill there as well.

"In this world you were kidnapped at the age of three, which devastated your parents. Your alternate self has since been living in the states with muggles whom believe their selves to be your grandparents. You are now almost eleven and will be receiving your Hogwarts letter any day, under your true name, which will be a shock to your parents who think you are dead. Now when you merge with your other self you will receive his memories also, as well as some of his powers."

Pausing, the man looked at Harry. "Any questions young one?"

Questions? Of course he had loads of questions…who wouldn't have? But Harry was more than anything egger to meet his parents. The old man did say that he would receive his memories from this "other" self. Shouldn't that clear everything up?

"What about my personal items from my other world? Is there any ways I can take them with me?" Harry nervously looked at the man knowing the answer.

So it came as a surprise when the man snapped his fingers and Harry's trunk appeared.

"You must be very careful with your items; it would be very hard to explain why you are in your history books, eh?"

Harry grinned and thanked the man profusely. With a bit of wandless magic he shrank the trunk and placed it in his pocket.

"So, when am I off to this wonderful new world?" He said with a smile.

For the first time since the war started Harry felt hope, pure hope and an excitement at seeing his loved ones again. The old man simply smiled while his eyes twinkled in a familiar way and answered, "Now." And with that Harry Potter disappeared from that plane of existence.

CH 2

Harry felt himself floating, falling, towards the ground. Everything was dark, but he could sense the magic flowing about him, gently pushing him towards something. Slowly he made contact with something soft and warm, which moved a bit as he lay on top of it. With a start he realized that this "thing" must be his other self, who he slowly began to sink into. When he was all the way in everything went black.

Then it was like an explosion happened, a film began to play before his eyes taking a second or a life time, he knew not which. But as began to "remember" he was some what sad at what he saw. For his current caretakers truly did love him, as he did them. They had no inkling that he was not their biological grandson, since he did resemble his "grandfather".

Over all he had had a normal, happy childhood in the mountains of North Carolina. It was most definitely not the most exciting place, but rather homely and comforting to him, a place where he felt at home and loved.

As these thoughts played through his head Harry opened his eyes and looked around. His room was what one might expect a boy of soon to be eleven's room to look like. The walls were cobalt blue, and hung with posters of his favorite soccer and football teams, as well as some bands.

One would not dare to call his room clean, but it wasn't terrible either, just disorganized. On his desk laid discarded books and magazines, along with candy wrappers and oddly enough parts to a disassembled rocket.

Checking over his new set of memories it seemed that his other self was a science wiz, who liked to tinker with mechanics. Shaking his head he realized that with these new memories on rockets and such he could easily out smart Hermonie on the matter.

His hamper in the corner was over flowing and from what he could see contained clothes that most definitely fit HIM. Deciding to take a shower then check out his new home Harry threw back his covers and stepped out of bed. Unfortunately for him his other self had tossed his soccer gear right in front of his bed. Letting out a grunt he fail to the floor with an almighty thump. "Son of a ...stupid kid!" Harry said while rubbing the bottom of his foot which happened to have stepped on his cleat spikes.

Slowly he climbed to his feet and makes his way to the bathroom connected to his room. While he had his other self's memories they felt blurry, almost as if they happened a long time ago. So everything seemed odd and some what new to him.

Stepping in the bathroom he received his first real shock in this new life of his. As he was walking to the toilet he glanced at the mirror and almost tripped. He was short! Sure he knew he was only ten, almost eleven, but come on! Harry was sorely reminded of the nice toned body he left behind. This one just felt so weak, and well…small! How could he have ever been this small? The most shocking thing though was that he still had his scar.

Checking his memories he discovered that this was definitely not new. Somehow, someway, he had received his scar in this dimension, and that was something to be very concerned about. If he was marked did the prophecy still hold true here? Shaking his head Harry decided to wait until latter to ponder this certain thought, and instead started his shower.


After taking his shower Harry returned to his room and was relieved to see his trunk to be sitting at the end of his bed. Since he wasn't supposed to know about magic yet he was glade that he was able to do wandless magic, since one could not trace it unlike a wand. Silently he shrank his trunk and placed it in his underwear drawer and then got dressed for the day.

Pulling on a t-shirt and some baggy swimming trunks he made his way out of his room and towards the dining room planning on going for a swim when it heated up a bit. As he sat at the chair he normally did, his grandmother came into the room and planted a kiss on the top of his head.

Even though she was not truly his grandmother he loved her still the same. Harry knew it was going to break her heart when she found out the truth about his relations. Since the first time he arrived he began to have some doubts at whether or not he should contact his parents.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when the kind woman started to talk. "So Jamie boy, what do you plan on doing today? You don't have soccer practice until six, and we have nothing special to do today."

Taking a piece of toast and loading his plate with bacon, eggs, and oddly enough to the old Harry, liver mush he answered slowly and carefully. "Well gram, nothing much, might go swimming later, or head over to some friends, not really that sure."

In truth Harry wanted to spend as much time alone as possible so that he was more likely to receive his letter privately, than cause a big scene.

"Well hon that's fine by me, just behave yourself. I don't want you pulling any more stunts on Mr. Travailly, understood?" She said in a stern voice, however, she lost her effect when her lips started to up turn at the corners.

Harry just grinned as the memory of THAT stunt played in his memory. Well maybe he would be busy until his letter arrived anyway.

The most amusing thing Harry found out about his new was the fact that he spoke in a way southern accent. At first he didn't really pay it any mind until he relized it. Shouldn't he really be speaking with his normal accent? As he pondered this he decided to take a walk in the woods. While not hot outside it was still a bit humid, and he planned on going swimming very soon.

The land here held a beauty that was still pure, and almost seemed untouched by the human population. As he walked the familiar trail towards his tree house he became aware of a voice.

"Careeefulll there man childdd I biteeee." Harry quickly stopped and looked around.

"Watchhh your feetttt, and my tailll." Startled he looked down and saw a copperhead staring back at him in a striking position. Harry looked around to make sure his grandparents were still inside then bent closer to the poisonous snake.

"Hellllloo my frienddd. Pleasee don't bitee meee." Harry hissed back.

The snake slowly uncurled in what could have been described as shock.

"Mann snake speakssss?" Surprise was clearly evident in his voice. "Wellll noble masterrr how can this beee? I've neverrr came acrossss a human that speaksss the noble tongueee."

Harry was some what amused at the young snake. "Ittt wasss a gift from an enemyyy. Noble one."

As the snake became more comfortable around Harry he picked it up and started back towards the house.

"Sooo noble oneee, whatt is your name?"

The snake paused to think. "I gooo by many namessss master, but you mayy call me Zantose."

Harry smiled and replied, "It'sss a honorrr Zantose, call me Harry."

And with those words Harry had found a new familiar.

It was on his third day in this new world that his Hogwarts acceptance letter arrived. As he grabbed it he told the owl to wait in the trees while he wrote his acceptance letter. He raced to his room and jumped into his desk chair, pulling out note book paper as he went. He looked at the address on the letter.

Mr. Harry J. Potter

Largest Bedroom in the Northwest corner

Blowing Rock, N.C., USA

Tearing open the package he looked at the papers and was happy to see no mention of his kidnapping which should make things much easier. Pausing he took out a pen and composed his letter in his head.


Whom it may concern

I'm afraid this letter was delivered to me by mistake. The letter has the correct address, but nobody lives at this residence with the name Harry Potter. However, if this letter was meant for me could you possibly send me information on a school closer to North Carolina? Also do you allow pets besides those mentioned above, if they pose no problems?

Yours truly,

Jamie Delhomme

Smiling Harry raced back to where the owl was perched and tied the note to its' leg. The note should seem innocent enough for a muggle born student. As the owl flew off to the distance he knew it would now be only a matter of time before this life was turned upside down. Suddenly sad he sighed and went back inside to spend what could be the last night with his grandparents.

CH 3

Albus Dumbledore was having a perfectly normal summer day. Currently he was taking his mid-morning tea and reading the Daily Prophet. So you can imagine the shock he received when his deputy headmistress came flying through the door of his office wildly breathing and her hair in disarray. Dumbledore immediately jumped to his feet and hurried towards her.

"Minerva, what in the world is wrong? Has there been an attack?" He said urgently.

McGonagall frantically shook her head with wide eyes and held out a piece of note book paper towards Dumbledore who immediately snatched it and began to read. With each passing line his eyes grew wider and wider. Finally he pulled out his wand and began checking the paper for authenticity. Waving his wand about for a few minuets he finally sat down heavily when they came back negative for being tampered with. He could do nothing more than just stare in bewilderment at the paper.

"Albus, how can this be? I thought the oldest Potter boy was dead?" McGonagall gasped as she attempted to gather her dignity and smooth her hair. It just couldn't be true, when little Harry was kidnapped they had searched high and low for the boy, and could only conclude that the kidnappers must have killed the poor babe.

For no trace could be found of him, and even Albus Dumbledore the greatest wizard alive could not track down the child. Naturally the Potters were devastated with the lost of their son, but had to keep it together for their newly born daughters, but that didn't mean they suffered any less. As for the friends of the family, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin had taken the news horribly especially when the family found out Peter was a deatheater.

Minerva had never seen Sirius Black so depressed, or mature until after Harry was gone, it was as if all happiness and innocence were sucked from his soul. The look he had in his eyes would haunt her for ever. The disappearance truly made the young group grow up and face the harsh reality of the world, one that no parent should have to face. But now, here was proof that little Harry had been alive and well all these years! Perhaps he may not know who he is, but they finally had a way to find him and bring him home.

Albus was thinking along these lines also as he read the crumpled notebook paper in his hands. Clearly the boy must be living with muggles or muggleborns, and in America also! For the first time in a long while Albus Dumbledore felt hope and joy well up inside of him. He's alive! After all this time the boy was alive. Albus had been wrong, Harry was not dead, he must have already been out of range of the location spells he had cast. Looking across the desk at Minerva he gave a wide smile that caused his eyes to twinkle merrily.

"I think my dear Minerva it is time that we contacted the Potters."

Lily sighed, today was going to be a very long day if the boys had anything to say about it. She frowned, one of these days she was going to get her hands on that Sirius Black and give him a piece of her mind once again on his influence over her boys.

They weren't even at Hogwarts yet and she already feared that they were going to put the marauders to shame when they got there. A more devious pair you would be hard pressed to find anywhere, but then again she heard the Weasley twins were a handful.

Talking of twins Angelique and Castanea were suppose to be coming home today from visiting with their godfather Remus. They were turning out nicely, such thoughtful and joyful girls; Remus had been a great mentor to them. They became more and more mature every day. Lily felt a pang, before she knew it the girls would be at Hogwarts, dating, graduating, leaving home, and getting married and starting their own family. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she thought of it. Her babies all gone and grown up, well not all of them. Harry would always be remembered as her sweet baby boy, with sparkling green eyes full of love, comfort, and unending curiosity.

Lily sighed once again, this time not out of annoyance, but from a hole in her soul that only her baby could fill, a baby that she lost. Of course she loved her other children, but they would never be able to replace what was taken from her. She could still remember the day when her nightmare all started.

It had been a bright sunny day when they had decided to take a family outing to Diagon Alley to pick up some things for Harry and the twins. One minuet Harry was laughing and staring in wonder at all the colorful displays and the next he nor James were no where in site. Lily had just assumed that James had taken Harry for some boy time together and went back to her shopping. It wasn't until much later that James found his wife in the clothing store buying little outfits for the girls with Harry nowhere in sight. When he mentioned this to Lily she spun around and demanded what he meant, that he was supposed to be watching Harry. Everything went down hill from there.

They had never found out what happened to their baby. Wiping her eyes she started for the kitchen, no use in crying over could never change. Little did she know how very wrong she was, for her life was about to change drastically.

James looked up from his paperwork and across the office he shared with Sirius and grinned broadly. Sirius had his head down and working away, so engrossed in his paper work that he did not notice James' smile. If he had he would surely have run for cover and hope that whatever James had planed he would soon forget.

James softly took a small paint bomb from his desk and waved his wand and whispered a few quiet words. Glancing up he made sure Sirius was still hard at work before he swished his wand and started to levitate the bomb towards his unaware friend.

"Hey Padfoot you don't have anything important after work do you?" James asked with a grin.

Sirius didn't even look up when he replied. "Not really Prongs, just me and Mrs. Padfoot in for a quiet night. Why?" James once again gave a grin and flicked his wand releasing the paint bomb that was hanging right over his friend's head.

The bomb seemed to hang in the air a moment before it started its' decent. Slowly it began to fall until it made contact with its' unfortunate victims' head. Sirius yelped like a wounded dog as the paint went everywhere, changing him, his clothing, and his paper work a dark green color.

Meanwhile James was rolling on the floor laughing his head off and gasping for breath at the look on Sirius' startled face.

"Bloody hell James, what was that for? Green! GREEN! I thought we were mates?" Sirius yelled while looking like a bewildered dog whose favorite bone was just taken away.

"That my dear Padfoot was for what you left in the shower this morning. Trust me, I've never heard Lily yell so much in my life, and that includes while we were at Hogwarts too!" "The only thing that saved my neck was that I convinced her that I had nothing to do with it and it must have been the boys." James yelled with narrowed eyes

. By this time Sirius barked out a laugh. "So sweet Lily got the end of that joke, eh?" "Come on James you have to show me that in a pensive sometime, that is just too good." Sirius said through his laughter.

Just the thought of the prank sent Sirius into another round of hysterics. However, James did not laugh, instead he adopted a very sober expression that halted Sirius' laughter mid-bark.

"Seriously Padfoot she was so mad she started threatening to revoke your godfather status to the boys. Something along the lines of, "That Sirius Black is nothing more than an idiotic mutt that never grew up, seriously what was we thinking when we made HIM the godfather of the boys!" Then she went on awhile about how there were more mature monkeys than you." James said dropping the expression for a grin.

It was true his best mate had never grown up, but James would not have it any other way. After the lost of their first son Sirius had been there for them, helped them learn to live again, laugh again, love again, even though James knew Sirius would never be the same carefree man he used to be he had helped them through their dark time. Lily knew this as well, and even though Sirius annoyed her to her wits' end she still held a soft spot in her heart for both Sirius and Remus. He knew she would never admit it, but she thought of the two as brothers, just as James did. At the indignant look on Sirius' face James chuckled.

"My dear Prongs I take offense to that. I assure you that the day when I sink as low as to be mature (here he twisted his face into a grimace) will be the day that Lily confesses her undying love for me."

With a wink and a broad grin Sirius picked himself off the floor and settled back into his desk to look at the now ruined paper work. "Ekkk did you have to use green. Reminds me of the slimy gits." He then shuddered as if remembering something unpleasant. "Snivelus….uggg..."

Just as he was muttering about greasy slytherins and personal hygiene the fireplace roared to life and the head of no other than Albus Dumbledore popped into view.

"Good after noon headmaster." James said with a pleasant smile albeit with a somewhat puzzled expression. "Something we can help you with, sir?"

Dumbledore smiled back with his twinkle in full force as he took in the appearance of the rooms' inhabitants, his eyes resting a bit longer on Sirius and his new coloration.

"James I was wondering if I could have a word with you and Lily as soon as possible. Perhaps now, if you can convince Mister Black to watch the children?" Dumbledore said with an amused smile.

James gave the revered headmaster a look as if trying to figure out if he was sane. "What? Leave the children in Sirius' care? Sir we value our children's safety and would never be foolish enough to leave them alone in that scamps' care. Just remember what happened last time." James said while pointing at Sirius who let out an indignant snort.

Then giving a lopsided grin James agreed immediately. "We'll be over as soon as possible sir."

After Dumbledore pulled his head from the fireplace both James and Sirius got up, pulled on their cloaks and prepared to floo home. James was no fool, whatever Dumbledore had to say must be important if he flooed at his work and requested a meeting as soon as possible.

Best not to keep him waiting was all he thought as he took a pinch of floo powder and threw into the fire before stepping in and yelling out, "Godric's Hollow."

As Lily passed through the kitchen doors the fire in the hearth flared green and James and Sirius stepped gracefully out of the fireplace. Immediately her eyes narrowed in on her new target. "SIRIUS ORION BLACK!"

The mentioned man flinched as if physically lashed, but he then let a grin grace his lips.

"Well hello dearest Lily, that happy to see me, eh? Never thought that you would be yelling my name like that over Jamie boys'!"

Winking suggestively Sirius grinned even more broadly as Lily's face took on a deep shade of red.

"Black don't you even try to charm me! What have you been teaching the boys! I'll have you to know that they are worst than the marauders ever were, just this morning I was ready to skin them alive. And since they are hiding you are the next best thing." Lily said with narrowed eyes.

Sirius visibly gulped and started to edge behind James hoping for some protection if Lily held true to her words and started throwing curses.

"Lily you wound me! I would never think of polluting the minds of the boys. Here I came to simply watch my beloved godsons and their darling sisters for their parents and you accuse me!" Sirius said with a whine to his voice.

"Watch the children? Why would you be needed to watch the children, and why would we leave them alone with you?" Lily asked clearly puzzled while ignoring the indignant snort from Sirius.

"Oh that's right sweet heart Dumbledore just flooed my office about 10 minuets ago and wanted to talk to us as soon as possible, and as Sirius was around he suggested letting him watch the kids while we attend." James said jumping in action and moving from in front of Sirius, fully intending that his wife would be able to curse him if she wished.

Lily continued to look confused. "Did he say what this meeting was about? I mean we haven't really talked to him in years, and the kids are too young to attend Hogwarts, even though the girls are particularly bright."

"Sorry hun he didn't say, just that it was important. We should get going, as I did tell him that we would be over as soon as possible, and the kids should be fine for a few minuets."

Lily nodded but then looked at Sirius. "Black when I get back I expect everything and everybody to be in one piece. Is that clear?" At his quick nod she continued, "Remus and the girls are suppose to be coming back at any moment so inform them where we are and that we shouldn't be too long."

Once again Sirius nodded and gave his most charming smile, "of course I will, don't you trust me?"

At the withering look he received he quickly ran to safety in the lounge. "Now", Lily said turning around with a worried look, "let's go, best not to linger."

As his friends departed Sirius turned around and tilted his head and cupped his hand to the side of his mouth calculated for distance and yelled, "Oooohh monsters, Uncle Padfoot is here!"

He grinned widely when he heard a loud crash from up stairs and hurried foot steps. Three steaks shot towards Sirius and hit him in the stomach. He smirked down at the three kids.

"Ok my little protégées time for me to impart more of my noble pranking knowledge to you."

Little Jalene grinned up at him. "Uncle Padfoot can we get Uncle Remy this time please, please, pretty please?"

Sirius just chuckled back. All this time Lily was worried about the boys and their devious nature. It was her youngest daughter that put him on edge for she was going to be the worst out of the bunch.

"Why of course my little marauder, what did you have in mind?" Sirius asked with a smile while pitying poor Remus.

When the Potters arrived in the headmaster's office he was nowhere in sight, but they knew he would be along shortly.

While Lily took a desk in front of Dumbledore's desk James opted to pace back and forth while looking at all the gadgets that covered a table next to the window.

Even though James was worried he did not let it show on his face least his wife saw and became even more worried. The only time Dumbledore contacted them was with grave news, or when the Order was needed. Which was far and in between since the Dark Lord's mysterious disappearance almost 6 and 1/2 years ago. Only days after Harry's disappearance really.

That time was both full of joy and despair, for the Potters. Only weeks earlier had the charm been lifted off the house and his family, for Dumbledore had found out that the Potters were no longer a target of Voldemort. To say that James was relieved when this news was told was an understatement. He was ecstatic, if not a little weary. Two years in hiding tends to do that to a person, but those words from Albus' lips were like manna from heaven.

Finally they were free, well not free but as free as one could be in those dark times. He had thought his family was safe and they could finally live with out fear…then Harry was taken. Why someone would take his son he could not fathom, just that they wanted to tear his family apart for some sick pleasure.

For the Potters always have been a sign of the Light, just as Albus Dumbledore is its' leader.

Frowning slightly James turned back to his wife and studied her. She was as lovely as the day he married her, but he could see the sadness and worry in her eyes and the way she held herself.

Lily had never gotten over losing Harry, neither had he, but she had always had a bond with their oldest son that James never had. He loved Harry as he did all his children, but Lily had always seemed to live for Harry, not that she didn't love her other children. Just that she always seemed connected to Harry and always knew what he wanted and what he was feeling almost immediately.

James just put it off as a mothers' intuition until he noticed that this bond was not as strong between his wife and their other children.

He fervently hoped that what ever Albus had to tell them today would not cause his wife any more despair. James walked over and took the seat beside Lily and took her hand in his and gave it a small squeeze.

Little did he know that Lily would need all the support she could get in the next few minuets.

Dumbledore walked through his office door and smiled pleasantly at the couple and noticed that James immediately wiped all the worry off his face and squeezed his wives hand.

For a moment Albus felt a pang wretch his heart for his once time students. Life had been so unfair to them in the last ten years, and had changed them from the carefree youth he had watched over many years ago.

However, thinking of the news he had to share with them brought his eyes back to full twinkle. For this news was very good news indeed.

"Ah, James and Lily so nice to see you again. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me today, for I have some very important news to tell you." He said with a smile while peering over his glasses at the couple. "Let me tell you of my morning for it was most informative."

Pausing he then began. "I was having my tea and reading the Prophet when Minerva came flying in here as if chased by the hounds of hell. Naturally I was immediately startled and asked what was wrong. So imagine my confusion when she simply handed me a slip of muggle writing paper that was the acceptance letter from a muggle born student who will be attending school this year."

Here Dumbledore once again paused and let this part of the information sink in while he watched James' amused face and Lily's thoughtful one. No doubt James was imagining what Minerva looked like in the state she was since she was known for being unflappable.

As a matter of fact James was just about to ask to see the memory in a pensive when Lily suddenly gasped and turned white. Startled both James and Dumbledore looked at her.

"O God, please tell me you are joking. They would never let him come, the poor boy. Well he is awful owing to his parents, but he is still just a child, god this is just crazy!" Lily yelled out a bit frantic.

This only caused Dumbledore to look confused. "Ah I am sorry Lily, but could you please inform us what you are talking about?" He said with an amused smile, no doubt whatever she had thought up would amuse him immensely.

Lily looked confused at Dumbledore and then at her husband. "You mean it's not Dudley then?" She said with relief evident in her voice.

Still seeing the confused look on the headmasters' face James elaborated, "Dudley is Lily's nephew, a more muggle family you would not find anywhere. They hate magic with a passion, and I could only imagine what they might do to the boy if he was a wizard. But I could never imagine him having an ounce of magic in him seeing as to who his parents are."

Dumbledore's face showed understanding and caused him to become even more amused. "Quiet an understandable guess seeing as you have no idea why you are here, so it would be prudent for me to continue my story."

"As I was saying it was an acceptance letter from a boy who was raised by muggles, which was not shocking really, but he went on to state that he must have received the letter by mistake. Not because he didn't think he was a wizard, but because the letter that was addressed to him was not the name he went by. Obviously I was confused as to this also…until I saw who the letter was addressed to."

Taking the wrinkled bit of paper from the folds of his pocket he handed it over to the confused couple. As their eyes skimmed the letter James suddenly sat up straighter and had a wild look to his eyes, Lily started to shake and cry.

Lily looked at the paper and couldn't believe her eyes. She gently grasped the wrinkled paper as she re-read it, then clutched it her chest as if it was her last life line. Her baby was alive, he may not know who she was, but he was alive and she could get him, she could once again hold her baby boy. With a sob she threw herself on James and held on for dear life. Her baby was out there and he was coming home!

CH 4

Harry smiled at his grandparents across the diner table. Sure they weren't his biological grandparents, but he still loved them all the same. He couldn't help but chuckle when he's grandfather started to talk about Clinton and his "little" scandal.

Harry was surprised to find out how much his grandfather disliked Clinton, but on the other hand Jamie (this is what Harry had started to call his other set of memories) wasn't fazed at all. It seems like many people here disliked democrats for their views which went against more traditional values.

Another thing that Harry was confused about was his other set of memories. Well they weren't exactly like someone else's, but he didn't feel the same as he did before he merged.

It was almost as if Jamie was still there and was part of him, which made sense, but just the thought unnerved him. The strangest thing was that he actually felt like an eleven-year-old.

Harry would have to fight the urge to do something dangerous or possibly stupid every once in awhile. These urges were the thing that frightened him the most, for he knew that to protect the ones he loved he'd have to be on guard at all times in the wizarding world.

As he ate his meal and listened to the small talk of his grandparents he thought back over the events of the day. To say they were informative would be an understatement.

After he had sent his acceptance letter he had laid on his bed and started to go over his set of new memories. For he knew that to protect his new grandparents he would have to prove they had no knowledge that he was not their daughter's son. What he found was both shocking and informative to say the least.


Harry stared in awe at the display of magical toys outside the shop in the alley. Never had he seen so many colors and interesting things at once.

He turned to his baby sisters and giggled as they played with the teddies he had helped pick out for them.

Looking back at the display Harry didn't notice his daddy walk away until he was lost in the crowd. When he noticed this he frowned, and tried to look through the throng of passersby.

Taking a step forward in the crowd he looked around then looked back to where his mommy was standing bending over the twins trying to keep them from grabbing all the toys they could reach. Just as he was about to return to her side a pretty woman took his hand and leaned down towards his face.

"Hey Harry dear, do you want to go see your daddy?" She asked with a wide


Harry paused for he knew he wasn't supposed to talk to strangers, but if she was a stranger how would she know his name, and his daddy? She seemed really nice and she looked like Uncle Padfoot, besides they were going to daddy!

Smiling shyly he nodded and skipped behind her as she led the way to the apparition point. That was the day Harry Potter was lost to the wizarding world, and the birth of Jamie Delhomme began.

Harry at first was a bit pissed at WHO the lady was in that memory, for he now knew why the woman looked so much like Sirius.

The young beautiful lady was none other than Bellatrix Black a.k.a. Lestrange. The same deatheater that had tortured Neville's parents and killed his godfather in his dimension. Albeit she was a younger one and with her sanity in tact.

However Harry began to have mixed feelings as more and more of his memories began to clear.


Auntie Bella, as she asked him to call her, was very nice indeed. He may miss his parent but Auntie Bella told him that he would go home very soon, and in the meantime Harry had been having loads of fun.

In the following days of Harry's abduction Bellatrix Lestrange had become attached to the bright eyed energetic little boy. If she ever had a son she would have loved him to be like the little heartbreaker before her.

She could not help but to cuddle and comfort the child, even though it went against her instinct and everything that she believed in. After all, his mother was a muggleborn, and was part of what she was fighting against.

Needless to say she was helplessly wrapped around Harry's darling little finger, a fact that her husband had noticed.

Her husband was most displeased with the turn of events that this little jaunt was taking.

The plan was to snatch the boy as the Dark Lord had requested, wait for his calling then hand him over so that the threat would be eliminated.

Becoming attached to IT would only make their job more difficult in the end.

On the third day of waiting the Dark Lord finally sent out his calling.

Bella sorrowfully picked up little Harry and held him close to her, praying that he would survive this encounter with his parent's enemy.

As they appariated their Harry was jostled awake and was startled at what he saw. Before him a very pale man with blood red eyes stared back at him.

"Aw little baby Potter how nice to see you." Voldemort said through narrowed eyes. "My deatheaters, may I present to you my equal, the one to cause my downfall, the savior of the world, Harry James Potter."

As he talked the deatheaters became more and more nervous and unsure of what to do. What did their master mean? For the boy was nothing more than a toddler. Surely he was no match for one of the most powerful wizards of all time?

As Voldemort continued to speak Bella's grip tightened on the frighten child. For the first time ever she felt an urge of anger towards the dark lord, and she felt even more protective of the boy in her arms.

"Well Harry Potter would have been if he lived to adulthood. Unfortunately for the wizarding world he dies today!" Red eyes met blue as he turned to face Bella.

"Bellatrix hand over the boy so that I can purge this world of another half-breed." Voldemort said with his lip curled as if he had just stepped in something nasty.

Thinking quickly Bella came up with a plan that might just work. "My lord, why kill the child? If he is to be your equal why not raise him as an heir and use him against that fool Dumbledore and the rest of the world? If he is as powerful as we assume he would be a great asset to us." She turned on all the charm she had and tried to sound reasonable.

"Because Bellatrix the prophecy states that he will be my equal, no matter what he will be my equal and possibly my downfall. He must be removed now before he is a threat. Now I order you to hand him over!"

Bella felt a surge of anger and love. No she would not stand aside and let this boy die, not if she could help it.

"My Lord, please…"

"Stand aside foolish girl." Voldemort demanded.

How dare one of his followers disobey him.

Lifting her face Bella tore off her mask and threw it to the side. "NO! I won't!"

Voldemort's eyes narrowed dangerously. She was as good as dead when she tossed her mask away, such boldness and disrespect would not be allowed in his ranks. Removing his wand he took a step towards the pair.

"Move and you will merely be punished, refuse and you will die!"

Bella put the child down and pushed him behind her and pulled out her own wand, on all sides deatheaters were backing away appalled at her betrayal. What would cause a loyal deatheater to refuse her master's wish?

With a flick of his wand Bella lay dead at his feet. He turned to his followers and narrowed his eyes.

"Let this be a warning to all those who wish to betray me, you will be showed no mercy if you go against me. If you do you will be killed in more painful ways than the mudbloods we wish to rid our society of."

Turning back around he kicked Bella's hand and snarled, "Make sure to remove this garbage from my chambers before you depart."

As he said this he watched the small boy clutch and shake at the now dead woman's hand.

"Auntie Bella wake up! Please Harry wants his auntie."

The little boy looked on the verge of tears, looking back at the now towering dark lord he gave a sniffle and asked in a trembling voice, "Why won't she wake? What did you do to her?"

Voldemort smirked, "Don't worry Harry you'll be joining the dear blood traitor soon enough. Say goodbye Harry."

Lifting his wand Voldemort gave a triumphant smile and said two of his most favorite words.

However, his smirk had not even left his face when the curse rebounded off the boy and hit Voldemort straight in the chest. Pain beyond pain was the only thing he could say, it was as if every fiber of his being was on fire being ripped apart and shredded. Then he knew no more.

To say the death eaters were shocked would be stating the obvious, for the boy had just killed their master.

In the panic that ensued not one of them noticed a comrade slip up and grab the boy and apparate away.

This memory more than any thing was what shocked Harry. For he knew that for the protection Bella had given him required that she truly love him and willingly die for him. This was definitely not his Bella, or maybe she had once been. Harry sighed, maybe just maybe there was hope for some death eaters yet, but he highly doubted it.


She looked down at the child in her arms, she was clearly surprised at her daring, but at the same time happy at her actions. For if she had not removed the child one of the others would have killed him with out a second thought.

Narcissi loved her cousin Bella very much, and to see her laying their dead at their masters' feet tore at her heart. She knew Harry had to be special for Bella to take him as her own.

She looked down at the boy and immediately was reminded of her own little Draco. He was about the same age and she knew she would die for her Draco.

She might be a slytherin, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know when and who to fight for. If worst came to pass she would sacrifice herself for her son, for she loved him unconditionally.

Narcissi looked around and transfigured her dark cloak into some stylish pants and a nice dress shirt, before removing her mask and starting off down the street. The only safe place for this boy would be with muggles, and if possible out of the country all together.

Narcissi went to the nearest airport she could find, knowing this was a muggle transport system.

She looked around scanning the minds of the muggles until she found a young woman that would be a suitable surrogate mother for the boy. She was in her mid-twenties, single, heading to the states, and best of all had not been in contact with her family for about five years.

Pulling out her wand Narcissi made sure no one would see her as she cast the imperious curse on the woman. Walking over to the lady Narcissi handed over the still sleeping boy, before casting a mild memory charm on him, one that would wear off in a few years, when he was ready, but still comfortable with his new mother.

Turning the lady took her still sleeping son and head for the ticket booth to buy another ticket to replace the one she lost for her son. She needed to hurry if she wanted to make her flight.

When Heather returned back to the states her parents welcomed her back with open arms as well as their new grandson. They were simply thrilled at the boy and somewhat saddened at their daughters' story.

Turned out that she had been married four years ago and then had little Jamie here, but her husband had just died recently and Heather thought home would be the best place to raise her son.

Jamie quickly became attached to his grandparents and was as happy as any one could have wished for, until his mother died in a car accident coming back from business relating to work. The Delhommes immediately adopted their grandson and tried to give him the best life they were able to. For no child deserved to lose their parents, both ones at that.

Harry once again glanced across the table at his grandparents, for he knew who his family was, and part of them were sitting right here. Harry smiled for he had never felt as loved as he did then he did right now.

CH 5

After James and Lily composed their selves, Albus suggested a course of action to follow in retrieving young Harry.

"We have no idea what, if anything, Harry knows or remembers. We also have to consider his situation with the muggles he is with. They may or may not know who Harry is or where he came from. Truthfully we are walking in this situation blind."

Here Albus paused.

"I think it is time that we called the Order together, they would be a great asset if we are forced to remove Harry from the States."

Lily and James just nodded their heads in agreement.

Molly Weasley had just finished clearing away the dishes from diner when she felt her phoenix pendant burn slightly against her skin.

She jumped and clutched for the pendent under her shirt to be sure she just wasn't imagining things. There hadn't been a meeting in nearly five years now.

Molly walked in to the living room to where her husband was sitting and shared a significant look with him. Arthur gave a slight nod confirming that indeed a meeting had just been called.

Molly hurried up the stairs to Percy's room, for he would have to be in charge of his siblings until they returned.

She knocked on the door before pushing it open.

"Percy darling your father and I have to go out for a bit, mind the boys will you?"

Percy puffed out his chest importantly. "Of course mother you can count on me, I'll keep them right in line."

Molly gave her third eldest son a fond smile before she went back down stairs, a better boy you would not find anywhere.

She made her way back to the living room. Time to put the twins in line so that she'll come back to a house that's in one piece.

"Boys you are to listen to Percy, and absolutely NO pranks! If Percy tells me you misbehaved I'll take your brooms away and make sure you won't be playing quidditch!"

"Is that understood?" Molly asked with dangerously narrowed eyes.

She would never take quidditch away from them, but they didn't need to know that.

Fred and George's mouths fail open, and Fred stuttered out an affirmative.

Smiling to herself Molly mentally patted herself on the back. After all these years she could still shock the twins in to good behavior, even if it was just temporary.

The group of about thirty members crowded into the Headmaster's office, which had been magically enlarged to accommodate the large group. Many were exchanging pleasant greetings and showing updated pictures of their families, while others were looking nervously around the room trying to figure out why the meeting was called.

Even though there hadn't been a need for the Order recently Albus was still recruiting carefully some younger people in case a threat did arise. For he knew that Voldemort was not gone, merely had been ejected from his body.

The tense atmosphere was broken when a very green Sirius Black flooed into the office. Every one did a double take to make sure their eyes weren't playing tricks on them. Sirius just gave his usual charming smile and smoothed his hair before going to sit next James and Lily while ignoring the snickers aimed his way.

"Sirius what are you doing here, I thought you were going to be watching the children?" James urgently asked his canine friend.

"Oh don't worry about it, Remus wasn't feeling up to the meeting so he volunteered to watch the kids so he could get some rest. Nothing to worry about I'm sure." Sirius said dismissively.

Lily's eyes narrowed, "What do you mean he wasn't feeling 'up' to the meeting? You didn't lock him in the basement again did you?"

Sirius looked shocked, "I would never do that to my best mate, and he was just feeling under the weather, something to do with that time of the month. You know how moody and tired he gets, best for him to get his rest."

Lily paused but then nodded her agreement. Remus did need his rest.

Currently at the Potters

A very unconscious Remus Lupin was tied to an armchair in the living room while five-year-old Jalene played dress up with her new make up set. She would make Uncle Moony pretty for when Daddy wakes him up. The little prankster in training smirked to herself then replaced it with the most innocent expression she could.

"Welcome friends back to another Order meeting…it has been awhile since I last saw some of you." Dumbledore smiled widely at the members across his desk trying to put them at ease.

However, Sirius Black squirmed in his seat from all the times he had been reprimanded in this office. Perhaps next time he shouldn't sit behind his desk, Dumbledore pondered.

"I have called this meeting here today to tell you wonderful news, and also asked for your help once again."

"It would seem that something marvelous and unexpected has occurred."

"Harry Potter has been found."

A loud thump was heard and everyone looked to where Sirius was laying on the floor with a shocked expression on his face.

"Harry? Our Harry? But how? Where? When?" Sirius stuttered while looking wildly around.

"Please tell me I heard correctly!"

All playfulness was gone from Sirius' eyes and in its place was a burning intensity one that seemed to burn through your very soul.

"Ah I was just about to get to that Sirius," Dumbledore said with that infernal twinkle.

Albus then went on to recount his morning events and what they entailed.

At the end there was a stunned silence. The boy they believed dead was alive! Molly looked close to tears, and jumped from her seat to comfort Lily who silently crying next to James.

"Now we know nothing about whom or in what conditions Harry is living, so if worst comes to past we must be ready to remove him immediately. That is where you come in my friends, for I would trust no one above the members in this room with this delicate task."

Alaster Moody grunted and stood up.

"Yes Alaster? Do you perhaps have a plan?" Dumbledore asked with his hands steeped before him.

"I say we remove the boy tomorrow night and ask questions after he is out of there. No point in causing a possible hostage situation! Constant Vigilance!" Moody growled out.

Many heads around the room nodded in agreement, no need to take risks.

"It's settled then, Alaster you will lead the rescue group. Choose three other members to help you in this mission, and be careful we have no idea what we are getting into."

Albus said with a worried tone, for he hoped more than any thing they would be able to get the boy out unharmed.

Mad-Eye Moody looked around the group and knew almost immediately who he would take on the rescue mission. "Shacklebolt, Tonks, and Bill Weasley stay behind."

The aforementioned people waited until it was just their selves, Alaster, and Dumbledore in the room.

"Now here's what we'll do…"

CH 6

After dinner Harry went to his room to plan out his actions over the next few days. He was sure that Dumbledore would send Order members to retrieve him, and he must be ready for them.

There was only one man for the rescue job and Harry knew it.

Alaster Moody!

Harry grinned to himself. He still owed Mad-Eye for when he trained Harry…constant vigilance indeed. Harry was going to show him constant vigilance. Revenge is truly sweet.

He thought back over his time with old Mad-Eye and couldn't help but to chuckle. Both Ron and Harry were trained under Moody, and Moody had the habit of attacking them at the most unthinkable times. Mainly in the showers, eating diner, sleeping, and other things better left unmentioned.

Reddening Harry remembered that time Moody had barged in on him and Ginny. He had never seen her so mortified in his entire life.

Never let it be said that a Weasley isn't dangerous when they're mad.

Moody made sure not to get on Ginny's bad side again. A notable feat on his part for if he was ever in the same room as her she would finger her wand and watch him like a hawk.

Something both Harry and Mad-Eye noticed, to ones' humor and the others unease. Yes Ginny Weasley was a force to be reckoned with.

Harry went to tell his grandparents that he was turning in early, for he had important things to do.

After he turned his radio on and up he went to his door, and locked it to make sure he wouldn't be disturbed. He pulled out his shrunken trunk, and with a wave of his hand the trunk was back to full size. Harry pressed his thumb to the key pad to deactivate the defense mechanisms.

Pulling the lid off, he immediately went to his money department and pulled out 500 British pounds. First thing first he would need to get to a bank and exchange this to American dollars. He had purchases to make.

Harry apparated away and into the bathroom stall at a bank in Charlotte, N.C. Waving his hand he placed an identity charm on himself and stepped out of the stall.

Instead of the small ten-year-old boy, a man in his mid-thirties stood, dressed in a suit and wearing an expensive watch.

Harry studied his face in the mirror, and grinned. Being able to do concealment charms were one of the easiest things for him, and he some times went over board.

With a chuckle Harry realized who he looked like; staring back at him was the face of his godfather, Sirius Black. Well Sirius Black if he actually looked presentable and somewhat mature.

Walking out of the bathroom Harry made his way to the nearest open teller and exchanged his money. He hadn't really kept up with muggle money before, so he was quiet surprised to receive $941 dollars for his 500 pounds.

After he left the bank Harry went to a phone booth and began to flick through the phone book looking for a store to suit his purpose. Finding a suitor he grinned and hailed a taxi to take him there.

Stepping in the taxi the driver turned to look at him.

"Where to?"

"Hutchinson's Gaming and Sporting Supplies." Harry answered with a smirk.

Oh yes he would be read for Moody.

Meanwhile at the Delhomme's house

"David I think there is something wrong with Jamie." Alice said while looking over at her husband as he lay in bed next to her.

"You do, do you?" He grunted in reply. As far as he could tell there was nothing wrong with the boy. "Why do you say that?"

"Well first off he has been so quiet this past week, and I could have sworn I heard him hissing in the garden almost as if he was a snake. At first I thought he might be having a seizure, but when I ran out to see if he was all right he seemed perfectly fine." Alice said thoughtfully.

"Maybe he was talking to a snake sweetheart." David said clearly amused. It wasn't very often his wife worried about her grandson, and hearing her claim she heard him hissing was just funny. The boy must have been pulling one over on her. It wouldn't be the first time.

Alice narrowed her eyes then playfully popped him on the arm, "Ha ha David really funny. Talking to snakes…seriously."

"Maybe he is just nervous about his birthday, and his present(s). Knowing him he has been sneaking about trying to figure out what we got him this year. Smart little critter that one is." David said with a smile. "Just like his mother."

"True. Maybe you're right, but I do wonder what he was trying to accomplish by hissing about?" Alice asked.

Turning towards his wife he planted a kiss on her lips. "Don't worry about it honey, boys will be boys. Go to sleep tomorrow is a big day."

A few hours and $453.89 later Harry was the proud owner of many items that he was sure many wizards had never heard of yet alone could think a muggle would have.

However, come to think about it, Tonks might know of a few since her dad is a muggle.

The store was not what Harry had expected, he was expecting just weapons, so it came as a shock when he found items from weapons all the way down to night crawlers.

Needless to say he hadn't done much hunting in either of his dimensions.

He walked around the store a bit before he decided to buy some tight fitting camouflage gear, light shoes and a knapsack.

He then went to talk to an employee about dart guns; after all he wanted the rescue committee down not dead, until he could gauge their intentions towards his grandparents. Yes a dart gun would be nice, and maybe he should get a rat or two for his new familiar.

He apparated back into his room, repelled the concealment charm on himself, and started to unpack his items.

He knew that a) he could not use magic against his 'rescuers' for obvious reasons and b) could not permanently harm them.

Taking out the items he put them on his bed and began to plot his moves. He grinned at his new dart gun and looked at the ammo. He silently cast pain reducing charms on the darts, to help with the pain and bruising.

Next he removed his pepper spray, rope, and gags. Holding up the gags he let out a giggle and then smacked a hand to his mouth. Being an eleven-year-old had some serious draw backs. That reminded him, according to his calendar his birthday was tomorrow. He just hoped that his grandparents didn't have any thing big planned.

Zantose was very pleased with Harry when he presented him two fat rats for dinner, and after he finished his meal he curled at the bottom of Harry's bed to sleep while his meal digested.

Harry was quickly becoming attached to the poisonous snake and was determined that he would smuggle him into Hogwarts if the headmaster said he couldn't go.

Harry also dearly missed his familiar Hedwig and decided first chance he got he would go to Diagon Alley and buy her. After all he would need an owl to keep in touch with his family.

Sitting down he decided he should work on his mind shields in case some one decided to check in on his memories. It wouldn't do for them to see Harry fighting Voldemort, or a giant basilisk now would it?

So Harry was quiet surprised at what he saw when he entered his mind. It would seem that his minds hadn't merged all the way; rather Jamie's mind was on top, or surrounding his own, almost as an extra layer.

If Harry didn't already know what his shields looked like he would not have noticed at all. This could definitely work to his advantage.

If he could leave Jamie's memories out in the top layer (well the less dangerous memories any ways) he would seem to be just a normal eleven-year-old boy. Of course he could slightly twist some of the memories to suit his purpose, but over all, this layer was a blessing.

What better way to hide secretes than behind an innocent façade? If Snape or Dumbledore decided to take a little detour through Harry Potter land they would find nothing truly damaging to him, or cause them alarm.

Harry smirked to himself. This time around he would be ready for potions, and he would put that greasy git in his place.

It was now 1 O'clock and Harry knew he had to get a good nights sleep so that he could set his plan in action tomorrow morning. Knowing Moody as Harry did he knew that the old auror would not attack until late at night.

With that last thought Harry climbed in bed careful not to tread on the sleeping snake and slipped off into the unconsciousness.

CH 7

After the meeting James, Lily and Sirius flooed back to Godric's Hollow to tell Remus the amazing news.

The site that met them in their living room was simply classic. A very much stunned and bound Remus Lupin was sitting in front of the fire sporting a new style.

James and Sirius could hardly stand from laughing so hard, while Lily simply glared at Sirius.

"So this was what you meant when you said 'Remus wasn't feeling up to coming' was it?" Lily asked with narrowed eyes.

Suddenly Sirius stopped laughing and glanced at Lily as if she was about to attack him.

"Well it's late must be getting off! See you tomorrow James, Lily dear!" He quickly rushed out the door before Lily could draw her wand.

"Oh for heaven's sake wake Remus up and tell him the news." Lily said while smirking. Yes she most definitely still had the touch, well who else would be able to deal with the marauders and stay sane?

Harry awoke with a start when he heard his grandmother tap on his door.

Groggily he rolled over and looked at the clock by his bedside. 7:30? He wondered why she would wake him that early on his birthday.

Wait a minute, his birthday! Harry jumped out of bed and ran to his bathroom to take a shower.

To him this was his first actual party that'd he would attend. The Dursley's never cared, and by the time he was out of school the war was too intent to actually take time to celebrate.

Jamie of course had birthday parties and on such, but having the vague memory was not the same as being at the real thing.

Getting dressed Harry chose some nice kaki pants and a comfortable dress shirt. This in itself was something foreign to him. To actually have normal clothes that fit him was just strange to his mindset.

Harry quickly hurried down stairs, sat at the breakfast table and started to load his plate full.

Country cooking was quickly becoming something he was getting fond of. This cooking could easily rival Mrs. Weasley's and being cooked totally with out magic which was mind boggling.

He didn't even look up when his grandmother laughed at the rate he was shoveling away his breakfast.

"Honestly Jamie, slow down. It's not like the food is going anywhere. The way you are eating it's like your last meal." She said teasingly.

"Well Gram, I can't help if I find your food the best around." Harry said sincerely through a mouth full of eggs.

"Hush you; my cooking is the only one around so that's not much of a compliment." She waved a finger at him, "but I guess you could eat something your grandfather cooked. I mean if you actually consider that cooking."

Harry just grinned in response. His new family was definitely growing on him.

Harry's birthday was very eventful and quiet enjoyable. For being, well old, his grandparents had absolutely no problem keeping up with Harry as he ran from ride to ride at Carowinds in the Queen's City.

One thing that he never knew before (personally anyways) was that after spinning a few dozen times on a full stomach made motion sickness. He both hated and loved the roller coaster rides.

The rides reminded him unfortunately of floo powder, but the eleven-year-old Jamie who happened to be sharing his body was an absolute thrill junkie.

By the end of the day at the park Harry was practically bouncing up and down from happiness.

Never before had he been able to cut loose and be a kid with no expectations, or horrible relations putting him down.

At dinner that night, Harry and his grandparents went to one of Jamie's favorite restaurants.

Something Harry had never eaten before but agreed whole heartedly with his counterpart on the food, it was delicious.

Carolina BBQ was something he was definitely going to take back to England with him.

But the highlight of dinner was the present his grandparents sprang on him.

Jamie who absolutely loved technology and science had also given Harry a new love for technology.

So both he and his counterpart were thrilled when he tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a very expensive and advanced robot.

The HX300 was top of the line and he could easily program it to follow simple instructions.

Harry babbled out his thanks over and over again to his grinning grandparents.

Jamie had wanted something of this caliber for years and years. Finally here it was, and with perfect timing.

Harry grinned to himself with a simple but funny plan forming.

He'd have to give HX300 a name and a mission when he got home.

"Bloody hell," Tonks yawned out while she rubbed her eyes.

"Why do we have to leave at four in the morning again Mad-Eye?" She asked in a drowsy voice.

"Time difference, or did you forget that handy little fact? Wouldn't do to show up in the middle of the day there while its night here now would it?" Moody growled back. If he didn't know better he would think that Tonks asked ignorant questions just to grate his nerves.

He looked around the room and frowned grimly in satisfaction.

Besides Tonks the other members of the rescue team was wide awake and seemed ready to go. Best to be careful though. Never know when you'll walk into a trap.

Pulling out a pre-made port key, he held it out to the rest of the group.

When everyone had a hand on the length of rope he nodded grimly and whispered the password out. "Constant Vigilance."

Just before she felt the tug at her naval, Tonks couldn't help but grin at the activation words. How very Moody!

The four disilliusioned aurors took their first look upon the two story house in the mountains of North Carolina.

"Quaint." Tonks whispered before smirking over at the grizzled auror to her right.

"Quiet." Moody growled out while his magical eye rolled every which way.

"Keep your eyes opened and your wands out, we have no idea what we're walking into."

"Aw come on Mad-Eye two elderly muggles and an eleven-year-old wizard." Tonks said in an esperated voice, "what are they going to do, hit us over the head with a stick?"

Moody just bared his teeth while Shacklebolt and Bill smirked to one another.

"Muggles or no muggles we go in wands blazing till we get the Potter boy." Moody spat out.

"Now I'll take the lead, Tonks behind me, Weasley bring up the rear. When we get in there Tonks take basement and any rooms in the left wing. Shacklebolt, Weasley take the rest of downstairs and then set up a perimeter if you have time. I'll take the second story, now move out!"

Silently they made their way to the door and pushed it open.

"Why don't they even have their door locked?" Shacklebolt asked in a hushed voice.

"Small town and they live in the back woods. I wouldn't guess they receive too many visitors." Bill whispered back.

"I don't like it, could be a trap!" Moody muttered, his eye going haywire trying to look everywhere at once.

Tonks just snorted, "Yeah Mad-Eye…they've been expecting us! They get wizard visitors every day."

"Get going!" Moody growled.

Harry grinned as they walked through the door and started to converse in low voices.

Luckily for him he still had some extendable ears.

Seems like he was right. Moody was in charge of the mission, and he was as paranoid as ever.

Well time for him to into position if his plan was to work.

Moody's POV

He didn't like it, no he didn't like it one bit. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something just wasn't right.

Moody moved slowly up the stairs as the other members spread out to their destinations.

Muggles or no muggles he wasn't going to be taking any chances. His magical eye rolled to the left as he came upon the first door in the hallway.

Well he found the two adults, they seemed to be sleeping, but you never know in these situations. He magically sealed the door to be on the safe side. Best not to bother with them till he found the boy.

Continuing on to the next door he looked through the wall. It was a room for a girl, but didn't seem to have been lived in awhile. However, the room was perfectly kept with out a layer of dust anywhere.

Moody swerved his magical eye to the last door at the end of the hall. Odd, he could tell someone was in there, but he couldn't exactly tell where. Damn electricity, always messed with his eye.

Silently, he pushed the door open and moved inside. He could just make out a lump in the bed when he heard something roll behind him.

Spinning around the yelled out the stunning spell at the "thing," and was surprised when it rebounded off.

"Halt, you have trespassed in Darth Shade's lair. Remove yourself from his room until a decent hour."

Moody just stared at the small metallic "something" and wondered how to disable it. He quickly threw a silencing charm at it and quietly cursed as once again it rebounded off.

Quickly turning back to the bed, he was about to throw a stunner when he felt something hit his shoulder.

He had just enough time to wonder, "What the hell was that?" before he fell into darkness.

Tonks POV

She was undeniably bored.

It seemed the basement was made into a comfy recreational room, with some kind of game table in the middle of it. She wasn't sure what it was but it was green with colored balls on it.

She had already checked the lounge and nothing was notable there.

Maybe she should just sit down in the chair in the corner and wait for the all clear signal.

Walking over to it, she tripped over her own feet and had just enough time to curse her clumsiness where she hit the shelf and landed in the chair.

Tonks never saw the ball bat coming as it struck her in the head and knocked her out.

Bill's POV

They had checked the kitchen, living room, dining room, and all the other rooms on the first floor. Really, they all ready figured the boy was up stairs anyways. What was the point of looking for him down here then?

Vaguely he wondered what was taking Moody so long. All he had to do was snatch the boy.

He was just about to walk out side through the patio door to set up the perimeter when he heard a loud thud from the kitchen.

He pulled back from the door and started to creep towards the kitchen, but he then heard a soft rustling from his right.

Turning around he looked for the source of sound. His eyes scanned the room but he didn't see anyone/anything.

He crouched into a defensive position and grasped his wand tightly.

Frowning he heard another rustle then he quickly pointed his wand in the correct direction. Squinting he tried to make out if there was any one there.

"Who's there?" He called out, thinking it might just be Shacklebolt who had forgotten that he was invisible.

That's when he heard it …a low hiss.

He quickly averted his eyes down and was startled to see a snake curled on the middle of the sofa lying on a newspaper that rustled every time it moved. The snake seemed to follow his movements with it's' head.

Bill pointed his wand at it he was about to banish the thing when he felt something puncture his neck.

He grappled for the object that was sticking in his neck and pulled it out.

"I wonder if it was poisoned." Was his last thought before he passed out on the carpet.

Harry crouched just inside his bathroom doorway and waited for Moody to come into his room.

About five years ago Harry had finally found a way to make himself invisible from Moody's magical eye, something that annoyed Mad-Eye to no end of course.

Quiet simple really, all Harry had to do was keep something with a high electrical charge on his person, and then hide under an invisibility cloak.

Very few wizards knew this little fact of course, as they are mainly ignorant of the muggle world period.

Harry had to laugh at the stupidity in general of the wizarding world. They always overlooked the muggle way because their superiority complex.

In truth Harry preferred the muggle way of doing things over the wizard, that and muggles do have better entertainment.

Just then he heard a creek from just outside his door. He quickly raised the dart gun and prepared to fire at any given moment.

He almost chuckled when he saw Moody stealthily creep in through the door and scan the room.

When he raised his wand Harry pushed a button on the controller that was on the sink next to where he was standing.

Personally he thought it was a great idea to use his new robot HX300 to confuse Moody.

In general Moody hated muggle technology because he was so ignorant of it.

During the last war when Harry began to use muggle weaponry against the deatheaters Mad-Eye grudgingly began to become familiar with them, and only then because he was paranoid about getting killed by one.

"Halt, you have trespassed in Darth Shade's lair. Remove yourself from his room until a decent hour."

Harry grinned when the animated voice yelled out those words, another thing from the war actually.

By the time Harry and the others were out of Hogwarts the war had really picked up, and Voldemort was no longer hiding his ugly face.

In the order all the members had code names. Harry really didn't care what his code name was as long as it wasn't something embarrassing or crude.

So he had let his friends choose his code name, or the twins actually. Gred and Forge couldn't decide between Shade ( because they said, "Harry was like a shadow") or Darth ( from the movie Star Wars because, "Harry was seriously one evil guy"). So they had just combined the two names and they just stuck.

If everything worked out to plan in this world he was planning on giving his friends the same codenames they had in his world.

After Moody turned his back towards Harry he shot a dart in Moody's shoulder. With a thud Mad-Eye fail to the floor out cold.

Well that was easy!

Harry quickly and quietly tied Moody's prone body up and put a gag in his mouth, then moved towards the door to find the others.

The first one he found was Shacklebolt in the kitchen looking at the microwave.

He was a quick take down and by the time Harry had him tied up and gagged, he heard movement from the living room.

Making sure all his body parts were under the invisibility cloak Harry moved towards the living room and peered through the doorway.

Zantose lay in the middle of the couch as planned and Bill was looking in the snakes' general direction as if looking for someone.

"Funny human, here I am! I bite, I'll bite you if you come near!" Zantose hissed in annoyance.

Harry saw Bill turn pale as he looked down on the snake and pointed his wand at it. Not wanting to see what Bill would do to Zantose Harry quickly shot Bill with a dart, and in his haste accidentally hit him in the neck.

While that was not problematic it would cause a more notable bruise than if he was shot on the shoulder.

Harry quickly went over to Zantose to make sure he was ok and ask where Tonks was.

"Stupid pink-haired one knocked her self out in the basement." He hissed his amusement to Harry's question.

Harry bound and gagged Bill then quickly descended the stairs to see for himself if Tonks was conscious.

He couldn't help but chuckle. She was draped across the chair with a large knot on her head, and a ball bat at her side.

He quickly bound her and conjured four additional chairs and placed them in the middle of the room, before levitating Tonks to one.

Then he went back upstairs and levitated the others to the chairs in the basement.

Smiling Harry conjured himself a very comfortable chair and sat back to wait till his guests regained their senses.

CH 8

Harry smirked over at his rescuers while he twirled the can of pepper spray in his hands.

He wasn't planning on using it, but they didn't need to know that of course. Well he might use it on Moody if he becomes too aggressive, after all Harry could agree with getting pissed at being caught by an eleven-year-old.

Bill was the first one to come to. He stirred loudly and let out a moan before opening his eyes.

The sight that met him immediately made his eyes to snap all the way open and he attempted to sit up straight. For there sat Harry Potter, the boy they were meant to rescue, staring intently back at him as if trying to figure out what he was.

This was all planned of course, well on Harry's part. Best to play the innocent muggle boy trapping the bizarre intruders, after all they were wearing 'dresses'.

Harry Potter stared at Bill Weasley, and Bill Weasley stared back.

Harry narrowed his eyes and demanded in the hardest tone of voice he could, "Who are you and why did you break into my house?" Of course mentally he was smirking.

He was going to love seeing Bill try to worm his way out of this one, especially with a very unwilling Harry to assist.

Bill was gob smacked. Should he tell the boy the truth, or not say anything until Moody awakes to handle the problem.

But knowing Mad-Eye he wouldn't be the best tell the boy why they were here at all. More than likely Moody would be upset about being captured by a mere boy and think that said boy was really a death eater in disguise and then attempt to roughly take down the "death eater".

Bill was in a very very sticky situation. What they needed was someone calm and collected someone like Dumbledore or Remus Lupin. But the only way that Bill would be able to contact them was if he was able to write a note in his emergency note book that they had been given before the mission incase they were separated.

He moved his bound hands to feel his pockets, slowly as to not draw attention, and was dismayed to not feel anything in them. Shit! He looked back over to where the boy was sitting.

"Well are you going to answer or am I going to have to get my grandfather who won't be as kind as to just shoot darts, if you get my drift."

Bill's eyes widened farther. Big time shit! It was then that he realized that he was gagged. He motioned towards it with his bound hands and mumbled something.

Harry slowly got up from his chair and approached Bill with his can of mace held up.

He quickly undid the gag and then backed away and started to take off the gags of the others, but left the one on Moody. He then moved towards his chair never once turning his back on his captive and sat down.

"Well, you were saying?" Harry said in a commanding way.

"I don't think I'd be the best person to explain why we are here under these circumstances." Bill said hoping the kid wouldn't get his 'grandfather' for that reply.

"I'm guessing you weren't forced to break into my house, so therefore you can take responsibility for your own actions. Why are you here? Harry grounded out with his eyes narrowed.

Damn that kid was sharp. "We came to rescue you!" Bill blurted out before he realized it. He didn't know why but this kid seemed to demand an answer from him and he felt compelled to do so. That and he knew he was totally screwed.

Harry put on the most confused face he could muster. "Rescue, why would I need to be rescued from my home and family?"

Now Bill was really uncomfortable. How was he supposed to tell the kid that his family wasn't his family, that he had been kidnapped when he was three?

Bill wasn't an expert in child psychology, but he knew how he'd react if somebody told him that. He would laugh in their face and then curse them to hell for even mentioning something so stupid.

All of a sudden he was very thankful that Harry didn't know any magic yet so therefore Bill was safe from curses, but then he eyed the can the boy was holding. 'I wonder what the hell that is?'

Bill almost sighed in relief when he saw Tonks start to stir.

"What the bloody hell? Did somebody get the name of the hippogriff that ran me over?" Tonks mumbled not fully coherent.

If anything could have shocked Bill it was the smile that sprouted over Harry's face. Bill had the feeling that he was enjoying this situation more than he was letting on. All of a sudden the black haired green eyed boy reminded him uncannily of his little twin brothers.

The truth was that Harry and Jamie were indeed enjoying this immensely. If it hadn't been the fact for Harry's self control Jamie would have long ago been rolling around on the floor at the hilariousness of it all.

"Well I can't be sure but it wasn't a hippogriff that knocked you out, rather a bat." Harry said in a serious voice.

"What? Bat? Did somebody let Snape out of his dungeons?" Tonks slurred out, very much still out of it. At that Harry just had to smirk.

"Wrong kind of bat I am guessing, unless you are talking about a baseball bat? But that is for another discussion. Would you like to explain why you broke into my house?" Harry said in a smooth voice.

Tonks' eyes snapped opened and stared into a pair of brilliant green ones and she visibly jumped. "Sweet Merlin!"

Then she started turning red.

"Um what's a baseball bat?" She asked honestly curious about what knocked her out.

"This," Harry answered picking up said item from the table beside him, "is a baseball bat."

Tonks looked shocked for a minute before she muttered out something that amused Bill greatly. "Bloody muggle stick!" From then on Tonks would be very careful about what she joked about.

Bill was shocked as he turned to look at the bat. "You hit her over the head with that? What were you thinking? You could have killed her!"

He was clearly shocked that somebody would bludgeon somebody with a baseball bat, let alone a child would do so.

Harry cracked up, while Bill looked at him in disbelief and anger.

Harry watched as Bill turned a shade of red to rival the hair on his head. Weasley through and through.

"I didn't hit her over the head with anything, she knocked herself out. Really funny actually!"

Bill looked over to where Tonks was tied and the blush on her face was enough to confirm Harry's words. Bill allowed a small smile to form on his lips.

"Neither of you have answered my question yet. Why are you here?"

Bill and Tonks shared a look before looking back at Harry.

Tonks began, "I don't think we are the best people to tell you that. Perhaps if you let us contact some people that would be better able to explain?"

"Why would I be dumb enough to let a potentially dangerous criminals contact their partners, who in turn would just come and attack?" Harry asked disbelief evident in his voice.

Bill had to give it to the kid, he did have a point, but that was working against the rescue squad at the moment.

"We're not criminals, we swear. Just let us contact somebody who can explain this to you!" Tonks pleaded.

They watched as Harry appeared to mull it over, and finally he turned his eyes back to his captives.

"Who do you want to contact and how?" He finally asked.

"Our leader Albus Dumbledore. He's the headmaster of Hogwarts." Bill replied.

"Hogwarts, as in the funny school I received a letter from a few days back?" Harry demanded clearly surprised to the onlookers.

"The one and the only." Tonks confirmed.

"I thought that was just my friend pulling my leg." He paused then continued, "How are you supposed to contact him, another owl?"

"Well we have another method of contacting him, but I'll need my hands free to do so." Bill explained.

Harry narrowed his eyes. "I really don't think that it'd be wise to untie you sorry. So just tell me how to contact this Dumbledore and I'll do it.

Tonks flinched at the tone of voice. It seemed that Harry wasn't one to be fooled, unnaturally quick witted for a boy his age, but maybe it was just an American thing.

'Another good point.' Bill thought to himself, but then seeing no other way agreed that it was the only way.

"I am guessing you removed all our personal items?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"Yup, but what you'd do with carved sticks is beyond my imagination. You lot didn't even have any decent weapons, and the fact you are wearing dresses."

Bill just blinked at that. 'Any decent weapons?'

"Yes well the pocket notebook if you open it up and turn to the page that says lemon drop and write a message on it you should be able to contact the headmaster." Bill replied trying to ignore the boy's last comment.

Harry just raised an eye brow. "How convenient, reminds me of e-mail."

Bill raised an eye brow. "E-mail?" He asked in an interested voice.

If his dad ever got to talk to this boy he'd love him. Bill thought while pondering over the new term.

"Doesn't matter." Harry said while he started to dig threw a knapsack that was on the table. Pulling out a pocket notebook he opened it and flipped through it until he found the page marked 'lemon drop' in big purple letters.

He then pulled out an ink pen and began to write a message to the esteemed headmaster.

Dumbledore was sitting at his desk sipping his tea when his contact book gave a shudder that rattled his desk and its' contents.

He wouldn't admit it to the others in the room with him, but he was worried, extremely so.

The rescue group had left over two hours ago and they still hadn't returned from saving young Harry Potter.

Albus had the most respect for Mad-Eye and knew that he'd get the job done, but being in unknown territory always bothered the headmaster.

So here he was drinking tea with Lily and the Marauders while waiting for the teams return.

Opening his book to the page marked for Bill Weasley he saw written in small and slanted writing one word.


Grabbing a big feathered quill Dumbledore paused before he answered. Bill knew how to use the notebook, so who ever was writing was clearly not Bill or a member of the team.

"Who is this?" Dumbledore wrote back becoming very uneasy of the implications of how somebody else got their hands on a member's notebook.

But the answer he received he was not prepared for.

"Jamie Delhomme, the boy you sent your lackeys to kidnap. Remember me now?"

If Dumbledore had been one to curse he would have muttered out an 'Oh shit' then in there. However, being a man of more upstanding talk he simply paused to collect his thoughts.

When he was about to reply more writing started to appear.

"Well I'll take that as a no, and that must mean that the people sitting tied up in front of me are clearly lying, no?"

'Tied up? Oh no definitely not good at all.' Albus' feeling of uneasy was already shot to the sky, something was not right. Glancing at the people in the room he hurried to reply.

"No I did order them to bring you to me on my orders. Please do not harm them."

"Who said I was planning on harming them more so than they already are? All I want are some answers as to why I found four intruders in my house in the middle of the night, doesn't sound very upstanding does it?"

The words jumped out as if they were screamed at Dumbledore, 'more so than they already are.' What could have happened to his friends?

"If you would only come here to listen I would be more than happy to explain my reasoning behind my decision to send them." He replied.

"Why would I come there, why don't you just explain now, while I am a safe distance away from you!" Was the return answer.

Albus frowned in worry then came up with a brilliant idea as he scanned the room once again.

"Because it is not something to tell to you over parchment. I would rather tell you face to face, or at least let some one who knows the situation tell you?"


"A very nice man that I know. One Remus Lupin, he is not dangerous at all."

Once again Dumbledore frowned. He would like to go himself, but somebody familiar might be something to sway him. After all Albus wasn't sure just how much, if anything Harry remembered before he was three.

"When can he be here?" Was the only reply.

Not wishing to give the impression of deception Dumbledore answered honestly.

"I am not sure the precise time, but as soon as possible, after all it is six AM here."

The only response that met this was one word.


Oh no! This was not a good day at all, and it just seemed to be getting worse.

Harry closed the notebook and with his back to the captives smirked. This day just kept getting better and better.

CH 9

Turning back around to the group behind him, Harry narrowed his eyes and asked, "What can you tell me about Remus Lupin?"

Tonks blushed slightly causing Harry to inwardly smile. 'So that little love duo is also together here, eh?'

Bill however, sighed in relief. Remus was the perfect person to send to Harry.

"Well Remus is a very kind and thoughtful person, really great guy, really trustworthy." Bill said in a sincere voice.

It was true too. He had only known Remus two years since Bill joined the order, but in that time he had came to respect Remus greatly.

Harry just nodded and looked thoughtful, "Hmm Remus? For some reason the names sounds familiar, but I am sure that I've never met anyone by that name."

Just then Tonks' stomach gave a loud grumble. Both Harry and Bill looked over at her and raised their eyebrows.

"Hungry?" Harry asked trying not to smirk; after all it was nearly breakfast time in England.

Tonks just nodded and then smiled, "All this excitement has given me an appetite."

"Feel like pizza?" He asked.

Tonks and Bill nodded their heads in agreement while Harry went to get the phone. Coming back downstairs he sat back down in his chair before calling the pizza parlor.

"What do you like on your pizza?" Harry asked already knowing.

In his world he was quiet shocked when he found out that wizards didn't have pizza. Sure he knew they never served pizza at Hogwarts, but just attributed it to the fact that it was boarding school.

During the war the best place to catch an undisturbed meal was in muggle areas.

Voldemort was not dumb enough to attack the muggles outright, after all they out numbered magical people 100:1, and not even going into their technology.

Bill and Tonks just looked at each other.

"What's a pizza?" Bill finally asked.

"Oh don't worry about it I'll just order I'm sure you'll love it." Harry replied before dialing the number and placing his order that would arrive in ten minutes.

The good thing about living in this area on a Friday night in summer is the vacationers. You wouldn't expect people to vacation in the mountains in summer, but you'd be surprised. They were almost as bad now as they are in the fall, but the plus side was that all the best restaurants were opened later and were quicker than other times of the year.

Harry quickly went upstairs and fetched some glasses and ice before depositing them on the table in the basement, then went back up and brought down a wide supply of sodas.

"Ok before I untie your hands you have to promise me that you won't try to escape." Harry demanded in an authoritative voice.

Both Bill and Tonks quickly agreed since they both felt they weren't in any immediate danger.

After Harry had moved the table in front of the captives where they would be able to reach their drinks and food he then untied all their hands except Moody's once again.

Noticing this Bill was somewhat amused, and decided to ask about it. "Why haven't you untied or ungagged Moody?"

"Oh that's his name is it? Well he almost destroyed my robot so I think some discomfort is in order." Harry answered frowning over at the bound man.

That wasn't the truth of course but they didn't know that, for it sounded just like something Moody would do.

Knowing Dumbledore like he did Harry knew that they'd have at least another thirty minutes before Moony showed up.

Grinning he could just imagine what Dumbledore was telling his parents right now.

Albus looked around his office once again. 'Oh no no no, this was not good at all!'

Sighing he decided he would have to tell every one here of the predicament they found themselves in.

He loudly cleared his throat for attention. When every one stopped bantering and turned to look at the esteemed headmaster, he smiled slightly and began. "I have just received a most interesting message from the states." Immediately every one present was all ears, and leaned forward intently.

"I have surprising and yet troubling news. It would seem that our rescue attempt failed and the members of the team are now held captive."

There was a collected gasp from Lily and the Marauders.

"How is that even possible, Moody is the best, he isn't one to let his guard down or be captured?" Sirius demanded.

Albus bowed his head. "Alas I have reached the same conclusion and can only believe that Alaster is dead."

Sighing heavily he continued, "The message I received was from none other than your son demanding why I sent people there to kidnap him. I fear that if we do not send someone to sort this mess out, then the other members could be seriously harmed."

Here he peered over his spectacles at the group. "I think Remus would be the best to send, as he has the best deposition to handle this situation and there is a good chance Harry might remember him."

Remus looked worried but nodded his head in agreement anyways. He would do anything to get Harry back, even if that meant risking his own life to do so.

"When do I leave?" He asked not even missing a beat.

"Twenty minutes should be plenty of time to set up the arrangements and for you to get prepared I believe." Albus answered.

Remus looked over at his friends and gave an encouraging smile while he grasped Lily's hand and gave a squeeze. He would bring Harry home.

Tonks was pleasantly surprised with the pizza and soda.

As she took another bite of her Hawaiian style pizza she wondered why she had never had it before, that and this soda of course. She had to admit this sundrop beat pumpkin juice any day of the week hands down.

She grinned at Bill as he ate yet another breadstick in marinara sauce.

They had been eating for about ten minutes when Shacklebolt came around.

He rolled his head forward and rested them in his hands a minute before he rubbed his eyes. When he finally lifted his head and looked around he just blinked at the inhabitants around the table as if he was used to being tied up every day.

Harry knew that Shacklebolt was always calm in unknown situations and this fact was one of the reasons Harry always enjoyed working with him.

After a brief over view as to what they were doing Shacklebolt started to eat also.

"Why hasn't Mad-Eye came to yet? I would have thought that he would be the first to regain consciousness." He asked.

Harry frowned in annoyance before answering. "I might have upped his dose a bit; after all he did about destroy my new robot. Paranoid that one!"

Tonks about snorted out her soda at that. "Moody? Paranoid? Never!" She muttered in a sarcastic voice.

Just then Harry heard his snake friend start to come down the basement stairs hissing for him.

"Be right back I have to get Zantose." He said while getting up from his seat.

They all paused a bit fearful. Shacklebolt looked at the others, "Zantose?"

Bill just shrugged in reply.

Harry went over to the stairs and picked up the snake and bent closer to hear what it was hissing.

"Another man is here Master. He carries a funny smell around him." Zantose hissed.

Harry just grinned and went back to the table and sat down, it was only a matter of time before Remus came down here, after all he did have the light on.

Bill looked over at Harry in shock, for in his hands he held the snake that had been laid on the couch up stairs.

"Is that snake by any chance poisonous?" Tonks asked in interest as her hand paused on its way to her mouth with a bread stick.

"Yes Zantose is poisonous, but he wouldn't bite any one with out cause!" Harry said with a wide grin as Bill started to pale.

'Well I think I've finally figured out what Bill is afraid of.' Harry thought smirking.

And that was how Remus Lupin found the group. The rescue squad eating pizza while half-way tied up, and Harry Potter with a snake draped across his lap.

Today was certainly full of suprises.

CH 10

Remus Lupin was shocked, for their sat the rescue squad perfectly fine eating, and a miniature James staring back at him while petting a snake.

Harry stared at Remus. He looked younger than Harry remembered him ever looking before, but attributed it to the fact that he had not suffered as his Remus had.

Remembering his Remus Harry felt a shadow fall over his eyes, he had died just a year after Sirius had.

After Sirius' death both Harry and Remus became quiet close sharing their pain in suffering at their lost. He became the older brother Harry was never able to have, and a confidant who was trusted with his deepest, darkest secretes.

"Come and sit." Harry demanded then asked in a more pleasant voice, "Would you like some pizza?"

Remus jumped when he was ordered to sit, and before he had thought about it he was sitting across from the young boy. He looked so much like James it was simply uncanny.

As he observed young Harry, Harry was doing the same to him. Finally Harry broke the silences that had settled over the group.

"Do I know you?" He asked in a hesitant voice.

Remus' heart jumped into his throat and he thought he would chock on it. 'He remembers me?' Remus thought with glee.

"Yes Harry I was very close to you when you were younger. You were around three then." Remus replied watching Harry very closely for any reaction. He saw the child's face scrunch up in concentration as if in deep thought.

"Jamie." Harry muttered appearing distracted. When in fact he was thinking about how to plays this best.

"Pardon?" Remus asked confused.

"My name is Jamie, if you knew me as you claimed surely you would have known that." Harry said with narrowed eyes.

Remus sighed. This could be more difficult than planned.

"I am sorry; I didn't realize that you went by a different name now." Remus said apologetically.

"However, I have some rather shocking news to inform you about, but I assure you that it's the truth."

"You are not who you think you are."

Harry just raised an eye brow. 'Since when did you become so clear and informative?'

"I know very well who I am, and I have a vague memory of who you are, but I cannot allow you to harm my grandparents." Harry said deciding that a bit of the truth would be best, not to mention it would confuse Moony more.

Remus was shocked. 'Harry knew? Then why had he not contacted them before now?'

"You are my Uncle Moony, and I know I am Harry Potter. However, my family is my grandparents, and I am not willing to lose my family twice, so you and Dumbledore can forget about snatching me away from them. I won't have it. If you guys kidnap me I'll just run away." Harry said stubbornly.

The other four people across the table started at him.

Finally Tonks blurted out, "You knew? So that's how you knew we were coming!"

Harry just grinned at her. "Actually I had no clue you were coming, you just happened to trip my motion sensors, something never done before, so I knew some one had broken in."

Remus was stuck, they had never thought about how Harry would feel about this all. They had just assumed he'd be thrilled about being reunited with his parents. Apparently they were wrong; Harry seemed to care about his 'grandparents' very much indeed. So much in fact that he had fooled their whole rescue plan so that he could protect his family. He looked at the boy in a new light. He was extremely bright to pull something of this magnitude off.

"Harry" Remus said softly "I don't think they'd ever take anybody you cared about away from you, but they took you away from your parents."

"They didn't!" Harry yelled angrily. "They haven't a clue that I'm not their grandson."

Suddenly he deflated and looked down caste. "What if they don't love me any more once they find out?" He asked miserably.

His first instinct was to reassure the boy, but he had a more important issue to deal with first.

"Harry this is important." Remus said urgently "Are you sure they never knew?" He reached over to comfort the boy but stopped short when he heard a threatening hiss from the snake.

"Of course they didn't know, they are muggles through and through, just like their daughter." He said quickly.

"I don't think she ever knew really either." He muttered as if in thought.

"What? What do you mean by that Harry?" Remus asked confused. This story just kept getting more confusing as time went by.

"I was given to her. The lady that gave me to her made her treat and think of me as her child." Harry said simply.

At this statement Remus looked shocked and a bit dismayed. If it was true that the muggle was under a curse, then she truly wasn't aware at what she was doing.

"I think we need to discuss this with your parents and Dumbledore, but I think they'll agree to let you see your current family." Remus told the distraught young boy.

"Do you still have Bill's note book?" He asked.

Harry reached under the table and brought out the knapsack then removed the notebook and handed it to Remus. Bill just raised his eye brows at them.

"Do you think you could untie us now?" Bill asked looking hopeful.

Harry just looked at them. "Well somebody we'll have to hold Zantose so I can untie the ropes, he doesn't like being laid on a cold surface." He answered in an innocent voice.

Bill paled slightly and shook his head while Remus started his letter to Albus.


It would seem that the people Harry is living with have no idea that he isn't their grandson, biological or other wise. From what I have gathered by what he remembers the muggle he was given to was order to take him. I fear she was under the Imperious Curse, and being a muggle had no choice but to follow directions. Harry is insistent that he will not accept no contact with his current family, so I believe a compromise needs to be made.


P.S. The team and Moody are alive and well.

Albus Dumbledore once again opened his shaking note book to find a new message from Remus.

Well this certainly changed everything. As he re-read the message he let out a sigh of relief. The team was ok after all and Alaster was alive.

Looking over to the Potters and Sirius he was unsure at how to bring up this conversation, but was saved the trouble when Sirius asked him about the message.

"Well it seems we have a problem, but I am sure it is nothing we cannot work out for Harry's well being. It seems that the muggles he is leaving with do not know that Harry was kidnapped, and Harry thinks of them as family." Albus began but was interrupted by Lily who had suddenly turned pale.

"He doesn't want anything to do with us, does he?" Lily asked as if she was hearing her worst fear confirmed.

"Of course he wants to be with you Lily; he just doesn't want to have to give up contact with people he thinks of as family." He replied reasonably.

"We'll just have to go there later and sort this out, I am sure we can come up with an agreement that will suit Harry's wishes, after all we do want him to be happy."

The Potters and Sirius just nodded, but they seemed resigned to the fact that they would have to share Harry.

"Excellent I shall just write to Remus immediately and tell him of the up date, hopefully young Harry will release the rescue squad." Albus said cheerfully.

After ten minutes of Remus telling Harry about his parents and siblings, he felt the note book shake with the return reply from Albus.

He flipped the book open and read the verdict.


It would seem that we have little choice in the matter in dealing with Harry, after all his well being is what is most important at the moment. We will be arriving later today to explain things to Harry's current guardians around ten AM or so their time. Until then you and the team try to get some sleep and keep young Harry safe.


He looked back over at the boy and gave a small smile and told him what was going to happen later.

"Well since we have that all sorted out, is there any chance you can untie us now?" Tonks asked in a pleading tone. "These ropes are beginning to chaff my ankles!"

Shrugging Harry placed Zantose on the table and pulled a wicked looking knife from his bag before crawling under the table and cutting his captives' ropes.

When he pulled the knife from the bag, everyone present raised their eyes at the object, except for Bill who was too busy staring at the snake that had slide over to their side of the table and was hissing menacingly.

"Um Harry what are you doing with a knife like that?" Remus asked concerned as to what kind of people had raised his best friend's son.

After he had finished sawing through the last ropes Harry crawled back to his sit and turned towards Remus.

"What this old thing?" He asked waving it carelessly about.

"It was a present from my Great Uncle Morris for my seventh birthday. He's a bit odd if you ask me, but the knife has come in handy in the past." Harry said with a shrug.

Remus and the others tried not to look shocked that an adult would get a seven-year-old such a gift.

"Well personally I'm beat so I am heading up to bed, can you guys provide for yourself or what?" Harry asked in the most unsure voice he could muster.

They could only nod in return as Harry picked up his snake and headed back up stairs to sleep.

After he went upstairs Remus pulled out his wand and started to transfigure some of the furniture into beds for them to rest on.

"Well that was certainly enlightening." Tonks muttered under her breath.

Remus could only silently agree. 'Yes, Jamie Delhomme kept giving them surprise after surprise. Any more and he was sure that the boy would drive them sparse.'

CH 11

At nine Harry was woken up by loud thumps. He quietly sat up wondering what could be banging when he heard voices.

"I am telling you that the door won't budge, I don't see how the door could be jammed. Why don't you get out of bed and give me a hand." The irate voice of his grandmother yelled.

'Crap Moody sealed their door last night.' Harry thought while he moved out towards his grandparents' room.

"Gram, hold on for a minute I'll get you out of there, just give me five minutes." He yelled through the door and then ran off down towards the basement.

He crept down the stairs and looked around, and was still pleased to see Moody out like a light.

Remus, Tonks, Bill, and Shacklebolt were all sleeping on conjured beds in the corner of the room.

Harry grinned at how Remus was hung across the bed with his hand hanging over the side nearly touching the ground.

He slowly walked towards the bed and shook Moony awake.

As soon as Harry touched him Moony's eye flew open and he jumped up looking wildly around.

Seeing Harry he calmed down and gave him a penetrating look, "Something wrong Harry?"

"Well my grandparents are locked in their room, and can't get out. I think it has something to do with magic? Would you get them out?" Harry asked confused.

Nodding Remus got out of bed and followed Harry up the stairs and to his grandparents' room.

"I'm telling you the darn thing is stuck! Hopefully Jamie will be able to get us out." Harry heard his grandmother say.

Harry had to stifle a laugh at the frustration in her voice, and when he heard his grandfather mutter in reply, for he knew that the old man probably was still laying in bed half-way asleep.

Remus took out his wand and looked towards Harry. "Do you remember what this is?" He asked waving it in indication.

Harry just nodded before Remus muttered a spell and the door unlocked.

Reaching out Harry turned the doorknob and opened the door to the shocked face of his grandmother.

"Um hey gram,' Harry said with a tight smile, "Can you handle guests for breakfast?"

"Guests?" She asked not having seen Remus.

"Yes, quiet a crowd too. They have something important to talk with you about me." He said avoiding her eyes.

"Jamie Delhomme YOU BETTER NOT HAVE PULLED SOME PRANK AND GOT IN TROUBLE!" Alice yelled at her only grandson, while David started to laugh in the back ground.

"No, nothing like that." Harry began quickly. "Can you host them please?"

"Well I guess as long as you are sure you haven't done anything that I should be aware about." She said.

"Thanks Gram, they should be here at ten." Harry said gratefully.

"What? Ten? Got to hurry then don't we?" She asked as she closed the door to go get dressed.

Harry turned around and looked over at Remus who was staring at him from further along the hallway.

He motioned for Remus to follow him to his bed room where they could talk in private with out his grandparents freaking out about a stranger in the house.

Moony studied the room and its contents.

Many of the items he was able to recognize from the Potters' house, because Lily kept many of them around, such as the TV and CD player. However, many of the devices he had no clue what they were. The room was painted a dark blue, with bookshelves lining the walls, and some sort of gear in the corner. The desk that was set against the wall had some sort of metal parts on it waiting to be assembled.

Noticing Remus' confused stare Harry answered his unspoken question. "It's a rocket."

"A rocket? What does it do?" Remus questioned interested.

"Well I guess it doesn't really do anything, at least this one won't, but it'll be great to launch." Harry said excitedly letting Jamie's eagerness for science take over.

"Here," Harry said handing Remus a book on rockets that he pulled of his shelf, "It'll explain the basics on what rockets are and on such."

Remus took the book and began to flip through it while Harry walked over to the TV and pulled out a controller for his playstation, turning back around he looked at Remus. "Do you know how to play?"

He took the offered controller and stared down at the strange device. 'Why not? At least he would be able to get to know Harry somewhat while they played.'

When Dumbledore arrived he gave the rescue team and Remus a portkey back to Hogwarts' infirmary for them to be checked out. Deciding that it was best to leave Moody out for the minute he went ahead and sent him back out cold, not wanting to cause a scene.

Privately he was shocked that an eleven-year-old boy captured them all, but then again Harry was the son of a marauder.

Over all the meeting with the headmaster and his grandparents went better than expected.

They were quiet shocked to find out who their grandson really was, but they still loved him all the same.

Further more they decided that if he so wished he would be able to visit them and his parents at his on will; which meant that they had to be connected to the floo network.

After the surprise of finding out that he was Harry Potter, his grandparents seemed to accept the possibility of magic and a magical world with surprising ease, especially after a demonstration from Dumbledore.

Dumbledore finally spoke directly to Harry, after he was finished talking to his grandparents.

"Ah so how are you Harry?" Dumbledore asked peering over his glasses at the small messy haired boy.

"Fine, sir." Harry said mentally grimacing at where this conversation could be going. He was hoping to avoid talking to the headmaster today.

"You don't seem quiet shocked by all this information." It was said as a statement not as a question. "Why is that my boy?" Albus asked with his fingers steeped in front of him.

At this accusation both Alice and David turned to stare at Harry confusion clearly written across their faces.

"I didn't know, if that's what you are asking, well at least not until recently." Harry began. "I thought as much before, but I always thought that I was just imagining things." Harry said while leaving Jamie's memories open for Dumbledore to pursue at his wish.

Dumbledore must have liked what he saw there for he smiled at Harry and offered him a lemon drop, which Harry accepted to the headmaster's great surprise.

As Harry munched on the candy he looked over at Dumbledore. "What?" He asked in a confused voice at the headmaster's expression.

Grinning merrily with a twinkle back in his eye he looked over at Harry. "You're only the third person to ever accept a lemon drop from me."

"Oh." Harry said while thinking, 'well I was always told not to take candy from creepy old men.'

After his grandparents walked out of the room to discuss something in private Harry turned back towards Dumbledore.

"When can I see my parents?" He asked in a nervous voice, for he truly was anxious about meeting them, something he had been dreaming about his whole life.

"Well from the agreement we just made you can chose to see them whenever you wish to." Dumbledore began, "They are most anxious to see you as you can imagine they would be."

Harry nervously bit on his thumb thinking about what he would say to them, what they'd be like, if they'd even like him.

'Wait what if they don't like me, what if they think that I am too weird or something, what if my siblings hate me?'

He must have let some of these thoughts slip passed his shields because suddenly Dumbledore chuckled.

"Harry I assure you that your parents aren't going to hate you." He said.

Harry raised an eye brow at that statement.

"How did you know what I was thinking? Can you read my thoughts or something?" He asked trying to gauge the old man's reaction.

Dumbledore smiled merrily. "No one can read minds Harry, and as to how I could tell what you were thinking, it was as clear as day on your face."

Harry nodded his head in acknowledgement to his statement.

"Well I think I'll leave tomorrow morning, that way I'll have time to pack and spend some personal time with my grandparents." He said in a voice full of thought and consideration.

"You don't think the Potters would be mad with that?" Harry asked trying to sound like an unsure little kid.

Dumbledore smiled benignly at him. "I think the Potters will understand perfectly, and I am sure they need to prepare for your home coming also. So don't worry my dear boy!"

Sirius and James crowded around Remus and started to nag at him excitedly. "Well come on Moony tell us what he's like." Sirius demanded.

Remus looked thoughtful about the question. "Well he looks exactly like James, so much though that he could pass for your twin at that age." Here he paused. 'What exactly did he know about Harry?'

"Well he is obviously very intelligent, likes muggle technology, has a pet snake, and personally I think he pulls pranks." The last part was said with a smile.

Sirius and James looked at each other and grinned.

"Well Jamie boy looks like your genes won out against Lily's bookworm ones. We've got another marauder to add to the bunch." Sirius said practically crowing in delight.

"Well I never said he wasn't a bookworm." Remus said in a smug voice.

James looked shocked. "What he's a bookworm?"

Remus just grinned in return and left the room.

Sirius looked over and James.

"Do you think he was kidding?" He asked in a worried voice.

"No clue Padfoot, but I plan to find out. Come on let's go find him." James exclaimed running out of the room after Moony.

Harry lay on his bed staring up at his ceiling thinking about all that had transpired since he had merged with his younger counterpart.

For the first time in years he was truly happy.

He had a loving family, his parents were alive, Remus and Sirius were alive, his friends were alive, and he had the chance to do everything over again.

'Boy Hermione is going to be annoyed at me at Hogwarts for awhile.' Harry thought smugly.

He grinned.

This was going to be oh so sweet. Snape was definitely going to pay for how he tormented him last time around. Maybe he could really expose the dirty death eater for what he was, before Dumbledore kicked the bucket.

He paused and frowned though. How was he supposed to deal with Narcissa Malfoy this time around? After all she did save him, so he did owe her in a way.

Harry sighed. Maybe he could just turn Draco before it was too late. In his original world Draco joined the death eaters at the end of his fifth year, and was killed by Voldemort right after his nineteenth birthday for turning traitor. Harry didn't much like the boy, but he wasn't cut out to be a death eater, his mother had seen to that. Draco was all bark and no bite.

'Maybe, just maybe I can turn him before he makes a mistake. Perhaps if I got rid of Malfoy Senior he'd come around, after all Draco was always doing what his father said.' Harry thought.

Rolling off his bed he began to pack his knapsack with things he thought would be important to take with him.

He wrapped his shrunk trunk in a t-shirt and placed it in the middle of his bag with his new robot. Next he pulled out several prank items from under his bed, ones he knew the marauders had never seen before and that would be most useful to us on them.

When Harry was finally done the knapsack was bursting to the seems, so he waved his hand and enlarged the bag a bit. He walked over to his bed where Zantose was laying and picked him up.

"Tomorrow we leave my friend." He hissed to the young snake.

CH 12

Cassie and Angel sat back and watched as their mother went on a cleaning rampage after dinner.

For nine-year-olds the twins were extremely sharp and knew something was very off about the whole situation. Their first indication that something wasn't right was when Uncle Remus arrived right before dinner and all the adults went off to talk in private.

They only discussed things in private when something was seriously wrong, or was something to do with the order.

Cassie frowned, "Why do you think she's cleaning so much, do you think we are going to have guests?"

"Well that certainly makes sense, do you think they are going to tell us who is coming, or are we just going to have to ask?" Angel said following her mother's movement with her eyes.

"Maybe we should get one of the boys or Jalene to ask so we can gauge her reaction." Cassie murmured thoughtfully.

Getting up the twins started off to their youngest sibling's room, which was at the end of the hallway on the second floor.

Angel quickly knocked on the door before pushing it open and going in with Cassie fast on her heels.

Jalene was playing with a pretty doll, and looked up when they entered and gave an innocent smile.

"Hey Cassie, Angel are you here to play with me?"

Cassie and Angel exchanged a look. They knew that their sister wasn't the sweet little darling their parents thought she was, and that smile was too innocent for their liking.

"Not at the moment Jalene." Angel started.

"We were actually hoping you'd help us do something." Cassie picked up.

"Oh?" Jalene began to brush the dolls hair, "What kind of help?"

"Well have you noticed how mum's been acting weird since she and dad talked to Uncle Remus?" Cassie asked sitting next to her little sister and picking up a brush to help her get a tangle out of the doll's hair.

Jalene looked thoughtful for a minute and wrinkled her nose in confusion. "Oh that?" She asked in a dismissive voice.

"That what?" Angel asked intrigued.

"Why mummy has been acting all weird." Jalene stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Angel and Cassie looked at each other before fastening their gaze on the five-year-old.

"You know why they are all acting odd?" They asked together.

"Uh huh, sure I do, after all I did kind of hear." Jalene then began to change the doll's dress.

"What did you hear?" Angel asked quickly glancing at her twin.

"What will you give me if I tell you?" Jalene asked innocently, then looked up at them and smirked.

Cassie and Angel looked annoyed. Then Cassie sighed for she knew only one thing would truly please her little sister.

"We'll help you prank Uncle Sirius." Cassie said while rolling her eyes.

Jalene practically jumped with glee, for she had been trying to prank Sirius for a year now and had yet to succeed; but with the twins help and planning she would finally be able to do it.

"Deal!" She said quickly smiling.

"Well come on Jalene, tell us what they said." Angel demanded leaning forward.

"Oh nothing too important, just something about finding Harry, and that he was coming to live with us." Jalene stated but then frowned. "Who's Harry anyways?"

"Harry…"Angel said with wide eyes.

"Is our brother." Finished Cassie with equally wide eyes.

Jalene laughed at that. "No he isn't, don't you think I'd remember a brother named Harry! You two are silly." She stated condescendingly then went back to her doll.

Cassie and Angel shared a significant look before they left the room to return to their own.

"Do you really think it is him?' Cassie asked sitting on her bed and looking thoughtful.

"It would have to be. Who else would cause the house to go all crazy like that?" Angel replied.

"True, but I still think we should ask some one. Uncle Remus maybe?" She replied.

"I think that is a great idea, but if mum and dad haven't told us yet I doubt our godfather will." Angel is said in an unhappy voice.

They both sighed and laid back on their beds deep in thought.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the Potter household

Raidon looked over at this older brother Jadon and watched as he slowly poured the paint into the bucket

"Are you sure this is going to work? I mean last time he did avoid it." Raidon exclaimed as he started to tie the rope around the handle, and fix the knots.

"Of course I'm sure! The only reason dad missed last time was because Cassie squealed. This time it is sure to work. We'll just wait until every one leaves and then tie it over the fireplace, after all dad will be flooing in right before lunch; he'll floo in and then take a step forward hitting the string…and when he does…" Jadon said trailing off grinning to himself.

"What if somebody else floos through first?" Raidon asked finishing the last knot.

"We're not expecting anybody so all is good, after all no matter what it'll be a good laugh." Jadon shrugged off the question then paused.

"What do you think about feathers?" He asked with another grin.

"James we need to tell them before he gets here." Lily said as she wrapped her arms around her husband's chest.

"I know we do honey, but I think we should do it right before Harry and Albus get here. I'm sure they will be surprised, but I don't think we should tell them tonight, or they will be too excited to sleep, and one more day won't hurt them." James answered turning to look into his wife's captivating eyes.

Literally over night all the worry lines that had marred her beautiful face had disappeared and she didn't look a day over twenty.

True Lily had always been pretty, but when they found Harry time seemed to reverse and she seemed to revert to the mother who she was before she lost her son seven and ½ years ago.

Leaning forward he kissed her gently and pulled her closer.

"We should try to get some sleep; after all tomorrow we met the missing part of our family." James whispered into his wife's silky hair, and then he reached over and turned the lamp out before pulling his love close to his heart.

The next morning things at the Potters were frantic. Lily was up early to finish cleaning and to make a breakfast for the family plus Sirius his wife, and Remus.

She had just finished cooking when at nine o'clock the whole brood came flying into the kitchen and began to load their plates.

Little Jalene was still half-way asleep and was currently pouring orange juice in her cereal with out even noticing the fact. When she took a bite she scrunched up her nose in a cute way and looked down at the bowl. Pushing the ruined cereal away she stated in on pancakes instead. Lily handed the small girl some syrup, just to be on the safe side, and then started to pick at her own pancakes.

She was extremely nervous. Today would be the day that she saw her baby for the first time in nearly eight years.

Where she lacked in appetite Sirius and James more than made up for it. They were currently seeing who could eat the most bacon and already had their plates loaded full of it.

Sarah Black was sitting next to Remus and was discussing a nifty new charm she learned the other day and the uses for it.

The morning talk started off with light banter thrown between the boys and Sirius and James, while Cassie and Angel kept throwing speculative glances at one another. Finally Cassie leaned over to Remus and whispered where only he could hear.

"Uncle Moony (here she used the name she knew he always loved) is there something that we should know about?"

Remus looked over at his goddaughters. "Not at the moment, why do you ask?"

Angel just gave Remus a sad look and sighed. "Fine then you do not have to tell us. It's not like we are your goddaughters or anything."

Remus just raised his eyebrow. "Oh?"

"Yes 'Oh'." Cassie replied back with an impatient edge to her voice.

"Well I am not quiet sure what you are talking about girls, but if it's what I think it is then you'll find out soon enough." Moony stated.

"So there is something we should know then?" Angel asked with a gleam to her eye.

"Like I said you'll find out in due time." Remus said with a chuckle at the girls' obvious disappointment.

Lily chose at that moment to speak up.

"I need everyone here to meet me at eleven thirty in the living room so that your father and I can tell you some important news."

The boys quickly agreed sharing sideway glances while Jalene simply looked bored.

After breakfast everybody quickly disappeared to set their own plans in action.

Lily quickly did the dishes, and then headed up to the room they had started to fix up for Harry the previous day and started to finish it up.

Finishing nearly an hour later she rushed down to the kitchen to make a quick lunch to set out before Harry and Albus arrived.

If she had been paying attention she would have noticed the two pairs of eyes that would follow her every movement just waiting for her to leave the kitchen.

Finally at 11:20 Lily put the last dish on the table and headed towards the living room to speak with her children about who was coming.

Back in the kitchen two small boys began to tie two buckets above the fireplace quickly for they knew that they had to meet with their mother soon.

Finishing their work they grinned widely and skipped off to the living room.

When they got there they sat down in two arm chairs and smirked at each other; a smirk that died soon when they saw their father, uncles, and aunt walk through the door and also take seats.

Noticing their down faces Remus threw them a suspicious glance before turning to look at James and Lily who were exchanging nervous glances.

Once all the children arrived James cleared his throat and began.

"We asked you here today to tell you something that will affect our whole family. All of you that you had an older brother named Harry that went missing when he was three." Seeing all the children nod except to Jalene he continued, "Recently we've received some amazing news."

James paused for a break and stared at his children.

"Harry has been found and he's coming to leave with us." Lily finished with tears threatening to slip out of her eyes.

Jalene just shrugged, while Angel and Cassie passed a significant look. Raidon and Jadon simply looked gob smacked.

"We have our brother back?" Jadon asked.

"What's he like? Raidon asked in awe at the possibility.

"You'll see when he arrives." Remus answered in amusement.

Little Jalene frowned, "When is he coming?"

James glanced at his watch, "Some time between now and lunch I should think."

Just as the words left his mouth a large crash could be heard from the kitchen followed buy a liquid hitting the ground.

Rushing out of the kitchen the family went to see what all the commotion was.

Harry woke up quiet early on the morning he was suppose to meet his parents and could not go back to sleep from a mixture of nervousness, excitement, and also a feeling of lost, for in a way he would be leaving his family today.

He decided to make the most of his time here, and after he took a shower and dressed he made his way down to the kitchen to make breakfast for his grandparents.

They knew he was leaving at seven so he could meet his biological family over lunch. So after thirty minutes of cooking Harry's grandparents came down the stairs looking shocked that 1) he was up this early, and 2) that he actually cooked something edible.

The breakfast was good, but the conversation was non-existent and the air was draped in sadness and lost.

After clearing away the plate Harry quickly made his way to his grandmother's side and enveloped her in a tight hug, which she immediately returned with a few tears leaking down her face.

"I'm sorry gran." Harry said softly, for he did feel extremely guilty of the pain he was causing this family. But he took comfort in the fact that it would have happened even if did not merge with his other self.

"Don't be Jamie, you can't help what happened to you, and I'll always be honored to know that you are my grandson." She said firmly back, and then planted a quick kiss on his forehead.

"Now go ahead and get what you are taking with you to England so that you won't have to lug it down when the headmaster arrives." His grandfather said from the doorway, watching the scene with sad eyes.

Following his grandson to his room he helped carry down the luggage and sat it near the fire place.

At six-forty five a firm knock came upon the door and Alice went to permit Albus Dumbledore entry.

"Ah Jamie you are ready good, good." Dumbledore said in his usual aloof voice.

Harry resisted the urge to frown at the aging man and his seeming lack of caring towards his grandparents' emotions.

He gave him a stiff nod before looking back at his grandparents.

"Sir, how are we traveling there? For it must be a magical mean if we are to get there before lunch." Harry stated.

Dumbledore nodded his head sagely.

"Yes we will be flooing there; I've already had the Delhommes connected so that you may visit them." He answered.

Harry attempted to look confused, "Floo?"

"Yes floo as in by floo powder. That reminds me!" The headmaster said while digging in his robes for something.

Finally finding what he was looking for he pulled out a large pot of floo powder from his robe.

"This is floo powder, simply take a pinch and throw it into the flames, step in and state your destination." Dumbledore replied calmly.

Harry nodded at the revered man.

"Sir would you like to go first so that I may watch, and so I can say my goodbyes." Harry asked.

"Ah." Dumbledore's eyes finally seemed to lose a bit of their twinkle as he seemed to realize the pain the adult couple was in.

The aged man picked up one of Harry's suitcases and moved towards the fire before placing the pot of floo powder on the mantle.

"Of course Mr. Potter, when you are ready to come through just grab a pinch of powder," here he took a pinch, "and throw it into the flames," once again he did as said, "and finally step into the fire and call out your destination," smiling sympathetically at them he stepped into the fire and called out, "Potter Pride!"

After the man had disappeared Harry turned back to his grandparents and practically jumped on them.

Chuckling weakly his grandfather ruffled his hair in affection while his grandmother simply hugged him back and rubbed his back.

They stayed like for a long moment before Alice pushed him back to look into his face.

"Now Jamie, it's time for you to go and meet your parents." She said in a strong voice that ardently supported her will power.

"Show them that we raised you right, that you're a good boy, and that we love you." She went on to say, and then once again pulled him into a loving hug.

Letting go she pushed him towards his grandfather who took him in to an awkward hug and patted his back.

"We'll always be here for you when you decide to come for a visit, or when you simply need some one to rely on Jamie." David whispered in a strained voice.

Then he pushed him towards his bags and the fireplace.

"Better go on before that man comes back for you." He said with a slight smile.

Harry picked up his knapsack and slung it around his back and then gave one last nod to his grandparents before flooing away to a new life.

What he saw when his vision stopped spinning and he stumbled out of the fireplace was not what he expected at all.

The Potters, the Blacks and Remus all ran to the kitchen to see what had crashed and came up short at the site that met their eyes, for there in the kitchen sitting on his rear was the famed Albus Dumbledore. That in its' self would have been noteworthy, but he was also covered in a sticky black paint and covered in feathers.

In the shocked silence that followed the esteemed headmaster got to his feet and looked over his glasses at the collected group.

For James and Sirius it was simply too much and they fail to the floor laughing themselves senseless, while Lily was glaring at two cowering boys that were attempting to hid behind a very amused Remus.

Just when she was about to yell at them and make them apologize to the headmaster, the fire flared green and out stumbled a miniature version of James.

Harry quickly took a look around the crowd and then his eyes landed on Dumbledore.

His eyes widened in shock and it was only because of his strong mental control that he wasn't rolling in the floor with his father and godfather.

Turning his eyes back to the crowd he scans them with his eyes and counted five children, all of whom looked to be his siblings. Finally his eyes to came rest on his mother, and as green met green time seemed to stand still as he stared into her eyes.

OK because I know some of you will ask included below are Harry's siblings' ages.

Angelique Evelyn Potter-9

Castanea Brenna Potter-9

Jadon Bram Potter-8

Raidon Jasper Potter-7

Jalene Cadee Potter-5

CH 13

Harry broke eye contact with his mother when all of a sudden he heard a loud angry hiss from the bag Dumbledore brought through the floo with him.

Everyone else there started to look around except for Harry who could understand what his very agitated friend was hissing.

"Let me out of here, I'll bite the stupid old man!" Zantose hissed angrily and attempted to bite through the bag.

Harry looked at the bag which was on its' side and hurried to open it and retrieve his snake.

Harry threw the headmaster an annoyed look as he did this, if Zantose was injured he'd curse the man to high heaven and back.

Opening the bag he peered in and saw the annoyed copperhead curled up in one of his shirts.

He reached in and picked the snake up relieved that he seemed to be all right, just some what displeased with his traveling experience.

Turning back towards his family and the headmaster he noticed all of them wore expressions of surprise, all except Remus of course who was just watching his friends in amusement.

"Um hi." Harry said blushing, for he just realized that he was finally meeting his parents. Sure he knew that before, but it was much different thinking about meeting them, and actually standing in front of them striking up a conversation.

This seemed to snap everyone out of the spell and into action.

Lily carefully approached Harry her eyes never leaving his face; almost as if she did he would disappear for ever.

When she was standing right in front of him, she tentatively reached out and brushed his face with her hand lovingly.

Harry in turn gave her the most confident smile he could at the moment and gave her a one armed hug, avoiding bringing Zantose too close.

As she embraced him he said something he'd been dreaming about his whole life to tell her.

"I love you mum."

Lily let out a strangled sob and hugged him even tighter, holding him to her heart.

When she finally released him she pushed him back at arms length to get a good look at him.

The resemblance between him and James was staggering; it was almost as if he was James' twin except he had green eyes.

There were also more subtle differences that separated the two if you looked closely. Harry seemed to have her nose as well as her eyes, and he was built slight smaller than his father.

As she was studying him he was doing the same to her, drinking in ever detail that his eyes could take in. From the way her hair fell on her shoulder to the freckle just to the right of her nose.

Taking in a breath of air he could smell her perfume and felt that if he concentrated hard enough he would remember the smell from when he was a baby.

Next James came over to where they were standing and pulled Harry into a tight hug, but quickly let go, and as he backed away Harry could see tears threatening to fall so he smiled brightly at his father.

After the emotional reunion between Harry and his parents they turned to face the other occupants in the room.

Dumbledore smiled widely at the family, forgetting for a moment that he was covered in paint and feathers, he simply beamed at them.

Lily wrapped her arm around Harry's shoulders and pulled him over to the rest of the group to make the introductions.

"These are your brothers and sisters, Harry. The two oldest you may remember a bit," she paused looking hopeful at Harry, who gave a slight nod, that made her smile broadly, "Cassie and Angel, then there's Jadon," she pointed at the black haired boy, "Raidon, and then Jalene."

Harry took in each ones appearance, and noted that none of them were nearly identical to one of their parents like he was to James.

The twins had auburn hair and brown eyes, were of average height and held themselves in such a way that he could tell already that they were quick witted. Next Jadon had pitch black hair, but it wasn't nearly as messy as his own was, he too had brown eyes. Raidon was the male version of his mother all together; while Jalene was the odd one out with the normal black hair, but her eyes were a bright blue color. He wondered which distant or not so distant family member she received her brilliant blue eyes from.

After his mother had introduced his siblings James introduced the Blacks.

"And this Harry," James said pausing for effect, "is your godfather Sirius Orion Black and his lovely wife Sarah."

At this Harry simply raised his eyebrows for he didn't remember Sirius being married so the marriage must be a relatively new engagement.

Harry nodded and smiled at them.

"Well first thing's first, let's take your stuff to your room, and then we can have lunch." Lily said waving her wand at Harry's luggage.

"Every one else can go ahead to the dining room we'll be down in a minute." Lily said as she directed Harry's bags out of the door and her oldest son soon followed.

While they were walking alone Zantose started to hiss his input on the whole episode.

"I still can't believe he dropped me, and you won't let me bite him!" He hissed for the tenth time, which was beginning to wear on Harry's nerves when they finally reached his room.

As they walked in he thought of how different this room was from the one he had at his grandparents, but at the same time fit him, just as his other room had.

The walls were painted an antiqued brown color, but it was rather pleasant, and several mirrors and paintings hanging on them. There was a large window that overlooked a garden with a pond as its' center. The bed was a king size sleigh bed, with an olive green silk comforter on the bed with an antiqued gold pull at the bottom. As Lily levitated the bags on to his bed he noticed two doors in that led to what he assumed was a bathroom and the other a closet.

"So what do you think about your room?" Lily asked nervously for she had worked hard on it, and desperately wanted him to like it.

"It's perfect." Harry said happily as he walked over to the window and placed Zantose on the cushion so he could sunbathe while they went to lunch.

Lily smiled at the comment and grabbed his hand and started to lead him back down to the dining room.

When they arrived Dumbledore was still covered in paint, albeit with out the feathers, and a very gleeful Sirius was reading the back of the paint can trying to figure out how to rid the headmaster of the now drying problem.

Harry smiled slightly and took an open seat beside of his youngest sister.

"Can you not get rid of the paint sir?" He asked calmly in his southern drawl.

"Ah, alas it would seem that the normal ways of removing the paint has failed to work." Dumbledore said in a somewhat sad voice.

"What's the normal way of removing paint for a wizard?" Harry asked the table in general.

"Oh there are plenty of cleaning spells that should do the trick." Sarah said quickly.

"Well if magic doesn't work on it why not just do it the normal way?" He asked trying to act curious.

"And that would be Mr. Potter?" Albus said hopefully.

"Well there are a few ways, I've always used paint thinner myself to remove paint off of stuff." Harry replied with a shrug.

"Ah, I do believe I'll try that once I get back to Hogwarts, if all else fails." The headmaster replied.

Harry nodded his consent to the idea while internally smirking like there was no tomorrow.

Jalene, whom he was sitting beside, scrunched up her nose at him, "You talk funny." She said in an innocent voice.

"Really?" Harry said good naturally at his baby sister. "You are the one talking funny to me." He then winked at her surprised expression.

Lily watched this interaction between her oldest and youngest children with a smile on her lips and she felt a weight lifted off of her heart.

Finally the headmaster gave up his pursuit of removing the paint and sat down to eat lunch with the rest of the group.

Jadon and Raidon kept shooting Harry interested glances looking like they wanted badly to ask him something, but then they'd look at their mother and hold their tongues. So they were absolutely delighted when Sirius seemed to be on the same brain wave as them and asked the question for them.

"So Harry," Sirius said casually, "do you happen to like to play pranks?"

Lily stopped her smiling and frowned then threw a suspicious glance at Sirius, sure that he was trying to corrupt her oldest son.

"Well I don't know about pranks, but I do like a good laugh just like any one else." Harry answered slyly, for he wasn't about to tell them just how good he was at pranking.

He liked to play his cards close to his chest so to speak.

Sirius looked a bit put out at this answer as did his brothers, but his mother on the other hand looked like Christmas came early.

"So what do you like to do for fun then?" Jadon asked curious as to what could be more entertaining than pranks.

"Well," Harry paused considering half the things he considered fun he couldn't actually say because he was supposed to have been raised by muggles, so he decided to just stick to Jamie's interests. "I like to play soccer, some other sports, build rockets, mess with electronics, and read I guess." He answered truthfully.

When he looked around the table he could tell that only his mother had understood any thing that he said.

"What's soccer?" Raidon asked hanging onto Harry's every word.

"It's a sport. I'll show you sometime if you want." He replied.

"So you like to read?" Sarah asked amused, for she knew that Sirius was going to be disappointed.

"Yes." Harry said uncertainly at the amusement she was showing.

"Great we've got another book worm to add to the family." Padfoot said in a pouting voice while he ate his sandwich.

The twins gave him the evil eye before Cassie spoke up.

"We resent that Uncle Sirius, we are not bookworms as you so elegantly put it."

"We are just well informed." Angel finished for her sister.

Remus smiled slightly at the statement and nodded his head.

The conversation continued this way all throughout lunch and when it finally came to an end, the family new a fairly large amount of information about their newly re-established member. Or so they thought.

As they were going about their own ways Harry said his farewell to the headmaster and reminded him that the item was called paint thinner that he would need.

"Ah, yes think you for the information young Harry, I expect to see you at Hogwarts on September 1." Dumbledore said sagely, and then said his farewell to the rest of the gathered group before flooing away.

When he got to his office he immediately sent a house elf to get this 'paint thinner' that Harry had suggested.

Needless to say he didn't read the direction before dumping it over his head. His scream could be heard all through the almost empty castle.


If you do not know what paint thinner is, here's my take on it.

First off it smells like kerosene, feels like vegetable oil, and burns like crazy.

Warning on can suggest that you should avoid getting it on your skin and in your eyes.


CH 14

Harry laid on his bed thinking about the events that had transpired that day, and decided to floo his grandparents in the morning to see how they were holding up.

His family he could describe in one word: Wonderful!

It was true too; in a way he wished that he was truly just Jamie Delhomme, and not Harry Potter and Jamie Delhomme.

His life before he came to this world was difficult and hard at best, and down right awful the rest of the time. Harry loved his family, and in a way wished that he had his innocents that he did when he was actually eleven.

Living through a war had given him some traits that he would prefer not to have, but seeing as there would eventually be a war here also, he was thankful for them. He would just have to be careful and not expose them to his family too much.

After dinner Harry had spent some time getting to know his parents, and Sarah since he had no idea what they were really like.

Sirius and Remus were mostly the same as his Sirius and Remus, just that they were nearly as world weary. He could tell that none of the adults had had an easy life, but compared to their counterparts they did have it much easier.

Harry was amused to note that several of his traits he seemed to have inherited from his parents.

Such as rubbing the bridge of his nose when thinking, the way he moved his right hand when he was talking, or even the way he laughed.

He had always been told that he was more like his parents than he knew, and he could finally tell why people said that.

After talking with the adults awhile he went to find his twin sisters to get familiar with them once again.

His first thoughts on them were correct, they were extremely smart, Remus' doing no doubt. He could already tell that Cassie was the leader of the two. Angel preferred to sit back and watch the situation, while Cassie preferred to cause the situation.

For nine-year-olds they were amazingly quick, and he knew he'd have to watch his words around him. Already they had almost learnt he was a parselmouth.

He was telling them about Zantose, and they asked how he came up with his name, Harry just shrugged and said it was his name. The two girls just looked at him oddly then Harry realized how he had said that.

His brothers on the other hand lived for nothing but pranks. The whole time he was with them they went on and on about prank ideas and Harry had to admit some of them were excellent.

He almost felt sorry for that over grown bat Snape when his younger brothers started at Hogwarts. Harry had no doubt that they would pick up the Marauders tradition as soon as they started their schooling.

Little Jalene was in one word cute.

He could tell that she took after her brothers, but was very devious about it. If the sorting hat wanted him in Slytherin, he knew that Jalene would be placed there for her slyness.

Harry rolled over on his bed and looked out the window at the stars above, it was true, life was good. With that last thought Harry James Potter drifted off to the land of dreams.

Harry had been there a week and was settling in nicely. Every day after lunch he would floo his grandparents, and after about the third day of doing this Lily and James decided to meet with the people who had raised their son.

With Lily being a muggleborn herself the couples hit it off nicely. They even went as far as strike up a tentative friendship, something that pleased Harry greatly.

So after he had finished his talk with his grandparents for the day he went to find his dad.

Putting a thoughtful expression on his face he walked into the lounge where James was reading over a paper for work.

"Dad I just realized something," he began and waited for James to look at him from the paper he held.

"What's that Harry?" He asked somewhat concerned.

"Well when do I get my wand, and school supplies? I leave for school in three weeks after all." Harry said with a frown.

Much of the past week, what time Harry didn't spend with his siblings, he was in the library pretending to actually study magic, after all it would seem odd if he just seemed to know it all.

It was better to let them think that he was just a fast learner, something that if they checked his elementary grades would reflect.

It was as if a light bulb had turned on in James head and his whole entire face lit up.

"Tell you what I'll go ask your mum if I can take you right now, after all I suppose you'll want to actually study the books you'll be using." James said in a teasing voice.

Harry pretended to embarrassed at the reference of him being a book worm, but honestly he could care less. There were plenty of times Hermione had saved his butt with something she learned out of a book, so all the more power to bookworms in his opinion.

James practically bounced out of the room in excitement at the prospect of taking Harry shopping.

Harry grinned to himself. He had always wondered what it would be like to shop with his father, but as James walked back in the room with a wide grin on his face Harry knew he was in for a treat.

Five minutes later they were standing in the Leaky Cauldron. More precisely James was standing while Harry got to his feet. Even after all these years in the magical world he still had no clue how to land when using the floo.

James just smiled at his son and started to wipe the soot off of him.

"Ah James, want a drink?" Tom the bartender yelled out from across the room.

James just waved back and smiled, "Not at the moment Tom, I have some shopping to do first."

Tom's eyes widened as he took in Harry's appearance, "Bless my eyes if it isn't Harry Potter!" Tom exclaimed to Harry's displeasure.

Walking forward the old man shook Harry's hand profusely, "It's great to have you back with us Harry."

Harry gave a polite smile looking a bit uncomfortable. Noticing this James made a quick exit out the back.

Harry looked over at his dad. "Um, what was that all about?" He asked in a tentative voice.

James looked uncomfortable for a minute before answering.

"Well when you disappeared it was very big news, since the Potters are so known in the magical world. So naturally when you were found the news leaked out some how and it's been in all the papers." He said with a frown.

Harry sighed. It would seem that fate had it in for him in any dimension. He would never be just Harry!

Tapping his wand on the correct bricks the stone archway opened and James led his oldest son into Diagon Alley.

The first place James dragged Harry to was the quidditch shop, and bought him the newest broom on the market.

Harry looked up at his dad in confusion. "Dad I thought the letter said first years weren't allowed to have their own brooms?"

"Oh don't worry about that, you can use it before you go off to school, I am sure you will be a natural like me and your brothers. The twins have never cared much for flying, and Lily won't let Jalene anywhere near a broom yet!" James exclaimed happily.

Harry just nodded and couldn't help but grin at his dad's enthusiasm at the prospect of teaching him how to fly.

As James explained the rules of quidditch to his son they started in on the rest of their shopping.

After they had gotten him a fair supply of robes, Harry decided it was time for him to pick up his old friend, and headed towards the pet shop.

He spotted Hedwig almost immediately and went to her cage and patted her on the head.

When the sales clerk came by Harry stopped her and said that he'd like to purchase this bird.

The sales attendant paused as if thinking, and then came to a decision.

"I would discourage you from buying that particular owl, sir. Every one who has purchased her has brought her back because of her deposition. Seems like she is very temperamental, and has taken a few bites out of her previous owners." She said in a worried voice.

Harry just smiled in return.

"I'll take her; she was just waiting for the right person to buy her." He said in a reassuring voice.

The lady looked skeptical until she opened the cage and the snow white owl flew over to the boy, landed on his shoulder and gave him an affectionate nip on the ear.

Needless to say, after that display the sale went without a hitch.

Next James dropped Harry off in the bookstore to look at books, while he went to fetch a trunk and a potion kit.

Harry immediately retrieved the appropriate books for first years, and then went to the defense section to look about. He added many books to his growing pile, and then went on to get books on several different topics, even some in potions.

Harry knew that he knew most of the potion information taught at Hogwarts, but knowing Snape he'd be particularly nasty and start asking him information that no Hogwarts student would know.

That and Harry actually enjoyed potions once the bat was off of his back, so he picked up some books that would actually explain potion basics, something he had never gotten around to learning. In his world he never needed to know why certain ingredients worked the way they did, just what the final result was. Jamie was very interested in this topic since it reminded him of chemistry.

So that is where James found his oldest son. He couldn't help but to shake his head in amusement at the tall pile of books by his son.

"So Harry, find any thing of interest?" James asked and was amused to see his son jump in surprise.

"Well yes I have." Harry replied with raised eyebrows at the pile beside of him.

"Will all that fit in my trunk?" He asked not really wanting to leave his stuff behind, but if it didn't he could always place it in his other trunk.

James just grinned in reply and opened the trunk. Harry looked in and was surprised to see that the inside was about five times larger than what the actual trunk was and about 3 times as deep.

"Well I'll take that as a yes then." Harry said with a smile.

After they had paid, shrunk, and packed away his new books they head over to Ollivander's.

Harry was extremely nervous about getting his wand, and would much rather prefer to do it himself, rather than have his dad with him.

As they walked through the door Harry felt a chill sweep down his spine in remembrance.

Even James who was an auror looked a bit uncomfortable in the dusty old shop.

Mr. Ollivander seemed to slink out of the shadows as he came to stand behind the desk.

"Ah Mr. Potter I wasn't expecting you until I heard the news the other day. Most curious." He murmured gazing off in the distances with his strange eyes.

Harry swallowed nervously, "Hello Mr. Ollivander."

The strange man snapped his fingers and the tape measure on the counter jumped up and began to take his measurements.

Harry never knew for sure, but he suspected that the tape measure was unnecessary and was used as a distraction while Ollivander study his customer under his mage sight. With mage site he could see a persons potential in power, and Ollivander was impressed with what he saw.

Young Mr. Potter would be a very powerful wizard!

"Enough." He barked at the tape measurer which fell back to the counter and laid still.

Ollivander quickly went and started to retrieve wands that could possibly be a match for his young customer.

With each rejected wand he became more excited, for few new that Ollivander started out with the weaker wands first and the progressed to the stronger ones. After thirty minutes of failed wands the old wand maker was practically bouncing in excitement. He had few wands left to go.

Harry was becoming more bored with each passing wand as was his father by the looks of it. Finally Ollivander came from the back with a wand in his hands and a thoughtful expression on his face.

Taking the wand Harry felt warmth spread through his body, and couldn't help but grin as if he had found an old friend, because in a way he had.

"Curious most curious." Ollivander muttered while looking at Harry with intense eyes.

Harry felt a bit uncomfortable under his gaze and quickly patted his hair down in case Ollivander saw his scar and made a connection.

James was a bit unnerved at Ollivander's words also.

"Sorry but what is so curious?" James finally asked.

Ollivander looked up at James as if seeing him for the first time. He seemed to be thinking of what he should and shouldn't tell the older Potter.

"It is curious that your son should be destined for that wand, for that wand is brother to one other powerful wand. The master of that wand did great things, terrible, but great! We shall be expecting great things from your son Mr. Potter!" Ollivander exclaimed with a wild glint in his eyes.

James grinned nervously and paid for the wand before pulling his son out of the store.

As they made their way back to the Leaky Cauldron James asked Harry what he thought about the wand maker.

Harry just raised his eyes, "Creepy, very creepy." He muttered in reply.

James agreed with his son's assessment of Ollivander. VERY CREEPY! However, he was now extremely curious. Who would have the brother wand of his oldest son?

The crazy old man said that the other owner did great things, but they were terrible? As James pondered this troubling question, they passed through the Leaky Cauldron and flooed home back to their family.

CH 15

When they arrived back Harry quickly moved his new items to his room, while James wandered off to think about what had just happened. The thought that his son's wand was brother to another that did horrible things was disentitling for James. Harry was such a nice thoughtful boy; it just didn't seem that he had a mean thought in his head. Besides just because the person who owned the brother wand to his son's didn't mean that his son would be anything like them. Harry was simply a talented young wizard.

Sighing James took a seat in his library to think out the mystery that was his son.

Meanwhile Harry was laid across his bed thinking, something he found himself doing a lot lately. He honestly wondered if he should tell any one about the whole Voldemort thing in this world, or not. He didn't want to be treated any differently than other children but Dumbledore was bound to figure something out before soon, after all the time lines were too perfect to be coincidence, and he just bought the brother wand of Voldemort again.

Harry had been asking questions subtly as to not to raise suspicion, about certain people in the wizarding world. Sirius was quiet happy to tell Harry of his family, of course he didn't speak highly of any of them, but it was informative all the same.

Harry learned that the wizarding world in general had no idea that Bellatrix Lestrange was dead. The Longbottoms were never tortured to insanity, which kept certain Death Eaters from being sent to prison, and Barty Crouch Sr. was Minister of Magic.

The last was a major blow, for the fact that Barty wasn't quiet all there and was extremely strict and paranoid. He had already tried to pass several acts trying to limit where and what werewolves, vampires, and others could go or do. Remus was having an even harder time of finding work, but his friends helped him out, much to his displeasure.

About a year ago James finally convinced Moony to tutor his children until they left for Hogwarts, which made him a decent income. The Longbottoms and Potters were very good friends as it would seem, and Neville had already been invited over to visit the week before school was due to start.

Harry was looking forward to this meeting, as to see how Neville would have been if he had been raised by his parents.

Harry rolled over on his side and began plotting a way to break the news gently.

Angel looked at her little sister who was drawing on a piece of paper.

"So are you ready for the prank tonight?" Cassie asked while looking in a charms book.

Jalene simply nodded and smirked in amusement.

Albus Dumbledore rubbed his sore face; it would seem the only way to fix his sore skin was to wait it out. He had been hiding in his office most of the week from prying public eyes.

If he didn't know any better he would think that young Harry had known the affects of paint thinner on skin, but then again he seemed sincere when he had suggested it.

Fawkes had had a good laugh when he had returned from the hospital wing, as had Phineas Black who nearly forced Albus to remove the painting from his office.

As the headmaster applied some more soothing cream for his skin an owl flew through the window and landed on his desk holding out its' leg.

Frowning he took the letter and laid it open on his desk to read while he finished with the cream.

As he got half-way through the letter he paused and frowned in worry.

Dear Albus,

I just met young Mr. Potter, who was very interesting indeed. He is a very powerful wizard already, and with the wand I just sold him I would be watching him very closely. Just thought you should know that Mr. Potter bought the second wand that holds Fawkes' tail feather.


Dumbledore leaned back in his chair to contemplate the meaning of the letter. He already knew that Harry was a strong wizard, for he could feel his power as soon as he walked into a room, but having the brother wand of Voldemort changed everything.

Albus recalled the prophecy again.

Marked as his equal…but the boy had no unusual markings, at least not that James and Lily had asked him about. Perhaps the meaning was not literal at all; perhaps it meant that he would mark himself as Voldemort's equal by his skills and talents.

Maybe he should go himself to see the Potters and young Harry again. After all if he is the one from the prophecy he will need to be protected and trained.

Pulling out some parchment he wrote a quick, but polite note to the Potters requesting to have dinner with them tonight. He knew they would not refuse his request, as they held him as a close friend of the family.

"So my dear Jadon what do you think of our new brother? Raidon asked while moving his game piece into the kitchen.

"Great, cool, American, ummm smart?" Jadon answered while looking over his list for the game of Clue. "Too bad he doesn't play pranks though." He muttered concentration on the game.

"Talking about pranks, I think the girls are up to something. Have you noticed the way they have been hanging out in the dining room lately and always watching Padfoot lately?" Raidon asked looking thoughtful.

Snapping his head up quickly Jadon grinned mischievously at his younger brother.

"You don't think they are trying to pull a prank over on OUR godfather do you?" He asked with a smirk.

Little Jalene didn't know it, but the reason her pranks always failed on Sirius was because they usually had a hand in finding out about it before hand, after all Padfoot was their godfather and teacher.

The boys quickly got up and went to investigate; after all foiling a prank was something they loved almost as much as pulling one.

When the boys entered the dining room they searched it thoroughly and were impressed by what they found. It was clear that Jalene could not have pulled this off by herself, so that meant that the twins must have helped her with it.

Grinning evilly they moved the hidden buckets from over Sirius' chair to the one usually inhabited by Remus. With that done the two boys turned around and went to play until dinner.

Lily was only too happy to accept Albus' request to host him for dinner, after all he had helped return her son to her, and he was a close friend to the family. She returned her reply with the owl that delivered the letter, and went about making a large meal for her family and guests.

Remus Lupin soon joined James in the library after he returned from Diagon Alley. Noticing his friend's contemplative expression Remus merely took a seat and opened a book to read, after all if James wanted his advice on something he would surely ask.

He had been reading for some time when James finally cleared his throat calling for his attention. Remus quickly looked over to where James was sitting.

"Something wrong Prongs?" Remus asked using James' old nickname.

"Well yes, and no, well no not really." James muttered distractedly.

Remus slightly raised his eyebrows at that statement.

James catching the look sighed and looked thoughtful, "Moony I just got back from taking Harry to get his wand and Ollivander said something to slightly unnerve me somewhat."

"And that would be…?" Remus asked trailing off.

"He said that the wand choice was curious, and when I asked why it was curious he told me that the wand was brother to another very powerful wand. 'The wand's master did great things, terrible but great.' I am just worrying about Harry in general." James sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"James I wouldn't worry about Harry, don't you think we would have noticed by now if something was off about him by now? The only thing remotely strange would be his scar which his grandparents said he received in a car crash. You are worrying over molehills my friend." Remus said in a soothing voice.

James nodded looking brighter already, "I know I am Moony, I just worry about losing him again. It was a miracle when he came back to us, I just hate not having been there for him when he grew up, and not knowing about him in general is just a little off putting."

Remus simply nodded as Lily poked her head through the doorway and told them that dinner would be in five minutes, and that the headmaster was already there.

Remus looked at James questioningly who just shrugged in return.

When Harry made his way to the dining room, his parents, Sirius and Dumbledore were already seated at the table. As he walked through the door he felt a light brush across his mind and frowned mentally. There was no doubt in his mind what this social call for the headmaster was really about, but he decided to play the ignorant little school boy for good measure.

Harry smiled at the assorted group and took his usual seat noticing that Dumbledore inhabited the one Remus usually did. He wondered where his loveable werewolf had wondered off to, not that he was supposed to know that Remus was a werewolf or anything.

"Ah Harry how are you?" Dumbledore asked with that annoying twinkling present in his blue eyes.

It was then that Harry noticed the slightly red, irritated skin, and mentally smirked. Seems like the old man didn't read instructions before using things after all. He mentally shook his head in amusement and expiration.

"Fine sir and yourself?" Harry asked politely.

"Ah alas I've seen better days, but all is well." The headmaster replied with a kind smile.

Harry projected confusion and concern about the headmaster's skin condition when he once again felt a slight brush on his mind. The headmaster picking up on these feelings smiled all the more brightly seems that young Harry truly did not know the adverse effects of paint thinner on skin.

Deciding to give the headmaster something to think about Harry casually pushed his long hair out of his face and sat back in his chair waiting on his siblings and Remus to arrive.

Dumbledore's eyes immediately narrowed when he caught sight of the cursed scar, and he leaned forward for a better look.

Harry quickly looked at the old man in confusion and covered up his scar away from prying eyes.

'Marked as his equal.'

Albus' mind was going into over drive at the possibilities; finally he decided to just ask.

"Interesting scar you have there young Harry, how did you come about it?" Albus asked in a light voice, all the other conversation stopped between the Potters and Sirius as they looked somewhat interested in the answer.

"Car accident, not that I can remember it." Harry answered with a shrug as Jadon and Raidon made their way into the dining room and to their usual seats.

As the two boys sat down they looked over at Dumbledore, their eyes widening comically before the turned and shared a look in between them. If Dumbledore wasn't so engrossed in Harry's answer and his scar he would have known trouble was coming.

A few minutes later the girls entered and Harry caught Angel and Cassie glancing above Sirius' head as they sat down across from his godfather. Harry narrowed his eyes in suspicion and moved his chair a bit farther from his godfather to be on the safe side.

"A highly unusual scar to be caused by a car accident Harry." Dumbledore said looking over his glasses at the young boy. He noticed that the boy went pale and got a far away look in his eyes.

Dumbledore quickly entered the boys mind to see what he was thinking about.

What he heard and saw nearly made him cry out in shock.

"Don't worry Harry you'll be joining the dear blood traitor soon enough. Say goodbye Harry."

That voice was one the headmaster knew very well, a voice he both hated and felt pity for at the same time, a voice that belonged to a man that he had failed. Failed to lead on the path of light, failed to save, it was a voice that would haunt him until he left for his next great adventure.

A blinding green light entered his vision and he heard a child cry out in pain.

Albus quickly exited the boys mind a bit shaken up at what he had seen and heard.

"Like I said sir, I don't remember how I received this scar." Harry muttered not looking any one in the eye.

Dumbledore could tell that the boy did know to a certain extent what that memory was, but decided not to push him any farther. Voldemort had marked Harry Potter as his equal.

As Remus walked into the room the headmaster began to silently plot a way to bring the boy into his fold.

About five minutes in to the dinner Jalene looked around innocently and asked a question which brought Albus out of his musings.

"Uncle Padfoot would you pass the butter and salt please?" She asked while giving him the puppy dog eyes.

Sirius looked around on the table for a minute before frowning in confusion, where was the butter and salt?

"There's not any here, I'll just go get some." Sirius said with a smile.

"No need dear boy, allow me." Dumbledore said while raising his wand.

Right as he was about to summon some, two buckets materialized out of thin air and dumped their cargo down on the esteemed headmaster one after the other. First was melted butter and second was sea salt, Dumbledore let out a startled yell as the hot butter made contact.

For a moment every one was too shocked to do anything. Jalene was sitting open mouthed at the scene, while the boys exchanged a shocked look before making a break for their hideout, with Lily hot on their trail.

With a sigh Dumbledore banished the mess off of his person, he was beginning to think that coming to the Potters was a hazard to his health.


After the eventful dinner Albus flooed back to his office to think about one Harry Potter. There was no doubt in his mind that Harry was the one from the Prophecy, but how to go about preparing him for destroying Voldemort?

Popping a lemon drop into his mouth he leaned back in his chair and shut his eyes to think. Every once in awhile he would put the tip of his wand to his temple and pull out a long string of thoughts and add them to the pensieve in front of him.

Harry would have to be taught and led on the right path without him realizing that Dumbledore was leading him. First thing first Dumbledore had to find a way to break the truth to the Potters. James and Lily knew OF the Prophecy, but they did not know it word for word, something that would work in Dumbledore's favor. Perhaps he should not tell them anything about the prophecy, just that he suspects that Harry's scar is cursed, that the boy caused Voldemort's downfall.

This fact still puzzled Dumbledore, how did the toddler survive the killing curse? The only thing he could think that could possibly cause that kind of protection would be ancient magicks. Perhaps a sacrifice made out of love? But who? Harry was kidnapped and none of his family went missing during the same time, and certainly no one close to the boy turned up dead.

Dumbledore frowned and opened his eyes. The only answers he could get, was from Harry himself. He would have to talk to the Potters and the others to subtly question Harry about his kidnapping. Maybe they would get some answers from his responses.

The week following the dinner the Potters, Sirius, and Remus began to subtly questioning Harry. They thought that they were being careful with their words, but Harry picked up on what they were doing almost immediately.

Their questioning worked right into his hands, for he had been looking for a way to drop the bomb on them. He was sure that Dumbledore had told them how he got his scar, but the headmaster didn't know exactly what had happened.

As Harry looked through his book he glanced up as Remus entered the library. Since he was tutoring the children he been to quizzing Harry on the books that he had read daily.

When Remus took a seat to begin his questions Harry decided to set his plan into action.

"Uncle Remus…do I have any aunts?" He asked uncertainly.

Remus frowned looking thoughtful at the question.

"Well your mother has a sister, but I don't think you've ever met her." He replied with a frown, for Petunia had to be one of the most awful muggles he had ever met, only outdone by her pig of a husband and whale of a son.

"Auntie Bella?" Harry asked quickly.

"No Petunia." Remus looked sharply at Harry. 'Bella?'

"Why did you think you have an Aunt named Bella?" Remus asked with his eyes trained on Harry's face.

"No reason, I guess I just imagined it." Harry said not meeting Moony's eyes.

"Imagined what? You can tell me Harry." Remus said gently.

He noticed that the boy looked extremely uncomfortable.

"Nothing, it doesn't matter." Harry muttered before he got up and left the room, leaving a worried werewolf behind.

Harry went to his room to discuss his plan with Zantose and Hedwig, of course he couldn't understand Hedwig, but she was a comfort none-the-less.

Over the weeks Zantose proved to be very level headed and gave good advice when Harry bounced ideas around with him.

Shutting his door he locked it and wandlessly cast a silencing charm on the door. The last thing he need was someone to walk in on him hissing away, he'd love to explain that little gift.

"Hello my friend." Zantose said from his spot in the sun on the window seat.

Harry walked over and sat in front of the snake regarding him as the sun fell across the lovely patterns in the afternoon light.

"Hi Zantose, the first step of the plan was just put in to motion." Harry hissed with a slight smile.

At that the snake lifted its' head and peered at the black-haired boy.

"Are you going to drop any more clues tonight?" Zantose asked uncurling, almost as if he was stretching.

"Yes that's what I was going to ask you about. After I drop some of the hints I am sure they'll want to discuss it in private. They always do any discussing in the library, so I was wondering if you'd do me a favor?" Harry said hopefully.

If a snake could smirk Zantose would have been doing so at the moment.

"Of course I will go spy for you." He hissed with mirth clear in his tone.

Harry grinned and picked up the snake, hiding it under his sleeve he started for the library.

Once there he placed Zantose under the couch where he was sure to go unnoticed.

Then he turned to go down stairs and talk with his mother.

He found her in the kitchen cooking supper. Not wanting to disturb her he grabbed a soda from the fridge and took a seat on a barstool at the counter.

As he sat down Lily looked up and gave a bright smile at him, which he returned.

Over the past few weeks Harry and Lily were becoming closer to each other. Harry thought Lily was a bit clingy, but he actually liked the extra attention she showered on him, after all he had never had his mother's love before, so he practically soaked it up.

As she chopped up some potatoes Harry ran his finger over his scar with a distant look to his eyes. Lily paused in her work and looked over at her oldest son. "Something wrong Harry dear?"

Harry jumped and looked over at his mother. "Um no nothing that's important." He muttered distractedly.

"Does Sirius have any sisters?" Harry asked at a moment of quietness.

Lily looked at Harry then went back to chopping the vegetables.

"No, but he did have a younger brother."

"Oh odd Bella looked like Sirius…" The boy muttered distractedly.

Lily quickly looked at Harry, "Who's Bella?"

Harry looked up at her as if in a daze. "Hmm what? Oh no one, don't worry about it."

He slowly got off the stool and walked out of the room.

She would need to call a meeting over the conversation they just had, the men would need to know of this.


After making his way out of the kitchen Harry went to find his siblings for some bonding time, after all he would be leaving for school in two weeks. He found the twins and Jalene in the lounge with their heads bent whispering quickly to each other.

Harry snuck up behind them and leaned forward to catch what they were saying. When they paused for breath Harry spoke up, "Anything I can help you with ladies?"

The three of them jumped and looked at Harry with wide eyes, who just grinned impishly back.

"Harry…" Angel began.

"How…long have you been…" Cassie gasped.

"There?" Jalene squeaked out.

"Long enough to know that you are planning on pulling one over on Sirius. So that was your work at dinner last week, eh?" Harry asked with a chuckle.

Seeing there sideway glances was enough confirmation for him and he continued.

"I thought so, but the look on Jalene's face had me confused. I take it that Sirius was the target and the boys messed with your prank?"

Angel and Cassie frowned in annoyance.

"Yes they did, they are always messing with my pranks so that I have yet to prank Sirius!" Jalene said with a pout.

Harry grinned to himself, come to think about it he never did get to prank Sirius back in his world, lucky mutt.

He leaned forward and whispered to the girls, "Want some help with your prank?"

Cassie and Angel looked surprised at the question while Jalene looked skeptical.

"What do you want in return?" The five-year-old asked suspiciously.

Harry chuckled. Yep she was definitely going to be in Slytherin.

"Just don't tell any one that I helped you in it. I have an image to protect." He said with a wink. "Besides, I haven't had the chance to pull one over on my godfather yet either."

The girls seemed to accept his answer, but he could see a gleam to the twins' eyes that strongly reminded him of Hermione when she has a mystery to solve. After excusing himself he made his way outside for some fresh air and alone time.

Having a family was great and all, but he was use to solitude and he often needed time to himself just to breathe.

He lay beneath an old Oak tree pondering this new world, all his plans were going exactly as he planned. He had already decided to try to change what happened with some people in this world though. Such as…

Harry was pulled out of his thoughts by a slight rustle in the bushes to his right. He immediately was on his feet and in a protective stance.

He peered through the bushes and was relieved to see a big black shaggy dog. Not that he was supposed to know who the dog was, but this could only work to his advantage.

"Come here boy." Harry called out and patted his leg.

The black dog quickly trotted over to the boy and started to wag his tail and trying jump to lick the boy's face.

Laughing Harry pushed the dog off and sat back down and began to pet the dog.

"I didn't know the Potters had a dog," Harry muttered looking at the dog, "I suppose you could be a stray, but you don't look underfed, quiet the opposite."

If a dog could look offended it would have. The dog snorted at the underfeed part and let out a short growl letting its displeasure known.

Mentally Harry smirked, and patted the dog on the head.

"What? You don't like me calling you fat boy? We'll I suppose you aren't THAT fat, just a bit out of shape. Maybe you should get more exercise." Harry said non-committal to the statement.

If it was possible the dog looked even more offended and stopped wagging his tail.

Harry lay back down and stared up into the leaves above pretending to think. The dog stared down at the boy and whined nudging him with its nose.

"What? You want me to talk to you about what's on my mind?" Harry asked.

The dog barked and laid down beside of the boy and put his head on his chest.

"Well I have a lot on my…hmm I'll just call you Snuffles, since I don't know your proper name. Let's just say I am sorting through memories of my past." Harry paused and frowned, "Ever want to keep something to yourself because you aren't sure what to tell?"

The dog cocked its head to the side, causing Harry to laugh at his expression.

"Well of course you don't, you're just a dog, Snuffles."

The dog whined and nudged him to continue.

"What want me to finish the story, eh?" Harry asked with a sigh.

'Snuffles' attempted to lick his face again.

He started off slowly, "I've always heard that you judge people not by their words, but by their actions. I've learned you can't judge people by one of their actions alone, that you can't even judge a person totally by their action. The person that took me…" Harry paused as the dog's head jerked up, but then continued, "Many people would consider her evil for doing so, that she was bad, but that's just not true. She may have taken me, but she cared and treated me like her on, she loved me like a parent would. She protected me, went against everything she believed in and died for me."

Harry sighed and closed his eyes.

"My family wouldn't see it as that, they would just look at her action of kidnapping me and say that she was evil for the pain she caused their family. I know they want me to tell them what happened, but I can't. To do so would be to dirty her name even more with them, her memory should rest in peace, at least I know the truth and that's all that matters."

The dog whined and tried to nuzzle the boy, who patted him before pushing him off.

"Get off boy, enough of my moaning about. Why don't we head inside for some dinner? Lily, I mean mom, was almost finished when I started out here." Harry said while getting up and brushing off stray bits of grass and twigs.

When he looked back around the dog was gone.

Grinning slightly he headed towards the house.

Sirius' head was spinning as he transformed back into his human form and ran to the library where one of his friends were sure to be. Popping his head in the room he saw Remus sitting in a chair with a book in his hands.

"Moony thank God I found some one, we need to have a meeting pronto." Sirius panted out.

"Where's James?" Padfoot asked looking around as if he expected Prongs to crawl out from under the book shelf or something.

"Dinner, Sirius." Remus answered putting his book away and standing up.

At the word dinner Sirius immediately perked up, but then his face fell as if he had just remembered something and he glanced down.

"Moony do you think I am fat?"

The dinner that night was an unusually quiet affair, and after the children had left to do their own things the adults headed up to the library.

After they locked the door they took seats around the fireplace.

James looked around at the other three, "What happened?"

"Well…" All three began at once and they stopped and looked around.

"Remus you first…" Lily said while sitting back in her chair.

"Well I was about to quiz Harry on his book today, when he randomly asked me if he had any aunts. When I answered that he did have one aunt he just blurted out Auntie Bella. When I asked who that was he just left the room quickly."

At the name Bella everybody's eyebrows rose.

"That's close to what happened with me." Lily said.

"He asked if Sirius had any sisters. I told him no that Sirius had a younger brother, to which he responded, 'Odd Bella looked like Sirius'."

James was about to say something when Sirius cut him off and began to tell what Harry had told him about his kidnapper.

Lily felt a pang that Harry didn't trust them enough to tell them who the kidnapper was, or what had happened to him.

The group sat in silence for a minute before Sirius spoke up.

"You don't think that my cousin Bellatrix was the kidnapper, do you?"


Over the following week no one questioned Harry about his kidnapping, they all seemed to walk around the subject not liking the possibility that Harry actually cared for Bellatrix. For James, the best way to get his mind away from the topic was to go flying. He was amazed at Harry's natural skill and potential. The boy flew like he was born with a broom stick in his hands, after only a few hours of instruction the boy was flying like a pro. After a few days of training Harry, James decided to write to Dumbledore for permission for Harry to try out for the school team. He was quiet pleased when Albus answered back immediately in agreement.

As for Harry he spent his time between flying with his dad, plotting with his sisters, and planning for the future. He knew that in the future some of his choices might alienate him from his family, but he was going to do what was best for all.

During that week Harry had seen Sirius many times in his animal form, and had taken a liking to carrying around dog biscuits for the 'dog'. He was amused at the dog's reaction, and promised one day he would tell his godfather the whole truth regarding why he carried so many biscuits with him. He even went as far as to get him a collar with the name Snuffles engraved into the leather.

It was on that Friday that Neville was due to arrive. The family had just finished breakfast when the floo flared and out stepped the Longbottoms one after the other. Neville was the last to arrive, falling flat on his face. Harry smirked to himself; at least Neville still seemed a bit clumsy. Harry's siblings crowded around the Longbottoms excited to see them; however he hung back unsure of how to greet them. Jalene was jumping in happiness and hugging Alice while the boys crowded around Neville to say hello.

Lily walked into the living room and went to immediately welcome her guests.

"Alice, Frank so glade you could come." She said cheerfully as she gave Alice a tight hug, avoiding her daughter who was clutched to the other women's leg.

Harry studied the two adult Longbottoms. He could immediately see where Neville got his looks from. Alice had a pleasant, friendly, round face with sparkling blue eyes, while Frank was tall, stout, with thick brown hair.

Glancing at Neville next, Harry was surprised not to find the slightly overweight awkward boy that he once knew. In his place was a hearty boy who was tall for his age, with sharp eyes and a friendly smile.

"So this must be Harry then." Frank said turning to stare at the boy slightly awed, not only at how much he resembled James, but also because of the fact that he was actually alive and back. The Longbottoms and Potters had been close friends for years, and when Harry disappeared their hearts went out to them, but to have that missing part of the family back was simply amazing.

"Yes this is my baby." Lily said happily putting her hands on Harry's shoulders in a loving but protective way. Jadon and Raidon snickered at their brother who in return sent them a playful glare.

When Lily released him, Alice stepped forward and pulled the boy in to a tight hug.

"It's good to meet you Harry; Lily's told us so much about you."

When Alice released Harry he turned to Frank and shook his hand before turning to Neville and grinning.

"Hi Neville!" Harry said with a friendly grin holding out his hand.

"Hi mate." Neville said smacking Harry's hand enthusiastically.

Mentally Harry raised his eyebrows. Definitely not like the Neville he knew.

"Why don't you all go play while we catch up." Lily said with a smile.

Harry quickly led Neville out of the room and outside to the pitch, his brothers following the whole way. When they arrived Radion and Jadon flopped down and pulled out a notebook and put their heads together whispering. As Harry watched them he was strongly reminded of Fred and George with their underground business that they hid from their mom in fourth year. Turning around he studied the younger Longbottom.

"So Neville do you happen to play quidditch?" Harry asked casually as he picked up his Nimbus 2000.

"Well I can play but I've never been crazy about it, my dad was a beater at Hogwarts though. He says I'd make a decent beater too, but I really don't care one way or another." Neville said with a shrug. Harry was surprised by this statement.

'Wow he's not like my Neville at all. First off my Neville would never get on a broom in first year, and he also always tried to make his parents happy no matter what, but then again this Neville had his parents. He didn't realize how lucky he is compared to his counterpart.' Harry thought with a frown. However, just because he wasn't like his Neville didn't mean he was bad. Harry was already taking a liking to the robust boy. He would just have to separate people he knew in his world from their counterparts here; after all he should have learned his lesson with Bella.

"So do you want to fly around a bit?" Harry asked as he fetched an extra broom.

Neville nodded brightly and they were soon up in the air flying around. The way Neville had talked about quidditch Harry had expected him not be that great at it. However he was actually a pretty fair flyer for only being eleven. Of course Harry wasn't really trying, but he was still having a good time nonetheless. Soon they were chatting as if they were long time friends, Harry had to be careful about not letting anything slip though. They had been flying for a good thirty minutes when they heard a shout from below.

"Hey Harry come here!"

The two boys stopped throwing the quaffle back and forth and looked down to where the two younger boys sat.

Shrugging Harry threw the quaffle back to Neville then flew down to see what his younger brothers wanted. Neville followed at a slower pace and went to put the quaffle and brooms back up.

When Harry landed he sat down next to his little brothers.

"Something I can help you with?"

"Well Harry…" Raidon began.

"We've noticed that…" Jadon picked up.

"That you do like pranks…"

"We asked your grandparents."

"And we'd want to know…"

"If you'd help us…"

"Prank dad."

As each brother traded off Harry's head followed them. They were just as bad as the Weasley twins; they seemed to know what the other one was thinking. The idea was very strange indeed.

Harry laughed out loud, "You asked my gran if I liked to play pranks?" He asked with a smirk

The boys both nodded and grinned.

"And what did she say word for word?" Harry asked curious as to just how much his grandmother had told.

"Well she didn't say that you pulled pranks exactly." Jadon said.

"Actually she told us a story about something you did at the beginning of the summer." Raidon said with a wide smirk.

Harry groaned. "So I guess my cover is blown, I'll have to warn her not to tell my parents." He said in mock despair.

"Fine I'll help you with your prank under one condition." He finally said.

"Yes?" Raidon and Jadon asked together.

"You can't tell any one I helped. That includes our sisters."

The boys exchanged glances smirking. "Deal, we wouldn't think of telling on you." Jadon said.

"Good because you two get to take the fall for it!" Harry said with a laugh.

Over the following week Harry came to appreciate this version of Neville as a loyal and good friend. He was also a great source of information. Harry could ask him anything, and of course Neville wouldn't think any thing of it since Harry had grown up with muggles. For instances he learnt that The Lestrange brothers and Barty Crouch Jr. did attempt to attack the Longbottoms after the downfall of Voldemort once again. However instead of being tortured to insanity the death eaters were stopped when some order members just happened to stop by. They were now serving life sentences in Azkaban.

Other Death Eaters here had not been able to buy their way out of sentences in this dimension either. Many of the Death Eaters that worked for the Ministry after Voldemort were caught, including Malfoy, much to Harry's delight. Keeping his promise to the memory of Bella would be much easier with Lucius out of the way. Most of the Death Eaters' children leaved with relatives that were not Voldemort's supporters, or who were never proven to be. Hopefully that would cause them to be less like their counterparts.

The day before Harry and Neville were to leave Hogwarts Harry's grandparents spent the night so that they would be able to see him off the next morning.

From the time they arrived that morning until they went to bed Harry stuck by their side, simply soaking up their presence for he had missed them greatly the past month. If Harry had been observant he would have realized how much that hurt Lily, but he was too concerned with his grandparents to notice the feelings of his mother.

The next morning the dinning room was extremely crowded. Not only were the Potters there, but also the Blacks, Longbottoms, Delhommes, and Remus. All the adults seemed a mixture between happy and morose. The children however were all excited and very talkative. Besides Harry the other Potter children looked nervous about something, they kept glancing around and then giggling. Lily was getting suspicious and was about to call them on it when they all took off under the pretense of helping the boys finish their packing.

When Harry got back to his room to take his trunk down stairs his brothers jumped out from behind the door and grabbed him.

"So did you do it?" Jadon asked excitedly.

"Yep did it before mum even noticed; now we just have to wait until the opportune moment." Harry said with a smirk.

Before he left the room he turned around and looked at his brothers before grabbing Zantose.

"Remember I had no part in this prank." He said with a wink.

On his way down the stairs he had a similar experience with the girls as well. After he assured them that he had INDEED played his role, he finally made his way to the front door with his trunk. Then he made his way back up stairs to get Hedwig and her cage, listening to Zantose the whole time.

Harry knew the snake liked to say things to annoy him around others, because he couldn't answer back in front of them.

Finally they all made their way outside and into… 'Ministry cars?'

Harry looked over to James.

"Dad whose cars are those?" Harry asked in a conversational voice.

"Ministry cars son." James replied picking up his trunk and shoving it into the trunk, waving the driver's help away.

"Why is the Ministry providing cars for us?"

For a minute James looked uncomfortable, he hadn't really told Harry just how famous their family was in the wizarding world.

"Well son they are doing it because I am a Ministry employee and I needed some transportation." James said hoping that Harry bought it.

"Hmm okay dad if you say so." Harry said turning away.

James felt a pang at the tone of voice Harry had used. He could tell that his son didn't believe him.

On the way to the train station Harry sat squished between his mother and grandmother, both of them looked teary eyed and sad. Harry felt both pleased and saddened at the same time. Pleased for the fact that he actually had a family, one that cared about him, and saddened because he was causing them pain.

The rest of the ride went uneventfully and soon Harry was walking behind his father who was pushing his trunk ahead of him. Since their group was so large they decided to go in pairs of two and three. Harry and Neville went through first with Lily, and soon every one was on the other side in front of the Hogwarts express. James and Frank took the boys' trunks and put them in the last compartment on the train so that they could sit together, then returned to say their goodbyes.

Harry gave each of his siblings a quick awkward hug and winked at them, before turning pack to his grandparents. His grandmother held on tight as if she didn't want to let go.

"It's ok Gran I'll see you at Christmas, and until then I'll write as often as I can." Harry said in a muffled voice through her chest.

His grandfather simply ruffled his hair and gave him a quick hug, "Give them hell boy."

Harry just had to laugh at that, his granddad always told him that on his first day of school every year. He likes mayhem just as much as Jamie does.

Next Harry shook Remus hand before being pulled into a hug by Sarah Black. He had not seen her often; she was an unspeakable, so she spent most of her time away from home, something that did not seem to bother Sirius at all.

Sirius pulled him into a hug and tossed him about in apparent excitement.

"Now Harry your dad will be sending you a present in a few days, just don't tell your mother about it." Sirius whispered into his ear.

Harry gave a knowing smile before he turned to his parents to say his goodbyes.

Lily was already crying, and James looked extremely proud. Harry hugged them both quickly and pulled back not knowing what to do. He was used of just saying bye to the Weasleys and jumping on the train to go. Lily pulled him into another hug and cried silently into his hair while she held him. Letting him go she pushed him towards the train where Neville was already waiting for him.

"I'll see you all at Christmas." Harry said happily and started towards the train.

When Harry and Neville reached their compartment Harry went over to the window and waved his hand releasing a wave of magic, winking to his siblings he leaned back to watch the show. That morning he had put a modified polyjucie potion into James', Sirius', and Remus' breakfast. Added to the few jinxes he just added and the other special features this should be extremely funny indeed.

The Marauders snuck away from the rest of the group for second, most likely to plot something no doubt, and Harry could just make them out changing shape. Harry's siblings were watching them intently grinning away. Laughing at something James said the group headed back to the others. Where Sirius went up behind Lily and wrapped his arms around her waist. Smiling she leaned back and closed her eyes content and gave him a kiss. Sarah let out a yell like a wounded hippo and Charged at her husband and began to whack him in the head yelling. Lily quickly jumped startled and turned to see what all the fuss was about, what she saw made her go white.

"SIRIUS ORION BLACK!" Lily yelled pulling out her wand.

Remus cowered hiding from the wand waving woman and attempted to hide behind James who was just staring at the scene perplexed.

Harry and Neville were in their compartment laughing in hysterics at the scene, while the Potter children were trying to stifle their laughter.

James stepped forward and pulled Lily away from Sirius trying to calm the situation.

"Lily what are you and Sarah doing attacking James for?" 'James' asked pulling Lily's wand from her hand.

"What are you on about James; just because he is your best friend doesn't mean the dog can go around kissing me!" Lily said trying to grab 'Sirius who went to hide behind 'Remus' who was hid behind a trashcan.

'James' paused as if something just dawned on him.

"Lily who do you think I am?" 'James' asked.

"Honestly Potter get out of my way I have a dog to neuter." Lily said highly annoyed.

"Ah I thought so, Lily it is me Remus. I believe we were just pranked." James/Remus said.

Lily looked from 'James' to her children and back again. The children were trying to hold on to their laughter but finally they broke down. Slowly Lily turned red and looked around embarrassed, but decided she could handle the situation.

"Boys! In the car now!" Lily said in a stern voice.

Raidon and Jadon both stopped laughing and started back towards the barrier, but were beaten by a quickly moving 'Sirius' and 'Remus'.

Just as the train started to move Harry and Neville hung out the window and waved good bye to the rest over their families.

Sitting back in his seat Harry couldn't help but to smirk to himself, 'Hello Hogwarts here we come.'