Title: Doctor Bones
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: M
Summary: Captain Kirk goes to sickbay for his physical. Doctor Bones is very…ahem…thorough. Bones/Jim slash.


"I'm here for my physical," Jim announces with a pout as he slinks into sickbay.

"Nice of you to show up," Bones grouches. "C'mon, examination room one."

Jim huffs as he follows his friend into the room.

"Clothes off," Bones orders.

"Kinky," Jim mutters sullenly to himself as he quickly and efficiently strips, feeling no shame or embarrassment at displaying his body to Bones.

Why should he? He has a nice body, and Bones is his best friend and doctor.

If you can't be naked with your best friend and doctor, who can you be naked with?

"Cold!" Jim yelps as Bones's hands roll his testicles gently, examining them carefully for any irregularities.

"Deal with it," his friend replies gruffly. "No problems there. Turn around, spread your legs, and bend over."

Jim looks at him with wide blue eyes.

"...That was really hot," he whispers breathily.

Bones just glares, so Jim quickly complies. The doctor snaps surgical gloves on, and spreads lubricant over the pointer finger of his left hand.

"You should feel some pressure, but no pain," Bones reassures him before gently slipping his forefinger into him.

Jim wiggles his ass in response as Bones's finger crooks towards his navel, examining the shape and size of his prostate.

"Well, no problems that I can detect," Bones says, beginning to withdraw his finger from Jim's rectum.

"Course not. I'm perfect," Jim replies cockily.

And something about that tone of voice just gets to Bones. Even naked and bent over with a man's finger in his ass, Jim is still a smug sonavabitch.

Bones will just have to teach him a lesson…

Bones smirks to himself, just a little bit, and presses his finger back in.

"Perfect, Jim?" he purrs the question, crooking his finger just that little bit to stroke his friend's prostate.

Jim shudders, letting out a breathy gasping sound that goes right to Bones's cock - so he does it again.

"B-Bones," Jim stutters. "W-what are you d-doing?"

"Making sure that your prostate functions adequately in a sexual situation," Bones replies promptly. "What do you think?"

He rubs Jim's prostate gently to punctuate the question. Jim shakes, his legs looking like they are about to give out.

So Bones uses his other hand to reach around Jim's stomach and pull him back against his chest.

Just for support, of course.

It has nothing to do with wanting to grind his own hard cock into the small of Jim's back.

Jim moans, so Bones asks him again - "Do you think your prostate functions adequately to sexual stimulation?"

Jim nods his head frantically.

"You don't seem sure," Bones continues. "As your doctor, I need to be thorough."

His hand slips from Jim's taut stomach to his hard cock as his other hand continues stroking Jim's prostate.

"Bones!" Jim moans, arms giving out as he drops his head and shoulders to the exam table, bending over even further and giving Bones a good angle to slip a second finger into his hole.

"Captain Kirk, this is a medical examination. I must insist that you call me Doctor McCoy for the duration," Bones drawls sexily into his friend's ear.

"Medical examination, m-my ass," Jim laughs in response.

"Yes, and it is a very fine ass indeed," Bones replies. "It needs to be thoroughly examined."

He drops his hand from Jim's cock - and shushes him when he whines as the loss of stimulation - in order to unzip his own slacks and remove his hard cock. He covers himself with lube one-handed, and then withdraws his other hand from Jim's hole.

"Bones!" Jim moans again, pushing his ass back in an attempt to regain those lost fingers.

Bones is going to replace them with something better.

But first -


"What did I say to call me, Captain Kirk?" he asks demandingly.

"D-doctor," Jim replies. He silently curses himself for stuttering more during this 'examination' than he has his entire life. He's usually so smooth during sex...

Bones lines the head of his erection up with Jim's slick hole, just pressing teasingly to that small pink pucker.

"Say it again," he demands throatily.

"Doctor!" Jim moans, pushing back and whining as Bones moves with him to avoid penetration.

"What do you want, Captain?" Bones asks teasingly.

"F-fuck," Jim gasps. "Please, fuck me, Bones - Doctor. I meant Doctor."

His friend slaps him once more, sharply, on the ass.

Jim barely has time to register the sharp pain before his best friend's cock is balls-deep in his ass.

"Bones!" he shouts as that hard erection hits his prostate dead-on. "God, you're fucking good at this."

"I'm a doctor, Jim - I certainly know where the prostate it," Bones replies, punctuating it with a brutal thrust. "Though I distinctly remember telling you to call me something else."

"Doctor," Jim replies teasingly, happy now that Bones's cock is in his ass. He purposely clenches his inner muscles, ridiculously satisfied at the stutter in Bones's steady rhythmic thrusts.

In retaliation, Bones reaches a hand around to stroke Jim's penis and brings another up to twist and pinch his left nipple.

Jim jerks.

"Sensitive!" he hisses, trying to twist his chest out of the reach of those cruel fingers.

Bones smiles delightedly at the discovery, bringing his other hand up from Jim's cock so he can rub and twist and pinch those sensitive little nipples until they are bright red and aching. Jim's jerking in arms, trying to get away from the intense over-stimulation at his chest while pushing his hips back against the pleasurable invasion in his ass.

"Bones..." Jim sobs, bringing a hand up to try to swat his friend's deft hands away from his chest. "Too much. T-too much. Please!"

Bones takes mercy on him, swearing to himself that later on he is going to make Jim orgasm just by sucking those sensitive little nubs. He brings a hand back down to Jim's cock, the other splaying possessively on his friend's sternum.

It only takes a few strokes of his cock before Jim explodes all over the side of the examination table - he is already too worked up from Bones's prostate and nipple 'examinations.'

Bones shudders as those inner muscles milk him when Jim orgasms, and he pulls his cock back in order to spray all over that strong back and perfect ass. He feels a vicious sense of satisfaction at the sight of Jim, covered in sweat and his cum.

"If every one of my physicals is like that, I think I am going to come to sickbay more often, Doctor Bones," Jim pants as he turns to face Bones with a cocky smirk.

Bones takes in the sight of him, a few splatters of his own ejaculate covering his stomach and chest - and his eyes narrow in on those abused little nipples.

Jim sees where his gaze is fixed, and self-consciously covers his chest with his arms.

"Don't even think about it, Bones - I'm already not going to be able to wear a shirt tomorrow," Jim says in his best captainly voice.

It is not quite as effective when he is naked and covered in sweat and semen with his hair mussed, blue eyes glazed, and nipples bright red.

"Too bad," Bones replies with an evil smirk as he presses Jim back onto the examination table, tying him down with the medical restraints used for patients going into seizures.

It's time for Jim's nipple examination…