Bella's POV

"Your going to regret this Swan" Emmett started to growl.

"what? So where on last name basis now huh" I shouted after him as he sauntered towards Mike's house baring all in the process.

"you know it bitch!" Emmett laughed...Edward growled.

Clinging onto Edwards neck I pulled myself off of the ground and onto his lap, what I wasnt expecting was his reaction. He pulled my face to his in a passionate embrace and started to make out! This was NOT happening right now. I wanted to see Mikes face!

Pulling myself off of Edward I whispered in his ear "please, not right now. I want to see my revenge"

Just as I talked I heard a rasp on the door. Oh here it comes!

Mike prowled out of the house dressed in leather pants and a corset, and oh god did he look HOT!

"Hey babe, how are you" Mike purred towards Emmett. Oh now I am totally turned on!

Emmett looking down at his feet scared to face Mike mumbled "Mike, I love you and I never want to let you go"

"Oh how many times I have wished you would say that and here you are on my front doorstep,naked,just begging"

Before a blink of an eye Mike pulled Emmett into his house shut the door and from what we could hear there was a lot of banging.

"mental images! MENTAL IMAGES!" Alice and Edward started shouting and before I knew it Jasper was on top of me! whatever their doing in there there must be some overpowering emotions in there.

Somehow Edward managed to block their thoughts and shoved us all into his volvo and sped down the street.

"What about Emmett!" I started shouting, no one listened

"Turn around and get god damn Emmett!" still no awnser

"LISTEN TO ME!" yep they didn't want to listen.

"EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN IF YOU DONT LISTEN TO ME I WILL STOP THE WEDDING AND RUN OFF WITH JACOB!" The car skidded to a halt flying me onto the front windscreen.

"Thankyou" I said whilst stuck to the windscreen " now go back and pick up Emmett"

"no way, Im not going back there to face mike and his emotions" Jasper shuddered at the thought "i almost raped you for gods sake! Don't you think that that's some extreme emotions?"

"hmm, good point" I pondered the thought for a minute "To the Cullen Cave!" I exclaimed pointing to the highway. Everyone just gave me weird looks and then we headed back to the house with me still stuck to the windscreen. More truth and dare here we come!

Im soooo sorry guys about the late updates My computer kept on deleting all my stories and this is the first one that has survived! I promise to update at least 3 times a week from now on due to my lack of 'activity'. I love you all! 3