Chapter 21

A/N: I can't believe this is the last chapter but there will be a sequel ! !

I sat in my chambers- sitting at my mirror getting ready for the day. A year had passed since Edmund and I had gotten married. Edmund had insisted that I become a queen in my own right. The council disagreed that there were four thrones in Cair Paravel and there would remain, only four thrones. I agreed and told Edmund, '' That I didn't marry you for your title.''

So I was crowned a princess.

I was startled from my state as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Edmund. I knew when I looked at him that I saw the same love I felt for him-in his eyes.

'' Turn around.'' I put my hairbrush down as he placed the silver circlet- my crown- upon my head. He kissed my neck, '' Perfect.'' he whispered.

We were startled by Lucy barging into our chambers. I was amused as Edmund looked a tad bit annoyed.

'' Mr. Tumnus has told us the most exciting news!''

'' Pray, tell us sister.''

'' The White has been spotted.'' We both bolted after Lucy. We both knew that if any one of us caught the stag it would grant our wish.

All four of us jumped on our horses - and after I checked my compass- rode the for the western wilds. I breathed in the Autumn air and reveled in the exhilaration I always felt when I went riding in the woods. I could not help the smile on my face- even if we didn't catch the stag it was all good fun. If we did find the stag though I knew what I would wish for- a child.

Lucy slowed to a stop in front of me. '' Lucy-'' I saw a blur of white at the corner of my eye and I saw the stag go further into the woods.

'' Anna look-'' I stared up at the lamppost that seemed do out of place among the trees. '' Does it not seem from a dream.''

'' Yes. Or a dream from a dream.'' Susan agreed.

Lucy then took off among the trees, '' Not again.'' Peter muttered. We all followed her into the trees- seeming to get lost in all of the branches. Soon everyone was pushing and shouting and then we fell. I looked up from my place on the floor. I saw the plain wooden floor and room that I associated the professors house with. Then I looked down at myself and the others- we were younger. The same age as we were when we first entered Narnia. I tried to catch Edmund's eye to tell that everything would be alright- that we would be alright. His now boyish face though was focused on the professor. When he did catch my eye it held no love-not the love I was used to seeing-only confusion.

The professor held the cricket ball in his hands,'' What happened.'' His gaze was amused.

'' You would never professor.'' Peter answered.

'' Oh, I believe I would.''

''They had forgotten me- oh they hadn't forgotten the battles I had won or the friend that I was. They had forgotten the lover, the wife, that I had been. I don't know why. I don't know why Aslan chose to punish me like this- but he did, and as much as I'd like to- I cannot hate him. From that moment I could only cling on to the memories- hoping that they wouldn't fade, and that someday they would remember- he would remember. But of course-well I'm getting ahead of myself. Now where were we a yes Caspian- Are you ready professor?''

'' Yes my dear, I am.''

'' Very well then.''