'' I was once a lady knight, and princess of Narnia. Unfortunately, I am no longer royalty, although once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen. Although, I do not think this is true; not for me at least because my husband, my fellow rulers, nor the Narnia's that I once loved, and still love, remember that I was once ruled. I know this is confusing so I will start my story .A story of who I was, and who I am now. I really don't know where to start though; I guess from the very beginning.

My name is Anna Grace and for as long as I can remember I lived next to the Pevensies and I was their friend. As the years went by I saw them change as the war got worse. Peter, once so care free had the look of someone who had the weight of the world on their shoulders. Susan, who to be quite frank used to be fun, now always had her head buried in a book. Edmund, he had changed the most he was so bitter. He and peter used to be as close as brothers could be and now lashed whenever he got the chance. Finally, there was Lucy who had been effected less than the others, but I saw that the light in her eyes had dulled. As for me, looking back I had become quiet, but like the rest I made the best out of what I had. The five of us ended up leaving though, to the country where it was supposedly safer.''

" I love you.'' my mom whispered in my ear as I was ready to board the train.

"I love you too.'' Those were the only words that were exchanged before I boarded the train. I waved at her and then took my seat. It was silent in the compartment, and there was sense of immense sadness, and also a fear of what was going to happen to us, and to our families. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity we arrived. It certainly was the country since all there was a wooden platform. After a car passing us a women arrived in a carriage and introduced herself as Mrs. Macready. She was very strict and had a quick temper.

Lucy was homesick like all of us, she just showed it more. Peter tried to reassure her,'' We can go exploring tomorrow it will be great.'' It rained the next day and we just sat around doing nothing particular .

Looking back now I was thankful for the rain that day because without it the events that took place after that day may never have happened.

'' Of course it's raining.'' I heard Edmund say, I sighed and shook my head.

'' Why don't we all explore the house.'' The house was enormous most rooms were just spares, but we did find rooms lined with books and paintings, one even had a suit of armor in it. We searched all of the rooms looking for some kind of adventure to pass the time. I opened a door to discover another spare room with only a wardrobe, '' Nothing in here.'' I said. We all walked forward to go and find another room, but when I looked back I saw Lucy still standing in the room, '' Coming Lucy?'' I asked.

"In a minute.'' I nodded and ran to catch up with the others. A few minutes later Lucy ran up to us panting exclaiming, '' It's okay I'm here.''

"What are you talking about?'' asked Susan.

"Haven't you been wondering where I was? I've been gone for hours.''

" No Lucy you haven't it's only been a few minutes.''

'' I went into the wardrobe and I had tea with Mr. Tumnus.''

"I think the house is getting to her.'' Edmund murmured.

'' Honestly Ed it's obvious Lu's just making it up; a story.'' Peter said.

" Not I'm not, come look for yourselves.'' We all checked inside and out, we found nothing but the fur coats, and the back of the wardrobe.

" Lovely story Lucy you almost convinced us.'' Peter chuckled but Lucy's face started to get red,

'' It wasn't a story, it was there honestly.''

" I think that's enough Lucy.'' She didn't say anything but I could tell she was disappointed. If that was because that we didn't believe, or because she couldn't get back to this so called ' Narnia', and back to ' Mr. Tumnus the faun', I couldn't tell. She was miserable for days, which was a shame because it was so nice. Edmund was no help, he teased her endlessly about it. The next rainy day we all decided to play hide and seek. I saw Lucy perk up and I knew she would certainly visit the wardrobe. Susan had found me behind a tapestry, and peter behind a suit of armor, and were just about to look for Edmund and Lucy when they burst into the room.

''Edmund's been to Narnia with me!'' Lucy exclaimed excitedly. I looked over at Edmund who a superior look on his face.

'' You saw the land in the wardrobe?'' questioned Susan.

'' It's just pretend, all for fun.'' Lucy got a disbelieving look on her face and stormed out of the room. Peter and Edmund instantly started to fight. I took a deep breath to calm myself, I may have been the same age as Edmund but I had, had to grow up because of the circumstances.

" Both of you that's enough! All this fighting isn't going to help anyone. Especially not Lucy.'' I said. We found Lucy later; her eyes red and puffy. Everyone was miserable and Edmund seemed especially bitter. Peter and Susan thought she was going mad and decided to go see the professor. I was confused, on one hand Lucy wasn't one to lie, but I found it unbelievable that a whole other world could exist, especially in a wardrobe. I had been reading when they got back, '' What did he say?''

"He believes her.'' Susan said simply.

"Really?'' I asked disbelievingly.

'' Yes he says it's probable. If that's so why can't we get in?'' Peter looked absolutely perplexed.

'' Maybe it's because we have to believe in Narnia, or at least the idea of another world.'' I suggested timidly. They didn't say anything they seemed to be in their own world. Finally peter whispered,

'' Maybe.'' The professors house was well known and Mrs. Macready showed visitors around the house often, and since she didn't particularly like children we were told to keep out of the way. Susan, Lucy, and I were playing reading when we heard Mrs. Macready's voice, as well as several others coming our way. We quickly ran to find the boys. We found them standing around a suit of armor discussing how to take it apart.

'' Mrs. Macready's coming with a whole group with her.'' Susan said. We all ran around trying to get away from them, but it seemed as if they were following us.

'' Let's go in to the wardrobe room. They won't follow us there.'' I said. Soon we were in the room, but like all the others they seemed to be right outside the door. We saw the handle move, and on the ushering of Peter we climbed into the wardrobe. We sat there for I could only guess would be twenty minutes . I heard Edmund cough from the dust and everyone shifted.

"I hope she hurry's up.'' Susan whispered. I shivered and from what light there was in the wardrobe, which was only a sliver, I could see my breath.

" it's awfully cold for a wardrobe.'' I commented. I could see them nod.

I heard someone shift again and then,'' Something's poking into my back, and I'm sitting on something wet. It's getting wetter every minute.''

'' Oh! I think I'm sitting against a tree!'' I heard Susan exclaim.

" We're here!'' Lucy yelled, and I heard her run, and a few moments later I heard snow crunching. We all followed her and we all had to blink as we came face to face with the sun.

" Narnia.'' I whispered and smiled as I saw Lucy with the biggest grin on her face.

'' Sorry for not believing you Lucy.'' Peter apologized, we all nodded are heads and apologized to Lucy. Except for Edmund who had a very dark look on his face, and something occurred to me.

"You lied.'' I said simply. He jumped as he was so immersed in his thoughts, and a guilty look came over his face, but disappeared just as suddenly as it had come.

" Why you little--'' Peter looked about to yell ,but he stopped and then shrugged. I guess he was just so use to Edmund acting this way that he finally just gave up.

'' What do we do now?'' Susan asked.

" Well I think Lucy deservers to decide that.'' Peter said

'' I want you all to meet Mr. Tumnus.''

" I think we should take the coats. After all if you think about it were not even taking them out of the wardrobe.'' said Susan. Peter took out the coats, which were more like robes for us, and made are way to Mr. Tumnus's house. When we got there it certainly wasn't what I had imagined. The door was off its hinges, there was pots and pans strewn everywhere, and nailed to the carpet was a note.

'' Come one I'll be able to read it better outside.'' Said Peter. The note read,

The former occupant of these premises, the faun Tumnus, is under arrest and awaiting his trial on a charge of high treason against her Imperial Majesty Jadis, Queen of Narnia, Chatelaine of Cair Paravel, Empress of the Lone Islands, ect. , also of comforting her said Majesty's enemies, harboring spies and fraternizing with humans.

signed Maugrim, Captain of the Secret Police,


"Who is this Queen, Lucy? What do you know about her?'' I asked worridley. I think we were in even more danger than we understood.

" She's not a queen, she's a witch. She put an enchantment on Narnia so it would always be winter, but never Christmas.''

" I think we should go home. It's awfully cold and getting colder every minute, and we haven't brought anything to eat.''

" No we can't, it's all my fault he got arrested.''

" What can we do? It is the police after all.'' Edmund said.

'' I'd vote to go back, but there's no way to guarantee that once we get back to the professors that'll we'll be able to come back.' 'Peter said. So we all agreed to keep going on. I was wondering what to next when Lucy shouted, '' Look there's a Robin! I wonder if he can talk? Excuse me Robin, but could you tell us where Mr. Tumnus has been taken to?'' The Robin didn't answer, instead he flew to a tree a few yards back and we all took steps near him. This became the pattern until suddenly the Robin flew away.

" Now what are we going to do?'' Said Edmund.

'' Sh! Look there's something over there.'' Susan whispered. Indeed there was something moving from tree to tree. A beaver by the from the looks of the tail.

'' Hush.'' the beaver said.

'' I think the beaver wants us to follow it. Should we? What do you think Lu?'' Peter asked

" I think it's a good beaver, lets.''

'' Further in the woods.'' Said the beaver. I was still bewildered by the talking beaver. Only when we were in the thick of the forest did the beaver actually talk to us.

" Are you the sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve.''

" Some.'' Answered Peter.

''Sh! were not safe.''

"Why aren't we safe?''I asked.

" The trees, most of them on our side but there are some who spy on us for her.''

'' How exactly are we supposed to know which is the right side. How do we know you're not the enemy?'' Edmund accused

'' Quite Right, here is my gift to you.'' He handed her a piece of white cloth which I recognized as her handkerchief.

'' It's my handkerchief that I gave to Mr. Tumnus.''

" He knew they were coming for him. He told me to meet you, and take you to Aslan,'' I didn't know who Aslan was but when Mr. Beaver said his name my spirits rose, and I had a feeling that Aslan could fix this whole mess. '' Come, we have to get somewhere we can talk safely and have some dinner.'' He led us to damn and ushered us in. '' I expect Mrs. Beaver is waiting for us.''

There was another Beaver inside working on her stitching, and as soon as she saw us she dropped it. '' Oh and I thought I would never live to see this day!'' We all looked at each other confused.

Edmund was the first to speak, '' What do you mean? What day?'' The beavers looked at each other and then finally said, '' I think we should get dinner ready first then we will explain everything.'' Mrs. Beaver answered. We got dinner ready and when everything was done, and we were sitting at the table, and when Mr. Beaver was smoking his pipe, did he begin.

" Mr. Tumnus has no doubt been taken to the witch's house, and is to be turned to stone.'' He took a puff of his pipe and blew out the smoke.

" Can't we go rescue him?'' Lucy had a horrified look on her face.

" No you would surely be captured only Aslan can save him.''

"Who is this Aslan? Is he a man?''

" Certainly not, he is the king of the wood, a lion. Aslan's return signifies the end of winter. The end of her rein, It is a part of an old rhyme,

Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,

At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,

When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,

And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again .

" Why are we here then if he can fix everything?'' Peter said

'' That is another old rhyme,

When Adams flesh and Adams Bone Sits at Cair Paravel in throne, The evil tine will be over and done.

" There are four thrones, and when Aslan overthrows the witch, then you will rule.'' I thought about the old rhymes, four thrones, four siblings, it only made sense. " If that's try then why am I here?'' I asked.

" I know you were brought here for a reason, a purpose. I can't tell you what it is though, the only one that can answer that is Aslan himself. That is why I brought you all here, so I could take you to him.''

" Where's Edmund?'' Lucy said looking around. I looked around and he was nowhere to found. We looked for him calling his name, '' We have to go looking for him.'' Peter said getting on his coat.

" Why? I already know where he's gone, he has betrayed us all. He's gone to her'' Mr. Beaver said.

" No not Edmund he wouldn't.'' Said Susan.

" Has he been here before? Alone?''

"Yes.'' Lucy said.

"Then he has joined her, probably eaten her enchanted food.''

" All the same, he's our brother, we have to go.''

"No!'' yelled Mr. Beaver " Don't you all understand he's the bait and if you all go to her guaranteed she'll have several new statues. The only way to save your brother is to go to the stone table, to Aslan.''

"Then take us to him.'' Peter commanded. Mrs. Beaver packed a sack full of food, and then we were all off. We walked, and walked, and walked for what seemed like miles. It didn't help that it was dark, and the woods were so thick that the moon barley shone through. I tripped on several rocks, and fell once landing in the snow and ice.

'' Are you okay?'' Lucy asked concerned.

" Fine.'' Even though it hurt I got up and started to walk again. I was so tired I felt I could drop in the snow again. I wondered when exactly we were going to rest. Finally, Mr. Beaver turned from the river bank we had been following and led us to some bushes, where a deep hole was. The bushes completely covered it so we could not be been seen. I followed the others and laid down in the hole, it was small, but it was protected from the fierce storm. I put my head to the earth and breathed deeply smelling the earthy scent, and closed my eyes. Before I knew it I was dreaming, and in my dreams there was a magnificent lion sitting beside a stone table. His eyes calmed me but held an urgency to them . Nevertheless, I slept peacefully that night.