I love an Oniguri: Epilogue: Monday Morning

Sunday was the best day of both Kyo and Tohru's lives. They made love until midnight, finally falling asleep until morning.

It sucks though, both lovers forgot that Shigure and Yuki would be returning that very same morning. Heh. I'm such a mean writer. xD

"Shigure, just stop." Yuki rolled his eyes and opened the front door.

"I'm just saying! We left them alone for a while day! Tohru might not be pure anymore! OH NO OUR PRINCESS~!" Shigure finally shut up because of Yuki's skills. Shoe throwing skills that it.

"Honda-San isn't that kind of girl. Besides, Kyo is a stupid cat who couldn't whoo a girl to save his own tail." Yuki walked towards the laundry room, seeing clothes lying on the laundry room floor.

"Oh. Tohru didn't do the laundry. Odd." Shigure went wide eyed. He pointed towards the open bathroom door.

Yuki looked and nearly dropped dead.

"R-re-re-RED?!?!" Pure shock and disbelief rushed over the two men.

"Wow." Both men walked into the bathroom. Unfortunately.

Water still filled the tub, along with towels and clothes on the floor.

"Those are Kyo's pants." Shigure *tsked*.

"No. IMPOSSIBLE. Honda-San would never! She isn't that type to wear *gulp* red lace panties either."

"You never know Yuki-Kun~!" Shigure made a move to stash the panties into his kimono when Yuki used his skills.

A sigh came from Kyo's room. Yuki and Shigure walked towards the door (closed, but not locked).

*Opens the door and steps inside.*

"H-H-H-H-HO-HONDA-SAN?!!?!?!?!" Yuki whispered at the top of his lungs as Shigure fell to the floor in disbelief.

The white blankets were on the floor in a mess.

Tohru laid in the middle of the bed, completely nude, covered bottom half by a cuddling close Kyo, whom was also bare ass naked.

Both lovers were cuddled close to each other, sleeping soundlessly.

"How is he not transforming?" Shigure looked confused.

"Master." Yuki whispered.

"He held out on me~!"

"We need to shave the cat, and then throw it into the washing machine. Then give it to Kagura." Yuki went on with his list threw his teeth.


"HA!" Both men laughed as Kyo transformed into a little orange cat, half buried in Tohru's cleavage.

*Meow* "Man, it wore off!" Kyo stretched and looked at Tohru A sleeping naked angel.

"Stupid mother fucking shit faced CAT!" Yuki said it all in a calm, collected voice. Making it sound like not such a huge insult. 0_o, what a strange boy.

"Oh shit!" Kyo looked like a dear in head lights.

Yuki lunged for Cat Kyo as Tohru woke up screaming.

"Say cheese!"


Everyone stopped and stared at Shigure who had a camera in hand.

"A naked screaming Tohru, stupid cat Kyo ON naked screaming Tohru, and Yuki who's trying to choke stupid cat Kyo on naked screaming Tohru. This will be a great Christmas card." He smiled innocently.


"I was joking!!! Don't kick there! AHHHHH~!"