Clear Skies with Plenty of Sonshine

Chapter 1- Ploopy the Pillow with Pants

Chad Dylan Cooper walked into the cafeteria, followed by a slightly shorter teen girl with light brown hair. She was talking angrily into her phone.

"No, I don't want to reorder! I just want my Ploopy the Pillow with Pants!" she said, storming behind Chad, who rolled his eyes but didn't say anything. Chad walked up to the newly polished MacKenzie Falls table, complete with a tablecloth and candles. The girl however, stood behind her chair, still talking into her phone.

"I told you, I've been waiting three weeks for my Ploopy the Pillow with Pants!" she said. There was a pause as the poor person on the other line said something. "Oh, because I like saying Ploopy the Pillow with Pants!" Another pause. "I don't care if it annoys you! Ploopy the Pillow with Pants, Ploopy the Pillow with Pants, Ploopy the Pillow with..."

"Dani, please" said Chad, holding up his hand with a painful expression on his face. "You're embarrassing yourself. And all of us"

"Shut up Chad" Dani retorted, to angry to really pay attention. Chad sighed dramatically and he and the other MacKenzie Falls members went to go get lunch. Dani put her phone back to her ear.

"Ploopy the Pillow with Pants, Ploopy the Pillow wi- Hey!" Dani slammed the phone down on the table. "She hung up on me! I can't believe she hung up on me!" Huffing angrily, she went to stand in line behind two guys.

"Okay, today we are getting a steak!" said the taller one, who had dark skin.

"Yeah, we'll show them that So Random deserves good food too!" said the other one, who had blond hair. Dani perked up. So Random was her favorite show. It was much better than MacKenzie Falls and all it's wishy washy drama.

"Two steaks please" said the taller boy. The lunch lady looked at him skeptically then dumped a pile of gross looking goop on his plate. The boys scowled at the lady and walked away. Dani walked up to the lady uncertainly.

"Uh... hi" she said. "Um, I'm Dani Cooper..." The lady beamed at her.

"Oh yes, would you like steak or lobster my dear?" said the lunch lady.

"Steak please" Dani was handed a plate with delicious looking steak and vegetables. She began to walk over to the MacKenzie falls table when she heard a voice. She turned around to see a girl with dark brown hair talking into a cow print phone.

"No, I don't want to cancel my order! This is the third time I've tried to order a Blarmy the Blanket with Arms!" she said, sounding exasperated. Dani was amazed. She sat down next to the girl.

"Omigosh, you too?" she said.

"Sorry, what?" said the girl politely, but looking confused.

"I've been trying to order a Ploopy the Pillow with Pants for weeks now!!" said Dani.

"Really?!" asked the girl. "I got a Blarmy the Blanket with Arms but then my friend puked all over it" The girl made a face and Dani laughed. "By the way, I'm Sonny Munroe" The girl held out her hand.

"Dani Cooper" said Dani, shaking it.

"Whoa, are you related to Chad?" asked Sonny. Dani rolled her eyes.

"Unfortunately" she snorted. "America's teen heartthrob. More like jerkthrob"

"Oh, but he's not that bad" Sonny didn't know why she was defending Chad. "I mean, sometimes he can be kinda nice" Dani looked skeptical, but then nodded.

"Yeah, I guess" she replied. "But most of the time he's just a conceited egomaniac" Sonny nodded vigorously. Then Dani felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see her older brother standing above her.

"Oh, it's you" said Dani.

"Nice to see you too, sis" Chad said sarcastically. He noticed Sonny sitting there and stiffened.



"Dani, why are you hanging out with a Random?" Chad asked. Sonny scowled. She hated it when he called her "A Random".

"Omigosh, you're on So Random!?" Dani squealed. "Iknew I'd seen you before!! You're my favorite character!" Sonny smiled hugely.

"Thanks Dani" she turned to look at Chad. "At least someone in your family appreciates my talent" Chad snorted and Sonny glared at him.

"C'mon sis, we gotta go now" Chad said smugly. "Shooting starts in half an hour"

"Eww" Dani made a face. "Mac Falls shooting is so boring. I mean couldn't you add some humor in there somewhere??" Sonny shot Chad a smug look.

"Let's go Dani" Chad said, tugging on Dani's hoodie. Scowling, Dani stood up. She waved bye to Sonny and followed her brother.

"Oh wait!" called Sonny, and Dani turned around. "Give me your number!" Dani ran back and handed her phone to Sonny. They typed in their numbers.

"Come on" Chad whined.

"She's coming jeez" said Sonny. Dani walked back to Chad.

"Fine" said Chad.

"Fine" said Sonny.



"So, we're good?"

"Oh we're so good" Chad stalked out of the cafeteria. Dani stayed a moment longer, a puzzled expression on her face. Then, she shrugged and followed Chad out.


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