There were loud bangs that jolted the couple awake. Grabbing his boxers, Mac Taylor quickly slipped them on and ran to their bedroom door, his new fiancé at his heels.

"Stay here." He whispered to the woman with the beautiful curls.

"I am not going to just stand here when there is someone in our apartment!" She whispered back, snuggled in only a fuzzy blanket and slightly worried at the current situation. Flashbacks of Frankie came back as her breathing quickened.

"Fine." The door squeaked open as Mac took the lead into the hallway. Opening the bathroom door and peeking in to check the window. It was closed and locked. Closing the door quietly behind him, he moved to one of the spare bedrooms. It was silent as he opened the wooden door and turned on the light.

As the room turns bright, the scene before them causes them to jump slightly. A large wooden bookcase was tipped over, a metal desk breaking its fall. Large college textbooks scattered the room as something moves in the distance. Squinting, Stella gasps and runs to the shaking form.

"Zak!" She screamed as she jumped over the bookcase, the red fabric skimming the floor. Picking up the small puppy, Stella took another look around the room. "The window isn't broken or opened. You think he did this?" She asked the built man across the room.

"I don't know. It's possible." Mac said stepping into the mess. "You can go back to bed, I'll clean up a bit." He whispered, bending down and with all his strength, lifting the heavy bookcase to its original pose.

"Mac, come to bed, we don't have to clean up tonight." Stella joined Mac in the middle of the pile of books.

"No, this is the dogs room, he's not staying in our room until he learns to behave." He points at the red puppy in his lovers arm, then quickly smiling and bending down to give him a big kiss.

"Fine, I'll help then." Stella smiled, putting Zak down and sitting on the floor, starting to organize the books.

"Fine Taylor, you'll be sorry you said that in the morning when your falling asleep at your desk." Chuckling, he joined her on the floor.

"Hey, I'm not a Taylor yet." She teased. "Not until mid April." She smiled as Mac looked at her questioningly.

"So that's when you want the wedding?"

"Around then sounds romantic."

Silence fell over them as they spent the hour puppy-proofing the room. Finally, as the last book was placed on the shelf, they were ready for bed at 4a.m..

Finally, they turned to the open door but quickly stopped in horror.

"Oh no." Stella whispered.

"You left the door open?!" Mac asked, obviously not happy.

"Since when am I the only person that could do anything around here?!" Not even bothering to hear the answer, she walked away to find the little punk that is causing havoc. There he was, tearing open Mac's favorite pillow.

"Zak no!" Stella whispered, grabbing the pillow and attempting to pull it out of his mouth. "Let go!" She whispered again, hoping Mac would not walk in and see this.

"Zak!" Mac yelled in anger. Afraid by the big man, Zak quickly dropped the pillow, causing Stella to fly backwards, feathers flying everywhere.

"That's it!" Mac yelled, quickly approaching the scared pup.

Afraid Mac would hit and hurt him, Stella jumped in between. "Mac Taylor! You are NOT going to hit him!" She yelled.

"I am NOT going to just stand here while he destroys our home!" He yells even louder. Lightly pushing passed Stella and grabbed the ball of fur, quickly walking out of the room. "He needs to be punished." Stella ran after him.

"What do you think your doing with MY puppy." At her wards, Mac stopped and turning to face her.

"Your puppy… OK, here I thought I bought this puppy for US, not just you." He spat. Turning, he continued on his journey. Sliding open the back door, he dropped Zack on the porch and quickly closed it again. "This dog is staying out there for the night. And that's final!" He spoke, his voice low but angry.

Glaring at the man, Stella turned back to the bedroom. Grabbing her pillow and another blanket, she walked passed Mac without a word and outside, grabbing the puppy and ignoring her fiancé's words, she continued to the spare bedroom and closed the door with a loud bang.

I hope this is a good start to the sequel of Apollo The Wonder Dog. It was enspired by the movie Marley & Me (LOVE that movie) and my current dog Zack (who is always totally out of control) So, i hope you guys didn't too bored with the first one. This story will be more funny and developing the SMacked relationship... maybe adding onto the Taylor family... Who knows.