"Bones!" Jim protests, arms straining against the medical restraints. "Please, Bones! They're too sensitive…"

Bones ignores Jim's whining, focusing all his attention on his lover's bright red, abused little nipples. He knows Jim would be writhing against his touch right now if he could – if the restraints were not holding him still and flat on his back on the bed, exposing his chest to Bones's hands and mouth and anything else he decides they need to be exposed to.

"Do you think I could make you come just from playing with these sensitive little nubs?" Bones asks Jim, flicking his eyes up to meet aroused, desperate blue.

"Bones?!" Jim responds, those beautiful eyes wide in shock and dismay and a hint of pleading.

His lover responds by giving his right nipple a little twist, and Jim cannot help but let his mouth fall open in a silent scream.

But McCoy does not want silent.

"I am going to make you come just like this, Jim – not a touch to your pretty little cock," Bones smirks, leaning down to bite and worry Jim's left nipple between his teeth.

Jim whimpers, wiggling a little bit in the restraints.

"Bones, please – please fuck me!" he whines, gasping and squeezing his eyes shut tightly against the pleasure.

"I already did, Jim," the doctor replies with another sexy smirk, hazel eyes dark with arousal drifting down his lover's body to take in his semen-splattered stomach…hard cock…stretched anus covered with a few drops of Bones's seed.

The rest of the doctor's ejaculate is covering Jim's back and ass – Bones made sure to soak Jim with it.

An intense look passes over the doctor's face as he gets an idea.

Jim notices the look – and he doesn't like it.

Bones just smirks, leaning his head back down to suck Jim's right nipple into his mouth, sucking and nipping and licking with broad swipes of his tongue to soothe the aching little bud.

"Bones!" Jim moans, panting and squirming and pleading with every fiber of his being. "It's too much! Please, touch my cock!"

"No," Bones growls in response against Jim's skin, and the vibrations cause Jim to shiver and squeak.

Squeak – like a defenseless little mouse.

Bones pulls back with a smile – a dangerous, all-teeth, you're-in-for-it-now smile.

Jim shivers again at the heat in his best friend's eyes.

"You squeaked," Bones points out the obvious.

Jim doesn't respond, his lips pressed together in a thin line of obstinacy.

Bones just grins wider, bringing his hand to Jim's left nipple, and pinching.


Jim's mouth falls open in pleasure-pain, and Bones catches sight of that pretty little cock jerking a bit at the sensation.

"You really could come just from this, couldn't you?" Bones questions, something a little like awe in his voice.

Jim opens ice blue eyes to shoot him a fiery glare, and that mouth opens to respond – but Bones shuts him up effectively.

With his tongue.

Jim moans into the kiss, once against struggling against the restraints as he attempts to touch his lover. He wants to plunge his hands into that dark hair and push Bones's wicked, wicked mouth down to his cock.

As soon as Bones finishes sucking his soul out of his mouth.

The doctor is firm and relentless, exploring Jim's mouth and tongue and teeth with his talented tongue, pushing harder when Jim tries to pull his lips back to breathe.

Bones doesn't let him, forcing the kiss to continue until Bones himself is a bit breathless.

The doctor pulls back with a satisfied smirk as Jim begins panting heavily, his beautiful face flushed from arousal and lack of air and those blue, blue eyes glazed and heavy-lidded.

Another quick twist of Jim's nipples, and those eyes are so blown with arousal that only a thin ring of blue remains.

"Bones…" Jim pleads softly.

His lover smiles once more, dipping his head and attacking Jim's left nipple viciously, while his hand begins rubbing the right. After a few seconds, he switches his head to the bud on the right, biting down softly, and then a little harder – leaving a clear imprint of his teeth, but not quite breaking skin.

Jim moans, shudders – and then Bones pulls back with a wicked smirk.

"W-what?" the blonde questions, blue eyes blown with arousal and need. "Where are you going?"

His voice is small, full of confusion and uncertainty – so different from Captain James Tiberius Kirk that Bones cannot help but reach a hand down to stroke his face gently.

"Nowhere," the doctor reassures, slipping off his Starfleet-issued slacks and then his shirts.

Then he climbs up onto the bed, straddling Jim's stomach just above where the restraints are holding his hips down.

Jim's mouth falls open in shocked arousal as Bones strokes himself to completion over his body, not a single stretch of skin touching him.

"Bones…" the blonde whines. "Please…"

"I am going to cover you in my cum," the doctor grunts. "And then I'm going to rub myself into your skin – rub those pretty pink nipples and cover them with my semen until you release all over your stomach again. And then I'm going to fuck you, and fill that stretched little hole with my seed. And to keep it there, I'm going to plug you up with a vibrator – and I'll hold the remote. Maybe I'll press it randomly throughout the day – knowing that you're sitting in the captain's chair, desperate for me to take the plug out and fuck you again."

Jim looks up at him, enraptured with the dirty words falling from his lover's lips. He always expected that he would be the one to talk dirty, but Bones's low drawl is almost enough to make him release without any stimulation at all.

And then Bones grunts, loud and low, and his thick cock twitches as it spurts onto Jim's chest and neck – and a bit on his face. When the doctor comes down from his orgasm, he opens his eyes and smirks at the pretty sight of the captain covered in his seed, blue eyes pleading and desperate as a pink tongue darts out to wipe some white from his lips.

Bones moves his hips down so he is straddling Jim's lower stomach – just out of reach for contact with his lover's desperate cock – and he leans down to lick his semen from Jim's face and neck as his finger rubs and strokes and twists those pretty pink nipples until Jim is gasping and moaning and sobbing with need.

"Bones!" Jim shouts as the doctor pinches both nipples viciously. "Please! Please! Pleasepleasepleasepl…"

The doctor shuts his lover up with a fierce kiss, and Jim moans desperately into his mouth, trying to buck his hips up to get some contact on his desperate cock, squirming in the restraints and begging with his body.

Bones pulls back with a satisfied grunt as soon as Jim stops moaning, and he feels himself hardening for the third time at the sight of desperate tears in those too-blue eyes as Jim pants for air.

"Please," Jim begs, and Bones finally relents.

He leans down, sucking one of those pretty nipples into his mouth – biting down hard as his hand pinches the other.

And Jim screams – loud enough that Bones is glad the exam rooms are sound-proofed – and Bones feels Jim's release hit his lower back, covering them both. The doctor admires his lover's blissed-out expression as Jim comes down from his orgasmic high, and then he possessively admires the teeth marks outlining both of Jim's nipples – almost deep enough to draw blood.

He wonders if he could get Jim to tattoo the marks into his skin – and along with Bones's name on Jim's ass, it might be enough to remind him who exactly he belongs to if he ever gets the urge to stray.

Because Bones certainly is not letting Jim go anywhere.

"Bones?" Jim murmurs sleepily. "I don't think you'll have any problems getting me to come in for routine physicals if this happens every time."

The doctor just smirks, releasing the medical restraints and once again admiring Jim's cum-splattered, bruised and bitten, blissed-out form.

The blonde frowns after a moment, his nose scrunching up cutely in thought – though Bones most emphatically did not think the word 'cute'.

"Although I hope that doesn't happen every time you give a guy a prostate exam," Jim pouts, big blue eyes looking up at him earnestly.

Bones cannot help but laugh.

"Jim – most guys just get the tricorder," the doctor informs his patient before stepping out of the exam room to give Jim the chance to clean up and get re-dressed.

He hears a delayed, indignant "Hey!" before the door shuts and the sound-proofing kicks in.

Bones wonders how long it will take before Jim attempts to "punish" him for taking advantage of a patient, and he begins plans for turning the tables.

Jim looks too pretty tied up, begging and helpless – Bones will not let any opportunity to get him that way again pass him by.