You're scaring me, I don't like it

It doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel right

I'm not uncomfortable cause I'm frightened by you

I'm uncomfortable cause I want to kill you

Yah, you're my dad, yes, I'm supposed to love you

But there is nothing more that I want to do

Than rip your eyes from you head, and drown you

Every time you raise you voice, trying to make a point

I can't think of anything, but drowning out that annoying whine

The wretched sound of 'advice' being rained down

Sure, you say it's for my good, to make me better, to give me a chance to make life work

Bullshit, you don't care, you're wrapped up in your problems, your fears

I'm bitter for a reason, you puffed up fuck

Stop trying to better me, when you're falling apart

So what? You're hurting? Big deal so am I

You know, there was a reason I tried to take my life

I hated you then, but worshipped you too

Now all I can do is to pity you

You've never felt despair like what I've felt

You've never known what it was like to wake up and realize

Why God, why am I still alive?

So you don't have a job, so what? Mom has one, that's enough

I'm not a toy, not a project, not a prototype

Not some story that you can go back and rewrite

I'll admit, you're more fucked up than me

Trying to hold on to some sense of normality

But that time is gone, suck it up bitch

Stop trying to tear me down, and start fixing yourself

Go, go talk to that stupid witch

That shit-for-brains therapist that you go for help

I hate her, she doesn't know fuck

Go, fix yourself, then we'll talk