Bella Pov

I was running with Edward at my side through a beautiful meadow, our meadow. Birds were chirping everywhere and the sun was beaming through the treetops, our hands were intertwined and Edward's eyes were dazzling me again.

"Bella" Edward began to speak "i lo..."

"BELLA!!!" I quickly jolted up startled by the outburst and I saw Alice.

"Aliceee, I was having a great dream and then you interrupted it!" I complained

"Belaaaa" Alice said mocking my tone of voice " we are playing a game of truth or dare so if you don't get your lazy but out of bed I will personally drag you out of there myself"

"just because I slept at your place last night doesn't mean I can be forced to pla.."

Then I was interrupted " Don't try it Bella your playing and that's final"

I got up out of the extravagant bed Edward had bought last month for me whenever I sleep at his place and found my clothes were already laid out. The problem was that they were not MY clothes. Alice had obviously laid out my clothes. I didn't even want to look at what they were so I stepped into the shower and roughly washed my hair. Once I was done I dried myself and put the clothes Alice had left out for me. I was wearing Skinny Jeans with a light blue top, pretty and reasonable compared to other things Alice has put me in.

I started to walk down the stairs hoping that I wouldn't fall down this time but I was wrong, yet again I fell with three stairs to go. I automatically put my hands out in front to save my fall but I was already in a pair of stone cold arms. I looked up to find those golden eyes dazzling me again.

"Opps" I whispered blushing madly

"Bella, when will you ever learn to stand up straight without falling?" Edward laughed

"Never eddikins, you should know that by now" A booming voice echoed

"Emmett how many times have I told you not to call me that?!"

"Whatever" The booming voice echoed back

I got up out of Edward's grip and steadied myself. As soon as Edward and I proceeded to walk into the living room I heard Emmett's booming laughter.

"have a nice trip Bells?" I automatically blushed.,

Edward and I walked in to the living room to find Jasper and Alice in the love seat, their hands intertwined and their eyes gazing into each others. Even though they didn't show their relationship as much as Emmett and Rosalie I felt like the moment was to private for me to look. Jasper obviously noticed this and let out a small chuckle. Emmett and Rosalie were sitting on the floor pecking at each others neck like they always do. Edward led me to the sofa and he sat down and pulled me down with him so I was sitting on his lap. He started playing with a lock of my hair just as Emmett decided to speak up.

"okay so now as you all know we are going to play a little game of truth and dare the following rules apply. This time because we have a human here there will be no one getting into jail and no dogs allowed" Emmett said as he winked at me.

Boy this is going to be one messed up game!

"Alice you can pick first"

"hmmmm" Alice pretended to think as Edward laughed at what Alice was planning to do.

"arrgh I hate not being able to read minds" I muttered into Edwards shirt

"Love, it's a lot more annoying than you think" He said back

"excuse me people but I have decided on my victim" Alice added with an evil laugh.

She can be soo scary at times.

"Rosalie, Truth or Dare" Alice blurted out.

"oh me , umm dare?" Rosalie made it sound like a question. As Alice and Edward burst out laughing. I looked at Edward confused and he just said," you will see love"

"ok" Alice started " I dare you to dye your hair hot pink!" oh no here comes the wrath of Rosalie.


"uh uh remember no backing out" Jasper added

"uh fine, but watch your back Alice"

"sure sure" Alice retaliated.

We all headed up to the Cullen's massive bathroom and to my surprise they already had hot pink hair dye there. Rosalie cussed under her breath as we laughed our heads off watching her apply the retched colour. She eventually kicked us out of the bathroom so we went downstairs into the living room and sat in complete silence, I finally decided to break the silence.

"do you think she is done" I asked

"she should be" jasper replied

"let's go check on my hot pink haired beauty" Emmett's booming laughter radiated around the house.

We all went up to the bathroom to check on Rosalie. We opened the door to the massive bathroom to find Rosalie covered in pink from head to toe. I gasped in amusement at what in what I saw.

"Babe what happened to you?" Emmett sounded concerned

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