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\This is Lemon!

Hades groaned in pleasure, finally the after party his wife had made him attend was over, and he could claim his bride as he wanted. He smirked as he lifted Harry bridal style and disappeared back to the underworld. He was careful as he gently laid his wife on their bed, climbing up on top of him as he kissed that tantalizing neck , his fingers deftly undoing the laces on the beautiful gown.

He took his time undressing his little one; enjoying the breathless pants as he trailed kisses over each new piece of exposed skin. "Ha…Hades." Harry moaned in pleasure, his eyes dilated with pleasure.

"Beautiful," Hades groaned as he finally removed the garment, throwing it away from him. His dark eyes were heavy with lust and need as he brought his mouth back to Harry's. Enjoying the taste as his tongue demanded entrance.

He felt Harry's smaller hands trying to undo his own robes and smirked as he sat up, quickly and effectively removing his clothes. "Spread your legs love." He hissed in pleasure as he watched those slender legs move further apart, he grunted at the erotic sight of his wife laid out like a feast for him.

He skimmed his hands over the beautiful little ass, enjoying the feel as Harry arched up, begging to be claimed. He smirked as he used his own magic to make their joining painless and moved his rock hard cock to the sweet entrance and thrust in, burying himself to the hilt with a groan of pure ecstasy. The tight ring of muscles constricted around him as Harry let out a shout of surprise. He waited only a moment to allow his wife to relax before pulling out and thrusting back in, reviling in the breathless moans and pants.

"You feel so good around him." He hissed darkly into Harry ears as his wife screamed in pleasure. He could feel him withering under him. It was unlike anything he had ever had before, knowing that the beauty was his, and his alone made him go faster, and deeper.

"Don't stop, please, don't stop!" Harry panted and Hades smirked.

"I have no intention on stopping until I'm fully satisfied love. Your so damn hot and feel so good." He grunted in pleasure, he knew he would never get enough of this. His wife was the epiphany of perfection.

Hours later when they were finally sated he gently tugged Harry close, allowing Harry to lay his head on his chest as they fell into a deep and undisturbed sleep.

Hades knew that he would never allow Harry to leave him; he would die before he lost his wife. Silently he hoped that he had impregnated his wife. The thought of Harry carrying his child made him smile as he allowed sleep to claim his sinces.

This was my first time ever writing lemon, so tell me how I did please!

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